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Life is designed so that at some point in every young woman has the feeling of love. How much excitement, joy and experience brings this feeling! At times it seems that the world - beautiful that the sun shines for her, and all the people wish her happiness. But there are days when a woman begins to realize that not all so rosy as it seemed; in her soul there is an incomprehensible anxiety. And the reason this is becoming a young man - the subject of her lamentations. It seems that the guy did not pay attention to it. The girl begins to assert itself in the fact that such "ugly creature," as it is impossible to love. Hence - the tears, sad thoughts and feelings.

Despite this, every time a woman tries to see a loved one, she wants to look at it even from afar. But each time he approached her breathtaking legs give way, lost the power of speech. At this point she would like to run far away and hide so that nobody could find. Worse, she often begins to avoid Man. She did not have the strength to look him in the eye, smile and make it drew attention to it, to please him, and certainly not dare to show a man that he is not indifferent to her. Maybe these mental anguish a woman tormented in vain? Perhaps the young man feels towards her the same feeling that she said to him? Maybe he just does not know how to tell her? How do you know that you are like the man, in his voice, the look, behavior?

 how do you know whether you're a man like you

What do gestures

And do it not so difficult. Firstly, it is necessary to calm down and pull yourself together. Second, meeting him on the street, at school, at the institute or at the disco, must watch his behavior, his gestures. It has long been known for the simple truth: the words of the interlocutor are not always sincere. Playing the role of your well-wisher in his heart he may feel to you completely different feeling. Or vice versa: man struggling poses as a macho tough, and his fingers nervously twisting a scarf and his eyes timidly you are asking: "Do you like me? "Therefore, in this situation, pay attention to the gestures that accompany his words. Understanding their language, it is easy to understand how this relates to you people.

And how do you know that you are like the man, in his gestures? To do this, watch out for him, when a man is near, track the movements of his body, arms and face. In order to properly define its relationship to you, we will tell you about some of the gestures that contain signs that he likes you:

  1. By chance did you get close to each other. The guy starts to automatically correct your clothes. These gestures will tell him that he wants to look in your eyes attractive young man.
  2. If you love a girl and a young man standing next to and lead the conversation, it is necessary to pay attention to his position: a man who likes a woman, in most cases unknowingly puts forward one leg, as if pointing to the object of his interest.
  3. The guy standing next to him you liked the girl, trying to look taller, so his body is at this moment a little tense and pull up.
  4. In a conversation with a man should pay attention to his face: if the eyebrows are slightly raised, as if expressing surprise that a woman can be sure: "I told him exactly like me! "
  5. If in your presence the young man turns the ring on the finger, or by talking to you, the guy pulls a button on his jacket, it means that he felt the excitement with which he tries to cope. And this is exactly can be a sign that you, my dear girl, causes a storm of emotions in his heart. Rather, it is you - the woman of his dreams.
  6. Have you noticed that the boy did not hesitate, he looks at you. Do not worry, it is - a simple demonstration of what you are interested in it. But you see, most of all, he had already back then, when I first saw it.
  7. Talking with you, man t chin or cheek, touched their eyes. These gestures can be seen signs of manifestation of his excitement and desire to please you.
  8. How to understand what men like, in his position? If a guy standing with his hands on his belt, then he unconsciously wants to show their physical strength and confidence. In other words, he wants to please the interlocutor. And of course, the woman to whom he unconsciously trying to impress, like him.
  9. The woman felt that she attracted the attention of the man she loved. At this point, looking at his face, you can see that his brow faintly it rises, then it falls. The guy does it, without knowing it, in a few seconds. Such involuntary movement of his face is a sure sign that you care about him far!
  10. If a woman notices that the guy looks at her parted lips and nostrils widened slightly, then she can be sure her appearance made him a delight.
  11. Young man smoothes his hair or, conversely, involuntary shaggy them. This gesture shows that he is trying to look more attractive for you.
  12. Feeling the cool breeze, the guy lovingly offers his jacket or sweater. Know what he thinks you are his woman, you are ready to protect and defend!
  13. Subconscious men arranged so that they necessarily have to touch the woman he loves. If a conversation with you, he accidentally touches your shoulder and take you by the hand - hence, it is clearly not indifferent to you; more and you should not wrestle with how to understand Do you man.
  14. Make no mistake, you - his favorite woman, if you talk with your loved one, and in the course of conversation, he begins to unconsciously repeat your gestures. For example: you pull the phone out of her purse, he immediately mechanically took from his pocket a mobile phone and so on. These gestures are a clear sign that he likes you.

To finally be assured that you care about the guy, should conduct a little experiment - ask him about a small favor or help in any case it is not difficult. If a young person will take it with pleasure, then you are not worth more to doubt the sincerity of feelings of her lover!

 how to understand Do you man

And the view can speak

Body language, facial expressions and movements can tell a lot. But people say that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. The views are very eloquent. They can replace the whole conversation because, looking straight into the eyes of a man, we can understand how it applies to you. The eyes can express joy and sadness, love and hate. So what can be understood from the views of a loved one? What can be read in his eyes?

The main signal is the ratio of boy to girl, is to change the shape of the pupils when the young man is excited, his pupils increased significantly and may expand to the upper edge of the shell. And if a girl likes a guy, when meeting with his pupils there are more and more.

When his eyes focused on the girl's forehead, he experiences only business interest. And if he takes his eyes from her eyes to her lips and back, it means that between them can only be a friendly relationship. For many young men gentle look at her or his views on it sideways, accompanied with the kind smile, saying that it shows her deep interest with real intent.

Assume your views meet unexpectedly. If a young man delay his view, or, conversely, very quickly it will take my eyes, I can safely say that he feels some sense to you.

While in general the company is always looking for the guy you look. Or, loudly telling all some funny story, he quickly throws at you eyes to see, you laugh with them. It's said that he loves you!

Exit found!

We talked about how to determine whether you are a man like you, who is not indifferent. Light feeling of love, which sooner or later every woman experiences - great! So do not be sad and worry about the unknown. Use our tips, watch the behavior on the part of the young man. You will understand how it applies to you. And if you see that he likes, your eyes light up with joy. And he is sure to notice it. Then you will begin a warm relationship that will unite two loving hearts!

 Reveals the secret of how to understand that you like men

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 how to get rid of jealousy


  • How is life in men with jealous wives?
  • Examples of life
  • Why are we jealous and what we fear

Again he stayed on the job. In the evening it someone called, and he had gone to the kitchen to talk. He goes back to a corporate party and does not take me with you .... Maybe he has another, and at the very moment he is with her? Common situation? Too many women suffer daily from such torment, tearing their hearts. Sometimes it is justified, but most often simply wound themselves for nothing, spoiling the nerves themselves and a spouse.

How to learn to trust your loved? After all, you love it and you know it's mutual. But the black serpent of jealousy squeezes your heart, not allowing to breathe, to live, to sleep. Most often, women are looking for reasons to be jealous. Of course, there are men who deserve suspicion, but the question now is not about them. Today we'll talk about how to get rid of jealousy, ill-founded and far-fetched very same woman.

How is life in men with jealous wives?

Most men are trying hard to meet all our requirements, afraid to retreat even one step from them. Otherwise, a quiet evening with your family, you can forget. To learn how to get rid of jealousy, wives, and do not realize they are in a hurry to create a scandal and accused her husband in every conceivable sin. What kind of relationship lightness and joy in the house can be a question if one of the spouses peered intently into the face to another, seeking to change, and the second in the eternal suspense of waiting undeserved showdown? Here at anyone's nerves will pass.

Most of the men brought their wives jealous "to the point" and decide to actually start a relationship on the side. Firstly, if they get to the house, you deserved, and secondly, to have a rest for a while in the community calm, balanced woman. But this novel can end up being your spouse finally chooses the other side, and of you will remember as a nightmare. Be sure that the opponent will try to ensure to the maximum of your husband (her husband is still) the warm, peace and joy. After all, he surely will share with her family problems, and so try not to repeat your mistakes, not difficult to guess.

Perhaps initially husbands and feel remorse, spending time with her friends. But when he got home and received a portion of another scandal, they calm down and understand that we acted correctly. There is often the principle of "evil" - men rarely tolerate ultimatums. As it turns out, jealous of his wife with his hands ready to give happiness in the wrong hands? Not only do women themselves suffer the torments of hell, tormented in the eternal doubts, so they can still lose and family. What, jealous pays twice. Vicious circle? No. Get rid of jealousy can be - the problem is completely solved.

 how to get rid of jealousy for her husband

Examples of life

To get rid of jealousy for her husband, it is necessary to determine for themselves the cause of negative attitudes. Is this because of your low self-esteem, or just the owner of the usurper, not allowing her husband belong to anyone but you. Low self-esteem - is primarily a lack of confidence in their own abilities. We would like to present a few real-life examples of women who have suffered because of these problems.

Olga, 27 years old, housewife. She was the only child in the family welcome. Her holili and cherished, pampered childhood. Parents so much care about it that guarded against any, even the smallest of problems. If she had conflicts at school, then they went to deal with the children if the lesson was asked a difficult task - one by one to implement it. She was accustomed to rely on adults and have not learned to make their own decisions. The feeling of helplessness just pursued it. Once married, she could not look at without fear of rivals, tormented husband reproaches and complained to parents who have always been on her side. As a result, the husband could not stand the family quarrels, and filed for divorce.

What is the moral of the story? Yes, that is a woman does not become an independent, self-confident, she would never get rid of the feelings that it is worse than others. There will always be someone who will be more beautiful, smarter, sexier it. But her husband chose, not the other, so it was better for him. And was it worth wasting to exhaust yourself and loved scandals?

Another example. Vic, 19 years old, student. She grew up in a happy family, but from childhood has been left to itself. Parents were too busy with their own problems to pay attention to it. Self became very early, at age 15 he started an apprenticeship shop assistant, 17 she was admitted to a prestigious university. Soon she met a young man and settled him. I love him with all my heart, and she could not believe that it is possible to love truly, strongly, just like that. In every gesture and word saw the catch, any delay at work is seen as a betrayal. Her jealousy over the edge - she checked his pockets, watching him at work required hourly calls. The guy went to the other - just get rid of dokuki.

Women like Vick can not get rid of jealousy, believing that man will find someone who is worthy of love more. If this is your personality type, you just need to love yourself, to raise their self-esteem . Whether you go to work, cook dinner there, you take a shower - repeat, like a mantra: "I love myself." And if you think that this exercise - nonsense, then you are deeply wrong. Make yourself believe that you're the only unusual and unique - the best way to raise self-esteem.

 how to get rid of jealousy to the guy

Why are we jealous and what we fear

But not all women experience a feeling of jealousy because of low self-esteem. Many wives are used to treat their men, as private property, as a thing that does not have the right to belong to someone else. These relationships are often reminiscent of a commercial transaction, where the husband - the goods, and marriage certificate - bill, which guarantees full immunity. These women sometimes just confuse love with a primitive possessive. About 20% of families are destroyed because of the fact that one spouse was unable to raise a sense of proportion.

The main reason for this behavior - it is fear. The fear of losing her husband to be alone. And it happens by self-doubt, from the neglect of others, the desire to be loved. Exhausted perpetual fear, the women do not understand how to get rid of jealousy, and tighter pinch spouse ticks strict control.

Other women arbitrarily restrict men, seeing them as their own children. "Vividly tell me where he was! Try not to come back before eight! For whom are you so dressed up? !! "The poor guy is just to build his eyes to heaven and prays for a pardon. It's just uncalled maternal instinct. After giving birth to the child, majority of these women calm down and transfer its proprietary feelings on children. But mother-in-law of such persons obtained unbearable, they will long to recoup those who dared to "assign" their child.

The final reason a sense of ownership of women - is boredom. Yes, banal boredom. If a woman's life seems boring and fresh, then put on a short leash to her husband seems great fun. In this way, a woman raises himself in his own eyes, showing off her friends on the phone that he "step without me dares to tread." Although, what kind of love there is, in principle, can there be?

There is still more difficult than in the above cases. This woman had never loved her husband, he needed her to assert themselves. She got it - it nothing else to do, she was bored. In families where life is built on despotism and constant monitoring, there is no lull. There is always a raging storm. This is not jealousy - it's just an excuse to show their superiority. In fact, women do not care where and with whom is it pious. Help the guy in this situation is impossible, it is necessary to put all the priorities to leave and forget everything, like a bad dream.

Perhaps even a single family could not avoid jealousy. It is one thing when a woman is just worried about the feelings of husband and wife is relevant only flattered. The other matter when husbands do not want to go home, afraid of another quarrel. Control your feelings, learn to love yourself and your chosen one, then your union will not collapse ever.

 How to get rid of jealousy? Just love yourself!

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