how to attract the attention of liked the guy

Whatever pyzhilis our men, believing that the initiative in dealing with the weaker sex belongs to them, led the relationships with the opposite sex yet we women. That we decide with whom to meet, and who refuse to whether to continue or discontinue acquaintance, keep away if a man close to him or to keep him at a distance. In this regard, it is important to one thing - do not make it clear to the representative of the male, he slave. Let leading feels! And he flattered to us calmer. Here, for example, how to attract the attention of liked the guy to make it look as if he drew it to us? Way to attract the attention of the masses, but among them there are several already proven by experience and it is of proven techniques. Let's see what kind of techniques.

How to get the attention of the guy?

The most popular way to draw attention to themselves - flirting with a guy. How exactly should flirt with the young man, it depends on the situation. The main thing that it was unobtrusive, natural and attractive. First of all, of course, girl, you need to think about your appearance. Not worth thinking about how to seduce a guy to choose her outfit and calling impose overly bright makeup. Such appearances can put us in the unseemly light, and the guy you something, we can, and zainteresuem at a time. But his attitude to us, thus, will not those who would like to see.

So dress and beautiful so that and emphasize the dignity of the figure and the face, and not evident. After all, to flirt with a guy, not necessarily openly show their legs, shoulders and chest. Just lightly hint at the presence of beautiful forms, and then let his imagination and dorisovyvaet himself. This is a great technique to attract a young man. Since deceive Man seriously only when it lights up the desire to know what is there, under your clothes, in fact. And if he sees almost all at once, and interest in our appearance he has a fleeting and superficial. Therefore, we must look neat, simple but stylish. A smell subtly, gently, subtly, but flavorful. You can use the easy good perfume, deodorant or aromatic oils from the series of aphrodisiacs. His image does not hurt to supplement low-key accessories.

Of course, looks at flirting with the guy - that's not all. So how to make love the guy if we intend to eventually do with one only looks impossible. Flirting with a guy, you need to remember that to win sympathy for his stand, and it is necessary to conduct and its internal qualities. Otherwise, we are nothing but sexual interest, to his cause can not. However, if we have nothing else, then do not bother going to any internal qualities. A short introduction to sex does not oblige us to be attractive in all, quite a look.

But if we are concerned about how to achieve love of Man, will have to work on yourself. First, we revise behavior. One of the most effective methods of flirting with the guy - the right look. Looking girl should be concerned and, at the same time, a little playful. We do not know how to do it? Otrepetiruem, we are women! We go to the mirror and train the mind, which can express shyness, wonder, mystery, an easy irony. Repeat the expression in his eyes as long as it would not appear without much effort on our part. And then try to apply the skills in practice, look, slowly raising his eyes to the guy you liked or staring at his face. Just stare into the eyes of the guy you need invitingly, not arrogant or dismissive. So look we certainly turn away from you.

Another of the proven tricks, very efficient in the question how to achieve focus Man - flapping eyelashes. They can also be rehearsed before a mirror on a "look down into the corner to the object." You can think of some other way, as long as we do not clapping eyelashes too frequently. Then we'll look just silly and nothing but condescending disregard, in a guy does not call.

Good reception when flirting with a guy - casually correcting hair or flexing some garment decoration, accessory .  Men such gestures are very popular .  Attract the stronger sex and light, quick touch girl .  For example, during a conversation, you can touch the hands of Man or his shoulder, and even friendly hugged for a moment, expressing their emotions .  These touches allow to cross the border of his personal space, and this is the first step toward rapprochement .  How to achieve focus Man touches? Remove lint from the clothes, fix the collar of his shirt, to shake off shoulder mote ... But you never know! Fantasize, we invent, improvise .  Everything goes for the future .  Influence gestures better on the left side of the body Man .  It is controlled by the right hemisphere of the brain, and it is responsible for our feelings and emotions .  You can touch the left arm of a young man whisper something in his left ear, a pat on the left shoulder, and so on .

In a conversation with a guy should try to be as natural and sincere. It is desirable to talk about their hobbies and interest in his hobbies to immediately find common ground. It is not necessary to touch until the frivolous. Not all the guys are taking it calmly and graciously. A good part of males dislikes excessive emancipation women, manifested in the first hours exploring it.

Well, it is all the tips that help solve the question of how to attract the attention of liked the guy. Let's talk a little bit about how to behave, if this guy is already being established some kind of relationship.

 flirting with a guy

How to make love the guy?

In general, every girl for herself determines how to achieve love to the guy and no boundaries then she may go. However, there are some common solutions to suit many young ladies. What is the solution?

  • Never be at a meeting with the guy the minute. Let no one think that for us it is most important date in the world;
  • Do not kiss a guy on the first date, even if you really want. Let him kiss will become even more desirable;
  • Do not open before the young man to the end. Let us be for him an eternal mystery, and it will have to solve each time;
  • Do not go to bed with a guy on the first and second or third date. Yes, we are modern people, but let him have sought, and does not get on a silver platter. And let no one think that we have no moral principles;
  • Do not go for the first time in his house without some reason. Let come up with any, even if most trifling, cause;
  • Do not call yourself a guy earlier than three days after the meeting. Let calls himself. And if does not ring, it means that either he does not like us, or he does not dare. That is to find this out, we'll call. After three days;
  • If you had a sex with a guy, in any case not to discuss it and do not admit that we were not very good. If, indeed, it was not good;
  • In a conversation with a guy to avoid obscenities and juicy details of his life. Let us consider a special romantic and spiritualized;
  • Do not ask the guy the money, even if we really needed. Just a hint, that there are some financial difficulties. Suppose that gives itself. If you will.

In principle, no common schemes of conquest Heart Man does not exist. Every person is different and has their own preferences. Yet we can derive some generalizations apply to the bulk of the stronger sex. Firstly, men perceive women's eyes, so you should always try to look good. Since deceive Man girl with unwashed, unkempt hair, unkempt and dirty hands crumpled clothes is very difficult. She should be well-groomed and feminine, but not vulgar.

Secondly, the men quickly lose interest in a woman, if you know all its secrets. So we try not to be disclosed before the guy to the end, always maintaining secrecy, mystery and unpredictability. It is desirable that he never knew, that we throw out the next moment. However, our actions should not be shocking. Many young people such behavior scares the girls.

However, if we want to hit the guy with the eccentricity, then zaymёmsya something trivial. Get down with a parachute, for example, climb the mountains, down from diving to the bottom of the sea ... There is a lack of the spirit? Well, then start collecting stamps, learn to embroider and cross-stitch pattern to crochet. There are all sorts of interesting activities around? Shelter for cats can be arranged in the end! Modern men like carried away by some business, the comprehensive development of women. They do not get bored.

How to achieve more loving guy? To support his hobbies. We learn about what the guy has a hobby, and try to do it together. He is playing a game of billiards, chess or poker? Well, we learn! He is keen on computer games or books? We play and read. No, all this does not mean that we should forget about themselves and turn into a kind of Chekhov's Darling. We are reserving the right to live their lives, showing sincere interest that cares for.

In order to strengthen the relationship with a guy, it is desirable to become more charismatic. Of course, it's pretty easy, - the charisma is formed over the years - but work on them is. For example, for any girl really be in the company of the ringleader. We only need to only develop the interpersonal skills, coupled with optimism, and everything will be in openwork. And then, being with us in the community, the guy will be proud of the fact that his girlfriend is respected by others. If it is not very jealous, of course.

The girl is not stupid, and it is desirable to be developed in many ways. For intelligent young ladies in our time decision on how to achieve love of Man, it is not particularly difficult. Today, the stronger sex is not only accepted the fact that women with advanced intelligence - not a fantasy. The stronger sex, even came to the conclusion that smart women are much more attractive than fools. Of course, intelligence - quality more natural than acquired. But if we carefully develop it, gaining knowledge, it has to look a fool will not ever.

To the guy seriously interested in a girl, she had for some time remained inaccessible to him. Hold the first guy at a distance, even his desire to be with us is growing. It is not true that to win a man can only have sex with him in the early hours of dating. No matter how old-fashioned it may sound, but many of the stronger sex will quickly lose interest too accessible to women. Why is that? Yes, first of all, because they did not believe them. After all, if the lady in the first evening voluntarily went to bed with one, tomorrow it also will fall into it, and with the other. So let our first meeting will be filled with romance, gentle kisses, quivering arms. And then it comes to sex.

If we want to like the guy, then in any case do not give him to understand that we are extremely passionate about this young man. To hide this fact, sometimes we do not respond to his calls and refused to meet, citing his busy schedule, late on appointments and meetings in a hurry to go home. Makes jealous young man smiling familiar guys. But do it very carefully so as not to frighten her beloved and to instill in him distrust us. Groundless suspicions can ruin the relationship in the bud. And we will have to forget all about how to make love the guy.

To achieve this love, we must remember: a girl can not be too intrusive and demanding. Males usually can not stand when restrict their freedom. Excessive requirements ladies, her whims and threats at the beginning of the relationship cause them reflexive resistance and hostility. Heart of Man such behavior does not win, but it will cause irritation in the ceremony. Do we have it? No. Therefore, we are modest and will not bring the young man any claim.

And finally, to please the guy more and more, we will try to make every meeting with him unforgettable. Setting up a young man surprises, we give some Souvenir, compose poems for him, appointments in unexpected places ... In short, fantasize, invent, do everything to enchant the young man. Let him be with us always extremely interesting.

These simple tips really help you win the heart of a man. Of course, every guy is different and has its own set of requirements for the girls. But hardly any of them can resist a little windy, cheerful, outgoing and independent special, which lies some mystery. These girls are attracted like a magnet. And to be like them in the eyes of your favorite easy. The main thing - no doubt in their abilities and in their appeal. And the question is, how to get attention on the guy for a long time, will be solved without difficulty.

 Flirt with a guy. Secrets and nuances

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