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How would the people there either told that in life you should try to be myself, in fact, it's impossible. We all somehow play some roles that change, if the world is changing. We all, especially the weaker sex, we need a dignified manner, with which you can achieve the desired. In a woman's life, this fact is of great importance. After all, men do not fall in love in us and in the way that best suits their requirements. Create it, if desired, it is not so difficult. Let's see how to make a guy fall in love with a particular image, and the role that you can choose for yourself.

How to find a way to bring Man

Before selecting any image, you need to decide with what type of girls like men more than others. It should be borne in mind that not every way for us. And if a guy cute girl to be like that, we can not under any circumstances, it is better to give up their role model. It is unlikely that it will look attractive and natural. Then the best way to conquer Man - remain the same as would be desirable. Do not pay attention to the young man? Well ... So, no luck. It will be worse if you first pulled it to us, and then be disappointed.

How do you find the most suitable for you and the most congenial way? If earlier inquiries were limited to men with two or three types of women nowadays tastes strong half of mankind have become more diverse. Modern men have needed not only homemakers, beautiful ladies, modest and obedient maiden concubines. The representatives of the opposite sex, and pulled to the strong and independent women. In vogue lady's personality and the ability to have their own opinion. Although previous preference, too, are still alive.

In general, the choice depends on the particular image of a man. Or even number of men who tastes with respect to the weaker sex coincide. These flavors and form certain images of women, particularly attributable to the liking of the stronger sex. They are pretty much the same time and meet all is simply impossible. Therefore, we will experiment and try to find the image that our handpicked cute. So what types of women like our men?

 how to conquer Man

Female Images

When choosing an image, we must remember that each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. And he is able to not only solve the problem, how to make a guy fall in love, but also create additional problems. However, these problems that we, if the one who was so desired, but inaccessible, finally, still in love? The victory - it is a victory. And without any cost accomplishment is complete.

So, what types of women nowadays seduce most men?


This is one of the most seductive female characters. Passionate, infinitely sexy, he is able to bring a young man crazy. The appearance of such a woman should emphasize its immense sensuality and sexuality amazing. The clothes must be chosen outrageous, outspoken, mostly black. This feature will certainly be present elements of red. It could be shoes with high heels, painted bright red lipstick or some accessories. In addition to handbags. Her in this way include the generally undesirable.

The main rule of conduct vamp - freedom from convention. These bright person spit on public opinion and have no idea of ​​grocery stores, routine work and family responsibilities to congratulate the holidays. They are free and unpredictable in their actions and desires. Usually a man, meeting such a lady, a few days can not even breathe without it.

Disadvantages of this image are the same in the fact that there remain in the life is almost impossible. The role of the vamp requires great effort. Constantly be on the limit of forces is impossible. Sooner or later the emotional exhaustion. To avoid this, it is better for a while to play femme fatale for the elect, to achieve reciprocity and then come back to real life.

  Romantic girl

These images are very popular with men, tired of feminists and predatory busty beauties. When creating an image, you need to consider this fact. And avoid emancipated tricks and mercenary actions. We must become sublime creation, firmly believes in a loving husband. The appearance of such a creation is modest, but attractive. Romantic girl associated in the minds of men with beautiful lily. To comply with this view, it is necessary to choose the style of chaste-feminine. Pants, mini skirts, boots, blouses and dresses with a deep neckline for the image of a romantic young ladies do not fit.

The basic rule of conduct romantic girls - modesty and unobtrusiveness. In this way a man can not demand something. It is in this fact lies its main drawback. Over time, the stronger sex exalted personages begin to seem too predictable, and bored procedure. So after the guy will be conquered, it is necessary to gradually withdraw from the image and become more demanding and flighty person;

"His man"

It's quite a specific image that is not like every man .  However, some girls like it .  Outside of "their guy" means sexual neutrality .  Therefore, clothing should be selected unisex .  What matters is that the stronger sex perceive us as a friend, not as a woman .  The behavior of "the guy" in many ways is similar to the behavior of men .  The young lady in the form of drinking beer, loves football, versed in the art and not a curve of profanity .  At first glance, this image has little to love relationships .  However, they do occur .  Because the woman- "the guy" can listen to the man, to understand it and regret .  This causes only positive emotions .  And there is something more significant than just a love .  Love .  But there was a feeling that it should be remembered - a way to get involved in "their guy" can not .  Because you can easily become muzhikovatoy Baba, which is permissible only friendship;

Damned wretch

Actually, it's pretty worn out, quite common nowadays image. But many men like him and many women fit. And not because they really are stinkers, but because this image allows for almost any style of clothing and provides for a fairly cynical in relation to the strong sex behavior. The main thing to bitch - always look great. And to deal with men as if they are obliged to fulfill all her wishes. That's a plus and minus image bitches. Plus is the ability to require the performance of their whims. Minus - a serious relationship with a bitch dare henpecked. If henpecked not needed, the image will sooner or later have to change. Otherwise, a normal man does not wait;

Impregnable woman

This image is suitable only strong-willed women. The appearance of this lady should be perfectly elegant. This haughty, imperious lady with a great sense of self-esteem. Her behavior says everything about the exclusivity and that it is inaccessible to ordinary men. This woman needs a man just elected. Actually, this is a negative image. Because men who storm the impregnable fortress, these days not so much. If too carried away by way unattainable for mere mortals lady can remain an old maid;


It is a way frivolous, but not readily available women with a positive outlook on life. It - fun, open to flirting lady, next to which is always easy and fun. I must say that the men from just flirts shaleyut. Because the coquette lovely, welcoming, friendly, and all in a row ogle. Pros image consists in the fact that a woman in this way, there are many friends and girlfriends. The downside of it is not serious approach to the relations of men to that of the wind and superficial. Therefore, it is necessary to time elect to make clear that levity - only the image. In fact Beliefs women much harder and deeper.

Of course, we describe not all the female characters. They are a lot more. There are images of prudes, blonde, glamorous ladies, intellectuals and so on ... You can always choose an existing image to your liking, desire and character. Or you can create the most. If only in the generated image it was comfortable and easy. After conquering men's only natural.

 get the guy to fall in love

How to make him fall in love?

You created the image can attract the attention of men to you and cause strong interest. And now on your further actions will depend on whether this interest will go to the romantic feeling. Now what you have to do, how to make a guy fall in love with you for real? Begin to act on the plan, which we write out literally steps:

  1.   Show him your best version of "I"

    If you try to show him that you're better than it actually is, then step on the path to a future catastrophe. It is better to show him the best facets of your personality and appearance, you really inherent. Try some of the following options:

    Make an effort to look and smell nice. Keep your hair clean and neatly combed, pay special attention to personal hygiene. Believe me, not very pleasant to be around a woman who generously poured perfume or deodorant in an attempt to drown out the smell of sweat.

    Take special care oral hygiene. Brush your teeth twice a day, use floss. During the day you can enjoy chewing gum or a special spray to freshen breath.

    The important thing is not trendy clothes wardrobe is more important cleanliness and neatness. Make sure that you are dressed in fresh clothes and clean underwear. And nowhere to any holes, even the smallest, or "hidden" in an inconspicuous spot! As our grandmothers used to say, "it is necessary to dress so as not to be ashamed to fall under a tram."

  2. Smile

    Your best weapon is always available and totally free, and it can never be too much - it's your smile! Smile as often as possible. And not only get noticed guy. Your smile signals about your communication skills, and he will not be afraid to ask you. If you are prone to blush and lower his eyes when he looks or talks to you, let it happen after you have time to smile at him - you're simply irresistible at the moment!

  3. Be a little mysterious

    Do not know how to keep the mystery? It's easier than it seems. Here's where to start:

    Do not tell him the story of his life right now. If he asks, just tell us some details. If he offended or will insist, just smile and say, "Maybe another time."

    Make it so that he bothered to get your contacts. Rather than give him your phone number or "friends" with them in a social network, be patient. Make him wait. For example, when he sent a friendship request, accept this request only a day or two. If you write a text message, reply only after 30-40 minutes. While he waits, he thinks only of you and what you are now engaged. That hardly produced, it is more valuable.

    Even begin to meet, try to spend some time away from it. For example, go to the sports section or choir rehearsal. But the guy does not need to know where you been. Just tell him that you can not come to the meeting because it will be busy. And to answer questions smile. This mystery will give you an appeal in his eyes.

  4. Always leave it until he wants to communicate more

    There are so-called law of scarcity, when the demand is created by supply constraints. If you finish chat before he gets bored, he almost immediately begin to look forward to the next meeting.

  5. Do something to show their attention to him

    Show that you are willing to help him, even when he is not asking for help. Try to make this gesture was not very clear, so as not to put him in an awkward position, but also quite clear for him to feel that he is appreciated. Try to make, for example:

    Ask him to stay with him when he is doing something boring. He will do the work yourself, do not vzvalivaya part of it to you, and at the same time to work it will be easier because you will be entertained.

    Support him in difficult times. If he does not have time to finish the work on the project, or if he suffered some misfortune - be there, helping him as much as possible.

  6. Be positive as possible

    People are always attracted to those who try to see the bright side of things. Instead of focusing on stories about their problems or about the people who irritate you, say something good. This does not mean that you can never something to complain about in his presence. Everyone complains from time to time. Tiring just happens to hear such complaints constantly. Whiners all parties, do not forget about it.

And finally, the most important thing. Do not press down on the guy, do not try to make him fall in love with you. Remember: it is simply impossible! He is free to choose what he wants. In addition, people are not always able to control his feelings. Not for nothing do they say that the heart can not command. If you did not work with this young man, I think that you deserve something better. Your true happiness is waiting for you to come!

 A few secrets about how to get the guy to fall in love

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