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When a guy - a womanizer, change their girlfriends as gloves - this is truly a punishment for women. How many of these Lovelace shed tears as exhausted nerves and broken hearts! Countless ... just a womanizer can not long maintain a relationship with a representative of the beautiful half of humanity. Give them the other, and as much as possible. Well, what if the one in whom we so recklessly vtyurilas to his ears, turned out to be a big fan of skirts? And worn behind each of them at breakneck speed, meets, meets, throws, again meets. Is it possible to stop it, and if so, what will it take? Before you look for the answer to this question, let's talk about who really are these ladies' man, and why guys are womanizer.

The reasons that men become womanizer

Why man is a womanizer? The reasons are many. He can change women because:

  1. Too young and too keen on the weaker sex. This is perhaps the most innocent cause of excessive philogyny caused by raging hormones. Moreover, young people may not enter into an intimate relationship with their girlfriends. He is enough kisses and hugs, bestowing a delightful experience. It is for the novelty of sensations and he will chase until until settle down;
  2. He suffers from low self-esteem. Such a man, a womanizer uncertainty in trying to compensate for the expense of the number of their passions. Treatable version of Don zhuanstva. If a guy - a womanizer of the kind of medicine that flirting can become a successful career and a family in which a man will understand, appreciate and praise. He believes in what is worth a lot. And the need for a change in the fair half away by itself;
  3. The desire for sexual satisfaction. This applies not only to sexual giants but also to those who are not sure of their sexual consistency. The case of a complex. Secondly else can stop any girl that can prove that in the intima of her man - the best in the world. And with the first deal he can except that the lady obsessed with sex. But here, a positive result is not guaranteed;
  4. Fear of close emotional relationships. For this reason, we perhaps discuss a little bit more detail. Because it is old as the world and is one of the most common reasons for a regular change of partners.

 if a guy womanizer

Fear of close emotional relationships and change partners

According to experts of human souls, the majority of men ladies' men rush from woman to woman because they are afraid of attachment to them. Psychologists call this condition a person intimofobiey. What is the difference intimofoby other female fans? The fact that ordinary womanizer, in principle, capable of love and create quite a decent family. In addition, simple womanizer can be a declaration of love, and thus for some time (and even for a long time) to maintain a relationship with them. Intimofoby also doing their utmost to avoid such situations.

I must say that the fear of close spiritual relationship is for the most part have a very strong man. Its causes are different. Someone experienced betrayal beloved woman who had lost her forever due to some circumstances, someone believes that strong feelings - a sign of weakness, someone is trying to anyone of the girls do not get attached, after watching how suffer from this, his friends and acquaintances. But more often the motive for the emergence of such behavior are childhood experiences.

In life intimofoby often successful and more can achieve. But they do not know how to love, and something stronger than a short-term hobby, almost never experience. Sometimes this inner emptiness promotes sexual aversion to the woman with whom he had intercourse. Man, do not accept the love of it reflexively closes, avoiding even the slightest appearance of a least some emotions. If they are still a little discernible, he immediately without regret throwing the Lady, and then forget about it forever.

Generally most intimofobov are well aware of their own status and do not hide it when meeting with the opposite sex. But we do not want to take it seriously! Well, think of it, my man - a womanizer! Previously, no one does not become attached because they simply have not seen a real woman. Already we have something to break the ice of his soul ... If the guy womanizer intimofob, it is almost impossible. And the result of this self-confidence is the rupture of relations and our own suffering soul.

Intimofob - banal Casanova, has to his credit a lot of sexual victories. He flees headlong from its passion, it is at least a hint to live together. However, to get him to become her husband is sometimes possible. However, family life with such a person is going to be not very sweet. From him you will not wait participation and manifestation of affection, caring and strong attachment. This husband will live alone in a private, enclosed from all over the world. It is extremely difficult to rehabilitate.

What do you do when life pushed us with a man of this type?

 why guys are womanizer

How to be a man, if he does not know how to love

Intimofoby usually charming, intelligent and attractive chetrovski. Therefore, fall in love with them very easily. And we are willing to fall in love, hoping that once this man if to convince him of the sincerity and reliability of a woman and her feelings of exclusivity, will change. In vain. Because these men display of emotion repels. But only where the lady or the same as all - they simply are not interested.

The best way out of the situation in this case - to take himself in hand and unable to part with for love analogue robot. But this is not always a virtue! Then you need to be prepared for the fact that we never hear from him the coveted recognition. The main thing in a relationship of this kind - not to infringe on the freedom of the elect. And do not talk to him about love at all, otherwise the chances are good that escapes.

In general, relations with intimofobom not so bleak. If you do not take into account his insensitivity. Men with such a state of mind capable of friendship. They will not give support and will not go away if you experience problems. In addition, if a person is aware that it is not in a position to respond to the love of a woman with love, it will experience in their half thanks you for understanding this. So the probability to create a good family intimofobom there.

One should always keep in mind - it is extremely difficult to alter. Well there is no mechanism in this man the love! He was not provided, or designer, or when something is broken with no hope of recovery. If a man is experiencing discomfort from it, you can still make a difference. But it is very rare! Usually intimofobov not really oppresses its own state. It is perfectly acceptable, as it excludes mental anguish and suffering. Why change something? So, before you make plans for the future, meeting with such a person, we should try to look at the situation soberly. And understand, are we prepared to dedicate to someone who did not know how to love, in life.

 Man - a womanizer? We are looking for an approach!

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 What are kissing

What are the kisses? Pleasant, of course, we say! And is it only just nice? When they are sincere and not forced, official, the cause in humans a lot of positive emotions. It's very cool - kissing someone you love who you are infinitely dear and close! I must say that the best way to express feelings people have not come up. And not because kissing, according to scientists, are beginning to run amok hormones of joy - when the intima, they are no less rampant. And because in addition to touch his lips there is more body contact and spiritual contact. That's the story.

Well, let us leave in peace spirituality and see what is it that there are kissing and why people in general kiss.

Why do people kiss

Prone to the classification of everything scientists minds topic kisses, of course, we could not ignore. Still would! Solid humanity, insists that kissing unhygienic, but it wanted to spit on all the warnings! To kiss, smack everywhere, and that's it ... to scratch our head and pragmatics then decided to determine why people in general kiss. They fought, fought, but no exact answer to this question was not given. Version, however, was a lot, but they do not stand up to scrutiny. Well, in order not to look incompetent, our know-all decided to share a few kisses on the species. And to enlighten others in what is a kiss. In their view, it is:

  1. Fraternal;
  2. A related;
  3. Friendly;
  4. Kiss reconciliation;
  5. Welcome and farewell;
  6. Amorous and erotic;
  7. Diplomatic.

Well, in general, this is difficult to disagree. Kissing we do for various reasons. In some cases, it is a kind of tribute to the ritual or tradition. But these kisses are not interested, and to discuss them not make much sense. Well, people relate to each other's lips, because it is necessary that this something remarkable? That's when a kiss present feelings and eroticism, then it deserves attention. Because he has a lot of options. And each of them is his reaction. How is this kind of a kiss?

 What is a kiss

Kisses love. What they are

Oh, kiss, kiss! Well, unless you can do without them, when a man in love with his ears! How much happiness they give! And we intimidated by the first touch of his lips lover as freeze when it is, fearful, timid, gentle finally happening ... But is it possible to forget? The memory of the first kiss is living in the heart of life. First kisses - is the purity and romance, a brief moment of involvement in the spirituality of a loved one, the time of the merger with its essence. They are unique, because it is the debut of love. A debut double not repeated.

We grow up. Grow and our kisses. They already creeps first eroticism, and then outright passion. What is a kiss when it is sexy? Clearly it is expressed in a French kiss. It usually lasts a few seconds, but even in such a short time is able to simply drive you mad. One can not forget about everything when skillful movements of the tongue of a loved one and light biting make even the ground beneath their feet stagger?

In addition to French kiss, there is cause, seductive, tantalizing kisses, kissing declaration of love and gratitude to their half. Kissing - teasers can be different. You can simply get closer to the object of passion for a few seconds by typing in his mouth with his lips, and then step back and make an abstract look. Such a feint, upheld repeatedly, will lead to a frenzy of even the most seasoned person.

No less effective in this case, and kisses in the corner of the lips or in the earlobe. They seemed to fascinate, causing the body to rouse and respond to caress each of its cells. Alluring and promising, these kisses are often even more effective than the French. After all, not everyone gets aggressive sexuality. Many people want to soulful sensuality that manifests itself as if fleeting, and at the same time aggressively.

Very popular kiss passionately - more chaste than the French. When this kiss is attended only lips, he would rather the demonstration of love and affection than exponent passion. However, if we add to kiss passionately and yet gentle touch of the tongue lips partner, it will have a hint of desire greater intimacy.

In-general, love kissing can be divided into a passionate and tender. But it altogether. In fact, each of us has its own, unique style of kissing. It is as individual as gait, gestures and voice. Psychologists say that the way a man kisses you can form an opinion about his character. Interesting version, right? Come on try to define it, what is the nature of our beloved!

 What is a kiss

The character of the men and kissing

Masters Psychologists say that if a young man during a kiss is almost inactive and how would not take part in it, it is not capable of fleeting romances. It is a reliable, steady and predictable man, family life which is going to be like a safe haven.

But when a guy kisses hungrily, demanding, long and hard, it means that he is passionate and prefer to dominate the weaker sex. Such men do not feel that they have any responsibilities to women. I came, I saw, I conquered - and went about his business. It seems to be from such a young man should stay away. But as a kisser as kissing! Just try to not fall in love ... Well, that, unless otherwise leaves, then you need to be ready to elect mood variability.

Men kissing caressing her lips, gently nibbling and licking tongue eagerly all that will fall under it, is also very windy towards the girls. Yes, they can make people forget, in what light you are. But then a beautiful dream ends and begins an overcast morning.

If a young man kisses gently, as if afraid to cause the girl pain or some discomfort - he is capable of sincere love and deep affection. Kiss a guy in this case, expresses admiration and adoration. And he will certainly be a devoted husband, a worshipful his wife.

 What are kissing

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