how to make a guy jealous

They say that jealousy is a man in relation to some woman says that he is not indifferent to it. This is not about the manic feeling jealous when even a dog. We have in mind the usual jealousy, common to almost all the people in love. She's, like, is one of the most important evidence of human sympathy. It turns out that if the signs of jealousy, no, and no sympathy. And what about those who have good control of your emotions? That would be short-lived and deceived into believing that you do not like. And to break off relations with those who really loved. What to do in order not to make a fatal mistake? How do I get jealous guy so it was obvious?

When you need to jealousy?

I must say that there are men who do not really jealous of their loved ones. When a person completely confident in their own abilities and in a partner, it is not peculiar to the absurd suspicions. Probably, it is good when a man behaves with restraint, if a woman has other signs of attention. But it is a shame! Are we so attractive to the stronger sex, that we should not even be jealous? Or a favorite to us simply indifferent?

In a word, any manifestation of jealousy on the part of men should be sometimes. They give reason to think that the next - not a soulless block, and significantly increase our self-esteem. And then you smile invitingly to some sipatyage, you go with him to dance, converse animatedly and your boyfriend and your ear does not lead. Full mess! Of course, no less outrage would be if he arranges scandals that cost us someone to say hello. Here it is necessary to be careful. So how to make this type of jealous guy special is not working. Just look in the direction of any representative of the stronger sex, and the conflict is obvious.

So, if we really set out to cause a man uncontrolled surge of emotion, it is necessary to weigh everything well. Because it can come into such a rage that we have to look for the fifth corner. Alternatively, by making the wrong conclusions, will disappear from our lives. If the probability of a negative outcome is great, it is better not to think about how to get the guy jealous. Let everything was okay. Well, with low chances of such an outcome is possible and try. But gently.

There are quite a few effective and safe ways in which you can compel a man to show his feelings openly.

 how to make her husband jealous

How to force the guy jealous?

To the guy a little bit worried, girl, you can do so.

  1. In meetings with his companion to be a fun, gentle, attentive. That is, by all means give to understand the gentleman that he is extremely interesting. And after the meeting for a while to disappear, do not call or send SMS. If a guy calls, talk to him kindly, friendly. If you sent a message to respond to it in just a few hours. This behavior is any man able to touch up on the idea of ​​the existence of an opponent. Here are just constantly practicing such action is not necessary. Otherwise, the guy will get used and will treat them as the norm;
  2. Come up with some kind of a compliment to your address and quote his guy, saying that the author of courtesy - a colleague or a neighbor. Compliment be unusual to interviewee wondered if he remembered because of its originality. Speak the phrase should be delighted. And be sure to repeat it in a few days. But questions about the author compliment man answered evasively. It is able to deduce from itself blooded representative of the stronger sex;
  3. Sometimes flirting in front of her boyfriend with some nice man. I smiled at him, a little flirt, keep the conversation lively. In short, all kind show that the current gentleman - is not the only man in the world. And it, in which case, you can easily find a replacement. This method can unbalance anybody. But it should not be applied more than once or twice. Otherwise, it is possible that favorite get mad;
  4. When a guy called and offered to see - refuse, citing the fact that today is occupied. Will be meeting with a former classmate, who accidentally met on the street. Or found a via the Internet. And then invited to visit or to a bar. Refusing uncomfortable, and I want to talk about many things. In the evening, turn off the phone. Let the guy thinks that a meeting with a classmate dragged. Typically, men are very concerned about this situation. But it must not create more than once - twice a month;
  5. Create your own or invent a fan and receive gifts from him. If imaginary admirer, flowers, chocolates, Souvenir can be enjoyed the most. And after they are received, to call her boyfriend and thank him for his attention to his person. Such calls will certainly have his guard. After all, no gifts, he did not send! This means that he has a rival. And he acts aggressively and actively.

If none of the described methods did not work, you have to think about. Perhaps the man really nerves of steel, because of which he is not able to express jealousy. Or the guy just us indifferent. Then, no matter how it was difficult, it is necessary to break with a close relationship. Because they have no prospects.

 how to make a guy jealous

How to cause jealousy of her husband?

Now, we talked about how to cause jealousy among the men, the seriousness of which is questionable. The desire to obtain evidence of his sympathies in this case is quite natural. Indeed, so eager to determine the order, the guy can eventually become second half or not. And, it would seem, if not only to identify, but with him, and entered into a marriage, the issue of jealousy must be closed. Nothing like this! It is in the marriage, he may well become even more relevant than at the stage of getting to know each other. Women always need to know what its like. The husband often gets used to it, calm down and not paying enough attention better half. Why the wife begins to feel uncomfortable, considering that it no longer love. Proof of return for her husband would be jealous. But - alas, alas ... It seems that he is not jealous.

In general, nothing special about it. Feelings married acquire another quality and has not expressed so clearly as in courtship. But the fairer sex with this situation reconciled with great difficulty! And start thinking about how to make her husband jealous. Well, actually, they're right. Jealousy is able to heat up the feelings of men and make him look at his mate in a new way. And at the same time its manifestations to convince the woman that she still loved.

So how to make her husband jealous without prejudice to the relationship?

  • start hard to take care of their appearance. It means to impose a daily make-up, change clothes, engage in exercise, try to reduce the weight, if there is excess, and so on. Let the husband to think about, how it would be his wife was eager to look good;
  • a couple of times to return to work quite late. Asked the wife: "Where you, madam, is? "Answer:" Oh, met a classmate! ". Or something like that. Just coming home late to get involved is not necessary. There may be a serious conflict;
  • to pretend that one of the other men is increased interest. And to prove it, a little flirt with him in front of the faithful. But quite a bit! Otherwise, you can amass a problem.

The main thing in all of this - not to wake the beast in man. Wondering how to make a guy jealous, you have to be careful. Such experiments can have unintended consequences.

 How do I get jealous guy

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 female infidelity


  • The nature of male adultery
  • The nature of women's infidelities
  • The main differences of male adultery by women varies

Treason is probably as old as the world. Once society has decided that sexual relationships - a union of only one man and one woman, once there is a problem changing. Conveyor loyalty to each other just started working as in this work were failures. Both sexes are not only more likely to glance to the side, but also go to the left. Well, what to do - the forbidden fruit is known to be sweet ... But that's for men and women, it is sweet differently. Why is that? What is different about female infidelity by men? Now we try to understand it.

The nature of male adultery

The assertion that men are polygamous by nature, everyone already crammed on edge. In fact, it is difficult to judge whether it is correct. There are a lot of boys who, with one woman, and not thinking about the connections with others. Where does the tendency to polygamy in these representatives of a strong half of humanity, it is not known to anyone. Perhaps they are simply too lazy or are afraid of the wrath of my better half - Check it of treason, a hurricane in the house can be deadly! However, it would like to believe that the dedication of these men are a natural morality, overwhelmingly male animal instinct. And a deep affection for his half.

I must say that these representatives of the stronger sex, unfortunately, not so much. A good part of the men in suitable situations not refuse sex with a nice lady. However, they do not particularly think about the fact that somewhere is waiting for another woman, and often do not torment then pangs of conscience. What is it - immorality, promiscuity, selfishness, special male psychology? Not at all. It's just the very polygamous male sexual behavior is controlled by a genetic instinct. And is this instinct that aims to impregnate as many females. That is our active and fit male in bed with an attractive female outside, not particularly moralizing while. Because what is happening is almost a reflex, and is a kind of execution of the order of His Majesty's instinct, and psychology has nothing to do with it.

However, similar to the instinct and causes of male adultery does not always. Victory against women for many of them is a way of self-affirmation and the desire to constantly conquer new heights. His wife, whatever it was wonderful - this is the top of the conquered. And the other woman still need to win - is already in their right to join and ancient psychology of man-hunter and conqueror .. In this case, cheating husband gets maximum pleasure not from sex with a woman, and the process of conquest. Such a process requires it, as air. In its absence, a man wastes away, it is becoming less active, irritable and may even fall into a deep depression.

Finally, male adultery often happens due to the fact that a permanent relationship with a woman or tense or bored. Often, girlfriend or wife does not skimp on accusations and edification, trying to call a man a sense of guilt and lower his self-esteem. That, of course, resists such attacks perceives a hostile reception, and eventually tries to restore inner balance at the expense of another woman. Because men are actually very vulnerable and prone to stress. They are very painful and suffer all sorts of reproaches raspekaniya, so they try to hide them somewhere on the side.

Almost the same thing happens with boredom in a relationship. The monotony of communication, the lack of variety in sex, and especially women's coldness in bed oppressed representatives of the strong half of humanity, and they often cause mental anguish. All this - the real and powerful background to the fact that a man begins to pull all the more to the left. And once did he go there to make sure that it is like how can a sexual partner, and may be interesting as a person. Treason in this case - a kind of attempt to convince himself of sexual attractiveness and viability.

In general, the nature of male adultery uncomplicated and easily explained. For adultery tend mainly:

  • Men with a strong instinct of reproduction;
  • Men - conquerors who need constant subjugation of new heights;
  • Men with uyazvlёnnym faltering self-esteem and self-esteem.

And now let's see what difference the male from the female infidelity.

 female infidelity

The nature of women's infidelities

Statistics confirm that men cheat more often than women. Frankly, it is disingenuous. Because in recent years the fairer sex have become more freely than before. And female infidelity does not occur much less frequently than male infidelity. However, its psychology is somewhat different.

The main difference between male and female infidelity that lady almost never pulls on adultery because riot procreation. This male is intended to impregnate as many females. Females require only one father for her child. And it is desirable that the father was the best. Therefore, in the sense of constant change of partners there. It is enough to find a suitable and everything. From the standpoint of the nature.

However, the same nature provided that the male should be strong, active, proactive and passionate. Many we see today meet these requirements men? No offense to be said the stronger sex, but not much. In fact, men are not to blame. Nowadays, society makes them too high demands. In order to somehow meet them, and it requires a lot of physical and psychological stress. So eternal passion and activity toward the weaker sex in men often do not remain neither the strength nor the time.

The lack of male attention and initiative is very irksome need them women. They begin to look around for an appropriate partner to his wishes, because the psychology of women is that they try to avoid being alone. And, of course, find the right man. In fact, it can be nothing better, but initially behaves exactly as a woman needs - it is caring, attentive, sexy. And she feels attractive, sexy, popular, just wondering, finally!

Often, when long-term relationship with a woman a man no longer see it as desirable sex object. About romance in communication and can not speak. It quickly disappears, and all contacts become habitual, household and predictable. And women should always confirm that it is loved and is isolated from the mass of other representatives of the weaker sex, they have such a psychology. This emotional need, you will not be able to satisfy any material benefits.

The woman starts to rush, feeling lonely and not very correct his handpicked successor. Her subconscious gradually formed the idea of ​​a search for a suitable partner. In other words, it is ready to infidelity, while not intended to change more. But the idea matures and gets a closer look closely to other men. And then there is in its environment such as she would like, Cavalier. All. Under favorable circumstances, it would be her lover.

Of course, women have changed and other reasons. Someone changes the men in search of a suitable partner for sex, someone - to satisfy a morbid self-love, and someone just trying to annoy her blagovernomu because of his indifference and caused resentment. Often, venturing on adultery, the woman tends to take revenge on her husband for his constant trips to the left and a little calm. And finally, there are a lot of mercenary women who change for their own benefit. On them will not speak - the venality, it is venality.

Thus, the main causes of male and female changes we already know. Now let's define the difference between men's infidelity by the female in general.

 Psychology of female infidelity

The main differences of male adultery by women varies

Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that male and female infidelity and uneven in its manifestations, and its quality. What is the difference between them?

  1. Male for adultery does not necessarily fall in love with his partner. Sex on the side for many of them - just a short-term mechanic action, which does not attach much importance. For such a passion for sex is optional. Simply impersonal desires. The women decided on a third-party sex mostly with those to whom feel sympathy;
  2. A man does not choose the Lady especially for adultery. It is sufficient that it was sexually attractive. Women are usually quite long eyeing a potential lover and hardly consciously and voluntarily go to physical contact with those who are not emotionally satisfied. Did it happen by accident or (under the influence of alcohol, for example), or substantial risk to themselves and their families;
  3. To have sex on the side, a man rarely has the intention to leave her family. Even if you have feelings for his mistress, he is unlikely this will be solved. And if solved, then not immediately, after all is well consider and weigh all the "pros" and "cons". Women are more often seen in a potential husband and lovers can get away from her Blessed, while not particularly thinking. Especially when the link on the side due to being in love with a partner.

In short, the important thing is what distinguishes men from women's treachery - that is what a woman should feel his betrayal, to pass through all of myself. Adultery for her - not fleeting satisfaction of physiological needs, and the verdict, the conclusion of which the sufferings and stand for a long time. Such is the psychology of female infidelity. Note that we are talking about normal women rather than those who sells his body and throws it to anybody because of increased sexual needs.

Whatever it was, yet infidelity of a loved one - it's always the trouble, causing his inner turmoil half strong and unbearable emotional pain. It is unlikely that in this state, we wonder what distinguishes men from women's cheating and what its causes are rooted. I want to vomit, throwing, trouble, take revenge ... Because, as we would not inspire that cheating has occurred due to physiological needs or the lack of attention, we always perceive it as a betrayal. And it is unlikely that perception could change the discourse on freedom of morals and polygamy. After all, we trust in your loved one and enjoy the body and mind, considering what he had to respond in kind. And then suddenly it turns out that this priceless gift begins to use someone else. How to be? Just break off relations?

It is not necessary to decide spur of the moment. In fact, because of this situation, the outputs set. It will greatly facilitate the search for optimum yield knowledge of the differences between women's infidelity by men. We have found that many men are very fond of his wife and not to give up sex with other women. Well, they do not take this fact as a betrayal, did not perceive it! And I do not understand why you can not, because there is nothing to understand - the brain shut down, because like! Well, if you really want, then you can ... Such is the psychology of them!

A man of this type deserves more leniency than censure. It is possible that he is a great father and a caring husband, but the instinct of reproduction sometimes takes precedence over reason. So whether you want to shake your nerves wife because of another affair spouse? Especially because in the time it is likely, and the name of this "affair" does not remember. Yes, it's frustrating, and painful to do the same. But would not it be harder without it? In the end, one reflex breeding calm down and turn into an exemplary husband and devoted family man.

With regard to female infidelity, the situation is more complicated. If the wife began to run to the left, it is likely someone got carried away. This is a very big threat to family relationships. At any moment they can fall apart because of the fact that a woman will go to another, and because of excessive aggression learned about her husband's infidelity. Men seldom able to perceive this fact is more or less adequate, and approach the situation rationally and weighed. Knowing that his body is a woman owned or belongs to someone else, leading a man into a state of frenzy. He ceases to give report in their actions and make mischief. Therefore, the fairer sex is necessary to understand well what can turn adultery. And do not allow communication when it faces the danger of real hard. If we live with a spouse absolutely unbearable, better to divorce, and then meet with another man.

In general, men and women in fact held on someone's infidelity, you should first try to calmly discuss the problem, and then make decisions. Sometimes it helps to bring this situation still warm relations and make them more deeply and sincerely. To do this, of course, both need to work on themselves and on their perception of a loved one. Well, if the cause of the betrayal was complete extinction of love, there's nothing you can do. We'll have to gain strength and divorce. And if the divorce is not possible, provide each other with full freedom of action. Maybe someone - that will make it easy - too strong sense of ownership. However, it must be curbed, otherwise the existence of both would be the continuous hell.

 Women's treachery and its difference from male infidelity

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