both admit the guy in love

All the girls will sooner or later fall in love. From this not going anywhere - their life demands! Once he appears on the horizon, and everything around me. The world is becoming a bright, flowered, exhilarating. And now we are in a hurry with bated breath to date and look forward to each meeting, thinking only of his Prince. He - the best, most beautiful, most ... In general, the most-most. Confused, only one - the young man has long been close to, but does not say that he loves us. It hurts. Indeed, so eager to be sure that the feelings are mutual. A young man somehow silent. What to do? As recognized by the guy in love, it does not look awkward, stupid and feeling humiliated our dignity? And can all this happen? It seems to be opened so that the first declaration of love must be a man.

Can the girl the first guy to admit love?

In order to answer the question whether or not the first to call the girl love the guy, at first we shall understand why young people, over and over again by assigning a date young lady can not admit his love for her. Usually the causes of this behavior is that:

  • The boy is too shy and timid by nature, and is afraid to say "I love you";
  • The young man is very kind to his girlfriend and his recognition of the fears alienating her from herself;
  • The guy is not recognized in love, because he's afraid of being rejected;
  • The guy did not speak about love, thinking that his actions themselves attest to this;
  • The young man is not recognized in love, because I am sure that it should make a girl;
  • A young man in love is not recognized due to the fact that is not yet ready for such recognition;
  • The guy is not recognized in love because he is not sure whether he loves a Woman;
  • The guy is not recognized in love because they simply do not like.

That's about all the major reasons for the silence of our beloved. And now consider in respect of each of the variants of the question of whether the girl to confess love first.

  1. The first variant. If a guy is shy and timid at heart, he is unlikely to be decided on the phrase "I love you", if this is not to push. This young man, who may well have courage in life will be a long time to meet with a girl, just think about it, to love his girlfriend. But say the cherished "Love! "His courage is not enough. So feel free to recognize themselves. This will give the young person the opportunity to remove the shackles of internal and finally declare openly about their own feelings.
  2. Option Two. Actually, it is almost indistinguishable from the first. The only difference is that here there is no shyness and the fear of causing a favorite for some inconvenience. It is similar to the fear of people to touch a light butterfly flaps - and suddenly they break from this contact? Well, the more we recognize yourself! And sberezhёm wings and bestow beloved;
  3. Option Three. The guy is not recognized in love because of fear of rejection often when he was once someone confessed, and the answer was a categorical "no." And now the young people just do not want to repeat the past. We recognize, especially without thinking. Have a young man will understand that love exists and that he is worthy of it;
  4. Option fourth. The young man sure testimony of love are his deeds, not words, because they do not realize how important it is to girls word. So he will not understand if we do not explain, before this declaration of love yourself! A lot of guys think that if they meet a woman for a long time, take care of it, protect, give gifts, and so everything should be clear. But it is not clear that's us! We still and hear "I love you! "In response to his own confession;
  5. Option fifth. The guy sure is that she should be the first declaration of love is usually in cases when he is inspired since childhood. Or the young man spoiled by other girls. Well, let! Are you sure? So, admittedly. And then make him do the same thing several times. In order to destroy his false impression that say "I love you" - women's task;
  6. Option sixth. The young man is not ready to confess, because not yet know how to do it. Let us not wait until it's finally come up with something suitable for himself - years up to what you can never guess. Recognize. But at the same time we take into account one thing: it is likely the guy puzzled surprise. And in response promychit something unintelligible. Nothing wrong. Give him time. Let wakes up;
  7. Option seventh. If a guy is not recognized because he is not sure of his love, the most to say to him: "I love you" does not hurt. Here are just a rush him to answer in this case should not be. And it will be very reasonable to then allow the youth to deal with their feelings, without meeting with him a couple of days;
  8. Option eighth. If the guy did not speak about love because it just does not like to be afraid to admit the first, too, not worth it. Yes, it hurt, hurt, but, in any case, puts everything in its place. We will definitely have to know what to expect reciprocity is not necessary. And in the end, gradually calmed down. However, it is now not necessary. And tomorrow - who knows? Life is full of surprises. It is likely that our recognition will force the young man to pay more attention to us. And it will turn what, is still unknown.

So, discuss all of these options, we came to the conclusion that the first to talk about their feelings to the guy can, in some cases, even necessary. And now, of course, the question arises - how to confess his love, that it made a strong impression?

 as a declaration of love

Methods for recognition of a guy in love

In general, some common rules for the recognition of love does not exist. The main thing - complete sincerity, manifested not only in words, but in his eyes. Of course, to a point, it is desirable to be ready, otherwise you can become agitated, scared speechless, or even cry. And spoil everything. To avoid this, all the better to think. And choose the most suitable way of a declaration of love to his friend.

The most traditional of these methods - just say the boy three treasured and well known throughout the word. But if a girl - a romantic nature, this method it is likely not satisfied. Mistress want something more original and memorable. In this case there are a few tips:

  • Council first. For declarations of love can buy or make a beautiful card and describe it, what feelings we have for youth. It must be done very lyrical. We do not know how? Well, then, let us turn to the help of poets, do not forget to indicate in writing his name and the name of the young man.
  • Council second. This method is not as straightforward as the first, but no less effective. We acquire or record a CD with songs about love and we give it the guy with the words: "Let these songs will tell you about my feelings."
  • Tip Three. It happens that the young man does not understand poetry and quite susceptible to lyrical music. Well, then give him a romantic dinner alone and put the cake in the middle of the table with the inscription "I love you." Or proiznesёm sacred phrase, raising a glass of champagne and looking into the eyes of the beloved. Dinner is better to prepare itself. It does not matter if we do not know how to cook and not be able to buy the perfect cake. Saute ordinary eggs, ketchup which we derive the words.
  • Council fourth. It is a way of tactile recognition of love. Touching the guy can write with your fingertip slowly on his back, hands, cheek cherished phrase while asking him to spell read written. If not thick-skinned young man, he understands everything.
  • Tip Five. Today, our services - the mass of radio stations, allows you to order a melody for a loved one. We call on the radio, listening to a guy who prefers others, and we ask the DJ to tell the young man everything for us. And then to put the boys soulful song.

As a declaration of love the guy best? Generally, the choice of method is individual recognition. And what it will be a matter of taste and imagination. The main thing is that everything was beautiful and without the slightest hints of falsehood and strained. To do this, select the appropriate time, to dedicate ourselves to him and nothing to fear. Because why be afraid? If we do not reciprocate - then we priobretёm experience. Well, if the answer is, I will be happy. It turns out, for fear in this case, there is no substantial grounds.

Of course, do not worry about going to confess his love to his young man, it is impossible. This should not hide the excitement. It is natural and is a testament to the sincerity of the girl. A burning cheeks lady only decorate. Going to such a meeting, it is best to dress in accordance with its atmosphere - a solemn, romantic, enchanting. It is desirable that a meeting occurred in the evening, so then, at night, it was possible to come to his senses and think about what happened. Confessing in love, do not hard at this time to consider floor or ceiling. We must look the guy in the eye and follow their expression. It is possible that they appear first in amazement. This young man is a normal reaction to what is happening. It's not every day a girl confesses her love for him! Nothing, after a time the youth will acquire the gift of speech and probably pronounces: "I love you too! ". And it will be highly appreciated for our courage.

 As a declaration of love the guy?

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