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What is flirting? Some consider it one of the ways of seduction, someone thinks it's a decent woman unseemly behavior, someone is sure that flirting - constant component of the relationship between man and woman. Typically, probably all, just about everyone on the. Since, in fact, flirting can be successfully used for seduction, and to refresh relations. And once he was considered an attribute of immoral behavior ladies who are not only well-known rules of flirting, but also masterly owned by them.

Times are, like to change and today is no longer flirting woman looks dissolute person. Flirt nowadays has become almost a type of art whose base - our innermost desires and fantasies. It is a particular form of behavior, expressed in coquetry, flirtation, courtship ...

In short, the interest in a particular member of the opposite sex. A woman who knows the rules of flirting, socializing with interesting man she turns into an exciting game, consisting of certain phrases, views, touch, gestures, compliments and even perfume.

The art of flirting is the ability to combine all the components of seduction and apply this combination at the right time and right place. After flirting demands inherent atmosphere. In business or overly tense situation he looks ridiculous and can give a negative result. However, the same result can be obtained, and if we do not keep very simple rules of flirting. What are they like? How to learn to flirt?

 how to flirt

Technique and rules of flirting

In general, the art of flirting could be called a sort of guide to action. This physical intimacy between men and women, it is not intended. Flirting is just an emotional introduction to it. Some checks to clear, and whether women in general avoid intimacy with a particular man. Therefore, her flirting, it is desirable to immediately identify the boundary beyond which the flirtation turns into a closer relationship.

T his would avoid disappointments in the future and get the most out of their actions in the present. That's what every woman should know how to flirt. But remember - in any case not allowed to pass the invisible and very fine line that separates the flirting from vulgarity. Unfortunately, the natural ability to flirt is not available to all - some women need to learn this art for a very long time.

Yes, the ability to flirt - it is the real art. Even science! Therefore it is necessary to comply with a number of different rules and conventions. Intending to someone to flirt, make a note as "Our Father":

  1. Rule litmus

    The main thing - at first did not build far-reaching plans. You never know what we will find in some apparently quite attractive men? What if we then do not want to continue acquaintance with him? We already set up long-term relationships. So remember - flirting with a stranger should be no more than a litmus test that shows both the strengths and weaknesses of men.

  2. Follow appearance

    Before someone to flirt, it is necessary to take care of their appearance and smell. Appearance should be perfect - peeling paint, well-groomed hair, sloppy attire are clearly not in our favor. The first impression of the girl Man is of great importance, and flirting implies that it will try to attract him if the lady has many great looks messy and without measure enjoys perfume too strong, the young man is sure to notice and hardly feel her special interest. Therefore, at this time more than ever it is necessary to look perfect. Otherwise, you should not even try to understand how to learn how to flirt.

  3. Facial expressions, gestures,

    Before someone to flirt, it is necessary to work on your smile, facial expressions, posture, gestures. Slouching, shackled, angular, unattractive woman clump default. But women with a straight back and easy gait men usually accompany look. So train your movements, let them be graceful and charming. Add them easy tilting of the head and look at the young man's shoulder, and he is in our pocket.

    Of course, not all women it comes easy. But do not despair - urging allies in the mirror. In modern cinema, you can find thousands of successful flirting scenes - check them several times, and then Practise gestures and facial expressions in the mirror. By the way, this is a very effective way of learning how to filter flawlessly.

  4. Fascinating look

    Another very important thing - your mind. You should not look mesmerize the one we are going to fascinate still a man not a rabbit. Yes, and you are not a boa constrictor, but righteousness ?. But look around, talking to him, too, should not be. The right to be a compromise, and from time to time, as it gradually, throwing at him interested, slightly defiant, views. Such views are men like a magnet.

  5. Remember compliments

    Flirting, do not forget about compliments - it is also very important. They should be sincere and neizbity. Men love to hear flattering remarks in his address. This banal compliments their depressing, because they sound more humble and hypocritical. Therefore it is necessary to choose a sincere compliment, spouting right on target.

  6. Do not interrupt a man!

    Chatting with a man, never interrupt him! Listening - a rare quality for a woman and it is necessary to demonstrate. Representatives of the stronger sex like it when she listens to them carefully, and keep the conversation by asking probing questions. Of course, sometimes the task is very difficult - too different interests of men and women. But without the ability to listen to and hear the other party successfully flirting is simply impossible.

  7. Be positive

    When flirting with a man you must try to be witty, spontaneous, fun, playful. You can not behave aggressively or passively. This behavior will scare any young person or leave him indifferent. We are making a very different reaction. Unfortunately, this is an important women's rights are often violated. Too firmly lodged in their heads a stereotype that the most desirable woman - this is a bitch. But in reality it is not so! Of course, if you are not interested, "one-time" introduction for the night.

Here, perhaps, all the basic rules of flirting. As you can see, nothing complicated in them there - to learn to flirt by virtue of every woman. However, it is only once disparagingly treat some of these rules, and flirting can not only be futile but disappoint. Not very nice when a man instead of a woman to show her sympathy, begins her side. But if on the contrary, it pleases - even if in the long term promises of marriage.


Flirt with her man

Flirting is needed not only free people. It is useful in families where both husband and wife are already well studied each other. They usually believe that adhere to the rules of flirting to anything. And in vain, because he is able to make to the monotonous life of the spouses originality and romanticism. Of course, flirting with her while lying on the couch half harvesting is difficult. but if you're in a timely manner will understand how to flirt, then before and it will not come.

You would think that flirting with the already meaningless your man? Well, let's look at a few prospects. Chances are, then you are seriously interested, how to flirt with your own husband

  • Extinction of interest

Love - it's several components, including a passion. And the passion - such a capricious lady! Sometimes it stays for many years, and sometimes go without a trace just a couple of months. And are you ready to live without passion in a relationship? Of course, some families may be very happy. But it is unlikely you will be pleased to know that from the former no trace of passion, sex has become nothing more than the execution of conjugal duties once a month. Is that right? And if you know how to flirt with her husband, passion will remain forever in your league.

  • The emergence of a rival

Basically, it is a negative consequence of the lack of flirting is nothing but a result of the extinction of the passions. Man has always, in all circumstances, is a man - a hunter, a conqueror. And these instincts in any case, sooner or later, to declare itself. And it is likely that you will have a competitor that knows how to flirt with a man. And who knows how all this will end? At least - spilled tears, sleepless nights and frazzled nerves. As a maximum - the loss of family.

So, make sure you? Learning to flirt with pious? All the more so for flirting with her husband have so many opportunities. And the results of such a flirt, you will notice a very, very soon. And rest assured - they will surprise you.

Terms of flirting via SMS

Correspondence with the favorite - it is fascinating, and it is best to start when the head is not clogged thoughts about everyday problems. With regard to the rules of SMS flirting, they are approximately as follows:

  1. Correspondence should include compliments and be easy, relaxed, joyful and romantic;
  2. In correspondence with my husband it is possible (and desirable) to use frivolous allusions and even quite frank expression. Acceptable dear send your photos in a bikini (and can not);
  3. The passion in a virtual flirting glow gradually be sending in the morning almost innocent flirtatious messages afternoon - pictures, and in the evening - impatient, breathing passion phrase. If you observe a sequence of evening the husband will rush home and forget about everything;
  4. Correspondence should be conducted so that it pushed favorite to answering SMSes. It is not necessary to send multiple messages in a row, without waiting for this answer. Enthusiasm can go, and the flow of eloquence to dry out.

If the husband is still not responding to messages is better to wait a bit, perhaps, he is very busy. Why put the Blessed fool of his superiors or colleagues? All in good time. If it is almost always in the eyes of curious colleagues can come up with a word-password, which means passion. This secret code will be clear only two of them, and will make the right impression on the spouse.

Terms of flirting at a party

Of course, you can flirt with her husband anywhere, anytime. But the greatest effect is flirting in front of strangers. It is best to do it at a party. First, going to visit, you probably will look particularly impressive. Secondly, the change of scenery is always a positive influence.

  • Flirted with her husband

Remember the last time you were flirting with your spouse? That's right! It's time to think about how it is done. Build up his eyes, throw furtive smile and casually touch the man.

  • Do not skimp on compliments

Remember, we have already talked about how to flirt with the help of compliments? So, with her own husband, this method also works! And in that case, if you make it as a compliment to be heard around your betrothed will be struck on the spot!

So, now you know how to flirt with men. It remains only to apply this knowledge in practice. And you have all the necessary work, because you - the most charming and attractive woman!

 How to flirt with men?

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