how to determine whether you love a married man

Nowadays, many married men, has an affair with a woman on the side, do not hide that they have a family. They are so easy, because only his wife will have to cheat. A mistress in the course, so dodge and think, why not call and do not come, it is not necessary. However, there are also such zhenatiki who carefully hide their marriage in the belief that a woman, after learning the truth, just point to the door. These types know a lot of tricks that help to carefully hide the true state of affairs for a long time. I must say that we often come across on their bait and fall in love. And then, to discover that a loved one has a wife and children, bite your elbows and drowning in tears. How to avoid it? How to determine whether you love a married man, or whether he just Single?

External signs of a married man

How to identify a married man at first sight? In fact, quite difficult. In general, non-free representative of the stronger sex is easy to get to the core of the engagement ring. But the cunning acquaintance with the lady before it is removed! Therefore, we need to look closely at the ring finger on the right hand of a new acquaintance. Traces of a ring on it should appear. But even if they are not observed, it is more of nothing he says. Some married men did not wear wedding rings. A disgruntled spouses this fact is explained by the fact that the ring prevents de work, crushes, clings and causes a lot of inconvenience.

It does not give any guarantee that a man is free, and the absence of a stamp in the passport. He can live with a woman in a civil marriage. Some may argue that, say, a civil marriage is not considered. It's like a meet. It is considered more as a count! People live under the same roof, together solve some problems, develop house, have a common budget, and so on. So to live in a civil marriage and simply meet - not the same thing.

Do not delude ourselves, and if a man offers on the first date to show his passport to confirm that he is single. Why would he in such a hurry? Maybe, just do not have time for long courtship and psevdoholostyak afraid that it will issue a call wife or her appearance? Therefore, forcing the event, wishing to go into a relationship with a woman as far as possible.

Speaking of phone calls. That is what is a good way to expose a married man! If he's on a date it hangs up the phone or go out somewhere, when he call, should be wary. Disable, most likely because he feared his calls halves. And exits for the same reason. I forgot to turn off, and called it! What remains? Exit somewhere and inspired lie that the Abraham entered a rush order, the car fell off the wheel and in general it is in the multi-kilometer traffic jam. A liar will tell us that he had called the chief, uncle of Rostov, a close friend, one whose wife left him. And he, they say, did not want to bother boring conversations.

Basically, to be careful not naive zhenatika-liar can always be identified. It after the bell suddenly runs off, saying that suddenly came a distant relative, then suddenly often on business trips, is ill and can not come to a meeting, it does not take up ... No, that can behave and the bachelor course. And relatives dumped out of the blue, and the trips are frequent, and the phone is in the back room. But when trying to explain why all this ever happens, the man starts to get confused, calling it a relative of Uncle Fyodor, the aunt Nina, and can not remember where he was sent to work a month ago - is suggestive.

Generally mobile phone willingly betray his master. Just call the man in the late evening or send him a message. If he does not respond or the call or the SMS, then test their veracity has not passed. It is unlikely that such a busy business person and night will turn off the phone. However, maybe, it's very fast asleep and did not hear. Then we do otherwise. Let's try to stay one on one with the traitor - a phone call on his cell phone with him and see how our room will be displayed. It is our name or affectionate nickname? All right. My favorite is really free. This "Ivan", "Seryoga-smith" or "Glafira Stepanovna. Job"? No options. He - a family man.

Of course, there are women, which is the position dvusmsylennoe satisfied. What is the difference, married boyfriend, not married, when you get away all that is required! However, normal ladies usually avoid an unfree men. Very much do not want to give yourself problems. And the prospect of a status razluchnitsy not happy. How can we make sure that we are not led by the nose, if we relate to the category of ladies? Not to be fooled, you can go to the provocative actions.

 how to determine whether or not a married man

Provocations that help to understand the man is married or not

How can a married man or not? The easiest way to invite himself to visit him. If he tushuetsya, referring to the sick or strict mother, then repair, then confusion, and would not agree to show your home - it is rubbish. Rather, in a house inhabited by his pretty young and pretty wife and a couple of kids. Free men willing to invite a woman to his apartment. Let it even repairs and mess. Well, except that the gentleman does have a harsh mother can permanently ruin the mood of any girl.

I must say that this method is also not perfect. Man can temporarily rent an apartment, send his wife and children to the country and so on. More reliable proof that he is married, is the reluctance of girl friends with their friends and spend time with her in the big companies. There is a good chance that he feared the rumors that will dissolve the shortstop, and a sudden meeting with someone of the familiar. Anyone who intends to build a lasting relationship with a woman and not afraid of questioning and gossip, so do not be.

And finally, check, married man or not, you can use the gift of an intimate nature. Very good option - to present briefs. Married men tend to underwear, and clothing acquires a spouse. And if a man will appear in what she bought, a woman has a natural question arises - why would it suddenly developed an interest in the faithful a separate shopping trip and the choice of cowards? Therefore admirer certainly a gift home will not suffer. And hardly ever wear it.

Give you can not just underwear, but a purse or key chain with the words like "beloved of ..." or "I'll love you forever! ". This will open carry forever? So the gentleman belongs only to us. If key chain, wallet and vanish without a trace, chances are that it is a gift or throw away in a secluded place, so as not to see his wife.

In general, if a man's behavior is suspicious, it is hardly fool your head and look for that explanation. It is not necessary to invent a bunch of versions of justifying the silent phone, eternal absence, unwillingness to invite to his home and the absence of it donated by cowards. We must have the courage to ask one's forehead, I married a fan or not. Yes, the answer may very upset. But, anyway, we will not be cheated and stop plans that are not destined to be realized.

 How to identify a married man at first sight?

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 how to deal with man's selfishness

They say that women are in the majority, notorious selfish, and only dreaming about the men do all their desires and whims. And the unfortunate stronger sex is forced to deny themselves all over in order to appease the weak half of humanity. Complete nonsense. No, we really do not mind seeing in their half Hottabych and noble knight simultaneously. Here are the majority of men such qualities are present only in candy buketny period relationships. And then they think of themselves, loved ones and begin to nurture your own ego. We are lost, not knowing what had happened, and what happened to the warning and attentive admirer. We do not know what to do and how to deal with man's selfishness. And whether it is possible to deal with it at all? And if so, how?

What it is expressed in the traditional male selfishness

In fact, selfishness - a property shared by almost everyone. Without it, we would not try to make their lives better, and not trying to self-development. Male and female ego in normal doses can be considered the engine of life. It usually does not oppress others, and even sometimes the case in their favor. But if we begin to think of themselves primarily not particularly regard to the rest - there is already talk about their well-being is not entirely correct. It must be said that women have a somewhat exaggerated ego clearly expressed significantly less than men.

Male ego is found everywhere. And the show itself may be what you want. They are our precious husbands manage to shamelessly lie on the couch, when lathered wife vacuums, washes, cleans and prepares lunch time. Well, why not -? After cleaning and stryapane - the problem of women, even if it plows at work no less than the faithful. Tired? Her problem. No man this thing - to peel potatoes or clean floors ...

And even if pious and peeling potatoes or washing the floor, men's selfishness in it manifest itself in something else. Well, who among us does not know what to tinker with the stronger sex, felt some discomfort! That which is unknown, may be considered a lucky woman. Few men are fearlessly to their own health issues. Even if they are at the slightest failures in state of health is not begin to get hysterical and doctors, then climb into bed and whining, demanding greater attention. And here forget about everything and nosis with a cut finger sufferer as a written sack!

It is believed that men feel ashamed to admit that they are ill. Certainly not! When a man finds himself the center of the universe, he is able not only to make light of the tragedy of the common cold, but also to pretend that he was sick. It is urgent to hammer a nail, take out the trash or drag home heavy bags? Oh, he was so ill, so ill! Perhaps it is something very serious ... urgent need to go to the doctor! And it will go, and will take their claims to Aesculapius abdominal cramps, back pain and general weakness. And to require the hospital to at least a couple of days slip away to work.

You're here to save on tights and cosmetics, and he quietly buying an expensive toilet water and dinner in an expensive institution. You lie with fever, and he shamelessly goes fishing, football or the sauna with friends. You are extremely busy on the Internet with a client or customer, and he itchy ear, requiring warm lunch. You're exhausted during the day and want to finally fall and fall asleep, and he turns on the TV at full volume.

Familiar? And it does not surprise you? All right. Because these signs of male selfishness are so common that many of us tend to think of their inherent property of the male nature. And somewhere it is even true. Here, let's see, where did he come at all, this man's selfishness.

 men's selfishness

The origins of male selfishness

Male half of humanity has long considered itself significant the fairer sex. And it is not because women - being a second-class for rendering various services to the stronger sex. Just the chance of survival for men was less. They were killed in hunting and in battles fought duels and generally ever risked his head, often losing her. The ambitions of the stronger sex, coupled with nagging adrenaline created excellent conditions for the reduction of the period of their lives.

And the women before the men had no difficulty. After all, he was also a supporter and breadwinner and protector, and the father of the children, finally. But they are something of potential fathers and children of breadwinners in the field of battle returned nothing at all! That had to miss the first comer, cherish as the apple of the eye and pleasing in every way! Otherwise, it runs away to some - a dough-uptime and submissive maidens.

Special reverence stronger sex are beginning to use after major wars. Battle carried away the whole armada of men's lives. Home safe and sound back only a small part of soldiers. Needless to say, that each of them was worth its weight in gold? And each of them understood it, and started to feel a little elect. This trait was cultivated and hereditary.

As time went on, the stronger sex was coming, but the attitude remains largely unchanged. Because the boys are often raised warriors and workers, but inspire them women - beings of a lower order. They must be used as a means for procreation and construction of everyday life. This is very bad for us approach to the weaker sex in some families there and still. The parents almost from the cradle to the developing child male selfishness, raising it in the spirit, "I need a woman."

First, this is my mother owe that performs all of the favorite son of his duties. She runs around the house, giving him a shirt, socks, slippers. Prepares and washes, despite the illness. I go crazy if scion sneezed. It lies at three o'clock in the morning and gets up at six in the morning to cook breakfast has grown guy. This behavior generates the mother and the boy in relation to the rest of the fairer sex. He grows up with the belief that women do not get tired, do not get sick, they do not need help around the house and are generally required to take care of the stronger sex. And such a man can not be immature and weak. But he will meet in the first place their desires.

Egoists are not only buried in the maternal care of the children, but also children from disadvantaged families. In the house where the child is not paid any attention to him there is nothing left to do, how to think first and foremost about itself. Otherwise, you can just stay hungry. The principle of "first for himself" firmly fixed in the mind and causes a person to act in accordance with it almost the rest of his life. Even though it will be comfortably. With regard to the neglect of women's needs, then here it is quite natural. After all, a man brought up the street and she usually cultivates defiance of the weaker sex.

In short, due to the selfishness of men, and education, and the nature of social development. That is why many refer to it favorably.

And who of us the position of the wife, "you have to look after me," it does not seem wrong. Whats wrong with that? Likewise behaved father, brother, uncle and a neighbor in the stairwell. Those who did not have a similar example of his father, uncles and neighbors are not willing to quietly look at the quirks of her husband, nervous, offended, scandal and sulk. And how to be in this case? How to deal with man's selfishness?

 male and female selfishness

Ways to combat male selfishness

The selfishness of our men has one feature. It is manifested in all its glory only when we begin to behave like a caring mom and overly keen on this role. Well, why not take advantage of this man? His guardians, teteshkayut, dancing around him and not forced to do something that does not feel like it. Rare representative of the stronger sex oppose this state of affairs and begin to surround the attention his wife, mom, trying to ease her life. Well, if a woman is ready to lack of proper attention from her husband, so be it. Perhaps because she realizes the maternal instinct. And if not - then it is necessary to consider such a feature of male selfishness and try to awaken missus sense of responsibility for the family.

In other words, to elect a bath did not selfish, it is necessary to pray less on his person. Let us remember that we, too, need attention and care and become sometimes turn into a naive, requiring care and guardianship girl. Of course, not every one of us now is to their liking. We are now independent, independent, self-sufficient, at last! However, if a woman is married, is not the same that it exploited the most brazen! Therefore, we will little actresses periodically demonstrating helplessness and confusion in some situation.

No need to drive nails and her husband to carry heavy bags from the store. We can not do it. No need, falling from exhaustion, stroke expensive shirt in the morning, when he watches football. Let pat myself. You should not bring him slippers and submit clean socks. He is no longer a child and should know where that is. No, it is necessary to take care of her husband, of course. But do not go to extremes, and pay attention to their own comfort. In the end, my wife - not a service bureau, and the beloved. And she craves careful attitude.

"Yeah! "- Says one -" But if I do not nail into the wall vobyu, a shelf in the bathroom and did not appear! And how can I not dragged the bag, if the house ball Roll? ". No one will die from what appears in the bathroom shelf. And because dinner is fried eggs. Uncomfortable? Well, then nailed pozovёm neighbor. And ask him or any friend of a man to help bring heavy bags. Let faithful alarmed and thought, finally, what are the functions of his family - in vylёzhivanii on the couch or something else?

In principle, a special drama in that the man lying on the couch, and we at this time we nosimsya with a mop and wash up the mountain of dishes, no. If he works hard, he is struggling to provide for his family. No it, and when the faithful going to die from the cut finger. And even then, when he buys his favorite thing, forgetting that his wife no tights. Frankly, we are also capable of such tricks. And not much in this case from their halves are different. This is a fairly innocent manifestation of the male ego, which many perceive as a matter of course.

But when blagovernomu absolutely do not care about what happens to his wife when he was not at all interested in her needs and the needs of children when he is busy only - there is still much worse. With such a complete egoist is better not to have affairs voobsche.Potomu that the fact that they change, and can be no question. And when it has managed to contact with this type of remains or clenched teeth, stand him either, not especially hesitate to break off relations without regret. Because they will not be happy ever.

 Male ego: how to fight it?

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