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  • What gifts do not?

On the eve of almost every holiday is almost all women ceases to question that can give a man .  That, however, is not surprising .  Choose a gift strong half of mankind has always been a difficult task .  Nowadays, most men enjoy almost all of those, and this woman: different perfumes, creams, a variety of accessories .  But any woman wants to stand out and give something unusual and unforgettable .  With our tips every woman will be able to surprise her lover, a colleague or a friend .  Choosing a gift to the man, the beautiful half of humanity must remember the most important thing .  Giving gifts is necessary only from the heart and with a light heart - no need to rely on any moral or material return .  If it is not, no one gift is not good enough .  Thus, the majority of gifts can be divided into several categories: romantic, humorous, unexpected, etc. . d . 

Romantic gifts

If you choose a gift to his beloved, he must be special, the most-most! Moreover, it is appropriate to be a romantic gift - it's a great way to once again remind the man how much you love him. Unfortunately, very often women believe that romantic gifts and deeds - the inheritance of men. But they are big mistakes - man prove your love needs no less than you. Believe me, this is only to improve your relationship.

  • Notebook

Do not know how to show and prove to the man that you care for it, that you love him? Buy an ordinary notebook and fill it with your joint campaigns in the cinema, restaurant, night club, etc. This will show that you value the time spent with loved ones, show that it is really you care. However, do not forget to make it unique gifts and gift practical - good road diary or address book. Moreover, it is useful, even if your man used to store all the phone numbers and notes in gadgets - after a password must also be stored somewhere! And in any case do not buy the cheap stuff - notebook, as well as watches, emphasizes the social status of the owner.

  • Perfume

You can argue that the perfume is not a romantic gift .  But in fact this is not so, because the properly selected fragrance will emphasize your relationship to man, give him self-confidence and create an appropriate romantic atmosphere .  In addition, whenever a man will use your gift, he will remember you .  To convince you? If you do decide to give it a new flavor, we recommend you opt for the toilet water "Prada" .  This eau de toilette is designed for a modern, strong and confident men .  And your man is so, is not it? Otherwise, he probably would not have been with a woman like you .  By the way, keep in mind - strange men give perfume is not recommended .  Firstly, the risk to make a mistake with the scent .  And secondly, your gift can be regarded as a hint that the man is not well look after themselves .  Anyway - the perfume is considered an intimate gift that only you can give loved ones .

  • Dinner for two

The risk of sounding trite, but still dare to offer you as a romantic gift for your man to arrange a dinner for two. But it is not usual, in a homely atmosphere with candles, but something more original. The easiest option - it is to book a table at an expensive restaurant. And if with imagination and time to prepare everything in order, then we can properly pokreativit. For example, arrange a dinner on the house roof. Beforehand, remove the keys from the door to the roof, clearing a picnic area. Take care of the foldout table and chairs, decorate the place of the alleged dinner and be sure to grab blankets - on the roof can be quite windy and cool even on a summer evening. Believe me, this man will be struck dinner.

 that can give a man

Gifts that can surprise

Strictly speaking, able to surprise any worthwhile gift. But some of them surprise is stronger than all the others. So if your main goal - to hit the man on the spot, choose the appropriate gifts. Of course, nobody knows better than you, a man who is a gift, but a few ideas we will still advise.

  • Collages

You can find some funny pictures illustrating scenes from your life together and hang them around the apartment, if the gift is for your beloved. Or funny moments of the work process, if the recipient of a gift - your colleague. Authorities still such gifts do not - who knows how his situation with a sense of humor.

  • Caricature

Another good version of the original gift - to draw a caricature of the object of donation. If you do not know how to paint, you can do simple - use "friendly cartoon". This service is fairly widespread, and you can easily find a specialist. But keep in mind - such a gift is suitable only relatives and friends. And if you choose a gift for an elderly person, the friendly cartoon will not be the best option.

  • Collective greetings

Even as an option, you can buy a huge drawing paper, paint it nicely and ask friends to write wishes and congratulations. Do not limit your imagination. Most importantly, show the person how much you care for it and how do you like him. Well, if it comes to your shefe - it is a question of respect. And that means, and requests should be appropriate.

  • Fotopazl

Fotopazl can kill two birds. First, it is interesting and original, and secondly, this is a great pastime. Print out your joint high-resolution photos, take a glue, scissors, patience and start to create his masterpiece. You will succeed! Of course, this is the perfect gift for a loved one.

Practical gifts

If you prefer a more classic version and wonder what you can give a man for the next holiday, try to look for a more practical option. If you present the man of the useful thing for him, he is sure to appreciate it. So, what to give the man?

  • Car accessories

If a man has a car, then it certainly will be pleased with car accessories. Of course, we are not talking about a cheap air freshener. New car mats, stereo, alloy wheels, after all - but you never know what can come up with? Just remember a simple rule - if you are not well versed in all of these wisdoms car, then going for a gift, it is necessary to take a person more experienced in this area. And, ideally, it would be nice to know that what is lacking to the gift recipient.

  • Tickets for the concert or football

A great gift option would be for a ticket - or a cultural event. Although, of course, for this you need to know what a man is interested in, which is a gift. For example, fans of gyms can give a ticket to a prestigious fitness club, if a man is interested in the work of any musical group - he must be delighted concert tickets and football fan will be delighted by the ticket for a major match.

  • Gift Certificate

If you do not know what to give the man, you can do easily and choose almost sure version - presented him with a gift certificate. What? And everything is very simple - guided by the preferences of men. For example, a man loves computers? Certificate of computer shop - this is exactly what you need.

 what gift to give a man

What gifts do not?

Do you want to know what to give the man that he was upset and just simply threw it on the shelf? Or, at best, just peredaril someone? No? And a very good reason, it needs to know every woman. At least in order to never buy a gift what to buy is not recommended.

  • clothing

Ties and shirts are a very popular gift. But how many of these gifts was put on at least once? Most likely no. Give clothes in general are very reckless - in the first place, chances are you can not guess the size, and secondly, it is very likely to be trapped with the size. Exception - is your family men. Here and guess the size, and style. But psychologists say that clothing is not necessary to give even the closest people - in fact the same shirt or new jeans and so you would have bought, because it is a necessity. A gift is not intended to meet human needs, but in order to please him.

  • Computers and computer peripherals

Do not try to give men the computers and whatever else related accessories! Most likely, you'll spend a lot of money, but the purchase is not what the man actually need. It is much wiser to give a certificate store of the computer technology - we have already mentioned above, or to give money - but only if the man is your loved one. The only exception to this rule - the case where you know exactly what a man dreams - a new gaming joystick certain firms, the latest model of the laptop manufacturer or a loved sensational wireless headphones. And it was a good idea to make sure that no other hero of the occasion will give the same.

  • Jewelry

Do you know what kind of gift is able to awaken in man a sense of unease? Of course, this jewelry. And for several reasons: first, regardless of the value of a piece of jewelry, they may not like the man. But the man understands what is the cost of such a gift. This means that he will have at least occasionally wear a decoration. Second, the embarrassment can cause very directly the cost of the gift, especially if material possibilities do not allow men to do the appropriate return gift. Of course, you will certainly not wait for this, but the fact remains. Therefore, even if your financial situation allows you to give to the man on the diamond each week, respect his male ego.

  • Sets Cosmetics

You know, from what gifts men just flinch? That's right - from all kinds of shaving foam and shower gels. Almost every man faced with such "duty" gifts. And after the holiday wondering what to do with a couple of sets of photons. Experience shows that men themselves they almost never use it. Some women prefer to give men more expensive cosmetics for face and body. However, this is not the best solution if you do not know what Marco enjoys the man and what he needs at the moment. Strictly speaking, such gifts can be categorized as an intimate, so to give their best only to close people.

  • Collectible items

Too many women naively believe that the easiest way to make a gift to a man who collects anything. Basically, they're right - but only partly. For example, if a man collect shirts or beer glasses, to find something original is not so difficult. But if the collection of more serious - such as stamps, coins and butterflies - and the risk is not worth buying exhibit. Anyway certainly not guess what it will please a man. But if the relationship is sufficiently close or gift is not a surprise, it is permissible to ask a man what kind of coins or stamps it is not enough to be completely happy. Keeping all of the above tips, you will surely be able to choose the good of the gift, which is able to please your recipient.

But remember also that it is imperative to give the right gift. As mentioned above, first of all, it should be from the heart. Presenting absolutely any gift, be sure to accompany his sincere wishes. And in any case, is not to heap praise on his own and did not fill his praise - from the outside it looks very ugly, and the man enjoy the present mess.

 What to give the man? Practical advice

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