a break in relations

Almost every couple, whether a couple or a couple of lovers, once there comes a time when partners are beginning to doubt the correctness of his choice. And well, if those doubts lead to positive rethinking communication partner seems even better than before, and the relationship stronger. But it often happens, and a break in the relationship, which may result in delayed and, as a result, a complete rupture. And it often causes pain, because if we spend with the person long enough, he seemed to sprout in us, strengthening somewhere inside the roots. Such a partner, despite all odds, still remains close and in some cases even family. How to be in this case? How to restore the relationship, if you regret the break, and whether to restore them? Let us try to understand all this.

The relationship after breaking up

The relationship after breaking up with former lover or spouse may be different. They largely depend on the reasons for the gap and how it happened parting. In some couples break occurred as a result of the crisis in the relationship, at some - because of what love really is gone, and in some due to the betrayal of one of the partners. One way or another, "former" in our lives do not happen. We prove the experience of many couples parted. Even if we have offended a man for what he is hurt or humiliated, by a sense of ownership to get rid of it very difficult. It may be present in us for many years, even when the next will be a new partner in life.

Statistics confirm that more than half of the broken couples did not give up, even from the sexual relationship after separation. This is understandable, because the pain of loss multiplies emotions. And the former husband and wife or lovers throw themselves into each other's arms, causing himself and then more suffering. But suffering can be avoided if to call for help the mind and be reunited or to leave forever!

And the relationship with her ex-husband, and the relationship with ex-boyfriend did not pass without a trace, and in many cases can and should be restored. Because we are aware of the shortcomings of his partner and are quite capable to put up with these disadvantages. And that's what will show up with a bad time in the next spouse or boyfriend is unknown. Perhaps he would be much better than their predecessors. But it is likely that there is no! And how then to be? Again, adjust or leave again, going further in search of the ideal? Ideal people do not happen, and such searches may last for a lifetime.

Restoring relations with the ex-husband or ex-boyfriend relationships with, of course, not a simple question. To this end, each partner has to make for themselves certain conclusions. Any couple usually relates very much - common friends, memories, experiences, and so on. In addition, the first relationship is almost always paired fold remarkable. People with interest in studying each other and notice mainly human dignity. And only after a time in his character and habits suddenly begin to emerge clearly disadvantages that may eventually overshadow all the advantages. Which usually leads to a break.

Often, after the gap a strange thing happens. If the relationship is initially present infatuation, lacks ex-husband or ex-boyfriend suddenly seems irrelevant, and their dignity, - significant and unique. However, this is understandable. First, the good is better seen in the distance, and secondly, the former have become almost family, and the disadvantages of native people considered a continuation of their merits. And we accept them for what they are.

The exception in this case is usually infidelity. Few of us are not able to forgive her, even very positive nature of the partner. Treason we perceive as a betrayal, and it generates a tremendous distrust that can lodge in the soul for many years. The wall of mistrust is so strong that no request for forgiveness, no effort to be always true and faithful can not destroy it. And restore relationships after infidelity is no longer possible.

This, of course, is not entirely correct. Treason happen for different reasons and blame them, in most cases, both partners. But what can you do, that's treason, and we do not know how to forgive. We can favorably relate to a lack of attention on the part of Man or the spouse, his laziness, immaturity, inertia, and sometimes even to drunkenness and uncontrollable aggression. And with a break in the relationship because of such shortcomings often we doubt that a clean break is required. Therefore, when a former boyfriend or husband is trying to improve, we will forgive them and calms. With the betrayal is not the case. Restore relationship after infidelity - the process is very difficult, long, requiring constant work is not so much a partner as at themselves. It is something of treason could no longer think this, we will also haunt it at every step.

Well, how to resume the relationship after infidelity, a separate issue. Now let's talk about how to restore relations after the break, which you regret. Is it possible to restore them all in the form in which they were originally.

 how to restore relations

How to improve relations with the ex-husband or boyfriend?

Restoration of relations is possible only when, after the break with former partners share much more than just shared memories. If, apart from them, there's nothing better to abandon the re-convergence, as improve relations with the ex-husband or boyfriend, obeying only the habit of it, it will not succeed. Why is that? Because they were originally doomed to failure, as were not created on the basis of a strong need for each other. Two people have been together a certain period of life in which they are very likely and needed one another. This period has passed, and relationships have outlived their usefulness.

How to be in a different situation, when the former is still very necessary, and think about them day and night? I must say, if the initiator of the gap was the man, the woman better, or to gather strength and to wait when it senses, or to try to get him out of your head. There is nothing worse than podurnevshaya grief lady, all the forces trying to get back her husband or boyfriend. Representatives of the male fear of such pressure, and tend to run away from such a person away. As a result, instead of having to restore the relationship, we will destroy them completely. So we call for help all his strength of will and wait for the first step of a man.

Of course, it is not easy. Especially when we regularly intersect with the former at work, have friends in common, on the street. However, this does not mean you have to change jobs, friends, and the routes that we constantly go. Why do we need additional problems? At work, we must try to remain calm and unruffled. Among mutual friends, you can find a friend (by the way, a good way to arouse the jealousy of the former). And with regular meetings on the street to pay more attention to their appearance and look so impressive that the former will lose the power of speech. Perhaps it? It is. Yes, in addition, more and go in our favor. Firstly, we do not demean their dignity, and secondly, get new development opportunities, and a third is converted! And this is a significant step on the path to happiness.

If the partners parted by mutual consent, without scandals, then there is nothing and to think about the restoration of close relations. Usually in such cases, the ex-husband or boyfriend remain our, if not friends, but friends. And we may well apply to each other friendly visits, not particularly bothered on what they have and have someone else or not. Of course, if this "someone else" is not against it, which is rare. However, the need for visits, in most cases, in general agreement with the rupture does not occur. After all these partners to part, because they do not integrate some goals and interests. And in front of them there is no question as to establish relations with the former.

Establish a relationship with her ex-husband is much easier if there are common children. For children, there are no former pope, if the ex-husband - a good father. Forbids him to see the children at all is impossible, and if also the soul of the former husband stretches, then certainly. Let him come back often takes the children, lunch, supper, rest. You look, and most remain. For home yet. Of course, when he has a new family, renewed relations may become impossible. Or it may not be. Who knows what they have there everything goes. So let there often. And the chance to return to her husband's will, and experience a complete break with him if that would be easier. Just do not with the former spouse of something to blame and remember past wrongs. No sense from this. Hair tear himself from the remorse he will not start, but disappeared from our lives can easily.

Could lead to the re-convergence and an intimate relationship with a former husband or boyfriend. Even if they got new mates, sex with them is possible, because we continue to be close friends. Besides, who, if not us, to know the needs and desires of his former in bed? For a long time we have been able to study it well!

Yes, it may happen that we suddenly lost a head at a meeting with the former, throwing his arms, and the night will be superb. And in the morning he will come round, gather silently and leave. It may be such that, after stunning sex in both memory pops up again everything that made us part - everyday problems, some significant drawbacks to each other, betrayal, finally. All attempts to reconcile through sex turn to ashes. But in fact the situation may be quite safely continued: we both suddenly will understand that the break was a mistake, and it will turn into a break in the relationship, which often is good for a couple . But if not ... Well, at least we get even fun.

It must be said that an intimate relationship with a former husband or boyfriend has a significant drawback. They simply can negate all our efforts to forget the person. Therefore, yet to lose a head at a meeting with his former love should not be. First you should consider, and if we can take it again, so what is there, and forgive everything that happened? If not, be tempted to go to bed with him is inappropriate, even if the former insists. Good in this little sex. The past will not be able to return, but will be able to make it clear to your partner, we are always at his disposal. What for? After all, if the former husband or boyfriend will still consider us as their own. This could prevent creating new serious relationship with someone else.

Of course, the situation may be different .  It happens so that, having parted with the woman, the man begins to meet with others and understand what is closer than ex-girlfriend, he would not have none of the ladies .  Then sex with the most beautiful of them are no longer beckons, and the house becomes empty and dark, and zest for life is lost .  And increasingly, with love and warmth, I remember the past, and so I want to bring back all that does not work, I can not sleep, do not rest .  And she was thinking about the same .  The situation is sad, unnatural ... and glaring! Because it demonstrates our inability to understand each other, our commitment in that whatever was to prove their case, our inability to be forgiving and patient with respect to the dear person .  The situation needs to be corrected .  How? Simply call ex-boyfriend, or husband, or meet with him and talk frankly .  Pride does not allow, and step over it impossible? Well, then ... Let us hope that Providence will fix everything and will bring us to the expensive heart of man .  And can not be reduced .

If the relationship with ex-boyfriend or husband resumed, and we realized that the break was a mistake, the main thing - do not remember it in the future. It is not necessary then to find out why it happened and who is to blame - it can lead to a quarrel. Relationships need to be built anew, focusing on what is already known about the partner, and about his condition at parting with him. Reunification should be mature, conscious. In this attempt to flirt and to see a loved one in a new way and to show themselves in a new way will only benefit.

Conclusion: The restoration of relations with ex-boyfriend or husband is quite possible. It is only important to understand that it will be a transition to a new level of relations, and become wiser than before. Let us respect their loved ones and to forgive their shortcomings and minor transgressions. Because without them bad, sad and boring. Without them, the world becomes dark, dull and uninteresting.

 How to restore the relationship, if you regret the break

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