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  • Happiness is waiting for you to come!

"Love descends suddenly, when you are not looking ..." These are the words of a song that was popular decades ago. But today, when it sounds to television screens, the heart stops a little bit and I want to sing along with her executor.

So, what is it - love? And to understand that "raided" it was she - that big, light and life? Its all waiting for, but they are afraid that when it does come, it will not notice, do not know and miss. So often light in a hurry to take some love for love. So what are the signs of true love? How do I know that the guy fell in love for real, and not simply carried away by you?

Love - the feeling experienced by only a person. This - a deep sense of sympathy for the opposite sex. It - selfless love, when you want to save it for all ills, take care of it, to make a man to become happy by giving him a wonderful children.

Love - a gift from God. And when it comes, life is beautiful! Light fills the sense of heart and soul, I want to sing, to fly, to create! It is a creative feeling that many poets, artists and writers to create a better product because of their muses, they passionately loved.

What is love

Many people wonder what distinguishes love from love. What are the signs in true love, and what - we love?

The feeling of love can appear suddenly and, as they say, from scratch. Suddenly you begin to notice the behavior of a person of the opposite sex is something that you are very pleased to see, for example, how he moves, how to smile, how to turn his head, etc. It is enthralls you and ignites the desire.

When you touch it, you have the excitement, tremors, or heart palpitations. This means that love is based on a purely physical sensations. It is destructive because it can paralyze the will and force ceases to feel the reality of life.

If love is not supported by sexual relations, it is not durable. And the sex in this case, is no guarantee of long-term relationships.

When a person is in love, he idealizes his partner, trying to talk about it to hide all his well-known shortcomings. It is observed by friends and family members, not approving of your connection.

Love is selfish. Each partner is trying to get from the other only that he is interested. It is accompanied by frequent quarrels, which ultimately will prevail in your relationship.

And most importantly, love does not tolerate separation, even short. If this happens, it dies without leaving a pain. The guy and the girl easy to forget each other.

 signs of love girls

How to find love

True love exists! And you will feel it! After all, everyone else at the genetic level is familiar with that feeling. He received the invaluable lesson of love from his mother at the time of conception and fetal development. Even very young boy and girl already know how to love.

In adults, the main feature by which you can find love, is that the partners feel compatibility characters, they have common interests and values, based not only on the physiological attraction. Falling in love, they feel attraction to each other, spiritual intimacy and community.

When a man in love really, he wants to get better, he has a new self-esteem and life goals. It takes the partner as it is, with its positive and negative qualities. Loving Heart empathy and put yourself in the other person. Their relationship is not indifference. All problems can be solved in a frank conversation without insults and insults.

Loving man and woman complement each other well and have a positive influence on one another. It sees family and friends, and therefore approve of their relationship. Moreover, true love is not afraid of separation, even longer. Trust each other accompanied by their relationship.

But this love is passionate and hot, with a heartbeat and a great desire to be with a loved one, to give him all of himself without reserve. When you love, feelings, as they say, hurt and sick, and encouraging stronger and happy to do the very depths! But at the same time the person is calm and confident, enjoys life, because it appeared the love!

Love never stands still, like life itself. She can not stand monotony. In what direction will move your sense depends only on you. Joy and laughter, sadness and tears - all incoming and outgoing when near a loved one, understand and support you in every way.

 How do I know that you fell in love with a man

How do I know if a guy likes you and likes his girlfriend

The young girl the first time felt a strange excitement in his chest at the sight of a young man. She had this nice and scary at the same time. What was happening to her? And how do you know that guy too truly in love? She wants to understand what are the signs of the love of a man. Yes, and women, too. That's when it's safe to say that love has come:

  1. You're a young man met recently, but it seems that you have long been familiar. You want to talk to him, to share his thoughts and all the talk about themselves. Man too frank with toboy.Tak happens when you meet the right person for yourself and learn it is very easy.
  2. The guy always takes care of you. If you're worried about him, help him and want to see him smile, then you, too, love this guy.
  3. He avoids quarrels with you, ready to make any compromise. Very well, if you're both willing to sacrifice anything for the sake of another, because in some cases it is very difficult to find a compromise in resolving an issue. So, it helps you in love.
  4. You're a young man and have common interests, you feel the same way. You both have a similar attitude to love, life and relationships. This is a good sign.
  5. All your thoughts are turned to the guy. Whatever you engaged, no matter what the work performed, is always the question: how to do it, and whether it likes it?
  6. You do not notice the young man disadvantages idealize it. Despite the fact that a friend told you about the unseemly side of his character, you do not pay attention to it, you - still, like it for what it is. But still be careful, then to not be disappointed.
  7. Next to it you feel confident and calm, trust him their secret thoughts, behaving naturally, because you hope that he will understand you all over.
  8. Most of his free time man spends with you. He likes to chat with you and you will never get bored, whatever you're doing.
  9. Listening to music, you suddenly notice that the love songs have acquired a special meaning for you, touch your soul. This can mean only one thing: you came to light and gentle feeling.
  10. You do not irritate fads guy his funny habits. You perceive his actions for granted, because he likes to do. He, too, is ready to meet your every action, and any of your success leads him into raptures.
  11. Kiss became for you a lot more than just a kiss. At the same time you experience the bliss of the moment, you feel in seventh heaven!
  12. You start to build joint plans for the future, dreaming of a life together. So you love and are ready to build a family. But do not do it itself is a proposal, not to scare the guy. If he is ready for marriage, then soon you will create family.

Happiness is waiting for you to come!

Do not think that you will not notice the love that she held a party. The world is arranged so that everyone meets his soul mate. Just need time to see it. And if a person in your soul sings, and her heart is ready to jump out of his chest - know that this love has come to you!

Well, if you're still in doubt, and are afraid to make a mistake, re-read the article, but in relation to themselves. And you're sure you will understand, a serious sense of whether there was or there you have a simple love. But in any case, know that happiness is waiting for you to come!

 How do I know that you fell in love with the guy, and what your feelings are mutual?

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 how to refuse a guy and do not offend

That's all the time we are talking about how to win a man's heart is to seduce him, how to make to make an offer and so on. This implies that man to us something like that. But there are also the reverse situation, when we like the guys to whom niskolechko pulls. And he persistently seeking reciprocity, calling gives flowers, showering compliments. What to do? How to refuse a guy and do not hurt him at the same time?

How to properly ward off unwanted suitor

It sometimes happens that the girl aggressively courting seems to be nice, reliable, good-looking young man, which somehow did not pull. As a friend, he would fit perfectly. But the guy wants more! He is constantly ringing, meets in the street, offers its services ... In short, all the forces trying to get close. And it's very annoying. Well, not like the guy, and that's it! If he behaved roughly, rude, could respond in kind. And here is completely gallantry, prudence, correctness! Here's how to politely refuse a guy and not to hurt his self-esteem?

Only one way out - to behave so that he refused to courtship, even knowing that from him really wanted to get rid of. There are several options for such behavior.

The first variant. Become "his board guy." Man sees in us heavenly, gentle, pure creature? Well, prove it, that this is not the case. Let us be happy to have a sausage with ketchup, complaining of heartburn, use strong language in conversation, tell naughty jokes and loud cackle while. More can be learned through the whistle with two fingers and say that without football, we just can not imagine their lives. A meeting with the friends of the young man, shake his hand and clap on the shoulder, wondering how they had affairs with sex.

Hardly admirer favorably react to such a transformation of the once exalted beings in the earth-bound brute maiden. In any case, it will cease to perceive us as an object of veneration. And certainly give up the desire to marry. It is not intended as a young man to marry Sergei, Sasha, Yuri, Vova. That's just around this is one thing. Playing the role of "the guy", we should not forget that this is just a masquerade. Otherwise, you can get carried away and really turn into a vulgar lady;

Option Two. Make boyfriend his best friend. In meetings with him constantly gossiping, discussing clothes, cosmetics, gaskets, diet and dignity of other men. Talk about what's hot, dragging a young man in a shopping trip, to devote part of his state of health at the ICP and the need to complain about hair removal in the locality of his own body. After a few days of such communication man found himself on the fact that critically examines her breasts in the mirror, trying to determine whether or not it has grown. And then he caught himself, remembering that he - a man, and go look for one close to where he was and the man himself will feel;

Option Three. Defiantly idealize fan and sing his praises to the place and out of place. In fact, men like to be praised. But excessive admiration and reverence tedious, because it forces to be always on top. And it bothers. So hard fanateem the merits of a young man, attributing to him all conceivable virtues. Suppose a man says it is not so - not giving up! In our opinion, it is - perfect, and we are simply not worthy. Such exceptional in every way, noble, talented, intelligent young man certainly deserves a better party!

Being all the time someone's idol and always be on the podium is very difficult. Any normal person sooner or later want to get off the pedestal and become the way it really is. Sooner or later begin to annoy boyfriend endless odes in his honor. He deleted. At the same time, praising Man, we must diligently to belittle their own positive qualities. Let him think that we are not okay with self-esteem. This adds a man determined to abandon the courtship;

Option fourth. To inspire the fans that we have another man. It's a bit risky but effective option. Representatives of the stronger sex can not stand competition, but competitors behave in matters of love in different ways. Someone just disappears from the life of the woman, and someone begins to fight for it with all means available. And often the most acceptable of these methods is a banal scuffle. Therefore deliberately to appear in the sight of boyfriend with another man to be careful. Who knows what he might do a trick! And suddenly, just grabbed a stranglehold in the collar or in its unwilling human?

If we are not afraid of the fans get mad, this option can be practiced. Appears regularly in the field of view of a guy with some nice young man. Flirting with him, smile, kiss and make eyes, farewell. In short, all kind we demonstrate that this man is not a stranger to us. Played the role of the gentleman could acquaintance, friend, colleague, classmate. Anyone, if only he was outwardly attractive and accepted this role. There's no such thing? Then we do otherwise. When admirer calls, ask someone from the men pick up the phone and say that we are out. When asked who he was, he replied: "My husband";

Option fifth. Refer to ban parents to meet with the guy. On any offer boyfriend somewhere to go to answer that the Pope with his mother for some reason he does not like. And they are not allowed to be together. When calling the young man to talk to him in a half whisper, and not to delay the conversation, referring to the fact that parents can hear. If a man have the intention to come home to talk with their parents, have to agree with them, that they behave aggressively. Even if a young person like the Pope and my mother, well, they do not want her daughter to connect his life with the unloved person!

All of these options are suitable mainly when a man yet to courting a girl. In the case when they have a long time to occur, such methods may not work. Then we should try to act a little differently.

 how to refuse a guy

How to part with a man without much scandal

How to refuse a guy in his attention, if for quite some time to meet with him? Well, there is. Before, people liked him, and now has become uninteresting. What to do, that's life. The worst part of this situation is that young man certainly will not only offended, but will insist on explanations. And how to explain that there is no more sense, and does not regret it at that? If you are not going to explain anything, do not understand and begin to pursue. Therefore it is expedient to do so he began to run away. What can we do?

  1. Getting to patronize Man, showing excessive concern similar tyranny. Scolded the young man, because he does not eat, easy wearing, not combed, do not go to bed on time. Specify the guy that you need to do, what movies to watch, how to sit on the Internet. Controlling its menu and prohibit eat that allegedly harmful. Always check whether the mode of the day and it makes any morning exercises. At the same time criticized for the fact that misbehaves, and did not listen to objections;
  2. Always check where a young man is doing what. Bombarded with questions, whether he thinks about us, loves you, misses you. When talking meticulously find out the details of all that guy doing today. Regularly conduct an audit of his correspondence on the Internet and phone. Find something to cling to, and raise a stink with tantrums and cries: "You do not love me! ";
  3. In meetings with the guy enthusiastically we argue about plans for the future, about where we will dwell together, what beautiful children are as they should be (at least five) and so on. At the same time all the forces trying to make it clear to the young man that we are going to live luxuriously, and he is obliged to provide for the family. Plans should just be mad and certainly impractical. A proposal - fantastic. Something like a real "go tomorrow to the registrar" can not offer. May agree.

If a guy after all that has evaporated, it is worth considering. Or maybe it's fate?

 How to politely refuse a guy in a relationship

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