Feng Shui to attract money and luck


  • That in itself includes the concept of "feng shui"?
  • What should be done to the methods of Feng Shui brings home the money?

Billions of people are looking for ways to enrich themselves. Someone dreams about it in secret, and some are just obsessed with the search for easy money. This is not surprising, because they play a most important role in a modern and aggressive way of life. Without them, people will not feel completely happy. Who is this coming age in which everything depends on the banknotes. Feng Shui to attract money just be able to help in resolving this issue.

Not everyone believes that feng shui works. Of course, to achieve positive results, it is necessary to go deeper and learn more detail. Start with the basics, as Feng Shui, due to the fact that in this science plays an important role of experience and practice, it is impossible to learn so soon. So what really is this mysterious word?

 money tree to raise money
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That in itself includes the concept of "feng shui"?

Feng shui - the ancient Chinese science (art, lifestyle) of the interaction of energy with the space and its influence on all aspects of human life. Some confuse it with the teaching of magic or religion. In fact, such a thing as feng shui, far from witchcraft. Whether people believe it or not, and its energy flows exist.

Whether they are positive or negative, we attract them to his actions and thoughts. Unlike Western concepts of the world order, Eastern sages even in the distant past called attention to the close relationship of natural phenomena and objects that surround the man to his fate.

Feng-Hive has its own laws and principles. According to one of them, at the birth of the person receives a third of his happiness. The second part, he creates his own actions and thoughts, and the third component is added brought by the energy flows, which the person in power to control. This is done through a variety of mascots by long-studied formulas, methodologies and knowledge accumulated over the centuries. Some of them are still kept for the "seven seals". But there is already disclosed secrets. Knowing how to use them properly, a person can bring good luck, health, money and well-being in general.

Unlike astrology, in which the fate of the characters are looking at the sky, in feng Shuya looking for them on the ground. Literally, the phrase is translated as "wind and water". The word "wind" here implies a cosmic energy and its motion, and the "water" in this case means the foundation of all life. From all we can conclude that Feng Shui teaches man to live in harmony with the world around him. So how do you achieve a balance and use of Feng Shui for the money?

 red color to attract money on Feng Shui
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What should be done to the methods of Feng Shui brings home the money?

In China, there is a famous proverb: "Happy people live in happy homes."   It perfectly reveals the whole meaning of feng shui. That is how to equip the house is located and what it has a number, which charms and symbolic objects it contains, and so on, depends on the fate of man. In one article it is impossible to describe all, so long as you can stay on how to attract money to themselves.

First we need to determine in each room where there is a zone of wealth. Yet she is also responsible for the power, since these two components - the Twin Cities. It should be noted that it is located in the south-eastern sector. Therefore, to correctly identify where this land, you will need a compass. Next, you need to activate this area of ​​symbolic objects, talismans. But before you start working with it, you will need to thoroughly clean the place of dirt and unnecessary things.

According to the Chinese teachings of water is the control element in the area of ​​wealth. In this connection, it is expedient to accommodate, for example, fish aquarium. They are also an activator of attracting finance, and better, if it's goldfish. It is important that the water is fresh and clean. Otherwise, instead of profits in the house will be some losses. If the fish died, they should be replaced immediately. Instead, you can put an aquarium beautiful bowl with water.

In the area of ​​attracting money should prevail blue, green or purple color. This space should be well lit. Excellent activators are moving objects. They are considered to be effective agents that transmit signals in the cosmos of the desire to have money.

In no event it is impossible at this point to place spiky flowers, such as cacti. Their spines are suppressing positive energy. A "cash" tree on the contrary, will bring to the house of desirable financial well-being. Of course, it should be well-groomed and healthy. We can not allow it to dry. Also, there are different and bonsai. But keep in mind that care for them more difficult and time-consuming.

The strongest three-legged toad is considered a talisman, which sits on coins. It should not be set too high. It is believed she was larger than the more money she "earned". To place it should be near the front door in the face of the house. The bedroom, kitchen and bathroom - no place for her.

In the southeastern part of the room can also be placed paintings of nature, or the fountain. Now on sale there and decorative indoor fountains, which are also potent activators of attracting money.

 An effective way to attract money

 cozy bedroom on feng shui


  • Bedroom - a sacred place
  • Summing up

Bedroom - it's the most intimate and important room in the house. This is where we spend almost a third of his life. On how to organize the space in the room and how well placed the emphasis depends on not only the quality of our holiday, but also the well-being of family relations.
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Bedroom - a sacred place

For a rest and good sleep is necessary to keep his bedroom in order. This is where the sleeping person transferred his consciousness into other dimensions. It is important to keep this room in a proper clean, not only physically, but also, no less importantly, energy. There are a few simple rules, following which, according to feng shui, it is possible to organize the space in his bedroom:

  1. There must be no objects, reminiscent of work or study, whether it be a desk, a computer, or a folder with documents. If you can not select a separate room under the cabinet, it is advisable to store all of these items as possible from his bed. The same rule applies in the regeneration of the children's bedrooms - foreign objects may have a negative effect on the child's sleep.
  2. You should not combine the functions of a bedroom and a sports hall. All trainers and sports equipment should be stored in another room.
  3. According to Feng Shui, it is not recommended to install in the bedroom wardrobes with clothes and put on a mezzanine. We must try to hang all the winter clothes in the closet in the hallway, and lighter clothes, leave in the next room.
  4. Try to put things in a timely manner cleanliness and order in your bedroom, make sure that the door does not creak, and the windows were always clean and free flowing sunlight. The bedroom should be regularly aired, letting updated chi energy.
  5. Do not put things under the bed no.
  6. Avoid that were located in the bedroom mirror.

 Buddha for harmony in the bedroom

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Summing up

When choosing a bed need to pay attention to her back - it should be smooth, without any sharp edges. Besides the bed, it is desirable not to put no more furniture or choose such that it takes a minimum of space and is not dominated by its size over the bed. The colors of the interior are matched to the size of the room. For small rooms is better to choose light colors; if the area allows, you can choose a rich color.

However, it should comply with the measure that the whole situation is not irritated, did not press and do not cause aggression. If you want to establish a sex life or regain activity, it is possible to add to the design bright spots of red. According to feng shui, a bed should not be placed kicks to the door . Best of all, if the door would be somewhere in the side. It is advisable to avoid placing the bed in a straight line between the door and the window, as well as near the wall, if it is adjacent to the bathroom - it can seriously damage the health. Compliance with these recommendations not be easy, but it can bring harmony in relationships, will give a good rest and good sleep.

 Creating a harmonious bedroom, according to Feng Shui