why men watch porn

Why do men watch porn movies? Simple question. Well, when the "cheesecake" likes to young people without a family - that's understandable. Here, you and some experience and spectacle and relaxation. But if porn carries married, have views of who has seen a man who has sex with his wife goes to the "cheers" - it's weird. Surely there must be close by a lovely woman. What else should be, then? Have fun, experiment, enjoy as much as necessary. But no, porn Bring him! And it is fine, if occasionally. And that in fact almost every day. What is it? Perversion? Sexual dissatisfaction? Curiosity? And how to treat his wife amateur porn?

Why men love porn?

I must say that the tendency of male pornography was observed at all times. Even in ancient Rome, actively create murals as specific content. A spicy blossomed this art, oddly enough, in a prim British during the time of Queen Victoria. Therefore, we can conclude - the strong half of humanity has always loved frivolous pictures. Nothing has changed today. Only pictures turned into movies that more tempting.

It would seem, well, confident man looking porn, and let them look! That's just hard for most women to live with it. Someone gets jealous, someone decides that her husband lost interest, someone is upset, thinking that does not satisfy the faithful in bed. Catching a favorite for so distasteful, many of the fair sex are beginning to get nervous, rush, trouble, and often denies viewing "this muck." In short, toss and tear, not even trying to figure out what's what. And in vain. Because the causes of male porn hobbies are very different.

The most primitive and common cause of love for the "strawberry" - a banal male polygamy. At that time, as incorrect husbands, not particularly thinking, fall into the wrong bed, faithful spouses themselves, these are only the bed. A male fantasy, as opposed to female, pretty poor. Therefore, men must be clarity. It helps the imagination to reproduce a picture of hot sex with some appetizing colorful lady, with all the details. If things are this way, the obsession with men can be considered harmless. And even, in some way, heroic. After all, instead of intima to do on the side, he's just watching a movie.

Another common cause of male addiction to porn films - unrealized fantasies. For example, in his youth he dreamed of her husband threesome, but in reality this does not happen. And now, like already and can not happen. That's it and you have to admire the way his imagination come to life on the screen.

Sometimes men to take a look porn encourages laziness or fatigue. Genet need foreplay, petting, kissing and stuff. And then you can have fun, is not particularly straining. Finally, view the "strawberries" may simply be a way of obtaining sexual experience or an attempt to overcome natural shyness and stiffness. And sometimes it acts as an additional stimulator of sexual arousal before intercourse. Something like Viagra or alcohol.

In short, the answers to the question that men are looking for porn, a lot. What to do to his wife if her faithful often enjoys spicy scenes? And suddenly pornohobbi husband is a recipe for serious problems? This is especially true of boys mature. Influence of porn on men 40 years can be devastating to a sexual relationship in the real world.

 men porn

What if your man is interested in movies?

One can not say how women relate to their passion for men, "strawberry". In some cases, you can just look at it through my fingers. Sometimes, when watching porn begins to come at the expense of intimate life, is more cautious and take some action. But banning watch a movie in any case impossible. Firstly, the forbidden fruit is known to be sweet. Secondly, a man considers it an attack on his personal freedom and the right to choice of occupation. And it is unlikely it will obediently and favorably.

If extravagant hobbies husband adversely affects the intimate life, it is better to try to calmly talk to him heart to heart. And discuss why brunette moaning with passion on the screen attracts him more than his wife. After brunette - just an image, and his wife - a warm living woman.

I must say that with such a frank conversation with her husband (if held) can be heard not so nice things. But do not take this information as a rock in his garden, and immediately consider myself enough of a beautiful, sexy, and so on. We even possess unearthly beauty, some time lover begins to fantasize about having sex with someone else. This is normal. He dreams of other women, not because he does not like the one that is nearby. Just sometimes you want a novelty.

In general, porn actress - not a real rival to the woman. It is likely that in real life husband and would not communicate with any of them. Therefore, to put them on one scale can not be with them. And in general, sex-bomb screen ally rather than a rival. After all, they help keep the faithful from the real betrayal. Consequently, benefit, strengthen family relationships. In addition, the porn actress has a lot to learn.

If the spouse has agreed to frank discussion, you have to try to find out about his sexual fantasies. It is possible to open itself and also to talk about what we would like in sex. It often helps to remove the barrier of stiffness and tightness in the intima of both spouses and renew their sex life.

It should not be, in order to achieve a denial of watching a loved one "strawberries" to open sexual hunt him, trying to completely imitate the heroine of the film. There is, perhaps, the first time it is and zavedet, and sex will simply stunning. However, nobody knows what will happen next. After all, sexual fantasies - just a fantasy, and their embodiment in life is not always required. A man can just feel the devastation, shame and disgust and even to himself, and to partner.

If it really wants to distract her husband from his addiction, it is better to arrange a first joint viewing of a film outright. The film can be chosen independently, but in view of the fact that like the favorite. Such a method has a lot of pluses. Firstly, after a night of exciting video is sure to be stunning. Second, the husband realized that his wife supports his passion, there will be more trust her. And, therefore, be sincere.

Overall porn designed to add variety into our love life and add some sex naughty novelties. Sometimes a man addicted to watching "strawberries" allows you to establish a sexual relationship in the family and make them as harmonious. After all, not all men do not need extra stimulants for good sex with the woman. Porn often are the stimulants.

At the same time, if a woman is not ready to the fact that it will have all the time in bed embody the erotic fantasies of her husband, then step over themselves not worth it. In the end, though, he looks his favorite "strawberry", if this one spouse does not suffer much. We can safely treat the pious passion for fishing, football, cars, weekly hike with friends in a bath? And they - our shopping addiction, diet, series and so on? So what's the deal? We wish to take a loved one is constantly watching porn as not accessible to our consciousness the form of male entertainment. Let it be his personal affair.

 Why do men watch porn movies?

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 open relationship sex

Open relationship, sex without commitment. Today, this concept is becoming more and more fashionable and popular. What kind of relationship are you? What is meant by a? Initially, the concept was laid main sense - freedom. Hence the name. People loved each other, but at the same time remained free. We do not control each other. Trust.

Note that there is nothing about treason or free sex. Lovers remained faithful to each other, though not bonded marriage union, and not to have children. Typically, these relations have developed in students, which is still a lot to learn. What a family here, if the guy could barely scrape a little thing on the glass compote in the dining room, and to reduce the favorite in the movie, saving weeks. But that was before. What now?

Today, under the phrase "open relationship" is hiding a lot of different fates and feelings, which should not be called so. Boys ... Why are there boys! Men who do not want to create a family and to commit themselves, draw lovers girls lying prisoner of such relations, hoping for a big favor, without giving anything in return.

Do they want a loving friend? Hardly. Most likely, the young woman secretly dreams that man, seeing what she's wonderful and shopping, fall in love and marry, forgetting about their priorities. The man enjoys the set position without even thinking to change the status. After all, for them it is the key in the phrase "open relationship" and casual sex. While often not with a girl, but several. What? He did not promise anyone anything. All honest.

Honestly it? No. Besides, lying in such a relationship is not only a man, but a woman. Now the male half of the audience angrily exclaim: "What's the fault of men? He is honest and clean! "

Of course, men's solidarity - a great thing, but the answer to my question of how many words are put "open relationship"? Of the two. So, for the man is the key word "free", but the term "relationship" he forgets in principle. So let's see: can throwing between several women called a relationship? Hardly.

As for women, they are in the phrase "open relationship" just see attitude. Let deceitful and crooked, like, a game with only one goal, but the relationship. Yes, and her friends will have something to boast. Fib a little bit. Let envy.

In fact, there is nothing to envy something. Psychologists say that relationships are inclined to free notorious people who do not believe in themselves and feelings of the partner. They seemed to advance to hedge themselves from the failures of love, saying: "Well, then, they are free, these relationships! What are you like? "And what do they want? Ironically, love, family, and understanding.

 open relationship

The woman - the initiator

But not so categorical. Not all women want to marry. Some do the initiators of the most notorious relationship without commitment. Moreover, they somehow just do it sincerely. Such women do not hold the stone in the bosom of the upcoming changes or love triangles.

They're just tired of being wives. And enter into an open relationship usually within a year after the divorce. We can say that since they heal wounds and prove itself by means of the novel that "there is life in the old dog." Whatever it was, they did not use men for their own purposes. Just once in my life I want to play by the rules:

  • No dirty socks;
  • Male fume in the morning;
  • Huge pots of food (how many of the women have?);
  • Enough to make a mask and depilation behind closed doors in the bathroom;
  • Hail to the fresh flowers in a vase without cause;
  • Yes, come with us nice gifts just because we - women, not because someone came yesterday at 3 am with lipstick on his collar;

In fact the list is endless. But it fit for a woman in a short phrase. Open relationship. Do they then develops into a marriage? It depends on how long the woman had been married before, the reasons for divorce, and the person who is currently with her. But experience shows that today more women value personal freedom more than a stamp in your passport and not in a hurry to be bound by any obligations.

Very often, looking for an open relationship is not only a divorced woman, but also a married man. Such a union is usually delayed for many years. Especially if the female half of the children already have. Then the woman can not afford to have a stamp in the passport and to share with the other man.

The main thing here, oddly enough, have no strong feelings either party. If one of them falls in love, begins a gradual breach of contract, and relationships are no longer free. And then completely cease to be. After all, as we remember, I loved only one side.

Even some supporters of free relations - a divorced man. Those in my entire life have learned to cook well, to maintain order, to wash and even canning. Now let us recall the situation of life: Who usually gets such great wealth? That's right, this Tear. Those who for several years so spoil the blood of her husband, and inculcate hatred of this marriage, the man then all relations only free and see.

Typically, the registrar drag this treasure is not possible. But you can persuade to cohabit. So, ladies, do not be afraid if your boyfriend at a wedding machines shaking hamstring. Be tolerant and you will be rewarded.

Finally, let's see: what is the difference from the free open relationship? Ideally - nothing. But in practice it depends on who enters therein. Because you can say one thing, but to build relationships very differently.

 Open relationship

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