how to choose a husband

Being very young, we have a little think about creating some kind of deep relationship with the guys, and hard to be seen whether the young man a worthy companion of our lives. We were quite exciting to see him and pleasant pastime. Girls enthusiastically give birth to more and more new acquaintances, not really bothered, thus, choosing a life partner. This is normal. After all, we just tread into adulthood, and before us opens so many new features! However, youth is not eternal serenity. There comes a time, and we begin to think about starting a family. And often, in this case, we did not understand how to choose a husband from the existing number of familiar guys.

But how do we know how to choose? Well even if we listen to the advice of the wise women, but it is often the case? Generally girls dream of a prince, it seems that he - worthy candidate to mate. And the guys have an idea on how to woo the young ladies, cleverly adjusted for this prince. As a result, we understand that a number is not the one who need it, when it is busy in the crib child whose father had exhausted all our nerves. And what can I do? Divorce? Children need a complete family. Again, the family something is not normal. There are scandals, disputes, mutual reproaches ... hate? No forces. APB situation.

Meanwhile, all this can be avoided if the right approach to marriage is not guided by emotions alone. Let's try to determine how the girl choose a guy for a family and at the same time avoid the fatal mistake.

What are the boys?

What are the boys? Variety. And each of them has its own set of pros and cons. Try it, figure it out here, who more than any other candidate for a husband. How to be?

Before you make a choice between the guys, let's think how we imagine her man. Usually it looks like this:

  1. He is polite, courteous, attentive. This young man certainly opens doors for us, submits to the transport arm, offers its jacket or sweater if cool and always looks after, when we are sitting together at the table;
  2. He is thoughtful and is always interested in our affairs, problems and causes bad moods. He is able to cheer and buy aspirin and make a hot tea, if we have a cold;
  3. He can and wants to protect us. It is expressed not only in protection from bullies, but also in the fact that the young man is not afraid to put their parents before the fact of his marriage. And to marry, regardless of their will;
  4. It is romantic, it does not get tired to give us flowers, remember all of our significant dates and trying in these days to raise us up;
  5. It is reliable and at any moment will come to help and sympathize. Never mind that this happened to us, indeed there was some tragedy or a broken nail. Because it is extremely important for our peace of mind;
  6. It is easy to communicate, despite the fact that we exceed the level of education and social status. And not before us lifts the nose, even if it is a major leader or celebrity.

Such an approach to the choice of future husband - quite a common phenomenon among girls. They think that the answer to the question of how to choose the right guy to live with him in the future, is quite simple. You just have to determine which of the friends of young people as possible meet all the above requirements, and try to get married just for him. And yet we will then tiptop.

Yeah. Not a bit of it! Our children are not born yesterday and they know how to behave, to subdue her. They will open the door for her and shake hands in public transport, they will fill the young lady with flowers and tirelessly repeating her of his burning love ... Before the wedding. A young man like myself will lead after it is unknown.

It often happens that gallant, becoming her husband, is changing dramatically. And it turns out that under the tinsel mock courtesy hiding selfish and rude lout. Or infantile, incapable of independent decision inert weakling. Or womanizer, trailing after every skirt. Or ... There are all of these "or", making home life a living hell? And what now? How to determine the nature of the guy before the wedding, so you do not shed tears of combustible and does not regret the years ruined?

Well, well, let's see what the behavior of young people shows their true nature.

 as the girl choose a Man

How to choose a husband?

So, how to choose a girl for marriage Man and not to be mistaken in this case? Let's try to make some classification of those who are married have not sweet, and define the features of their behavior at the stage of courtship.

  1. Macho .  It is beautiful, seemingly courageous and strong guys who are almost always made a strong impression on the girls .  They're, like, trying to please us, give flowers and quite expensive trinkets, show concern and demonstrate courtesy .  If you remove the rose-colored glasses and take a sober look at the representative of the stronger sex, you will notice that its behavior is too ostentatiously .  In fact, the macho need the admiration of others and expects from them rave reviews in his address .  He's just a narcissistic type of high self-esteem, able to marry only with extreme, implicitly carries all his whims .  Macho need a submissive slave, not wife .  No, if we agree to become wordless shadow of the handsome, go! In the same case, when such a role is not for us, we get rid of him as quickly as possible .  Macho do not accept failures and sew them after a dozen or two accounts of meetings with great difficulty;
  2. Gigolo .  This type of young people are usually schooled, courteous, charming and able to charm a woman in the first minutes of dating .  But - be careful! Alphonsa convinced that women receiving sea of ​​affection and attention, willing to pay for it all in the world .  And solve a serious relationship only from motives of interest .  They seriously believe that by entering into marriage with a young lady, they sell it themselves as a high-value goods .  And she, they say, should now all my life to pay for this item, taking care of the material goods of the family .  At the same time, Alfonso very proud and do not tolerate not only the reproaches and even hints at them .  At the slightest suspicion on the part of his wife's nagging, these individual male immediately try to prove to her that she insignificance .  How to determine the nature of this type of guy? Behave like a person, as a rule, gently and modestly .  However, in our attempt to somewhere to pay for them do not show much resistance .  If this is repeated again and again, it is necessary to guard;
  3. Sissy .  Mama's boy on a first date gallant, attentive, caring .  Of course, this attitude is fascinating, and the guy wants to meet more .  However, we are alert! If a young man hardly takes the initiative in the conversation, and actions, and during the conversation and then uses phrases like, "My mom said my mother decided ... ..." and so on, this is clearly a sissy .  The marriage with him will turn into a marriage with his mother .  And well, if in-law would be a wise and understanding woman and will not climb all the affairs of the family .  But more often it happens that it is not only climbing, but also tries to manage and resolve all issues .  Perhaps someone this situation and goes - let them Mommy is responsible for everything is easier to us! And someone (such girls are usually the majority) and no .  After all, our family - this is our world, and strangers, let it even the closest people in it should feel like guests .  It is not the masters .  In short, in this case, each young lady decides to continue her relationship with the mama's boy or not;
  4. Demanding boring .  This type of men can be determined from the first days of dating .  Demanding nerds extremely concerned about the little things and the behavior and appearance of women .  They will rebuke her for the slightest delay, for any violation of the rules of etiquette and social norms, for every wrong to say a word for a little wrinkled blouse, etc. .  Overall, this pedantic wimp, it is not able and do not want to control their own emotions .  The husband of this type is able to fly into a rage because of the clubs, were not on the spot due to the dirty plates, because of the dust particles on the floor ... In addition, he did not even think to protect his wife, no matter what happened .  And she will have to endure all those to whom it applies with respect, regardless of whether the poor thing like these people or not .  Wink true essence boring, certainly not at the first meeting with him, and after he decides that we are nowhere on it does not hold your hand .  However, if the guy on the first date too picky refers to what others simply do not pay attention, you have to look closely to it .  Perhaps it is our boring .
  5. Ladies' man .  At first glance, it's just a wonderful representative of the stronger sex .  He is courteous, gallant, obedient and always able to support in difficult times .  But ... Womanizer .  His worried any more or less attractive lady, and even being close to us, he just turns his neck, watching a pretty girl .  No, being a husband, he may keep us faithful and do not jump on other women's beds .  But in the imagination of a spouse will always have a harem .  In addition, he is extremely polite behave with the opposite sex .  This behavior provokes many ladies to flirt and inspires them hope for a lasting relationship .  And there is no guarantee that one day our faithful not give any of them, and not in someone else's bed nyrnёt .  Not one .  It is likely that in this case he will remain a gentle and caring husband .  But do we need this? Not if she agreed to share her man with a lot of other women, let them be close Lovelace! And if not, then it will have to think seriously about how to choose the right guy for marriage .
  6. Zhenatik .  Oddly enough, but married men come our way often .  Sometimes they tell about their marital status directly .  But most prefer to hide it, because I do not believe that the girl did not otoshёt .  Thus, even if the young person agrees to maintain a relationship, zhenatiki no hurry to divorce .  They may promise mountains of gold girl, but the divorce will pull as much as they can .  It can last for years .  Zhenatiki girl will tell the tale of a sick wife, a beloved children of their responsibilities to family .  These tales can not believe that if a man has a sense of responsibility for his family, he did not go to the left .  With rare exceptions, .  Zhenatiki just want novelty .  And he realizes the desire, little regard for other people's feelings .  How could immediately determine zhenatika, and what are the boys already burdened family? Too busy .  Dating from them all the time is limited and travelers themselves happen once or twice a week .  Zhenatiki Usually, if a girl does not know their marital status, refer to the work overload, frequent business trips, sick parents, etc. .

Of course, this classification guys who start a serious relationship is not desirable, is rather conventional. How to choose a husband, she decides to every girl. Any person who likes to nurse a man, there are those that feel quite comfortable if it is busy, and they do not get bored. There are even some girls who are quite happy with their husbands-aggressors, and then dismiss his hands. So how to choose between the guys - especially individual task. Yet most of us dream of a normal, high-quality, sturdy and long-term marriage. So why lightly condemn oneself to misfortune wrong by their suitors its candidate for a husband? This mistake can be very costly. Let us carefully and judiciously. And our luck did not take long.

 How to choose a girl for a family guy

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