how to be his sole

We all like to be loved for his most - the best in the world. Unique, compelling, essential ... In a word, such as to a man for many years in the head would not come to look for another woman. Is it possible? It is. You just need to know how to be his only one, and try to be just that. If you approach this issue with the soul, everything will not be so difficult. After all, whatever the different representatives of the stronger sex, their idea of ​​the perfect life partner alike. And the quality of the character corresponding to these ideas, there is almost every woman. Simply, we sometimes do not attach importance to them. And in vain. Because it is these qualities it depends on our happiness. Let's see, what do really want from us men. And we think about the fact how likely meet their desires.

What men want from women

Between male and female psychology there are significant differences, which are the most common causes of family conflicts. This natural dissimilarity arises from the fact that representatives of the stronger sex action-oriented, and the fairer - to contact. Women need to talk about everything that happens to them. Men just can not listen to such a long speech, and begin to interrupt, criticize, advise. Of course, we get annoyed, because we need to talk! The result of stimulation - a quarrel.

No, men, of course, also need to communicate. That's just calm the distressed woman, they do not really like. Our favorite, defending himself against soulmate poured out negative, withdrawal, nervous and eager haste to interrupt her whining. Yes, it is, we believe that looking for sympathy! And men are confident that we Noah. Therefore, to the pious he was not angry and did not try to get away to friends, or at least into the next room, go-ka to the best girlfriend, mother, neighbor, and they complain of the injustice of others. They will listen and sympathize and understand. A spouse is let rest at the TV. Not what it our whining.

In other words, one of the answers to the question how to become a man for a single, smaller Board will bother him, rewashing bone familiar and complaining every detail. However, in order to faithful and did not think to leave to another lady for many years, this is not enough. It should be more cooperative with him care chores case. Representatives of the stronger sex for a long time is difficult to love the woman with whom they are found only at the dinner table and in bed. But if the couple together to solve some serious questions, feelings eventually turn into a deep affection.

In this case the communication between husband and wife takes on a different quality. They do not just tell each other about what happened to them today or when something happened, and the Council, together trying to find a way out of a situation. Of course, to discuss the need to clear both things. It is not necessary to negotiate with a man is what he does not understand.

This is definitely a fairly simple techniques to help permanently preserve the male affection. More powerful tools are common experiences and actions, accompanied by great risk and great hardship. Joint victories and defeats make a woman in the eyes of men in particular. And the memories of them are often stored in its memory for years to come.

But what if the risk associated with deprivation, situations happen a little bit, and then not at all? Do not create the same artificially! Commercials can do this, then that is not rashlebat forever ... No, of course. In life and have enough problems. The main thing - to try to overcome them together, and not to take everything for themselves. It is no secret that many women are trying to make a man felt as little as possible difficulties. And often, this leads to extremely negative consequences. Representatives of the stronger sex in need of a personal victory, or else they wither or start to rush in search of ways to express themselves. In these throws and close to betrayal - you never know what pleases the beloved express? So you'd better give up his right to win, while supporting, helping Council and discussing with her man any problem. Shall his most intimate and trusted friend.

However, this does not mean that sex should take a back seat. That's only in the intima, to become the only one we need to be more selfish. Yes, we are taught virtuoso way to meet a partner, told that in bed, we must give him the most pleasure, and so on. But most normal men get the maximum only when the woman herself drowning in the pleasure of intimacy. These mates are tied much more than those who ably has sexual techniques. And the higher the level of pleasure a woman, the more she is drawn to her man.

To become unique for your loved one, it is necessary, first of all, to be interesting itself. Partial to self woman is not always the same. It seeks to improve and constantly changes both externally and internally. Most of the men such variability is very appealing. With such a lady is never boring, and it can not be studied and solved until the end. And if a woman can not figure out her own destiny is predetermined to be for men only.

But what to do when the swings are not characteristic of our nature? If we are uncomfortable in an unstable environment, it is not necessary to break itself. Being for his men are always the most desirable possible by means of changes in the image. How to change it, the question is individual. Let's see what can be variants of our image.

 how to be a man for a single

Options for changing the female image

As we have said, it helps change the image of any woman to be always unique for your loved and cherished. Always the same, it does not cause too much interest, which often contributes to the decline in sexual and emotional attraction. By alternating their roles, we become unpredictable, extraordinary, not like the others. Both men get in the face of a woman a few different. And this is a great incentive headlong rush home from work to find out who was there waiting for you today, and an excellent tool for strengthening relations.

What kind of image we can afford to choose? Yeah whatever. Here, for example:

  1. The image of a gentle angel. It will help create loose curls, pink shade, pink lip gloss and a light foundation, making the skin porcelain white. As a suitable outfit slight bright dress with a pretty neckline;
  2. Image passionate daring tomboy. For it needed the old, cut on the knees and hips, jeans, sneakers and a cheap black T-shirt. With the help of medicated oil or gel, creating the effect of stuck together hair, lip choose red or beige matte lipstick, eye catchy summing black pencil;
  3. Image shy village simpleton. We put on some shapeless sundress, her hair tied up ribbon to get into a modest shoes without heels and refuse to make-up and accessories. It is desirable in this struggle to portray the embarrassment and modesty (if they are not the main character traits);
  4. The image of an arrogant, unapproachable business woman. It will create business clothes, a neat haircut, expensive earrings, watch and dark lipstick. Beautiful bright barrettes, catchy shade, plenty of decorations for this image does not fit;
  5. The image of the Turkish sultan's concubine. This image includes dark hair, so if we are bright, color or wear appropriate wig. Decorate with shiny hair barrette, a bright eyeliner and eyebrows, and do not regret black mascara. Lips paint cherry lipstick, put on the scarlet clothes, cover your face translucent scarf. Another same scarf attach to the panties. Decorate ankle and wrist bracelets;
  6. The image of the fragile nymphs. We put on a flesh-colored underwear, impose silver, green or blue shadows, lip paint pale pink lipstick. On clothes can sew fresh flowers or decorative ivy.

Such domestic performances are very useful, because the refreshing attitude and give them a special charm. A man can not get used to your sweetheart, and it always remains for him mysterious and desirable. Perhaps he did not immediately take our game - do not worry! It is enough to spend a couple of hours in a new way, and the spouse has, perforce, begin to look at us differently. And one day he wants to change something in family life and surprise his beloved wife.

The question is how to become the only man excites many women. We solve it fairly easy, we just have to want. The overwhelming majority of young people dream about making their family understood and accepted for who they are. To love recklessly and have always been willing to support. To each day it was not like the previous one. That's all.

 How to become for him only for life

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 how to know whether you love the guy

How do you know whether you love the guy, or is he just decided to just have a good time? Oddly enough, but usually girls can not understand how deep feelings of a man feels for him. Female sex just seems that he sees the strong sex naskvoz.Konechno, in some ways it is so. But as men of love, then girls are often blind and do not see even the most obvious signs of it. She can be convinced that the man treats her as a friend even when others long been clear that it is gone to his head. And signs of this so that they do not notice, like, impossible. Behavior enamored guy becomes extraordinary, sometimes even provocative. It catches the eye, but the young lady did not see and does not understand. And torments himself the question: "How do I know if I like me to him? "

In romance novels are often strong and brave heroes take the bull by the horns and openly declare his beloved, to live without it can not. But it is in novels. But in reality, even the most daring men are very rarely solved on such actions, trying hard to hide from the woman he loved his feelings. How did she realize that the young man in love, and do not miss the chance to be happy?

The difference between men enamored of Lovelace

Various women's magazines say - the question of how to know whether you love the guy, solved quite simply. They say a man indifferent to the woman often looks at her, pulls his belt, turns the watch on his wrist, smooth hair ... In short, struggling submits non-verbal signs of sympathy. Well, these signals are sent to all our men attractive to women. And, if our presence in one of these tormented strap or bracelet from the watch, do not just make definite conclusions. Maybe the young man simply chooses a girl for one night.

To avoid disappointment, it should learn to distinguish between the behavior of love with the guy from the behavior of Lovelace-lived. What is are these differences?

  1. If a man feels for a woman pretty strong feelings, he tries to become her friend. Lovelace is no good. Why spend time and energy on a friendship with a girl when there are plenty of others? When the man in love, he does not spare neither the one nor the other, but rather to strive as much as possible to be close to his beloved. This "alleged friend" will, at every opportunity, to help her support in the difficult moments, to enjoy her luck ... He can no mention of his love;
  2. The behavior of the lovers of boys clearly that they are constantly looking for a meeting with his beloved. Lover can stand for hours outside her door, seemingly randomly appear at the ladies on the way suddenly get excited about the same things she is interested to become a frequent guest in the house of her friends. Lovelace to re-encounter with the girl is not particularly seeks. He's busy, mostly themselves, and does not intend for anyone to change their own lives. This deceiver can now very excitedly look after the young lady, and tomorrow not recall its existence. In love with the behavior of men such forgetfulness is not present. He wants to see his beloved, to communicate with her, to be aware of its interests and aspirations. So he tries to visit the same place, and it is;
  3. In love with a guy for the ladies of the heart does what it is unusual. He can patiently wait for her near the beauty salon, put off important things to accomplish the request insignificant girl, for her to get acquainted with those who are antipathetic to him, watching and not very pleasant things, and so on. Lovelace usually comes only to please themselves and have little interest in those comfortable you feel with the woman. Male loving care is a matter of more than a question of their own convenience. And he is trying to do something like that woman;
  4. When a man in love, it is usually in the presence of the beloved becomes awkward and shy, or, conversely, a sharp, sarcastic, even boorish. The friendly, sociable and adequate, he suddenly starts to behave aggressively or sullenly silent, trying not to rush into eyes. Clever might look like a fool, joker - gloomy pessimist, always a confident person - indecisive and confused. This is normal behavior enamored guy. If we are for men - more than satisfy the ambitions of the object (for Lovelace), be sure to change its behavior in our presence. Lovelace can also behave differently in the presence of a pretty woman, but all their actions will be directed at her seducing;
  5. Lover man often begins to ruffle the chosen one, to boast of their achievements, to invent, ershitsya, heroics. He really wants to capture the imagination of the young ladies in any way, so imagination and actions of a young man can be quite reckless and inconsistent. Lovelace also always act rationally, well thought out and logical. The lie of convincing action consistent, courteous manners and chivalrous.

Well, that's about all the main differences between the behavior of men enamored of conduct of men in whose hearts there is no love. They are easy to see, if she wants it. It needs only to be a little more attentive to those around. Indifferent to the young lady, young people are unique and stand out from the crowd. Stand out from it and skillful deceivers, but the difference is that they are not capable of recklessness. Loving men often extravagant and can throw out anything.

 How do I know whether I love my boyfriend

The actions of male lovers

We have already said that the behavior of the lovers of boys often shifted slightly resembles the behavior of a person. They can constantly of something forgotten, something to lose, do not remember what day and year, loudly sing at work, running skipping smiling for no reason, and so on. Lovers do not spare money to their loved ones, write poems for them, make unusual nature of their actions, brave, jealous, scandals and offended for no reason.

Gestures behavior enamored guy looks - everything distinguishes it from others. Love is able to change a person beyond recognition, and in the power of women to make these changes positive. It's a great feeling, and can destroy and create. What will be its result it depends only on us women. Not noticing a man's love, we can permanently destroy in him the belief in happiness. Replying to it, to make happy. So let's be more attentive, and good luck in family life will pass us by! After all, if we ask ourselves the question: "How do I know whether I love my boyfriend? ", Then he is the person with whom you want to link their fate.

 How do you know whether you love the guy

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