Men complexes

They say that the weaker sex their quirks manages vyest representatives of a strong half of mankind the entire brain. Yeah, yeah ... As if we did not tolerate men there are different complexes, from which there is no easy save. It is necessary to get acquainted with some guy as there is sure to find at least one of such complexes. Well, where to go! Even the brave Achilles was vulnerable heel. What to say about ordinary men who sometimes will find not one weak spot!

Yes, everything would be fine - people are imperfect and prone to succumb to some fears and doubts. But how often one or the other set of men gives the fair sex a lot of inconvenience and even pain! The worst thing about this is that many women are complexes of men as a matter of course, and even try to adapt to them. And for good reason. Because I do not have to adapt, but to help a loved one get rid of such an internal defect. Otherwise, he is quite able to turn into a serious psychological problem, which will have the strength to fight only to specialists. Now we will discuss how this can be done.

Of course, we all have some individual weaknesses that are often inherent personality traits.

However, there are a number of psychological complexes characteristic of mostly strong half of mankind. And are they even the most decent men, causing them to experience real hard at times because of the fact that such experiences, in principle, it is not necessary. Because it's just a fad, which should be treated and, respectively. Well, a man who can develop such an attitude, if not a woman ?!

Yes, but how to work out if you have no idea what the one or the other set of men? All of them, of course, difficult to discuss, but the most basic, we will now consider.

Fear of very attractive women

This man's complex, I must say, the weak half of the human race is somewhat puzzling. Well, it would seem that fear of beautiful ladies? After all, they, on the contrary, should arouse the desire of the overwhelming majority of the representatives of a strong half immediately get a wife! Not a bit of it. It is the "vast majority" is not something that acquire a wife-beauty - even acquainted with the overly showy lady afraid. And if someone still decided and then ceases to be afraid of his half only if it looks a little more impressive than a monkey.

No, of course we know from many sources that the Scriptures beauties incredibly lucky in life, and the polls they marry tall handsome. Nothing like this. Those who are really lucky, one. Most often, next to the "tall handsome" can be seen as the wife of an ordinary gray mouse or just a nice woman. And why? Because many, even very worthy men, it seems that if it were a beauty to it will hunt almost the entire male gender. Among the hunters there will always be those who are and shoots better, and looks impressive.

In other words, of the beauties, they say, the wife gets wrong, and women with relatively modest external data do not represent a threat in terms of change. In fact, it is sheer nonsense. It often happens the other way around: a beautiful husband knows his worth and is not going to say "yes" to anyone who was hungry it. And some young ladies unpleasant appearance, self-esteem in order to raise himself, ready to pronounce this "yes" to almost everyone. Only when one of the men manage to be worthy of attention beauties, he willingly talks about this. Yes, and it comes up with all sorts of spice. And if the victory was over a plain woman, then who among them will become brag? That's why WALKING ugly is often much easier to maintain your good name than not tends to change very attractive ladies.

But many of the stronger sex with a complex of fear of beauty think differently, but against the man's logic does not trample. And then what do young glamorous woman, if her lover has appeared from among such representatives and in no way hints at the registry office? Marry a brave, but a man does not love? Alas, it happens quite often. Although you can do otherwise and help get rid of your beloved complex. You just have to regularly but discreetly to praise some of its external advantages - hands, hair, voice, and so on - all the time referring to the exclusively male. However, this should be done carefully, not more conceited jerk and to any other beauty.

 men Complex

Fear of becoming henpecked

This man's complex intensively cultivated society and its roots in the most pious of our childhood. Expressed fear of becoming henpecked fear limitations in the independence of man a woman. Its emergence and development impacts and maternal education, and peer influence. The boys usually do not approve of, if some of their very loyal friend to the girls, subject to their wishes, carries out assignments and so on. These guys, they say, should not allow the control of the female sex in general! Otherwise, they - not the "real boys" and weaklings.

Actually, the peers themselves are not the main reason for the emergence of complex henpecked. Well, think of it as a child boys did their best to show their superiority over girls! So what? Many of them are growing up and falling in love, beat the crap out of children's heads, change and become gallant and great husbands. A similar set of male usually develops in those who considered her mother a small child, even when they grew above her growth. She believed that her son is not yet able to take responsibility for their actions. Naturally, the idiot son, rebelled against attempts on his independence or against the fact that he felt the symptoms of such an attempt.

As a result, becoming quite an adult and married, this man bore the old pattern of behavior with women and his wife, all the forces trying to prove her independence. It may look pretty well. For example, the husband simply snaps when his wife told him: "Go swimming! ", "Go eat! "Or ask how was your day and when he returns home. And can translate into a fairly aggressive attacks on his part and a complete unwillingness to obey the call to the bathroom or the kitchen, and to report their movements and plans. Say, leave me alone, I'm not your property and I will do what I want when I want.

How can that be, if we are married has managed to jump out of this chronic mironarushitelya? Well, first we must understand, and whether he suffers fear podkabluchnichestva complex. Perhaps it is we seek to drive a man under the heel? If so, then you need to change their own behavior. And if not, then you need to give him a sense of security and remove from communicating with dear and beloved husband of all the elements that he considers an infringement on his freedom. And do not ask where he was of what he did not order to go to the table, and just say, "I am so bored without you even had dinner. Are you hungry? No? Well, then maybe sit with me! ".

Fear not take place in the life

This man's complex appears from our years of boys commercials in twenty-five. Many of them today for some reason believe that such a little more porridge eaten age need to have a fully opera, get hold of a lot of money and make a steep career. Here, they say, Seryoga all this is, as I have not yet taken place. There is, in itself, a desire to be welcomed. But the fact is that if the life of a young person over the years nothing extraordinary happens, the complex begins to progress. And often leads to depression and quite successful people.

Today's world is rapidly changing. And the one who yesterday was as poor as a church mouse, can fly up to the crest of the waves just a few months. Of course, a lot of average men, it oppresses. Say, and we studied together and worked, but he won both got up, and we're in the same place! Why did his wife is resting in the Seychelles, and we can not buy a decent coat? And off we go ... The wealth of others is growing, is growing exponentially and the fear of not being in life.

Basically, it is a very difficult case. Because piqued ambition, and that for men - an extremely heavy blow. And its consequences are dire. Someone is trying to forget in drink and drugs, and someone is thrown out the window. So the stronger sex very much need the support of loved ones. They are in any case can not be humiliated, reproaching small income, ridiculing inexpensive gifts and citing the example of a neighbor, who gave his wife a diamond the size of a walnut. Otherwise, there will be trouble. Better to just try today to tailor their requests to the budget. Tomorrow everything can change. And the one who had just been almost at the bottom, will be prancing stallion on a luxury.

 Men complexes in bed

The fear of being a bad lover

Men complexes in bed, in principle, include the lot. Here and fear not satisfy experienced in intimate issues of women, and the fear of impotence and anxiety for the non-ideal size of his penis. The complex is a bad lover can develop even when the inability to kiss.

Sex - a very important aspect of a man's life. And he, of course, gives it a lot of value. The recent sexual revolution has led to the fact that we are constantly demonstrate to cinema and TV screens, what should be the sexual organs at the perfect lover and how they should caress their women. Well, are not capable of this, many men are not able! Yes, and I do not really need to have sex for hours! You can get sick ... And about the ideal size of the Member States and can not speak. They fit only porn star. Normal women, and without good cost.

But they do not want to take all this for granted our favorite. And in his sexual bother psevdonesovershenstve, creating thus a regular inferiority complex. What you need to do the woman in this case? Simply always give his handpicked understand that it is - unique, and sex with him - just delicious. And gently teach something if it really is not very skillfully operates in bed. And at the same time in any time is not to blame if the sexual act is not suddenly turned. The man - he's not a sex robot. Everything in life happens.

 Men complexes: how to fight them

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