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  • A walk through the city or a date close to nature?
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No matter how exciting and passionate nor was your love story, but to replace the bright feelings gradually comes to stability and, no matter how it hurt my ears habit. If before every word and touch the man she loved to have caused a storm of positive emotions, happy and inspired, then after a while you catch yourself thinking that some of the actions, habits and desires begin to irritate. And it does not mean that love is over - just now it is undergoing a transformation, that is at a crossroads. It's like the famous fairy tale, go left - you lose a loved one, you go to the right - you will find boredom and right - is unknown.

Either it looks like this stage of relations, when the novelty of feeling has passed and you start to wonder about how to proceed. Indeed, to go "left" for the search of thrills - bad idea. Better finish relations become a burden, and start all over again. But all my life like a butterfly to flit from one flower to another will not. Especially that some people manage to keep the passion in a relationship forever.

And, as a rule, is behind this is not the happiness of meeting the perfect man or a perfect woman, and the ability to find romance where many, and does not occur: the house for a cup of morning coffee or tea in the evening; walking on a rainy day; the sea in the velvet season, watching the play of moonlight on the water surface; reading favorite poems to each other and so on.

Community life with a loved one have ceased to be interesting, intriguing and exciting? You spend more time watching television, have become less evening walk in the evenings and on weekends everyone does their own thing? Or you are tired of constantly been in the same places - clubs, cafes and so on? Then, in this article you will find the necessary advice on how could be an evening in the company of the man she loved, if they could give him in the style of "romantic".

 Romance favorite

A walk through the city or a date close to nature?

As a rule, it usually causes a single word association obsession: a candlelight dinner at home, you are in a negligee, spread out a bed and a night of love. In fact, quite a hackneyed script, but who makes follow it, especially if all this has been more than once? Your joint romantic, hosted at home, has already ceased to surprise novelty outlived its usefulness as a source of vivid and unforgettable experience? This means that it's time to come to his organization on the other side. To begin, try to vary the emotional component to include the mandatory program kind of foreplay.

In each city were any bus or tram routes, which transport is late on the deserted streets. Take a ride together, telling each other about what experiences and emotions you cause flickering scenery outside the window. You can also quietly humming your favorite songs, or drinking a hot coffee and a silent embrace. And do not forget that public transportation is very pleased to share a kiss as surely happened to both of you at the beginning of the relationship!

And it does not stop the idea that it is considered bad manners. You do not become a kiss at rush hour, looks confusing students and seniors, and late in the evening when the city traffic is usually empty. So what do you care about the reaction of rare passengers, the more that they are looking at a loving couple, for sure will remember about his own youth and related reckless.

Variant with an evening stroll in the city transport is very well suited to the rainy weather. And to complete this romantic hotel room can be filmed in advance, or just back home and warmed in a hot tub. And believe me, no matter what followed then by having a walk will give you a special atmosphere both tenderness, sensuality and awe - all those feelings and emotions that seem not disappeared, but somehow a bit "dusty" and lost their sharpness.

Of course, you can not go far, and spend time in the familiar courtyard, sitting on an old bench - a silent witness of your first passionate embrace. Allow yourself to reminisce about dating trembling, awkward kiss and so on. If you've already told all the stories, riding the tram in the evening, do not be sad, because you can not plan anything and make a date-Impromptu: just sit and count the stars, eat ice cream, or indulge in dreams. The sky, the stars, the night, the beloved eyes - is not romantic?

Depending on the area in which you live, it would be nice to go on any tour and get new experiences, share them with your loved one, it's so brings! Many cities hold special night walks for lovers in the style of "romantic". Although it is possible to plan and imagine yourself on the routes to the places where you have never been. In parallel with your travel make sure to capture all the beauty of the city and, of course, against the backdrop of the streets themselves in the mysterious twilight. Choose the best pictures and put them on the most prominent places - as evidence of nocturnal adventures. You can also make a collage of pictures and.

Summer - wonderful time for a picnic, and not only during the day but also at night. So why spend another Saturday night in a stuffy apartment, quarreled over television or deciding whose turn it is now to cook dinner? To arrange an unusual romantic date out and make it a memorable one, choose a picturesque place in the park or on the waterfront, take a blanket, a blanket, a thermos with a hot drink or a good bottle of wine, a few sandwiches and a guitar, if your young person knows how to play thereon.

But do not worry because of the inability to listen to the sound of a favorite musical instrument of the troubadours. Thanks to modern technology people can enjoy the romantic tunes just about anywhere. Make need only one thing - to set up a mobile phone for a particular radio waves and to share with each other headphones. To give a touch of mystery and atmosphere of intimacy, take a candle. Their quivering flames reflected in the water surface, the evening will be the perfect complement to the style of "romantic".

 how to make a romantic favorite

If you want to stay at home ...

And what can be done in the winter or autumn rainy day, so when I want to cheer up new emotions, regain its former breath of passion? Which option hanging brought together lovers and sharpen their senses? In fact, you can find a lot of romantic moments and going to the movies and playing snowballs in a nearby park, and went to the rink. And best of all, especially in bad weather, stay at home and spend the evening of the day alone with each other.

Usually we women are always waiting for their men's initiative. What if you take it in your hands and bring your favorite to the organization of what is usually meant by the word "romantic"? Tell him about what tone you'd like to ask the nearest evening that will hold together. Hear counter-proposals and try to join forces. And some ideas you can draw from this article.

Option one: in American cinema. Do you remember the once sensational film "Nine and a half weeks"? If not, be sure to check this kind of guide on seduction and armed with some very erotic techniques. First, you need to create a romantic intimate atmosphere: light the candles, make the bed linen silk, pick up a seductive outfit. As a mandatory attribute prepare black blindfold.

Instead candlelit dinner is better to make a small buffet on the bedside table, the menu should include all kinds of fruit, meat and cheese cuts, light wine, ice cream and chocolate syrup. Try to arrange a kind of competition and blindfolded in turn to guess the name of the food, which you will feed one another. Do not forget about the entertainment program in the form of striptease to the sound of well-known tunes from the movie. By the way, ask and your favorite take an active part in the action, rather than just being a bystander, idly lounging in a chair.

If the strip - it's not your thing, then just dance to the romantic music together, talking to each other are different pleasant and exciting imagination buzzwords, exchange caresses and kisses. And if you treat people gambling, then play cards on the strip. This unusual event beautifully spur the imagination and awaken desire. The most important thing is to forget about everything, except for a loved one near. The rest will tell you the heart.

Option Two: sharing bathing. It's a great way to make a romantic evening, for those who are the proud owner of a large bathroom, in fact its role is alcove lovers. Fragrant foam, the candles, placed everywhere, flowers, ice in tall glasses of champagne, soft music - what could be better?

Because it is not about how to diversify the sexual life of couples (although this is also important), and how to breathe the romance in a relationship or not to let it disappear, do not rush to move on to amorous pleasures. Talk to each other and enjoy the closeness of bodies and thoughts, dream about the future, remember the wonderful beginning of your relationship. Believe me, if you can turn an ordinary bath corner of solitude, a kind of island of love, we get together and laugh, and little vzgrustnut and get even closer and dearer.

Option Three: Romance in the kitchen. It's about to turn routine cooking into a fascinating adventure for two. First, choose a dish which did not exist in your menu, for example, real Italian pizza, sushi, ravioli stuffed with unusual, exotic salads and so on. Second, be sure to let the ingredients ready to try the favorite, but not a spoon or fork, and with your lips. By the way, why not taste the sauce, sliznuv it with your breasts?

It is likely that the preparation of meals for both of you will not be able to finish in time, and the kitchen table, bedraggled flour, will witness the sudden outbreak of passion. But the memories of such a joint cooking dinner at home for a long time will cause a meaningful smile on your lips and in her eyes the beloved you've probably read a desire to repeat it.

Option four: for romance - on the roof! Breakfast in the open air or dinner at dusk in the company of a loved one - it always adjusts to a special way and gives a lot of positive. You can use the services of specialized firms that will be able to do everything on the highest level. You will be prompted to arrange a romantic roof of a skyscraper in the city center, will create the right ambiance, organize music and provide an excellent choice of dishes. Although it should be noted that all of this will require some financial outlay.

So can start to climb to the roof of his house? And suddenly it is quite suitable for travelers surprise? No need to pull a table - you can make a dinner or breakfast in the oriental style with pillows and bedspread. Just imagine: the morning in the city, unusually quiet on the Sabbath day, and you with a cup of coffee, enjoying the coolness of the eve of a hot day. Or another picture: the evening, the city lights, the scent of flowers donated by the beloved, delicious dinner under the stars and the whole night ahead ...

Of course, it is not necessary to use prepared scripts. Tastes so different people, and fantasy lovers has no boundaries. Maybe your man will inspire the evening on the shore of the lake lost in the woods, spending the night in a tent and bathing naked in the cool water. Some people seem very romantic evening at home, without any additional entourage, just in the company of the woman he loved, a bottle of champagne and old movies on TV. And each of these options in its own good, you only see what you want it to both of you.

Of course, most of our desires due to the financial possibilities. But give each other a little romance, you will be able to anyway. Let your action does not impress with its scope, but warm heat and light up with love. Do not be afraid to surprise and delight. Remember that a romantic nor would draw your imagination to realize it will help mutual desire to preserve the freshness of feelings and make a loved one happy. Experiment, because the novelty - a powerful ally in building a gentle and reverent attitude!

 How to Romance: how to bring freshness into relationships