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Gen. addictive. On it, as we know, no boat broke family happiness. But from the very first glance at the desperate situation we can always find a way. Even if you live with your man along the first year and would seem to have thoroughly studied the habits of each other if everyday worries and things seemed to b is completely sucked you into their morass, and the future does not portend any change, you can always make a surprise for a husband and kindle new fire in your relationship.

Surprise and impress your mate, help him remember what you bright and unusual woman who deserves all the best, whenever possible, it is not a surprise to tying a particular date - the more unexpected it is. On the other hand, you can please your husband and to some celebration and surprise as a gift - it all depends on your situation and your imagination.

Stereotypes and movies offer a range of unusual but burdensome activities that will absolutely amaze any representative of the stronger sex. For example, you can come to work for him in a cloak, and to give an unforgettable gift in the form itself or the order for his birthday a huge cake, and then jump out of it. But you will agree, it is not under the power of every woman: the climate in our country is cold and not every woman decide to flaunt on the streets with no underwear, and a huge cake - a very expensive thing. So naturally the question arises: what a surprise to her husband can make the most ordinary woman in the arsenal which only own imagination and a little enthusiasm?

 what a surprise to make her husband

Consider the features of the man

To reflect your event was a great success, we must first consider the nature of man, in whom it is designed. Pacific and modest wife will not like if, instead of a sweet and caring wife home to meet him red-haired temptress in lacy stockings - it can just be taken aback. For this type of men are more suitable for delicate and romantic surprises. Let come home after work, instead of you, he finds a note inviting him to, for example, in place of your acquaintance or a restaurant where passed your first date. If your husband is not without excitement, the problem can be more difficult to arrange and small urban adventure, in which the main prize will you.

The organization of such a surprise you can help your friends: something it will remind visiting redemptions, which are currently very popular. Their essence is that man offers unique puzzles, hints, following which he moved to the city and finally finds you. The main thing is not to tighten like an adventure, or your husband can get tired and simply lose interest - will be enough two or three moves. Thus man, of course, should be on the vehicle.

Domestic and sentimental love our spouses and photo of your own making or puzzle from your family photos. If you draw good, you can make a T-shirt with his picture. The easiest way to perform drawing on textile in black and white, denoting the shade of black - all the tools you can buy in a specialty store. You can certainly order a T-shirt, but the thing is made with their own hands, always produces a much greater effect.

If your image - or a sexy business woman, and you and your husband spend a lot of time in bed or at various receptions, your companion on the contrary very surprised if his house will be waiting for dinner personally prepared by you.

In order to diversify a traditional surprise for the husband as a romantic dinner, you can arrange a themed evening, for example, in the eastern or Japanese-style prepared meals respective specialties, buy national drink, take care of the decoration of the room in a traditional style, and themselves, for example, to play the role Geisha.

You can go ahead and surprise her husband as a joint parachute jump or lift a balloon. To implement the latter, you will need to contact the appropriate agency, but the amount of adrenalin and excitement you get with more than cover all the costs.

Do you want not only to make her husband a pleasure, but also remind him that you need care and attention? Take the first step! Invite your restricted to match his favorite football team, or a concert of your favorite band - probably the result will exceed all your expectations, as men, oddly enough, are in need of support and care no less than we do.

You are not very good at drawing? Disgusting write poetry? All the better. Surprisingly, men are a delight unexpected funny gifts, made in the style, which did not a woman has them. If you do not compose sweet and sugary, and funny and a bit ironic poem, a man, especially if he has a good sense of humor, is likely to be on top of the world. The same effect is produced original paintings made by your own, maybe even a horrible style. Oh well they work, these men. The exception, perhaps, represent only the most responsible and respectable representatives of a strong half of humanity that all the time thinking about business, and they are not supposed to smile status.

No matter how many years you have not lived with her husband, you can always find a way to hit him and make you fall in love again. The main thing is not to overdo it with a surprise, pleasant or instead you can continue to expect a real scandal. It is foolish for a man to climb with a romantic dinner or red erotic lingerie, if he has big problems at work, and all thoughts are absorbed only by this. To help him to relax in such a case would be quite a tasty meal or enjoy a massage. Surprises require a certain attitude of all participants - consider this, then all your ideas will be the first step on the way to a new round of your relationship.

 What a surprise to her husband do?

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 Divorced men

Divorced men these days are not uncommon. No wonder - the way people think about the family and the need to preserve it changed dramatically. Divorce is no longer something out of the ordinary. Marriages break up all over the place, often for no apparent reason. Here and there here and there bachelors who already have experience of family life behind.

In society there is a perception - if a man is divorced, then something is wrong with him. Well, actually, he did agree to a woman on a break with her husband if he does not drink, do not walk, do not nudit not greedy and can earn? And if a man and more attractive in appearance and sexuality him everything is normal, and all! And here on you. Divorced. No, something is not, definitely. However, when the initiator of the divorce was himself, it is still possible to understand. But if the wife is suspicious ... obviously suspicious!

Meanwhile, the situation may be very different: the couple broke up because of the loss of interest in each other, because that is too rarely seen, from some domestic considerations ... But you never know! This is perfectly normal and appear divorced men who with good looks and potency okay. Needless to say that these representatives of the stronger sex immediately find themselves in the spotlight of the weak sex? Bach patronize, teteshkayut, to care for it, like a small child, his lure, taking on bail, promising to feed the delicious and satisfying. But he does not accept favors from women and prefer to eat dumplings shop. Why is that? Are there any features in dealing with divorced man?

Types of divorced men

In general, divorced men are of several types.

  1. Type first. Divorced man very pining for his ex-family. These bachelors are usually or completely closed in itself, and to reach them, or immediately rush to look for a woman who will be comforted, and forget about the past;
  2. Type the second. After a divorce, a man enjoys the freedom, and to be bound by long-term relationship with a woman is not going to;
  3. The third type. The man, after the collapse of the family no longer is going to marry. He was enough of former negative experiences, and the current bachelor took a firm decision to remain free until the end of his days;
  4. Type the fourth. This is a fairly rare type of divorced men who are completely dedicated to their future life the former family and children;
  5. Type fifth. Divorced man, lost his life after the collapse of family guidance;
  6. Type sixth. Bach, after a divorce to hate the whole female sex.

To marry a divorced man of the first type, if it is not hung up on my heart padlock, quite simply. Such a man without a woman can not conceive of himself. However, the Lady they need one that you can rely on at any moment. Female candidate as a wife must be prepared for the fact that it would be for her husband and the support, and a vest. And besides, it will have to try to excel in all of his previous wife. Otherwise faithful will often recall it. And frankly express their dissatisfaction with the fact that today his half inferior in quality former spouse.

With a bachelor of the second type of marriage is better initially not to dream. He can swim in their freedom for years, changing girlfriends almost every month. No, if he met a woman like it, of course, I will agree on a serious relationship with her. But it is likely to draw them officially hurry.

With the third type of divorced men, even for a long familiarity can hardly hope. Especially if a lady is good. From ocharovashek these beeches flee headlong. Because they understand - such peahen can make him forget about everything and eventually marry. But he was determined to be until the end of bobylёm. And no nails. Because "family life - it's a living hell, and continuous problems." Bear for someone responsible, this staunch householder does not intend to.

The fourth type of bachelors from close relationships with women, in principle, does not give up. Marriage, he is unlikely someone of them will issue officially, but cohabitation may agree. That's just the one that is going to be next to the devotees of the former family man should be considered if it is at least a hint of discontent expresses concern the faithful old family chores or disrespect for his past, it can just pack your bags. The situation is slightly different if there is a common child. But in this case it is a lot of time and money will be given to the first family.

Bachelors who have lost their life after divorce guidance, are quite common. I must say that with such men in the early stages can be quite difficult. Left without a family, they often begin to be applied to the bottle, or simply go racing, hanging out in a casino, and women changing almost every night. Someone is trying to forget, and someone loses a king in his head. That used to be the king's wife. Now the throne is empty, and manage the "kingdom" in the form of a bachelor no one. Who is, if desired, it is easy. It should be borne in mind - like a man without coordination of the helpless woman. And the ability to go racing.

Bachelors sixth type is extremely angry with former spouse and hate now the whole feminine. No, marry, they can. Sometimes even very willing to marry. In order to take revenge, and past and current wife for all their grievances and failures. I must say that life with such a subject, if it is not ottaёt with time, it is not honey. At best, he will find fault with every detail, the worst - ugly brawl with or without cause. Therefore, before deciding to tie the fate of such a woman-hater, you have to think twice.

Of course, there are divorced man, quite different from the types described. All the representatives of the strong half of humanity is different and each of them needs an individual approach. However, there are some general rules that better respect the women who are scratching their heads over how to marry his divorced man.

 marry a divorced man

How to behave with divorced man?

Divorce - a very strong stress, leaving its mark in the soul for a long time. Sometimes men experience it even more painful than women. After the decay of the family man loses his wife and children. The usual way of his life collapses, burying under the ruins of all the familiar and dear. With a woman, the situation is somewhat different. As if she did not suffer after the divorce, the children usually have a number of which need to take care of. And it somehow distracts from black thoughts and partly compensates for the loss.

When meeting with a divorced man, this fact must certainly be taken into account. It is possible that family breakdown was for him a very strong blow to recover from that someone fails and lifelong learning. So start talking about the past marriage to be very careful. You should not once again reopen the wound and ask tactless questions. It is unlikely that they will get fair and impartial answer, even if after the divorce has already passed several years. At best man otmolchitsya.

If it really wants to know the truth about the disintegration of the family of the elect, it is better to turn to his friends and acquaintances. But in this case, the truth is difficult to determine. Firstly, they can judge the situation from their point of view. And secondly, someone else's family, as you know, the dark forest.

In the same case, if a man divorced itself begins to talk about his former family, it is advisable to just listen to it carefully. And draw conclusions about what is needed to this representative of the stronger sex to which he is committed and able to for a serious relationship in the future. Do not pay much attention to his complaints to his former spouse. It is likely that it is a defensive reaction to conflict with it. However, if the complaint does not stop, we must guard. It is possible that we are dealing with infantile whiner who all blames others for his failures.

Cheerleaders should when divorced man remembers little about the children, and not going to take part in their fate. It speaks of his excessive egoism and spiritual callousness. However, sometimes it is, and vice versa. The man loves his children and suffers from what seems to them often. But to discuss their feelings do not intend at all to anyone.

I must say that when a man is too much and enthusiastically talks about her daughter or son, it is also a moment of reflection. First of all, because the children have to take as their own, and because not every woman is capable of doing. Well, because they can cause the same family reunification. Whatever it was, but people who have children together, has become a kind family. Sometimes, having lived apart after the divorce, the spouses are aware of this and agree, starting to build a relationship in a new way.

Today, divorce often occur not because a man in something bad. Women have become more independent than before. Some of them at some point realize they do not need this man, and not particularly thinking, divorced him. However, this does not always happen. Most often, the family is still split due to the fact that the husband drunk, brawled, walked. If there is such a fact, we should not think that another woman might have something to fix. Chances are that one day everything will return to normal. While everything happens. If the deficiencies are not afraid of divorced men, and seem to be very significant advantages, why not try to build a lasting relationship with him? Perhaps the new wife will be able to do something that would not have been any other woman.

 Divorced man: especially relations

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