how to keep a man

Well, finally we managed to keep the man of her dreams, and even to reduce it to the registrar. It seems that everything turned out great. But then, bad luck - we now really do not imagine how to proceed with such an expensive gift of fate. Friends and girlfriends just repeat that you can lose it in a jiffy. Allegedly, the men - unreliable people. Just what is wrong - and remember, as he was called. Perhaps they are right. There are so many lonely unscrupulous predators who strive to seize our treasure! These ladies do not mind the presence of any stamp in the passport "treasures", nor even the existence of children. I do not have time to look away, but they have dragged him into bed. Here and think it here, how to keep a man if him keep an eye. Walking behind him? Put in a cage? - Become a part of the interior. We also need a loving, lively, enterprising, independent enough husband. How then to be?

"No, what a question! "- Outraged someone -" Is it possible at all times to monitor adult independent person? Sam needs to understand what can be done and what can not. " That's the way it is. Only here the man in matters of gender relations more simple-minded than we women. They often do not understand what really wants one or the other free from prejudice of the fairer sex. And seriously consider it "a colleague", "a buddy", "a friend." And then find themselves in bed at this "just" do not understand how this happened. It turns out that one of the main objectives of his wife - to protect her husband from similar cases. On how to solve it, we'll talk.

 how to keep a married man

As undesirable behavior with her husband

In fact, talk about what the man - bird migratory partly justified. But not because they "are polygamous and have to impregnate as many females." Still people - not an animal. For many thousands of years of his primitive instincts have undergone significant changes. Many representatives of the stronger sex are able today to control their actions. Not every one of them, without hesitation, will throw the first comer to please the female, even if it is extremely sexy and too available.

However, it should be deeply confident that your man will always be loyal to the family and never out of it will not go away. He may rebel and without special reason. That is simply because all tired. And maybe casually get into the trap, naively believing that this is the usual relationship, not clever female trap. Oh, what-what, and in establishing such traps perfectly understands the weaker sex. So I think here, how to keep a man, when the terms of the mass of temptresses yes predators.

Some people believe that in order to have the faithful and the thought arose about the escape, the woman should try to be always mysterious. Well, at first the relationship is generally works well. But over time it becomes obsolete. Practicing female mysteries advisable only at the stage of getting to know each other. He stirs interest men beckons, seduces. And when the relationship has stabilized, the eternal mystery of the Lady begins to bother him. Well, no, in fact, someone like if you never know what is waiting for you today, and what trick throws better half? The day before yesterday cockroaches in my head spodvigli her a demonstration of belly dancing, yesterday provoked the increased business activity. What happens today is unknown. Perhaps, my dear little wife will turn into an angel, or maybe in a fierce panther ...

Men want to after a hard day's work at home waiting not just another affair, and a delicious dinner and a clean bed. And so he can finally relax and be yourself, and do not represent the macho - tamer of panthers. Representatives of the stronger sex, and so difficult to understand women. And if they are still not the end of me, not long at all to fall into a stupor brain. This man shaleyut films from volatile and unpredictable girlfriends. But in real life, they prefer the predictability of the behavior of women. So reliable and quieter. Therefore, if we set out to be different all the time, as a result of pious tired. And begin to look for a safe haven.

No, if we do not keep a man and lose him - behave in this way, of course, possible. You can still use the other extreme - to become a second mother to him. Pamper, regarded as the "baby" of the solution, to give breakfast in bed, constantly touching forehead, checking temperature and so on. And if in addition to give way to her husband in public transport, do not give him wearing gravity and deny help around the house - all good! However, to leave something he is not likely to go away. Who gives up a sweet life? But on the side of a woman finds. Because the eternal worries shook his wife to have sex forces will not remain.

And in a relationship with a man (if we want to spoil your life) is necessary to show extraordinary patience and complaisance. After all, the stronger sex so hard in this life - they all the time have to decide questions of universal scale! Is it possible to load these tortured maintaining the global balance of workers by some petty everyday problems? Why not take care of all the household chores? Self drive, if necessary, nails, electrical repair, take children from kindergarten and run to school meetings! So what, that fever and terrible headache, and he does not care? After the end of the world and the result of the game favorite football team is more important than our headache! Nothing wrong. Naberёmsya patience and wait, when we love will be released, and finally, caring, considerate, gentle. However, the wait may have life. But we're so patient!

I do not like the prospect to endure life, holding a man beside her struggles? No problem! There are other, more selfish options to keep the men beside him. That is why not be pretty, constantly in need of patronage silly? Suppose a man is pope, it's so cool! Worried about you, sleep gifts, all led by the handle, dress up, decorate! True, not the fact that one day will not change any more independent lady, or a "rebёnochka" younger. Because the wife is not my daughter. Teteshkat its normal man will sooner or later get tired. He is fond of the image of the defenseless little girls? So, after some time, it will start to pay attention to women's fresher. It is independent and strong man? Someday he wants to see a number of self-confident woman.

In short, a man can hold a variety of ways. And none of them does not give an absolute guarantee because our aspirations and goals tend to vary. And what was most precious today, tomorrow may seem totally unnecessary. However, this is not the worst thing for a relationship. It should be there, it is not necessary and fundamental changes frighten both sexes. Not every man because some will take their whim and will go from that to which he was accustomed. Is that her life would be unbearable. More relationships are significant threat machinations single predators. Free men are not enough. And not particularly burdened by moral principles ladies may well ponder how to keep a married man next to him for a long time. And then for good.

 keep a man

How to save a man from predators

How to protect a man from the influence of other women - an issue that concerns almost all of the fairer sex. Because practice shows - no stick, no carrot or a combination of both to solve it do not help. And not because our favorite such unreliable and extremely stumbles. They simply perceive communication more straightforward than women. And it is not able to discern the true motives for those or other female acts.

If a man is single and attractive, the weaker sex, trying to lay his hands on, usually resorts to the traditional set of techniques of seduction. In this case, women are not particularly unceremoniously openly express their sympathy, to show the intention to get to know and so on. But when a man is busy, then the situation is somewhat different. There is already a need to find a more subtle approach. That breaks my head, and day and night any unscrupulous person on how to keep a married man. Yes, and to make sure that he did not think to come back to the family.

One of the most banal approaches to solving this problem is to first ask a man about some small favor. Well what the representative of the stronger sex refuse to help the attractive lady? Of course, he will do what she asks. Moreover, it is not difficult, and the lady did not skimp on compliments, spilling Thanks. It's nice, it is! Naturally, the next time the man rushes to help her with great pleasure. And the help of stervochki require constant. In actual fact, no need every day something to repair, scoring, wear and move there. However, it is necessary to teach a man to himself, praising and encouraging. And he, bull, accustomed to feeling strong, smart, exceptional. And do not realize that the one that supposedly needs his services, just in private life - full of seams. So she arranged a hunt for him.

If the wife is aware of what is happening, sooner or later all this it is likely to get bored. But it explains something already brainwashed simpletons predator is very difficult. He breaks out, arguing, accusing the half excessive suspiciousness and cynical attitude to people. Say, a good man in need of man's hands, and generally behaves very well. And you, so-and-so, in everything you see only the bad! The desire to protect the man another woman explained simply - she had only praises. And the second half is always something to blame.

When a man begins to actively stand up for their pupils, it is almost possible to celebrate. We only need to wait until his wife burst patience, and break out in the house of a huge scandal. Outraged to the depths poor man go to seek solace. And then - it all so understanding, sympathetic, ready to listen and regret. Oh, what a striking contrast with the furious and angry wife! Softened and soothed, he meekly goes into the already prepared for such a case the bed. All. It is done. Now let him try to escape from the clawed paws! And his family ... But damn this Foxes someone's family! They need to reach a solution to the problem of how to keep a married man. It's all good ways.

It is possible that then he changed his mind and regret his act. That's just to correct something that is very difficult. It's not a banal family scandal, this is treason! Forgive and forget it extremely difficult. But the family drama could have been avoided, preaching itself apostate wife wiser. The quarrels and accusations in this case, do not work in its favor. A potential opponent in their background seems more and more attractive. Much more effective it is sometimes casually and like a friendly walk along the unsavory nature of its features and appearance. For example: "Silly, she does not know basic things! "" This blouse gives her age and emphasizes complete. We ought to put something different "and so on. The main thing - to sow doubt in the minds of men in a charming predator. They are sure to give the seedlings and start to grow.

In general, to her husband one day he pulled to the left, to become his closest friend. Real friends do not betray a man and not cast. Of course, it's not so easy. It will have to take their interests and at least partially understand. But is it strong and reliable relationships are not worth the effort? And then, it may be that we have suddenly entice football, politics or device of the vehicle. Since then dare! For the sake of his own happiness. Otherwise, the question of how to keep a man, will remain open.

 How to keep a man

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