Ice and Flame relationship

Any decent men and women are built on respect for each other. Correct and harmonious building relationships takes quite painful for both partners. Despite all the dreams, the two men never become one. Two completely different person, having a similar outlook on life, similar or conversely opposing temperaments, always retain their individuality. In all, even the happiest couples coming ice age and the greenhouse effect, in the development of relations.

The raging flames of passion fades gradually, under the influence of the increasing mutual learning and understanding loving people. Fire can not always play nice flames, if he did not throw fuel. For everyday activities, problems and a simple lack of time, to miss the point of maintaining a flame. Bright flames when fueling which it took so much time and emotion. All couples maintain their flame of love in different ways. Some go for help to the family psychologist, while others, particularly the male half, beginning to change their wives, others are checked and whet their relationship to any reality show about love and relationships, such as "Good night, guys." This transfer of men and women caught in tough conditions, check their family relationships. Many claim that love can overcome any trial.

Excessive activity will cause an explosion of passion, but he gradually starts to decline. Scattered embers former passion, begin to cool down and covered with a light touch. After him come and devour the remains of the cool feeling in the icy captivity. Ice is always striving to grow, trying to create the perfect structure. When creating this structure are forced out all the impurities. In this case, the impurity of love, passion, mutual respect, mutual aid. Ice is very fragile. Even the smallest disturbance from the outside, able to break the ice frame. He poured out at the hundreds of tiny needles, splinters stinging pain in the heart.

Very often, the cooling of relations comes after major fighting. To preserve the freshness of the natural relationship, it is necessary to abandon the instinct of the owner. Desire to own partner of the time, not giving to breathe the fresh air of freedom. Sometimes it is useful to weaken the thread associated with my boyfriend. Stop manipulating partner. The expression of their desires in an open dialogue, also contributes to the maintenance of passion and prevent icing.

Save each of loving people personal territory, encouraged. Active communication with others and personal interests bring to the relationship is something new. This gradually leads to an understanding of the true value of existing relationships. A balance is needed in all. If two people are using their power to comply with it, they will get an excellent model of the other pairs. Very stable in Cataclysm. Ice and flame of the model relationships can coexist in the same shell, producing happiness and ecstasy partner.

 Ice and Flame relationship

 symbol of love


  • The symbols of eternal love
  • Gemstones - symbols of love
  • Symbols of love of Feng Shui

Love - one of the most mysterious and unfathomable mysteries of the universe. Explain what it is, can neither scholars nor artists nor historians or psychologists or doctors. The sacrament of true love inaccessible to human understanding. It will always be significant and deeper than we can express in some familiar forms of intelligence. Yes, and whether they are necessary to us, these crude forms?

For centuries, mankind has created a symbol of love and happiness and takes it unearthly feeling with these characters. They exist in many on our planet, people. Moreover, each person has their own idea of ​​love symbolism. However, there are common symbols of love.

The symbols of eternal love

Well, who among us does not know about the most common symbol of eternal love - the image of the heart? It is said that he owes his origin pair of swans, which are rocking on the water surface at sunset, gently joined the head and chest. Swan couple, once met, never parted, so the swans - it is also a symbol of love and loyalty for life. About a commitment to each other people can only dream! It is this desire in man, and the impetus for the creation of symbols in a heart displaying the eternal union of loving couples.

However, there are other versions of why the heart has become a symbol of love. For example, some researchers are of the opinion that the issue that the origin of his rather prosaic, and it is associated with the shape of female buttocks, which is sung by the ancient Greeks as the most beautiful part of the female body.

Another common symbol of eternal love - rose. With this magnificent flower is associated more. Rose - a sign of perfection, beauty, heavenly bliss, eternal mysteries of life, but it can symbolize rebirth, death and resurrection, and virginity and divine light of the universe ... And only red rose is the image of love and passion. It is the Egyptian symbol of eternal love, beauty, memory.

Why it was precisely the Egyptian symbol of love? Because in ancient Egypt, these amazing flowers were dedicated to the goddess Isis, personifying fidelity, tenderness, feminine beauty, fertility, motherhood. On one of the pedestal of the monument to Isis were carved the words: "I am - all that was, what is and what will be." But it is love that is' what was, what is and what will be ... "So what else may be its character, if not red, designed to Isis, a rose?

Generally, colors, symbolizing love, there is quite a lot. This red carnations and red tulips, and jasmine, and daisies, and forget-me, and marks amorous passion peonies and lilacs image of romantic love. Finally, we all know the modest daisy.

Many there are trees, symbolizing love and happiness. This maple, birch, willow, vine, poplar, ash, myrtle, and even spruce. They all mean the depth and the inviolability of life, based on the principles of love. Chinese character - tangerine tree, which is the way undying passion. His sweet, slightly sour fruit awaken in people the passion and ability to make even the already aging man to experience a sense of force which is possible only in a early age.

Another symbol of fidelity and love - a pair of cooing pigeons. This couple represents the enduring affection, harmony, understanding and devotion to each other. Love birds are considered to be living in Africa and the Red Parrot, who, gathering in pairs, have a seat as close as possible to each other. And the swallows, meaning affection, happiness and comfort. And nightingales singing of pure love. And even with Utitsa drake, symbolizing the attraction of girls and boys.

 Symbols of love

Gemstones - symbols of love

Precious and semiprecious stones even in ancient times were attributed magical properties, one of which - the ability to protect from the anguish of unrequited love and the attraction of that love. For example, symbols of love among the ancient Egyptians - turquoise, emerald and rock crystal, as symbols of love among the ancient Romans - a diamond and sapphire. They have not lost their value today, but not everyone knows as evidenced decoration with one or another stone. So ...

  • Aquamarine - a stone in love, guarding the family fortune;
  • Diamond - a stone of innocence and happiness;
  • Amethyst - stone, symbolizing the true and faithful love;
  • Beryl - a symbol of family love and fidelity;
  • Turquoise - a stone of happiness and abiding love;
  • Rock crystal - symbol of mutual love, providing a happy relationship with the opposite sex for many years;
  • Pearls - stone, guarding the pangs of unrequited love;
  • Emerald - stone of happiness and everlasting joy;
  • Moonstone or village - a mineral, which is considered a symbol of divided love and love to overcome obstacles;
  • Sapphire - stone, a symbol of family love and fidelity;
  • Carnelian - a mineral keeping family peace and happiness and be protected from evil spells;
  • Pink tourmaline - a stone, a symbol of love, attracting delicate, clean and reliable.

The stones are used as talismans of love for a long time. The age-old experience of the minerals to achieve happiness has allowed people to create rules for the use of a mineral on the signs of the zodiac. Therefore, if we want to buy jewelery with a stone, a symbol, it is necessary to ask which one is more suited to us. Otherwise, a guardian will be useless.

 symbol of love, passion

Symbols of love of Feng Shui

And now look at what encourages us to use as a symbol of love is so popular today, the art of creating your own comfort and happiness called "feng shui". Its symbols and mascots allowed to come into contact with the world of eternity, and to call for help the good forces that can solve all of our problems of love.

Especially powerful talisman and a symbol to attract love in Feng Shui is considered to be a painting of peonies. Single women or unmarried girls need to hang a picture at the entrance to the bedroom. In the same case, when the favorite has a number, a picture with peonies, placed in the bedroom together, make him thirsty.

The symbol of love and happiness are both crystals, placed or hung in the bedroom, in the southwest corner of it. Before you put the crystals in the proper place, they will have to hold for seven days in salt water.

Another very powerful talisman and a symbol appear paired images and figures, signifying the unity of masculine and feminine. It can be exposed in the flat figurines pair of swans, doves, mandarin ducks frolicking fish, human couple, men and women - all of which demonstrates the close community of two heterosexual beings.

In general, the symbols and signs of love a lot, and they are sometimes unexpected things. For example, how many of us know that our usual gloves - this is a real symbol of love? Nevertheless, it is. Previously, if a male aristocrat wanted to marry some woman, he asked for her hand. As a result, gloved female hand, and with it the glove, became a symbol of love and marriage.

This symbol is and lace. Many years ago, the noble women, going into society, be sure to take a lace handkerchief. As soon as the lady drop a handkerchief, as being close to a man immediately he raised him. Women often dropped handkerchief specifically, wanting to get to know this man. As a result, lace shawls, lace and later became associated with romantic relationships.

In short, the symbol of love could be anyone associated with this awesome feeling, thing. The main thing - to believe in it with all my heart. Love surrounds us everywhere and accompanies, and if we call her my heart, she will answer and give happiness.

 Symbol of love and happiness - what is it?

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