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  • How to distinguish infatuation from love
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Love - that's what excites mankind has been for many centuries. In our life, it is perhaps the most important. For centuries, people fall in love, suffer, become happy or unhappy, concluded marriages and leave ... Love is so fascinating people, they lose their heads and are willing to give up everything for her. From the great love seems to be starting to do stupid things, break a career, throwing seven, squandering money, commit suicide.

Especially of concern to all the love of his youth. Every girl once met her prince to lose any sleep, dreaming, hoping and yearning. And when the "prince" does not pay attention to her, desperately asking someone, "What if I fell in love with the guy? "She scolded, discouraged, something advise. And she continues to suffer, thinking that it is the love for life. How can that be, in actual fact? Well, if all goes a couple of months. And if indeed all very seriously, then what to do? First, let's try to understand what really is a feeling and what is infatuation and true love.

 Man fell in love with what to do

How to distinguish infatuation from love

Almost everyone sooner or later falls in love, experiencing the object of love tender romantic feelings. We think about it day and night, dreaming about how to meet, how prikosnёmsya ... All people want to be loved and to love. This need is inherent in us by nature. And like love, and even a one, and everything so well. But then the excitement of intercourse with a partner suddenly somewhere evaporate. With it somehow gets bored, and what used to be in this man it seemed attractive now repellent and annoying. What's the matter? Yes, it's pretty simple. The fact is that we confuse infatuation with love. And well, if you have not had time to marry. Then the separation will be less painful. And if you have time, and even got children, and after living together turned into hell, that's the trouble. Therefore, it is desirable to learn the difference between a hobby of true love.

In fact, the difference between them is seen not so easy. And passion, and love is accompanied by a desire to see as much as possible of his chosen. And in fact, in both cases they are constantly busy thoughts and fantasies about the development of relations. And just in love, and true love dream of reciprocity. And those and others are experiencing the rise and excitement in the presence of the object of his interest. And those and others do not know what to do when it next there. So how to find love and to distinguish it from the surface of love or simple sexual desire? In order to understand whether love is caught up, or you feel any other passing feelings, emotions need some calm and sober assessment of the situation. This will require a fair and reasonable response to some questions.

  1. What attracts you most in a guy?

    If it's mostly his appearance (beautiful face and figure, demeanor, and so on), then you're still in love just yet. The beauty is not eternal. People get sick, grow old and do change. It is impossible to communicate with someone their life just because it has attractive physique. Sooner or later, even the most perfect appearance becomes habitual. And therefore, it loses interest.

    This could significantly undermine the basis for relations. If you seek to know the loved one as a person as a whole and are in it, despite the shortcomings, more and more attractive qualities, there is already fit to talk about the authenticity of love. No, in this case, of course, be present evaluation of its physical properties. But it has already become an additional incentive for the development of the senses.

  2. What are the different qualities are especially attracted you to the guy and how many?

    When these qualities are usually enthusiasm a bit. Let's say you dazzle his smile, his voice, sexy, gestures, manner of speaking ... And only. In general, at first the relationship is enough. However, if over time, do not try to reveal in his favorite much more remarkable party feeling will come to an end.

    True love involves human desire to learn and discover in it new, very likable traits. Each of us is unique and has both advantages and disadvantages. That's when you come to my young man with a yardstick and to take the whole thing in it, without trying to do something to radically change its character, feelings can be considered deep.

  3. As love begins?

    We talk a lot about love at first sight, that as soon as she saw the guy and knew immediately that he - her prince. In fact, true love can not break out immediately. Flash feelings in the first few seconds of meeting usually means that the guy just made a strong impression on the girl. Sometimes it is based on sexual attraction, sometimes sounding like a moment explained, sometimes - an intuitive attraction. But always it has not love, and passion that can pass through a very short time. If the feeling lasts for quite some time, and your desire to be with a guy only increased, despite the fact that you are already well familiar with its flaws - it is love. Perhaps she has not blossomed in full force. But already risen and promises to be a magnificent old trees.

  4. How are you feeling on?

    When people love more simply, they can not control their actions, in which the disorder begins. During this period a Woman overwhelmed emotions. In this state, it may not think about anything except the object of love, and can make a lot of mistakes. When genuine love man is more organized and is striving to become better. Because it does not destroy, but inspiring.

  5. As you are going through a long period, during which you will not see the guy?

    If after some time after breaking up the desire to see his partner is gradually fading and there is interest in someone else - it was a hobby. When true love absence chosen next to each day sharpens the desire to meet with him as soon as possible. No one but the person does not cause special interest, nobody can take his place. Generally, the test of separation - one of the surest indicators of genuine love. Yes, we are afraid of it, fearing that the chosen one will be a subject of passion. Yes, it is painful and can occur. But it's better to let it happen before they start a serious relationship, not after.

I must say that the answer to all these questions can not give a full evaluation of the test to a guy senses. Often, the development of deep relationships begins with passion, then converted into true love. In our case, we are talking mainly about the fact that you should not worry so much, if not the certainty, that he - the one without which further life is unthinkable. It may be worth a look around, as near as interesting folks! Surely someone of them like you. Should such a handsome smile, and all the suffering as the arm lift. I do not want? Well, then we will think about what to do next.

 what to do if you fell in love with a Man

What to do if you fell in love with a Man

If you fell in love with a guy seriously, but it is not reciprocated, do not despair and cry, crying tragic, "Oh, he does not love me! ". In this state, we must not shed tears, but something to do. It is likely, the young man simply is not configured for some feelings, because you're younger or a little familiar with him. Or maybe because he behaves that thinks you're a girl from another circle. Or he is not ready to fall in love. All this is in principle reparable, if you find a suitable variant of behavior and decide what to do and how.

Before you look for him, you need to freshen up. Girls with a pained face and sad eyes almost no one likes. Therefore it is necessary to say to yourself: "I am now hard, but ahead of waiting for joy! "And confidently sent to this joy. Let flare opinion, straighten your back, become easy gait. Learn to smile, joke and chat with all friendly and optimistic.

Nothing like the guys in girls as benevolent cheerful sociability and wit. Young ladies with such positive energy are attracting a lot of fans. And our young people, too, probably will not stay in this effervescent young lady indifferent. But you need to be present in his social circle as often as possible. So, it should be possible to learn more about his enthusiasm and try to separate them.

He likes the young man sport? We go to class the same gym. He has a dog? We get yourself doggie. The young man always sticks out in the swimming pool or fitness club? Are recorded in the same pool and club. In short, we try to do everything to meet him often. And on occasion, we start a conversation about your favorite business guy, trying to make him understand that we are in this, too, is something of meaning. After all, quite a man and woman talking, and between them have zavyazhutsya some kind of relationship. In the future there will be only permanently warm interest in his favorite.

To do this all the time to improve something in itself to change, to learn something, do not forget to monitor their own appearance. Groomed, casually dressed girls can become friends, female friends, but not loved. Therefore, we should always look neat and attractive and try to be as charming. Then the guy you see in a woman, not a sexless creature. If this happens, he begins to feel sympathy. It will be the first step towards the emergence of true feelings.

Then just need to pretend that you have not chosen, in whom to fall in love. The young man is sure to light up the desire to be elected. Goal achieved. Now suppose he thinks, what to do to achieve your in love.

 What if I fell in love with a Man

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