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  • How to deal with emotions if her husband went to another
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  • What can and should be done after the departure of her husband Tips
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Human life is full of unpredictable events, which are sometimes applied as a crushing blow that a then come over the years. Very often these things happen to the marriage union, crumbling everywhere today. And often crumbling suddenly and at the initiative of men. That seems only yesterday were normal relations between spouses. Well, there were sometimes quarrels ... And who do not exist? And then suddenly without much seems to be good reason her husband packed his bags, he said that he had met another woman and left. And you remain alone with their grief, not knowing what to do next.

APB situation. When her husband decided to leave after a series of scandals, grand, wife still somehow ready for it. She is ready for such a turn of events, and when the Blessed suspects treason. True, it's easier this does not become, but then at least you know where to wait for the impact.

And if it does not wait, wonder and collapse into the abyss, putting an end to its existence. However, such an outcome threatens mainly weak-willed ladies who are unable to cope with difficulties. The woman is stronger, even falling into a depression, it is still trying to analyze what happened and look for a way out.

Of course, the best option seems to her husband's repatriation from the house of another woman. But how can you get it back and that to do this, it usually does not know, making out of it a lot of mistakes at times. How to avoid them and to ensure that the past was resuscitated?

 How to return her husband left

How to deal with emotions if her husband went to another

That's it. He went, mercilessly throwing before closing the door behind him, "I realized that I do not love you anymore. I'm leaving her for another woman. " And that, after so many years of marriage! But he promised to protect, love and cherish ... and very much like to believe that this will happen to old age! It did not happen. Soul eats jealousy, guilt, anger and despair. What are these voracious creatures do ?! It hurts because of their sharp bite to the heart of the teeth.

Well, jealousy now we can not escape. This is a normal feeling after a loved one - it's almost the property! The property, which is suddenly taken over by another. Well, what kind of person in this case is not angry? They took away and not having any rights! Therefore, the anger - an absolutely normal reaction to what is happening.

But the guilt complex. This occurs even when the man left the woman behaved impeccably. All the time it seems like something unfinished, nedogovorit, missed. And for good reason. Because men go to another, even from ideal in all respects wives. Changes would be desirable. For fresh bodies, new sensations. Therefore, self-flagellation, coupled with hopelessness albeit wait. In straight from the tin body may eventually discover flaws.

And to quickly get used to new sensations. And he starts to pull to such native past. Because there, in the past, you can be what it is. There you take all the twists and know inside out.

So guilt cultivate not necessary. It is not necessary to sort out in my mind the options of how to do it was when my husband went to get it back. Well, we rushed to his feet, begging him to stay, or vice versa, was sent to all four sides, so what? Surely faithful to it was ready and knew what to say and how to behave in both cases. And if we really begging to stay or sent to hell - forget about it.

Important in this period to try by all means not hysteria even in the presence of her husband. Better to pretend that we are calm. We are quite calm. It is a state of the abandoned wife clings most men for a living and is a blow to their self-esteem. And there's an adulterer necessarily interested in why the former half does not cut his wrists and revels in the trash grief.

That's even interested! But we still think well how this man-runner, we are now needed, and if we can forgive him for treason. Just need to make a verdict, being of sound mind. Let's try to coolly sending a knockout emotions, analyze the situation and what has happened before. Perhaps affection for her husband - it just worked out a habit over the years of the presence of this man in the house?

If so, then after some time from the present internal discomfort will be over. Indispensable in this case. What is the difference, whose sneaker lying under the sofa! Out to another? And good riddance! Well, porydat for a week ... and then wipe the tears, feathers cleaned and go enjoy the freedom of exploring the world around them.

Well, if this is not just a habit, but a true feeling, and my husband really want to return, then all the more difficult. The main thing here - under the influence of emotions is not something stupid and behave so that he once felt sorry that went away. As in this case, we can and should do, and what not?

What not to do after leaving her husband to another

First of all, when my husband went to another should not be any castigate himself or regret. From his half of this Act no one is immune. That's how the present society. Marriage it is not considered to be something monumental. And he may even fall apart without any reason. Therefore, we will not beat your head against the wall.

It is better to try to calm the storm inside, and pay more attention to the beloved. Because, if moved into another house husband sees us disheveled, swollen from crying eyes and a red nose, to regret his act, he is unlikely to begin. Quite the contrary. So, we need to freshen up and hide their suffering away from him.

In no case can not be ringing rival, watch for it somewhere, and even more so to break into an apartment with an aim to clarify the relationship. Ugly scandals grand hullabaloo woman is not beautiful. And her husband after they not only smitten with love for the abandoned wife - he just will feel an aversion to it. And back then it will not be possible under any circumstances.

And can be no question about how to run around the fortune-tellers and psychics. Services of the road, and the ability to doubtful. As a result, in addition to the empty house we get the empty pocket. But even if it will fall a real witch (it does happen), the husband, reclaimed from the other by a love spell - not such a valuable gift. Surely it will be a completely different person, which is next to the hard times. Why do we need a dreary future, without the right to the light?

Do not forget to try and drown sorrows in alcohol. Alcohol - poor help in solving such issues. Under his influence, this can bloat - Mom, do not worry! All my life I have to repent later. And the hangover does not alleviate the condition, but only exacerbate it. To torment due to the deceased husband's will add another headache and remorse because of yesterday's fraternization with the green snake. Of all people, and this type of friend is not exactly good. In close relationship with him up one - chronic alcoholism.

In a word, tears lёm day, two, three, and then take your emotions under control. Yes, it is very difficult. But everything is possible. Let's try to win with the help of some trouble councils.

 She left her husband how to return

What can and should be done after the departure of her husband Tips

  1. Left alone, we sob, yell, whine moan. We must let the pain out. Why alone? Firstly, do not cause suffering to children. They and so unsweetened. Secondly, because unsuited comforters in most cases only exacerbate the situation, repeating that her husband - a complete bastard, and regret about it not worth it. And at the same time forced to regret sebya.A it to anything. No, if there is a sincere friend of wise or clever loved one, you can certainly pour out their soul. But only when we are sure that they do everything correctly understand and judge.
  2. Once the pain subsides a little, try to still find a reason that her husband went to another. Let's try to look at what happened objectively, as if from the outside. What prompted the faithful to such a serious step? Frequent scandals, misunderstanding each other, boredom, everyday problems? Perhaps we no longer look after themselves and to be met by his wife too many claims? Or he always looked to the side, and now got a stranglehold lady who managed to divert a man from the family? And to us, and it never occurred to him to pay more attention to? We must calmly, rationally and as accurately as possible to determine why it happened, so as not to repeat their mistakes later.
  3. If the cause is found, look at it from all sides and find the source. It is likely that a family crisis occurred. At such times a man can fall in love and leave her for another woman, not particularly bothered by moral principles. If so, to get it back, you have to be patient and to behave as gently as possible. We keep a good relationship with his friends and with common acquaintances. At the same time no one trying to set up against the current passion of the faithful or even try nego.Da against anyone not to discuss what had happened! Unexpected phrase in conversation can be an additional wedge in the relationship with her husband. You never know how it turned over various "well-wishers"!
  4. As soon as possible to get rid of painful memories, make a list of what is in the missus irritated. We make it everything, from spattered mirror in the bathroom and ending with the strange change of mood and rejection of foreplay in bed. We reread the list as often as possible and at the same time say to myself, "That's a good thing that all this will now have to endure another! Gone to her, and it's great! More known fortunate! ".
  5. Remove from sight all things reminiscent of the spouse. Hiding away tools, photos, forgotten his shirt-pants sneakers and more. But do not these shirts, shorts, sneakers tools send on the current location of its habitat. (There are ladies who do). Firstly, it is very ugly act, emphasizing our weakness. Usually, the person who leaves the family, things like that razdrazhayut.Vo Secondly, all personal belongings they may need her husband, if he comes back and grab them with you. So either you have to spend money to buy new, or pick them up at the other woman. No one knows how it will end.

Well, we have done everything possible to somehow calm down the emotional storm. This is good, but in order to win back her husband's family is not enough. It should be more and do another.

 her husband left her for another how to return

How to behave that increase the chances of return of her husband with another woman

I must say that the chance that the spouse will gladly return to the abandoned wife, has not changed during the time of separation, a little bit. If a person had already escaped from the fact that it oppressed, it is unlikely he will accept it with enthusiasm again. No, when there is no other choice, will, of course. Where to go, then? But nothing good in this case will not be. So we should try to make sure that the fugitive is not rushed back from despair, and by his own insatiable desire. That's why we:

  1. We are trying in every way to raise the self-esteem, which, of course, is now fluttering provisions below her level. This disorder. People meet, break up, meet again, again parted ... That's the way life is. And if parting lose faith in yourself long and generally be slaughtered gray shade, which no one ever paid attention. We must not only save his face, but also to improve it at whatever cost! To start the trailer somewhere in a conspicuous place a sheet of paper with the inscription: "Such as I am, no more in the world. I am a charming, cute, unique! And in general - I'm very very clever! ". Let it hang and hauntingly reminiscent of what we are actually.
  2. We try as much as possible to be in a society, start dating, surround ourselves with interesting people. Forget that her husband left, and go without it in the movie, in theaters, at any event. Meet with your friends, leave them on the nature or vecherinke.To have fun on the act, looking for entertainment and the opportunity to fill their lives with new events. But novels until the plant is not necessary. Novels - it later, when we see that her husband did not return. Or that his presence is not necessary to have a number.
  3. Getting to improve and change for the better. Closely involved in work or some fad, define goals and worked for them moving. We adjust their appearance, making sure that it is getting better and better. If possible, run hither shop and acquire pleasant things: clothes, shoes, cosmetics, some Souvenir and bezdelushki.Ne enough money - buy cheap. The main thing - even on something to have fun and not think less that her husband left home. In other words, we try to spend time with the benefit and joy. And then will come the hour when we realize that life goes on without her husband.

In general, for every woman whose husband left her for another, I understand that life goes on without him - the most important thing. It should not be too long to suffer from the thought that we were betrayed, abandoned. We assume that it is - one of the steps for further development. No one can predict what will turn in the end this or that event.

Perhaps then we suddenly will understand that, having gone, the husband opened the door, behind which languished plenty of opportunities for self-development and for the modernization of family relations. It is likely that such an act of his was necessary, such as resuscitation or to shake faded or dull the senses.

Yes, now the pain is uncontrollable because it supports more and bitter resentment of the fact that he left for a reason, and to another woman. But sooner or she dies down, because time heals. And then, it not only heals, but also enables the fugitive to another woman and see it from all sides. Razluchnitsy certain deficiencies, carefully hidden before, will lead her husband to life. And one day he will return to confess. Well, if you endure the pain of what went beloved, no strength, let us turn to the good psychologist. In the end, then they are there to help people put the disaster on the shoulder and tell you how to return a loved one.

 How to return her husband if he went to another

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