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  • The draw the attention of the guy: physical data
  • How to dress to attract the attention of MCH
  • How to behave decent girl

Oh, how much effort we are making to ensure that like men! What a waste of time, energy and money on something that is always excellent look, without knowing how to please a man, we respond to our present way! We sit down on a rigid diet, do plastic surgery, acquired at fabulous prices fashionable dresses and short skirts to yonder pretty neighbor noticed. We try a little closer to the size of its Hollywood standards, as a colleague likes hudyshek a la Angelina Jolie. And carefully follow the make-up to, God forbid, not smeared carcasses on a date.

We think we know what women like men, and try to fit as much as possible to the ideal. Thin, glamorous, smart, fashionable, restrained. And then, having achieved this, we begin to wonder, wondering spectacular, well-groomed, sexy, educated, "Why I do not like men? "

Indeed, why is this happening? Yes, it's pretty simple. Girls are sure that well-worn sneakers and face without make nothing but neglect, the guys will not cause. Older women believe that men simply lost their heads from tall skinny girls. And it is desirable that these ladies were poholeney, but younger. But where all ladies get this? How do they decide what men like in girls only conformity with generally accepted standards of beauty? Step right, step left - shot!

In fact, things are not quite so sad. Every man his idea of ​​the perfect woman. Someone most popular pyshechki someone crazy little beauties. If you try to somehow classify all these ideas, you can come to a stunning conclusion: the majority of men like in women is not something that tells TV screens and glossy magazines. Female sexuality, they understand a little differently. What is most interesting, glamorous and bitchiness lady in a red dress with a cut to the buttocks and a deep neckline only like units.

The draw the attention of the guy: physical data

Today, many young ladies to the question: "What women are attracted to men? "I did not hesitate to answer - well-groomed. At the fair sex should be beautiful hands, fashionable hairstyle, expensive clothes, shape, looks like a figure models. In short, what and written in black and white in every glamor magazine.

However, the guys - the people kind, independent, prefer to have an opinion about everything. In addition, each of them there is still personal taste preferences, our concept of female sexuality. And all this is often very different from what is considered a sex the fair sex. So what are women like men, really? And you need to do to get the attention you liked the young man? Let's order.

  • Makeup

We are all sure that like most men in girls top-notch professional makeup. And spend a lot of money on cosmetics and a lot of time on the application of mascara, lipsticks, shadows, etc. It turns out that there is no need! A lot of guys are attracted not makeup on the girl's face, and natural beauty. In addition, they found out, not terribly fond of kissing female lips painted, because then have to scour from the lipstick.

You can say one thing: men like that presented a woman by nature. He might fall in love with it in a birthmark on her cheek or freckles, you are trying to cover up a ton of powder. A lot of guys feel very sexy broke, not very fresh "morning" make-up. It stimulates a good part of the stronger sex, because it suggests that the girl just to exhaustion with someone having sex. These involuntary association with smeared makeup intimacy so give birth to men, that they may even lose your head.

  • Hair

We are very much attention to your hair, wash their expensive shampoos, make the most fashionable hairstyle, painted in bright colors, trying not to be seen regrowth. Luxury well-groomed hair, of course, very popular with the guys. However, careless hairstyle, as it turns out, is also attracted to. Young people, like the fair sex, women's appearance impressed in some brutal raid, a kind of reminder of the liberated "bad girl." We can say that attracts men in women natural animal sexuality and not excessive glamor. But it is always necessary to know the measure. Disheveled hair - this one week unwashed head - quite another.

  • Figure

What are the figures of women like men? Each of us dreams of harmony and elastic tight stomach. To do this, we want to gyms, torture yourself diets, spend all their free time in the fitness clubs, sometimes exhausting yourself strenuous exercise. And, of course, do not leave a centimeter and weights. All of this in vain! As the plant is not smart men press, and a soft female tummy. It looks natural, plus does not make the guys feel complexes because of their appearance is not very perfect.

And do not think that bulging tummy will not allow to wear tight jeans. Many men find it very sexy jeans protruding above the folds of the female body, because subconsciously associate them with good fertility. Again, we must distinguish between sexual and hanging pyshnotelye sides.

  • Wrinkles

Wrinkles appearing on the forehead, around the mouth and around the eyes, when we were not yet thirty, cause panic! How do they afflict women deliver much concern. But men, it turns out, our wrinkles are not too and waves. On the contrary, often excited because reminiscent of life experience, which, in terms of a strong half of humanity, shows a well-developed sexuality.

  • Streamers

Stretch marks - the reason hardball experiences of many women. However, their husbands, strangely enough, these extensions are often in love with. Because, firstly, these pink and white scars remind the child that they gave birth to a woman. Secondly, they are on the most intimate places of the female body, which are visible only to her husband. What can bring a man more than the consciousness of full possession of the wife?

  • Breast

Many girls are upset because they have a small, almost imperceptible bust. They strive in every way to make it as much as possible. Tall and luxuriant chest, if it is given to a woman by nature, looks great and tempting, no doubt. But the small, elastic no less seductive. It is in men a sense of integrity inner essence of the girl. Plus, those of the fair sex can go without underwear. A protruding nipples give birth to men more than a fifth the size of the bust.

 what girls like men

How to dress to attract the attention of MCH

So, we found out that a man like a woman in terms of its physical data. Now let's see how to dress to be representative of the fair sex, to get rich, smart and handsome suitor. Agree, mini skirt and boots look sexy. But do not go well in this every day before her husband.

Underwear - the main weapon

Many of us believe that men are extremely turned on by openwork or subtle satin underwear, which we reserve for special occasions. Wearing it, girls think that men like looseness, lack of discipline and willingness to start the engine with a twist. And often mistaken.

Surprisingly, everyday comfortable underwear often gets young people is much stronger than transparent lace, barely covering their private parts. White skinny pants with funny inscriptions testifies that she did not plan sex. This circumstance is extremely exciting. It persuaded to have sex so much more tempting to the young lady, what to do with the love that is waiting for this.

Home clothes: sexy dress or jeans

Some women, trying to look like the eyes of a loved one is always tempting to constantly clothed home long translucent gowns. And in vain. Because the shorts with a faded T-shirt or a men's shirt look much sexier. These things indicate relaxation woman, her self-confidence and complete trust in her man. And it has a very intimacy.

Stylish clothes for society

Intentionally underlines our forms of dresses - it is attractive. Open evening dresses - it is very beautiful. But much more we look tempting in light calico sundresses, skirts to the knee, or in comfortable trousers. Because such attire gives the woman an aura of mystery and speaks of its independence. What could be more fascinating for young people than in the presence of a girl of mystery and inaccessibility? It evokes passion and desire hunter chasing prey.

In other words, women's clothing, men like that, must demonstrate the inner freedom of the girls, its incomprehensibility and lack of obsession with sex. Such qualities are impressed by young people is much more than an aggressive sexuality, obsession with glamor and the naked pursuit of seduction. Animal sex, of course, happy with some of the guys. But the true man still want a woman to be attractive, soft, beautiful, and did not look as if it is trying to attract the attention of everyone around.

 what girls like men

How to behave decent girl

So, the first thing you should reconsider - your attitude to alcohol and food. For a long time we were told that the most attractive men are practically teetotal, preferring to limit themselves in eating women. It turns out that things are not quite so. No, of course, constantly using alcohol ladies rich men quite interesting. But the girl, who can relax in the company of friends, to attract young people more than complete trezvennitsy. Because under the influence of alcohol beauty ceases to carefully monitor their behavior.

Such a woman is more relaxed and in words and in actions. She easily be able to tell the man about his feelings and allow yourself to bed, something that has not been solved before. As for the relationship to eating girl, her healthy appetite like young people more than an obsession with dieting. First, he shows the confidence of a young lady. Secondly, it gives reason to believe that sex and she, too, is not particularly adhere to any limits.

However, this rule does not apply to cigarettes. Gone are the days when long thin mushtuki and cigarettes in the hands of the ladies were considered sexy. Now successful men prefer non-smoking partners. The smoke, the smell of tobacco (even expensive), bitter taste - all this is just scare MCH.

Excessive demonstration of intellect scares men. This was told to us by our mothers and grandmothers. But for some reason we have decided that it is very clever women are very interesting representatives of the stronger sex, and do our best to show his intellectual superiority over others. And for good reason. Because too smart beautiful (and too stupid) scares. A man does not see this girl, the object of desire. He sees it more as a friend, colleague and competitor, but not as enticing puzzle, which wants to solve. We can say that a man like a woman easy stupidity, but not hopeless stupidity. It makes a girl more intimate and vulnerable, allowing the boy to relax and feel smart and strong.

Remember, compliance with the rules of decency are not always appropriate. We know how to properly use a knife and fork at banquets, time and place laugh, watching his every gesture and word, we do not tolerate harassment in the debate, and avoid disputes themselves too? Perfectly. We always try to look your best and even vygulivaya dog, put on high heels? Excellent. Just do not be surprised at this, that men behave honorably with us and want to, for some reason, other.

Love those who can laugh heartily in polite society, those who are easily quarrel with offenders, those who allow themselves to walk barefoot on the lawn in the center of the city, dropping boring day stilettos. The secret of the special appeal of "ill-bred" young girls is simple: they are spontaneous and organic. And does this not ashamed. This position - a great incentive for the appearance of male sexual fantasies, which are especially played on the kind of bare female feet. Guys understand that such a partner is not going to faint, when he heard about a new attitude and a sex shop.

Of course, it is difficult to answer the question, what is it that men want. But it's safe to say that our guys are already tired of sleek glamor dolls, can think only of expensive things and luxurious interiors. Tired of modern men and estetok, intellectuals, expressed only quotations taken from famous folios (which is even worse - a contact or Facebook). Getting tired of the young ladies, busily showing her body, and the ladies who run the house, even in high-heeled shoes.

No, of course, all this does not mean that we should forget about Fine things, skillful and fresh makeup, restrictions in food and sports, and to behave in society, as we have just descended from a palm tree monkey. In all you need to know the measure. And try to shade the negligence was always present in our appearance and behavior. Otherwise, we will turn into a kind of well-groomed and educated dolls with which men hard, boring and uninteresting.

Should we exert so much effort in an attempt to impose on society the female ideal, if we come to disastrous results! Although from time to time let yourself be yourself. After all, our natural ease is what most attracted to men.

 What women like men or how to attract attention?

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