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Men and women ... For centuries, we live side by side, but have not learned to accept each other as required by peaceful coexistence. Men's psychology - how to understand a man a woman with her own female psychology? The age-old confrontation, the eternal dispute floors, the eternal struggle. Perhaps, otherwise it can not be - it is believed that men and women "from different planets."

It seems that it is, in fact, almost every one of us recognizes that the mind does not understand the man. Why and to establish with him a personal or business contact is very easy. Hence - quarrels, conflicts and tensions. Hence - the unhappy marriage, dissatisfaction, hostility, broken hearts and loneliness. How to understand a man or boy, psychology general does not tell.

However, it's likely not that we women are from Venus. And they, the men from Mars. The reason for the differences between the sexes - the difference in world views and differences in the perception of reality. If we are aware of these features male perception, you probably will be able to choose the representatives of the stronger sex key.

And dispense, due to this, the sharp corners in the relationship, eliminating the lion's share of quarrels and misunderstandings. Women - wise creation. They can be sensitive and a good understanding of their loved ones. But only if you have an idea of ​​what a man's psychology. Otherwise, we are touchy, excessively demanding, obnoxious.

Yes, the man does not understand the mind if you do not know how he thinks and what he meant when you say this or that phrase. Ignorance in this matter generates a lot of conflict and leads to a sheer misunderstanding in communication with loved ones. So let's at least partially eliminate the gap in their knowledge of male psychology and try to understand the man. Attack?

 how to understand men

Language of Men

Oddly enough, even when a man and a woman in my life are the same dialect, say they are still in different languages. According to researchers, linguists, in ancient times, both sexes were perfectly aware of this. What makes understood each other perfectly. But over time, and those other, or forgotten about language differences, or have ceased to be considered with them.

However, the situation today is not always observed. For example, in the Japanese language such difference is provided not only by grammatical rules and requirements of etiquette. However, it is not only in decline, pronouns, endings, prefixes and suffixes. The case, first of all, that men and women in different ways to express their opinions and experiences. Make this easy. It is enough to ask the boy and girl recount some tale. Immediately noticeable is the biggest difference between the "girly" and "boys'" option. It's simple - the psychology they even have a child is different!

Maybe it is laid in early childhood, as we raise our children according to their gender? But perhaps the fact that the roots of the differences - in the peculiarities of the psyche and genetic memory. Just hard to say. The fact remains - we speak different languages.

And if the male and female language taught in the school sex education classes, many conflicts between men and women could have been avoided, because to understand the man would have been much easier. But, alas, at such classes are now taught anything, even a virtuoso sex, but not the skills to communicate with the opposite sex.

As a result, the science of such communication every person perceives their own through trial, error and getting your lumps. Yes, even good, if he wants to comprehend, and that in fact is not, does not want to! And there comes his entire life on the same rake, getting on the forehead again and again. And then, when the rake to mark bored or closed, or starts to have a negative attitude to all, without exception, members of the opposite sex. They say that all they are-sos, so no understanding and can not be!

If the main men - external action, the women - the inner world of emotions. Since then, we can express their thoughts and feelings the same? While he is thinking about how to prevent the global upheaval, she puzzled over what to cook for dinner. While he is thinking about the consequences of the revolution in any country, it is looking for options to lose weight. He was puzzled by the global crisis, it is - a new fur coat, and so on. Women generally think more narrowly and specifically than men. Men can not ignore scattered socks, dirty cups, cobwebs in the corner, women see it all at once, without straining your attention. And without straining the thinking already know what to do with such a disgrace.

Conclusion: if you do not understand the mind of a man, it is impossible for men and women against each other to project their own worldview. It looks at reality from different angles, coincide only at certain points.

Psychologically, we do not like, so do not be disappointed by taking a dissimilarity of unwillingness to understand and effectively build relationships. It is better to take into account that men do not like us, and correct in accordance with the their behavior. And as long as man's psychology will remain a mystery to you, to understand it, you will not be able, if they wanted to. Let's see how it looks.

 how to understand the psychology of a man

Men's phrase. How to treat them?

We are all large and restless inventor inclined domyslivat almost every abandoned our favorite replica. For example, the way back from work in a bad mood, supper, threw a frown: "I'm tired! "And I lay down on the couch watching television. As he changes channels mindlessly in our head to sweep an entire armada of disturbing thoughts.

Tired ?! Why are you tired? The position was not raised, more money does not earn, she spends time in the service as much as before. So why is it that now he was tired? Uh, neeeet scoundrel or something withholds from your paycheck does not say that he loads with a salary increase or started the mistress ...

And yet we take the phrase "I'm tired! "As that he was tired of us. After all, we have recovered almost a kilogram of the past six months, and had long been cooked soup. Not cooked soup ?! Daaaaa ?! And the fact that we are also working on the house and drag yourself, it does not count ?!

All. It is necessary to think out so innocent phrase on his way half - and it went: really is female psychology. It launched an attack on the spouse in order to clarify, for whatever reasons, so he silently lying on the couch and that his house is not satisfied. Besides, we can only marvel and wonder what has caused such a surge dearest little wife aggression. After all, it really was just tired. The day was heavy!

Males are generally rectilinear. They themselves do not know how to hint, hint do not understand. It's we women, we can circle around and around, come from afar to express ambiguous. And then be offended that we did not take the wrong, do not guess the request and did not satisfy the desire. And to find out relations with ofonarevshim from surprise attack her husband. After all, it was he did not know that when we are asked, "I'm a little recovered, dear? "It meant that the figure perfectly preserved! But he foolishly threw: "Yes! "

You should not try to get all the forces of man information. We are always pristaёm to him with a question that you have at work, where you were waiting for them to confirm the feelings and confidence in their own attractiveness. In response, we get indifference: "It's all right," "I went for," "I love you", "You look great."

And we start to fly into a rage from the cold, detached tone of the responses. But what else can it be, if the thought of expensive preoccupied with the global problem and it is not up to trivia? Well, she loves, loves, how much can you talk about it ?! All fine. There will be problems, will tell. And we have quite a look. This is understandable, otherwise would long ago have escaped! Why stick with such questions again and again? Here's a she, male psychology!

The main part of women for reasons unknown reason suspect their pious in excessive secrecy. They are, they say, never say the truth, conceal even the little things and generally pretend at every step. We, of course, try to expose them, to expose and made to behave honestly. Men get nervous and angry, thereby increasing our suspicions. Still would! After all, if the psyche, then it struck a chord, and it is exactly what is guilty!

Now imagine such a situation. The buyer at department store stuck to the seller with a request to sell him sausage. The seller is responsible amazed that they had sausages on sale there. The visitor does not calm down and continued to insist on - sell him a pound amateur sausage, period! And he would not want to believe that it just is not there. As a result, begin to respond to his perseverance seller? Correctly. In the end, he comes out of himself and show a bore, where the output.

Approximately look our attempts to convict a man of insincerity when he has nothing to hide. What reaction can be expected from the one who insulted distrust? Well I do not know how to negotiate the stronger sex every detail, because they do not notice the little things! They do not understand why you need to hourly fervently acknowledged in love if it has sounded passionate recognition. Yet so clear, why repeat a hundred times?

Women, of course, like to listen to the phrase "I love you", and they are willing to listen to it again and again. However, the man uttered it with all my heart only in moments of elation. If we demand the recognition of several times a day, they just give way not to provoke his wife to the scandal. This alone is proof of man's love. Is the absence of love, the husband sought to preserve peace in the family?

Well, once loved, hence, extra weight does not spoil us, and about the trouble at work once again, we do not hear. And what case he decides when absent, we do not know. Because loving man once again upset his woman and would not try to deal with all the questions himself - it is the psychology of the knight.

From the point of view of the representatives of the strong half of humanity, a woman does not need to know about their problems. It intervenes in the affairs of her husband? It turns out, he does not believe in his men's solvency. With this will be tolerated only suitable infantile Lanky that is just waiting to wife took all the issues for themselves.

In short, if the mind to understand a man, we can not, we will act according to conventional wisdom. He stopped talking compliments and confess your love, unshaven collapsed on the couch and pochёsyvaet grow tummy? The wife should be happy! Because it is - the only one who fully trusts her husband, and from whom he is really good. Otherwise there'd be lying here and was wandering somewhere in search of adventure. Or lover.

In general, male psychology is understandable. He calls yellow yellow, blue and blue. This is what we can identify as the color yellow young dandelion, and blue color to replace the vast sea. Men do not become confused with the precise definition of emotions. They save and internal reserves and time. It is not necessary because of this experience, as we all mean the same thing. Let's try to understand a loved one without further ado, longer paying attention to his actions. They talk about feelings better than any, even the most beautiful phrases.

 Men's psychology: how to understand the man and his tongue?

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