Why unlucky in love
 A couple of times he stepped on the same rake, or we try to get them to go to hell, or to bypass the carefully so as not to fill the next cone. This applies to almost all aspects of life. Besides aspects of love. There sometimes is quite hard to determine what we rake naparyvaemsya all the time and how to be with them. In general, by bad luck in love, no one is immune, and almost all at least once in their lives as it is encountered. This is normal. But when someone failure to consistently pursue a relationship - it is not normal. Even worse, when a man like failures like one another as two drops of water. Now we'll talk about why no luck in love very often, and that this can be done.

Failures in relationships. Screenplay

Our life is like a movie, where we always play a role. A love relationship - is no exception. Those who have all the time asks himself the question: "Why was not I lucky in love? "They are likely to develop in the same scenario. Change only the scenery and appearance of the protagonists. A failure remain the same. Conclusion: to change the situation, it is necessary to rewrite the script.

A huge number of women were once, but abandoned men. I must say that many of them were able to rethink their role in relationships and in the future could be quite happy. However, there are representatives of the weaker sex who repeat their mistakes almost to old age. It concerns mainly women, always blamed for the collapse of the relationship itself, considering it because of his own appearance, incompetence, poor judgment, and so on.

Such feelings of guilt are usually first appears at the young girl that the guy left. It is not yet sure of its appeal and is confident that her dislike of angularity, pimples, small breasts and the like. If later a similar opinion of himself in the young person does not change, it will generate all kinds of complexes. And the fear of failure will be sustained in the relationship, substantially limiting the choice for a woman to mate. Pre-tuning to fail, it will be clear of dating with people who like it. Well, those who like the girl herself, sooner or later, will feel the fear and leave it.

In short, the underlying fear of failure and the relationship will almost always lead to this failure. How in this case to solve the problem of bad luck in love? It is necessary to change the plot of relationships with men and destroy the fear of failure. To do this, become active, make new and new acquaintances, assign dates, going to meetings and so on. This will develop self-confidence and that relationships with the opposite sex can lead.

It would be nice to talk with former partners and find out the reasons for parting with them. It is likely (and it is often the case) that the reason for breaking up was not what we expected. Who knows why people break the relationship? Check out the employment, illness, any home or professional problems ... And then we got it into his head that, they say, are not worthy of love! And so we will always throw. Yes, no one at all and did not throw! And never give up! Will leave the fear of failure in love - leave themselves failures.

Well, shall we say. For example, relations have acquired a different character and have become more reliable and positive. And what if a man throwing - do not throw, but somehow constantly change?

 Why was not I lucky in love

Relationship problems. Treason

Now very often there are disputes about male polygamy, and how to treat it. Spears break with a deafening crash, the truth still can not see the light, but we are none the better. What is the difference, there are polygamous men or not, if most of us have to change them can never get used? Vague hints that men need variety, little comfort - there are a lot of couples where the husband is completely free of cost. And then try, try for the common good, but because all of a sudden you find out that he had someone else there. Moreover, this "someone" may be far from perfect in many ways and in general to give you.

Why ?! Why beautiful unlucky in love in this case? What, indeed women are divided into those who change and those who change? Yes. Indeed. Probably many familiar with the situation, when effective, clever holёnaya still faced with the fact that its partners, regardless of their physical appearance and status, run to the left. From what? What's happening?

And there's the kind thing. If we initially see in other women the potential threat to their happiness, they are a threat, and this will become. It does not matter, want it different from us the fairer sex or not. In other words, when we want to win the heart of man, and we believe that it may belong to some of the women more, we subconsciously these women there and admits. It is clear that in this case it is not about daughters, mothers or sisters.

It turns out that when we perceive other females as their aggressive rivals, rivals among them certainly there. And the man by any one of them will not pass. What to do? Say to yourself, "Yeah, I'm not the only woman in the world. But I is unique !!! This has never been, is not, and never will. Therefore, equal to me in its uniqueness is not! ". And I try to take it seriously as possible: to take care of herself as a child, do not let that hurt or upset. You must fill in your own world, first of all, themselves and their aspirations. And then in the soul who appeared in this world of men will be no room for anyone else.

Frankly, men's infidelity directly to bad luck in love have a distant relation, because change and loving. But many of us are convinced - if a man went to the left, it means that love has passed. That is to such a belief does not arise, and should be confident in their own exceptionalism. Not Rated one man? Let us find another! And then he let the neck folds, trying to bite your own arm!

Mistakes in the relationship. Reliability

There is a category of women which men routinely use for their own purposes. To some of them need temporary shelter, someone - financial help, someone is trying to find a vest or a career, and so on ... In short, everyone is looking for in a relationship with the poor thing only benefit. And it is for the sake of the elect ready for anything. Even if well aware that its only use.

What is the reason for such obedience - is uniquely difficult to determine. Then play the role of feelings and credulity, and the inability to fight back infamy, and the habit, and a thirst for self-sacrifice. Many ladies of this kind believe that a man can fix his forgiving and boundless love and make him reciprocity.

In fact, this behavior is usually peculiar to women who did not say goodbye to the idealism of fairy tales, where the characters are clearly divided into good and evil, good and bad. They think that the real love relationship similar to the relationship of the "Scarlet flower". And the monster, if its truly love one day turn into a prince charming. In reality, the monster is still a monster as "The Scarlet flowers" do not bring it. And the poor girl still drag their bunches of suffering, swallowing tears and hoping for the best.

What should I do in this case? To realize that fairy tale and reality - not the same thing. And the princes, but there are those who can give happiness, and those who have never given. And to determine for themselves which of the men which category. Of course, if the appearance is of prime importance, there is nothing to complain about bad luck in love. There will always be handsome, or simply type a pleasant appearance, which is only looking for someone to use. Well, if you really want happiness and reciprocity, then you have to revise their requirements. And learn to say "no" to those whose intention or clear, or doubt. After all, true femininity - it is not eternal willingness to sacrifice. This softness, tenderness, sensuality, requiring care and understanding.

There is one similar to the above reason of bad luck in relationships - patience. Let's talk about it.

 Why beautiful unlucky in love

Bad luck in love because of the patience

It would seem that someone who, as young ladies with angelic nature to eternal bad luck in love can not complain. Yeah. Not a bit of it. It is bad luck, they complain more than others. The reason is that to the excessive patient women all the time draws complicated by the nature of men. In general, it is rude, selfish lout, for which the woman - the only means of satisfying their needs. They do not consider it necessary to strain when communicating with her rude, scandals, carp and even dismiss his hands.

A special type of angel can endure it all. And usually suffer. Because they tend to regret their grudge against the whole world, ozloblёnnyh partners. And besides, more and assume that this - their cross. At heart, these women have always cherished the hope that forgiveness is able to warm up a man, and finally instruct on the right path. Well, suppose the same can be angry homeless dog, if you give him love and care, be gentle and humble?

The dog - yes. Man - is unlikely. He does not give in to training and will always biting. Therefore, women with the idea of ​​boundless tolerance should understand convert hates all human kind and soulful creation impossible. He simply enjoys the fact that someone is suffering. And it will always create a situation for someone's suffering.

The solution in this situation can only be one thing: refocusing on himself, to their needs and their aspirations. Trying to transform adult human in every way making it comfortable for the existence of circumstances - a thankless task. It is better to do cultivation and have a real chance of personal happiness.

Another answer to the question why no luck in love, may be increased initiative and women in relationships with men. It should be a representative of the fairer sex to pay for someone's attention, she immediately throws it actively courted: dating the object of passion, and even calls him asleep gifts. Typically, this behavior frightens men women, as it does not allow them to sort out his feelings for her. And in general is perceived as excessively intrusive, which arouses suspicion. After all, if the lady is so intrusive, it means that something is wrong with her.

These women are like gambling hunters trying to catch the animal. In this case, animals - are men who feel pushed into a trap. Of course, they are trying to escape from the trap! What kind of reciprocity, then, can we talk? So she came, the woman should be more restrained in their actions. Do not be afraid of men. They do not like that.

 Why is unlucky in love and what to do?

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