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Why a single female male attracts like a magnet, like other young people would not notice? And those who always winds around a swarm of men, often boast stunning looks and some special talents. So what's the deal? And everything is very simple: first know how to flirt with boys, while the latter have this very vague idea. Possession of flirting skills, unfortunately, very rarely given to us by nature. But you can learn it. In general, this science is not that complicated. And beat it, with desire and effort can almost every girl. What is the meaning of it, learning how to flirt with a guy, and that such a flirt at all? Let's face it.

What is flirting with a guy?

Flirting - this is such a demeanor of a man who attracts the attention of the opposite sex. In general, it may well be attributed to the category of art, based on the harmony of gestures, smiles, looks, voices. This harmony brings attention to who like and are interested in it at least for a while.

Not to be confused with flirtation coquetry. Coquetry may be somewhat pretentious and intrusive. A beautiful flirting almost striking. From the side it looks like a natural demeanor girl. In fact, it uses a variety of women's tricks does look, gestures, facial expressions ladies special. Cheat sneak straightens the hair, the guy throws a sly look, as if accidentally touches to his wrist, face, lips. Of course, the young man can not just do not notice. His attention was focused on the involuntary girl that really want to meet. And how to flirt with a guy, and what are the rules at this flirting?

 how to flirt with a guy

Terms of flirting with the guys

One of the most important elements of flirting with the guys - look. It must express interest in a specific person, and easy call. You can start with the such an innocent look at the floor, then looked up and slowly slide them on the man with a smile and look in his eyes. The look can be to train, standing in front of a mirror. It is desirable that he turned alluring, promising, but unobtrusive. Otherwise, the young man can scare.

Another important moment of flirtation - the smile. It should only be a sincere, emphasizes the individuality of its owner. So do not be coaching a smile, someone to emulate. Another's smile can not only look strained and artificial, and disfigure the face. In order to avoid this, it is advisable to smile naturally, so that if a person covered by a smile and became much more attractive. In this case, each girl has to choose its own way. Someone will approach slightly raised corners of the lips, someone sly smile, and someone - friendly, wide smile.

The next part of the right of flirting - touch. If you touch the right guy during a call, it is possible not only to charm, but just bewitch. Touch it to gently, as if flicking a speck of dust. Strongly clap on the shoulder, roughly grabbing his sleeve, pushing the young man is not allowed. We need a boyfriend, not a comrade.

Of course, just look, a smile and a touch more is not enough to know exactly how to flirt with a guy. They only attract the attention of a young man. To us it is important to keep still and. And you can only hold true to the style of communication.

Flirting Man and chat

So, we have attracted the attention of a young man and even had time to get to know him. How to act is now, how to flirt with a guy on? First of all - natural. But too familiar from the first minute dating is not worth it. Not everybody likes it. It is better to often talk to his companion something nice, while respecting the best of compliments. That is to praise the guy just need real, not imaginary dignity. Otherwise, he decides that he is flattered with all his might, and this has a negative impact on trust in the relationship.

Interview advisable first to send a light, playful little direction. Young people looking for a girl with a good sense of humor. It is important to laugh and talk softly to the place. Homeric laughter with or without cause - an element of the behavior vulgar person. These girls do not usually demand the opposite sex. While talking to the guy should not forget the magical effect of touch and choose for them some moments. You can accidentally take his hand, to remove an imaginary speck of dust from his clothes, fix collar shirt ... Anything, just to touch was easy and relaxed.

Topics for discussions should be chosen at least in part, but the interests of both. In order for the relationship continued, we need to find some common ground. Otherwise, probably dating to last very long. It is desirable in the conversation to ask more questions and to listen than interrupting all the time, to say the most. Not very fond of our men talkative rattles. They get tired of them quickly and lose interest in the conversation.

You must try to communicate with the guy took place at ease. If it has a certain stiffness, better to postpone the meeting to another time. Because the main thing in the whole process of flirting with a guy - naturalness. You can not replay or all of the time to make an effort. It's always felt foreign and looks ugly.

So, how to flirt with the live communication, we in general have understood. What to do if you have to communicate virtually? After all, communication in Internet chat rooms, forums and dating sites, as well as the throwing of a banal text messages have long been everyday reality and necessity. So, girls, new - is well forgotten old. So let's not discount the epistolary etiquette (written) communication appeared in the pre-digital era, and also be clear rules and try to learn how to flirt with the correspondence.

 how to flirt with a guy penpal

Flirt with a guy in the correspondence

Naturally, in the correspondence we are deprived of such opportunities glamor tool of seduction as in live communication. But there are some features and rules. Is it possible to learn how to flirt with a guy in the correspondence? It is! To begin with, you need to write competently. Yes, ladies, messages written without mistakes, make a very good impression on the virtual source, even if the guy not very competent. Second, at the beginning, avoid internet slang, and not to distort the words of a joke. Why is that? Because most guys sincerely believes humorous exclusively male quality. Therefore, your jokes can be understood literally or not understood at all.

If you are chatting with a new friend, do not annoy him with questions about his personal life, salary and external data. Leave these issues for later, and to start a conversation on neutral topics. Create intrigue. Responding to questions about yourself, do not lay out all at once, listing its own conceivable respect. Let it solves the mystery of how you, as an interesting puzzle. Help convey emotions emoticons - just do not need them to get involved. And further. Compliment (unobtrusive and theme) - men are susceptible to flattery.

In correspondence through text messages can already be relaxed and candid. It is also important to write correctly! Follow punctuation (which, incidentally, are able to convey the intonation) and do not write posts solid text. Keep intrigue. Try, for example, send a blank message. And the question of the interlocutor that it was invented an original explanation: that is my phone missed you.

Be concise and do not send long messages. Let them be short, but succinct. Feel free to all sorts of "amplification pusi" - men like to read such lovely messages, besides they take a similar style as a manifestation of tenderness. But messages of a sexual nature is better not to write - this topic is suitable only for communication in a living and only for loved ones.

Do not use templates. Let your every message is the author. You agree that every man dreams of the one and only, so take this even in the correspondence. Invent something new, and nezaezzhennoy neizbity. The originality and individuality of your style of communication - the trump card of flirting by correspondence.

Well, perhaps, and all the highlights of flirting, which, in principle, it is not difficult to master. It is enough to spend a few hours in front of a mirror, to develop its own special look, a smile, choose the appropriate demeanor - and a new seductress ready! It seems to be ...

To us success was just too secure, we must also pay attention to the clothes, hairstyle and make-up. The main requirement in this case - well-groomed girl. When dirty grubby head or manicure can not rely on some guy's attention, even if the clothes will be of the most famous brands. Dirty hair and broken nails look disgusting. Equally repulsive looks too bright makeup. War paint needed for the battle. And for flirting it does not fit. Makeup should be applied skillfully and in moderation. Why do we need extra kilogram mascara and lipstick? We are fine without them. Because now we know all the rules of flirting with men.

 How to flirt with a guy and attract his attention

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