why a man's mistress

Men's betrayal - this is what disturbs the female sex a long time ago, and something that we can never get used to. Our husbands have mistresses manage even if the relationships within the family in order. Well, then why the man another woman? After all, he and his wife - the two halves. And for a third part there just can not be! However, it appears. Why is that? Why would a man's mistress, if he has a wife?

It is reasonable for a man to have a mistress?

Really - if so to understand why men mistress? After its start, while having a family, any one of the stronger sex is simply unprofitable. And with the material, and from a psychological point of view. In fact, it is nothing like excess cash costs and headaches. Why is that? Because instead of quietly currently come home, have dinner and fell on your favorite sofa, man, greed into trouble, I go to his mistress. And even if he holds an excellent time with her, much different from the usual rubbing the sofa. All the same, then it is necessary to invent excuses to his wife, are gradually losing patience, and trust in him.

Well even if the wife is not very jealous and suspicious. A quick-witted mistress and patient. But it often happens, and vice versa! And then just hold on, cheating husband and promised everything in the light of a lover! We have to fight and from that and from the other, and thus carry a significant loss. So? So. Women's attacks is very difficult to maintain in general, and when they are directed from two sides - and even more so. APB situation. Each of the men, intending to get a mistress, it can be assumed occurrence. And suggests if it is not completely fool. But it still climbs into the trap.

Well, that's why? Because of sexual desire? So it is better to enter into short-term or non-binding communications. Nobody in no way be to blame, no one will require. I came, I got my, left. Without mutual commitment and the eternal tension due to the fact that the wife finds out about this. A woman to have a constant, not only for sex - a more expensive. Sooner or later, it wants to lay claim to full possession of man. And then down the drain. The end of the idyll.

In short, the mistress of a married man to acquire a permanent representative of the stronger sex is unwise. If it really wants to meet regularly with some woman, better to divorce his wife. Logically? Still would. However, if relations between men and women attended the logic, then, most likely, and any relationship would not exist. After all, in fact, we have during the existence side by side learned basically only masterly nerves wag each other. And if this is still irresistibly seek - means no logic in gender relations is not. Nevertheless, we will try to find at least some rational explanation for why a man gets a mistress. At least from a desire to understand. So then if this happens in our family, we can be forgiven. Or do not forgive.

 Why would a man's mistress

Why do men suffer permanent mistress?

In principle, the reasons for the appearance of a man many permanent mistress. To list them, we will not. This has already been written, rewritten hundreds of times, why I repeat that? Let's talk not about the notorious male polygamy, and not about what 's in the family and there is no understanding of normal sex, so .... " These changes explain, by and large, are nothing more than attempts to fit a problem under some primitive scheme. In fact, not all men - notorious males, and not all of them will be the dream of his mistress, his wife if there is no understanding.

Some of those who has managed to become the mistresses believe that man will not go to the left, with excellent wife. Alas, it is not. As if any woman was perfect in every way, from the betrayal of his life partner, she is not insured. Again, not because "all men to smear one world." Just life, and with it the people diverse. A sense of human and prone to swings like a swing - up and down, up and down. In a rare family that does not happen. And sometimes, even in affluent homes happen bad weather. Sky relations tightened clouds, rumbles of thunder, lightning, pouring freezing rain ...

The woman in this case can take shelter from the rain under an umbrella everyday worries. Anyway, its task - preservation of the hearth, and she is forced to take care of it, even if the soul winter. The man is proud, and when it is not under the umbrella name, he was not asked to. He gets wet, frozen, and eventually goes to look for a place where you can warm up. And, of course, it is. I can always find a lonely woman, ready to take, dry and caress the weary traveler. All. Done. Treason is available.

Well, shall we say. If there was a scandal in the house, pushed the man into the arms of another, it is still possible to understand. The wife could not in time to make concessions to her husband wanted human warmth, and here - a lonely, understanding, sympathetic woman. She asks nothing, nothing from him waiting, always listen and calm. This mistress is a haven for men, in which he was hiding during family storms. But husbands often change, and when the house scandals are short-lived and are quite rare! They go to the left, even if a woman is attractive, caring, intelligent. Why is that?

This is the other side of male adultery. The reason it usually lies in the tendency of men to the idealization of women. Representatives of the stronger sex, dreaming of a lovely lady, even in our pragmatic time, not so little. This attraction to the ideal formed in early childhood, and later men unconsciously seek it almost all his life. Faced with that, which then becomes a wife, they initially see it as almost the crown of creation. However, family life radically changes this view. One day, the husband realizes that his wife - an ordinary man. And she lives, is not "breathing perfume and mist," and just like everything - eating, sleeping and needs to meet the physiological needs.

The one who dreams of perfection, such a discovery is disappointing. If nearby is "beautiful stranger", it could well be his mistress. And, as a rule, it becomes. Men think that now he really has found the ideal. Still would! After all, he does not know all the intimate details of the life of this woman. By dating the lady is well prepared, about everyday problems do not stutter in an old robe before him prowling. Unearthly creation, and more! So take a mistress to be an idealist, as long as does not understand that she, too, is not alien to anything human. Then he disappointed again and again begin to look beautiful lady.

I must say that this type of men are often changed. And if a woman went to her husband-seeker of a beautiful lady, she will not be easy. To faithful not disappointed, you have to be perfect in everything. Basically, if you try very hard, it is possible. But you can not if you live under the same roof, always be an angel in the flesh! Anyway, sooner or later manifest itself something human. And who knows, after that throw spouse. Maybe it was just a will become isolated, and perhaps set his face to search for the ideal. Unknown.

Okay. Why do men appear mistress-beauty, we sort of understood. But it also happens that the other woman looks much inferior to his wife! It was then where the dog is buried? Traditionally, family relationships mean that the husband in them - the breadwinner, protector, patron. And any normal man is aware and is trying to meet the requirements. But it does not always manage to comply. That money is not enough, then a career collapses, then solve a problem does not work. Man ceases to feel important, even if his wife is not particularly saws and trying to treat everything with understanding. Because he feels guilty for what is happening.

Suddenly a man appears next to a woman who looks at him adoringly and adores. It does not show him any claims or non-binding, enthusiastically refers to every action ... Well, how not to become attached to a person? This lady - like an antidepressant. Near her a man quietly. So he dives from time to time in the hospitable mistress hole, which is always happy his hero. And then it does not matter, it looks better than a wife or worse. The main thing is that the man in front of reverence.

No, of course, very often men have mistresses because they just straight from the tin, and very young, because marital sex does not satisfy, because that home furnishings too tense - and so on. About this adultery has repeatedly been said, and the reasons are clear and banal. What we have not yet entirely clear another: why, having a long time constant lover, men seldom enough to divorce his wife?

 why a man gets a mistress

Why do men have a mistress, not to divorce his wife?

Oh, how often it happens when the mistress of a married man is confident that sooner or later he left his family and will move it permanently! Because "his wife does not understand, he does not appreciate, as I understand it, and we love '," the woman fat and ugly, and I was young and sexy, "" he and his wife still bad, but to me it is good, "and so hereinafter. However, time passes, and the favorite for some reason does not leave the one who "does not understand" and is not mapped to the "fat and old." And yet it did not dare to break relations with nemoverno scandalous wife.

And this happens not only when the husband and wife are linked stamp in the passport, but also if they live in a civil marriage. Oh, there it would seem that keeps? I packed up and went to the understanding, sexy young woman. But do not go away. And still fooling, and his wife and his mistress. What are the reasons for this behavior of our dear members of the stronger sex?

In principle, there are occasions when a man really throws his wife for his mistress. Yet this is quite rare and mostly when the situation in the family is really very bad. If it is more tolerant, the man most likely to break with the wife will not go. And this will reassure other women that de divorce is about to take place. Or that he could not yet leave her family, because children need it, without it will not be solved any problems, he does not want to disappoint their parents and so on.

In fact, any sane man understands that draws a lover, while she - the lady in the distance. And well aware that she become his wife, it is not clear that he sees before him. It is likely that understanding and obedience turn into contention and rigor, beauty will result expertly superimposed makeup and adoration - skilful pretense brutal loneliness person.

But even if a man is already well studied his mistress, she knows what it is actually and it is like leaving the family for him still problematic. Why is that? Simply because the house - is a native. There are all familiar, there you can walk in worn sneakers and sweat pants torn, you can sit for two hours in the bathroom and slurp at the table ... There you can be yourself. And here we have to behave in accordance with those for whom you take is.

No, it happens that the mistress is already fairly well studied habits of men and is ready to accept it with all faults. But all the same family - is the heat of the fire in the hearth, and fellowship with other women similarly warm electric fireplace. Like it or not, but the mistress - just a substitute for happiness, which was hoping to find a man in marriage. He put a lot of effort into it, it tried to create something. And start all over again just once feared - and suddenly come out the same? Why change the flea?

In general, for most men chat with his mistress - an area where there are no special obligations. The mistress will not send a message: "Buy bread on the way home." She writes: "I miss you so much! So much! ". The family of a man waiting for some kind of help. Mistress also only need his presence. But exactly what someone needs help, and binds the stronger sex to the family most of all! After all, we no longer love him of whom care than someone who takes care of us!

Many women landed in the ranks of lovers, believe that the main thing - that a man divorced his wife. And then everything goes like clockwork. He will belong only to his lover, and they will live together happily ever after. It is not that simple. In fact, most of those who left the family because of his mistress, soon begins to long for his former home. Men get used to it, and too rapid transition from one woman to another causes a rapidly changing habits. Strong sex alien to this sudden metamorphosis. Men are very attached to their habits. No, I refuse it on some of their habits they can. But this requires time. And here - instant transition from one situation to another. Yes, should I? There is something to think about ...

Do not throw the wives of mistresses also because men are usually the owners. Even a single realization that his place Godmother someone else can hold the unfaithful husband of the last step. The wife should belong only to him and to the point! How is it - her body will caressing strange man? No, better to let his wife is next. Will be calm in my soul ...

Such are they our men. The complex, vulnerable, selfish and sometimes naive, like children. They like to feel always in demand, it is necessary, meaningful, credible, desirable. And his wife, unfortunately, often overlooked these facts in mind. But they successfully used mistress. That tied someone's husband to another woman, and sometimes that not especially wanting. And then there are the love triangle, which runs around the perimeter of three. And no one can catch up.

 Why would a man have mistresses?

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