types of men

Oh, these men! And they attract and repel, and irritate, inspire and loving husband, and then frighten its unpredictability, it seems understandable and predictable. How to determine the type of man? Go and see what's what in this sonmische of boys who are reliable and who only fools your head! That is the laggard, which is something unintelligible mutters under his breath at the meeting - which he expects from us? And this nimble and skillful admirer with fireworks of wit and intellect - it is necessary to him? What are the men answers vague. Who, in the future, may become a reliable husband, and with whom, and short-term relationships are inadmissible because, in the end, will cause only unbearable pain? Questions, questions, questions ...

In principle, the weaker sex like different types of men .  They say that women are, in the majority, choose their own man and lead him hunting with the help of all women's stuff .  Maybe so, but even the most inveterate ladies in these matters, too often fall into the trap prepared by man .  Indeed, among the stronger sex quite a few of them are thrilled and lose his head and young girls, and have experienced in gender relations ladies .  These skillful seducers have a tremendous ability to paralyze the will of the woman, turning it into his victim and using the unfortunate until then, until she tired .  The most annoying thing in this situation is not even the fact that we, in turn, throw, and what we are willing to climb into the trap set by .  And, most strange, often aware that this is a trap, but convince ourselves that we are exceptional and we had this number does not take place .  And in vain .  Because the number of pass .  Even if we manage to keep this and seducer on long enough, sooner or later, his nature will prevail .  And we will get his share of tears in full .

We need these tears or not, everyone decides for themselves. In the meantime, consider some types of men and determine which ones represent a potential hazard for women .

The types of men - seducers

 man conqueror

Gallant fan

This type muzhckogo character based on the principle of worship to any woman, whether she is a mother, sister, wife, lover or just a neighbor in the stairwell .  He perfectly understands the state of the young ladies, and is capable of understanding and comfort .  Manners gallant suitor amazingly refined, and from them can go mad, any, even the most discerning in these matters, the lady .  However, losing the head of the gallant suitor, it should be remembered that he behaves with all the women .  Therefore, it may happen that the heart of the seducer, in fact, already belongs to someone, and it is already the passport stamp of marriage .  And be careful if he - still turned the head - this fact, it is likely to bring further suffering with serious .  If we are looking for a male involvement, warmth or beautiful life, tempted, do not fail at the same time ambitious plans for the future, may be .  These types of men's nature to help overcome depression, but little long-term relationships do not work .

Don Juan

This macho man, next to which a woman, not believing his own happiness, delight loses the power of speech .  He is incomparable, - high growth, an excellent figure, manly face! From macho vibes emanate sexuality, which are drowning in an ocean of all approaching him, representatives of the stronger sex .  Of course, this type become the chosen one man - the dream of any young ladies, self-esteem is in communication with him is significantly increased .  In addition, he is a great lover, and is able to give his partner unforgettable moments of bliss .  And when she wants only sex, macho man is hard to find better .  At the same time, when a woman is looking for more and spiritual contact ... Alas, alas! .  Because with this type of behavior, men usually are not capable of intimate conversations .  They are simply not interested in them as a life goal macho - hit his looks and captivate in bed as much as possible of the fairer sex, and spend time on any conversation he just once .

Seeker of adventures

These types of men by nature romantic tramp who falls like a very freedom-loving women. Usually they have a very attractive manly appearance and quickly conquered the ladies who want to present irresistible romance and soul and body. And in vain. Because at the forefront of this type of men are not a family, and friends with whom he decides on a global scale.

How to determine the type of man - hobo? Quite simply - he neglect to household facilities. It can be months wearing the same sweater and did not pay attention to the fact that he served for dinner. Women set out to lay their hands on such a man, we must beware of investing too much effort into the development of home - the romance very quickly becomes boring, and he rushed away to new adventures. As for those women who did not mind ever wander through the world - well, it is possible that will be romantic for them a good party! If you do not get lost on the road without a trace!


These types of men tend to perfectly master the art of verbal communication .  They have a rich vocabulary and a great power to convince what you want .  Chrysostom can be very easy to express all their feelings - love and hate, disappointment and delight .  If this mongers need a woman, he tirelessly will tell her that I finally met my soul mate, and his life has turned into a never-ending fireworks of joy and happiness .  Just try to resist such a speaker, because he was always ready to discuss with her friend all her problems and open the front of her secrets .  All this, of course, incredibly captivating young lady ... But it should always be remembered, if this talker wants to leave, he is also very talented and will do it subtly .  Chrysostom call many reasons for separation .  He skillfully will pretend that it is extremely bitter and painful, but "the situation is so complicated, that separation is inevitable, and nothing you can do .  Life is life" . In other words, Chrysostom unreliable, as a spouse, but as a counselor and comforter, he will fit perfectly .

However, in the life of these satellites behaviors of men to someone, it can be and fit, but his wife Chrysostom always need to be prepared for the fact that her husband, in order to improve their public speaking skills, will rush to find new listeners. And in any case, do not take for granted all that he has, in this case, will speak in his own defense, however plausible it may sound.

It should be noted that all of the above classification of men seducing pretty conventional. In its pure form, they are rare. Indeed, judging by the behavior of these types of men with women, almost every one of them can be classified as Lovelace. So now, do not trust anyone, and marriage does not go ?! Of course not! But if we examined the quality of the character in the males prevail, before deciding to tie him life, should think twice. Do we really need nasty surprises, the probability of which is married to such a man is quite high, and if we make them? Perhaps, in the couple should choose someone ponadezhnee? How to determine who is more reliable and who is not?

I must admit that determine this is not so easy. But still try to find some benchmarks by which we will be able to do more or less the correct conclusion on the strength of a marriage with this man. So ...

What types of men are the most suitable for marriage

 how to determine the type of man


This type of men the nature of the main thing - to achieve the love of the woman .  The man-conqueror has a bright distinguishing feature - in conversation he often uses the pronoun "I", and very rarely the pronoun "we" .  Conqueror overly concerned about demonstrating their physical and intellectual advantages over other .  Usually representatives of this type of men witty, smart and have good connections in the community, what it will not hesitate to inform the woman in the first few hours exploring it .  Actually, the man-conqueror - a good option husband if the woman will make him constantly seek her favor .  Relax with him impossible - he loses interest in the subjugated object and go in search of other wins .  To avoid this, the woman must constantly improve itself in all respects and often polunamёkami give his handpicked understand that her account a lot of broken hearts .  Furthermore, even if it is truly and deeply loves "conqueror", you should try to hide it, pretending that he is almost indifferent to her .

The keeper of traditions

This type of man - conservative, preferring stability over everything. It says a lot about what the procedure was observed in his parents' house, which his mother cooked dishes, some parenting techniques practiced in the family and so on. Seriously interested in this man only young ladies are wonderful hostesses. In addition, they must be economical, able to create a cosiness in the house and ready to give it up for the sake of anyone, even the most prestigious, and the work of the regular meetings with her friends outside the home. Otherwise, a happy marriage with a male guardian and can not imagine. It just seems that he is not prone to conflicts. When it comes to violations of the principles of the stronger sex, it can throw a huge scandal, and even insist on a divorce.


These types of men in nature, - workaholics for whom family - the continuation of professional activities. Work for them - the light in the window, and all the time they talk about it as a tense, but at the same time pleasant daily work. Ally looking for wife-assistant whose achievements at the professional level, while at the same time will not exceed his own. Therefore, if the young lady intends to become his wife, but, at the same time, has the achievement, it will have to keep quiet about them. The wife of a male colleague in order to avoid conflict in the family, would have to give up their own ambitions and devote themselves to the cause, which is so passionate about her husband. In this case, happy union with a man of this type, even in the presence of adversity, is provided.

Free Bird

This type of men struggling to show his independence and vengeance against others sprinkles some caustic remarks .  At first glance, he - tactless snapper, but it is only at first glance .  Because in reality they just really like personal freedom and trying to nip in the bud any attempt at least in some ways its limit .  These types of men are even willing to give up a good career if it would threaten this very freedom .  Women intending to become his life companion, will have to control their emotions and constantly give to understand the "free bird" that she was ready to let him go at any time on all four sides .  Otherwise, he could not bear any attempts to limit their actions and instantly uporhnёt further from the most comfortable nest .  However, married to him there is a significant plus, - "free bird" almost never aspire to the left, because it is perfectly aware of what may threaten their freedom similar relationship .

In general, a good and lasting union can be created by anyone, investigated by us, the type of men. In fact, as we have already said, what are the men answer is definitely not. And what man is more suitable one or another woman, only she decides. Many people in the world. And different types of men are not considered. We have tried to describe only the most common. Each of these types in something good, and something - not very. And each of them can change in one direction or another. And who better tell only the heart. After all, love - it is ruthless, and can be inflamed suddenly to anyone. And there's nothing you can do about it ...

 How to determine the type of man?