why men hide their feelings

Why do men hide their feelings? This issue is of concern to many of us. So you want to elect vengeance demonstrated his love, saying sweet words, showered with fragrant flowers ... And he chump such frowning, silent flowers gives only on holidays, and it did not seem very willing ... And besides, more and rarely calls and sends CMC ki. How to understand such behavior?

The man does not show his feelings: the reasons of secrecy

Our favorite often behave as unfeeling statues, know do not know what the heart experiences. But if a man hides his feelings, the woman begins to doubt these feelings. She is gentle and affectionate embrace buzzwords Give! Without them, we start torturing jealousy, doubt, suspicion. Nothing can be done, so the weaker sex is arranged. He needs constant proofs of love. When they do not, somehow it becomes cold and lonely. No, well, if it is difficult to say once again: "You are the best! "And send a romantic message! Can not he do it?

Well, actually, really can not. So how:

  1. This man supposed to behave this way. In our society, it is accepted only sensual and emotional women. And from overly expansive society of men is turn up his nose. In fact, the strong half of humanity is no less emotional than the weak. But she did not show it to be. Besides, the men somehow got it into his head that most of us like bold, cynical, callous and desperate guys. So they are trying their best to look so thick-skinned types;
  2. A man hides his feelings for the woman did not understand how much he is in love with her. Because for men the concept of "love" is equivalent to the concept of "weak". Which of the stronger sex voluntarily pleaded weak? And more men believe that women very quickly lose interest in your partner when they learn about the true depth of his feelings. It seems like a classic: "The less we love a woman, the more she likes us." So they pretend "little love";
  3. Men are afraid to show their dependence on women. They do not want to be controlled, and the want of personal freedom. Even if deep down dream to spend close to loved every minute. Smart man realizes - Realize the full extent of the woman and the power of his love, and he can turn it into an object of manipulation. And then - good-bye, freedom. March under the heel!
  4. Men tend to maintain interest in themselves in the individuals of the fair sex. If they hide away their feelings, they do not call, do not talk incessantly about love, though hidden behind a veil of secrecy. And the fairer sex it excites curiosity. And it makes us to think about your partner;
  5. Men are very vulnerable, so afraid of frank to the end and be completely defenseless. In truth, we're often unnecessarily hurting the one who loves us! And if we believe in this love, we can even make a person intentionally hurt.

Our beloved extremely proud to belong to the stronger sex. So they always try to look courageous and strong-willed. What a great way to impress a woman! Therefore, if a man hide a sense, this is nothing special. This behavior, with which he tries to arouse the interest of that to which reaches the soul.

Well, shall we say. And what to do if women, as a demonstration of love for them is necessary as the air? Otherwise, they are beginning to feel very uncomfortable.

 if a man hides his feelings

What woman, if not beloved shows his feelings

How to behave woman when chosen to hide their feelings? The main thing - do not pester him with the eternal question: "Do you love me? "Adding," But tell me, how you love me! ". First, a man more likely to say "I want you" rather than "I love you." And his dry "Yes" response does not calm down. Rather, upset and cause to doubt the sincerity of feelings. And secondly, the chosen one can get bored just is mozgoklyuystvo. And then, instead of a laconic "Yes" once we hear in his address the whole tirade. But its meaning is not love.

In general, when a man does not show his feelings, you need to treat this with understanding. The stronger sex is convinced that they have been shown by its actions, the desire to take care of women, attention to its problems. Why do something else to add something? In this position the male makes sense. After all, language - no bones, and tell a friend a bunch of kind words is not difficult. But for her to do something significant it is much harder. So let alone our dear halves better hide their feelings, while remaining reliable and correct. In this way they give a hundred points ahead any balaboly that first sprinkles sweet words like peas from a bag, and then evaporates from life, like a mirage.

 Why do men hide their feelings

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 How to meet a guy on the Internet

Virtual dating is very popular today. Online there are so many sites that are collected and those who just want to talk, and those who hope to find a life partner. What to do ... the current pace of life are such that the chosen look in the real world is simply no time. And the Internet is always at hand. So why not try? Anything can happen. What if the one who is able to give peace and happiness, is now busy with the World Wide Web and is also looking for your soul mate? That girl sit out front of the monitor for hours, and upset if they do not respond, and cease to believe in their own attractiveness. But the point is often that they simply do not know how to meet with a guy on the Internet and maintain a conversation with him. After flirting online, as in life, too, has some rules. What are these rules?

Rules dating online. Drawing profiles

People registering on dating sites do not necessarily aim to find a man for marriage. Someone needs an interesting conversationalist, someone needed followers, and who is looking for partners for a virtual or real sex. Therefore, intending to meet someone online, it is necessary to know exactly what we want from this man. If a dialogue based on mutual understanding, then it does not require any special tricks. Enough or find an appropriate topic of communication site, or to focus in your profile attention to the fact that a person only needs to correspond. Otherwise it will have to fend off various horny sheluponi.

Well, when she intends to find a dating site your soul mate, it would be advisable to ask some nuances ads and fill your profile. For example, to make the questionnaire in this case it is as follows:

  • Place on a dating site good photo

It is desirable that it was made by a professional photographer, who will be able to perfectly convey the image of a girl and highlight its best features. It is not necessary to be photographed against the luxurious interiors or in a chic outfit. All this would not allow a potential partner a good look at the exterior of the young ladies, and may scare him his pretentiousness. Photographed should be in a good mood and smiling in the picture with his whole being. This man has a smile to its owner at a glance.

If we do not want to profile showered with letters very clearly the content - do not place on the questionnaire is quite candid shots. Although some sexuality plaque may be present in them. But it should not be aggressive and alluring, mysterious. It is impossible to know exactly how sexuality relates to the caller, who are looking for. What if he does not like too emancipation of women?

The photo should try to look as natural as possible. Pretty unpleasant and false looks mannered pose of the girl imitating any model with the cover of a glossy magazine. It is best perceived household image. It is desirable that they were made outside the home, somewhere in the background of a beautiful natural and urban landscape. But the good, sweet home photo is also nice. The questionnaire is useful to not only post pictures of your face, but the pictures in full view. Then the man will be the most complete picture of the exterior of the young ladies;

  • These must be specified in the questionnaire and write the most complete in the announcement about their hobbies and desires earnestly

But we should not be too wordy. Men may decide that the girl is too talkative and prone to narcissism. This is permissible briefly about where we are working, or learn what our plans for the future, what we love and what does not belong to the soul. The questionnaire should indicate the purpose of dating. Otherwise, we will meet the guys whose intentions are far from that goal.

In drawing up the questionnaire is highly undesirable to exaggerate or diminish the self-esteem. No need to invent some exotic profession and rather unusual hobby. It may be that when dealing with a serious-minded person will go a good speech about the features of these classes. And there is a risk of being caught in a lie. And that could negatively affect the future relationship with the Internet companion.

List of requirements for the candidate to explore, do not make too long. Firstly, it will resemble an ultimatum and is unlikely to be accepted by the strong half of humanity loyally. And secondly, it is impossible to understand whether this or that man needs no contact with him. He saw the girl in the questionnaire a lot of claims to its potential partners, it is unlikely kindled a desire to communicate.

Responding to the questionnaire desirable original, interesting, with some humor. It touches the stronger sex and includes their imagination. Actually, completing the questionnaire should be treated seriously. If we are too stingy to tell her about himself, we almost nobody is interested. Lack of information about a person is suspicious and suggests that he has something to hide. If you start to paint every detail, we can create the impression of a frivolous or marriage-obsessed person, deprived of male attention. Everything should be in moderation. The main thing - to awaken curiosity just at that category of men, which is more of other cute ones. And get them to send at least a smiley to a correspondence. She, too, has its own characteristics.

How to get acquainted with a guy on the Internet, beginning in touch with him?

 how to get acquainted with a guy on the Internet

Features correspondence with a man on the Internet

So, we put on a dating site in the questionnaire, it is interested in someone of the guys, and he sent us a message. How to meet friends online with the guys in this case? When a man is not very attracted to, you can just keep quiet. But it would be better to answer him a couple of short sentences. People leading an active correspondence, raise your rankings and have the opportunity to be on the front pages of the site. This situation increases the chances of profiles to increase its number of views, and that we will be seen exactly those who are looking for.

As for the guy, familiarity with which does not appeal, you can just thank you for your attention. If the young man will insist on further communication correctly to make it clear that it will not happen. A normal man will perceive the rejection of correspondence adequately. After all, this is a dating site where everyone has the right to choose! And each time a user is someone not accepted. Nothing out of the ordinary in this.

Well, when a guy seemed nice conversation with him, and wants to continue, it should be conducted with caution. Do not immediately puzzling interlocutor insidious questions and causes it to be too frank. Not every one of us is able to talk openly about sensitive personal with everyone. To a man all about himself candidly told he needed time. Stunning head side has not really familiar female guards and forcing close. Who knows where it will end. Maybe the guy just stop the conversation.

The reason for the termination of the correspondence could be a long and plaintive message of the girl with a detailed list of personal problems. A rare man eager to be aware of the problems the girls, he still did not really know. Therefore, the troubles at work and conflicts with someone you should not write. Personal life difficult until we leave with him. They are still few of those present at the site dating men interesting. For a discussion of these issues need to talk on the network became more soulful. First, the same - positive, positive, and positive again! No noncommittal phrase, unobtrusive compliments and reasoning abstractly light on the topic. But only. And so the conversation was fascinating, it is necessary to see the profile guy, find out what he's interested in, and more attention paid to this man's predilections.

If a young man active correspondence ensued, and found common ground, it is possible to think about a date with him in reality. Such a bye too has its own nuances.

A meeting with a man from the Internet: What you need to know

Of course, the main task of the search for your second half in the Internet - no correspondence and meeting. Many of us are afraid of meeting with an online acquaintance offline. And not in vain. Because in reality, a person can not be the way it was presented when communicating with him through the monitor. And maybe we do not like. Just as we can not please him, and we will. And jitters before the first meeting with someone who already seems to be seen as the chosen one, is quite natural.

In general, going to the first meeting of this kind, we must remember that often when communicating online people feel more confident and relaxed than by direct contact. And if a man on a date and maloaktiven timid, it is necessary to take into account this fact. There is a possibility that the master, it will open and become charming and very attractive young man.

At ease, and could feel the girl. Oddly enough, but after the correspondence on the Internet we are much more afraid of meeting with men than in the ordinary acquaintance with him. There is, apparently, because communication in the network, anyway, in the minds of Man creates a representation of the image of the girl. This image really want to match. Otherwise, disappointment is inevitable. Here we begin to meticulously search for the first date a some inconsistencies. And, of course, we find. It may be mere trifles, but before meeting with the guy from the network in our eyes, they acquire enormous size. As a result, self-esteem plummets and there is self-doubt.

In order not to deal with cramped and awkward man, you have to pull yourself together and remember that people are not perfect. Even the stunning all round ladies can someone not like. And then, because we are going to find your soul mate, not deceive everybody! Therefore, let the guy and takes everything as it is, or drop out of our lives. Why try to build a lasting relationship with someone who was initially not suitable for them? After all, we are committed to the realization of dreams and not to the collapse of all hopes.

If the meeting with an online companion disappointed, you should not be upset. Online there are a lot of other people, and getting to know someone from them has the potential to be fatal. There are numerous examples of how men and women find each other over the network and concluded after this happy marriage. It is possible that this will happen to us. In the life of the most incredible things happen! That's just always have to be mindful of their safety and that the World Wide Web there are many spiders. These hunters unsuspecting young ladies are particularly fond of online dating sites. Therefore, we are very vigilant and not naive.

 How to get acquainted with a guy on the Internet?

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