How to return her husband's mistress


  • Why is the husband starts looking for another woman
  • How to behave, if you found out about her husband's mistress
  • How do I get my husband to forget his mistress

Well ... I have a spouse there was another woman. And it's not mistrust and suspicions are not groundless. We now know for sure - it is. No, it is, of course, this fact conceals. But the pain in the bag can not hide. These mysterious calls on your mobile, late from work absences in the evenings and weekends, detached dreamy look, unexplained irritability ... can be attributed to such strange behavior something else - you never know what people once addicted?

For example, the faithful dreaming about buying a new car or spinning, and we are here with her suspicion. Oh, if only ... Not so, not so. Needless to deceive ourselves. Already know the name of his passions, and even address. Well-wishers have tried. And how can it be ?! How to return her husband's mistress, if he had any thoughts - just for her? And how can we get it back? Well, let's think about this question.

Why is the husband starts looking for another woman

Of course, each of us really want to see her husband remained faithful under any circumstances. But, alas, alas! In fact, these men - units. No matter how good a husband, whatever advantages not possessed by treason Believing she is not insured. Fierce statistics show that more than half of wives sooner or later face the obvious signs of the emergence of a mistress. That is exactly sure of its existence. And how many more do not know it!

The situation is very painful. Very ... more Okay, when pious homes continues to behave friendly, trying to help, still cares about family and solves its problems. But often it is not so! Zaimevshy another woman's husband becomes sullen, petty, always cranky kritikanom. And you do not look so bad, and cook, and tongue-tied, and stupid, useless and hostess ...

Here try to soak like that! And okay, when really his wife launched himself at home I do not care about sex denies and only knows that his precious half of the day and night to cut. Or spouse - a handsome man having a profitable business, and all the attendant zavlekalochki - expensive cars, and other type of representative. Then the appearance of another woman predictable and understandable. Whether a man is trying to escape to another house from the quarrelsome women, whether it cute girls throw themselves at his feet.

And if it is not so? If the wife is struggling to please her husband, watching him, the house contains fine, and he - chump, chump and unprepossessing appearance, and money in your pocket - one, two and obchelsya? And yet after all bears left! And there is already a friendly hug opens, and with them the bed, any tender-hearted lady. And often it is no better (and sometimes worse) wife. Why ?! Why are men so willingly and so easy for us to change? Did they not realize that such an act is destructive for family harmony, and his half of the psyche?

Oddly enough, but many do not realize this. Men, even a very responsible and serious, in the soul much more children than we think. The child always wants to have fun with a bright brand new toy. And the fact that this toy - a living person, it is not taken into account. And often falls because of his levity into the trap. Because mistresses are different.

Some quietly accept the game rules and will arrange their personal lives without giving much importance to relations with a married man. And some by all means try to bind it to himself, not giving value already that he is married. And the way to find a lot of this. Great kid and not have time to gasp as he is entangled from head to toe and psychologically, and physically. Well, in the sense of physical comfort.

No, certainly not all of our pious started up in fornication only because it wanted a new tchotchke. There are those who are in need of new impressions and therefore runs from one woman to another. And someone needed sharpness and euphoric feelings, usually present at the beginning of any novel. Someone looking for warmth and understanding in marriage loses, someone - the implementation of explicit sexual fantasies, which hesitates to tell his wife.

Or lusty seized and whispers that his men need to check the consistency of the fresh body. And finally, there are incorrigible dogs, winding in the form of any person smazlivenkoy. Nor smazlivenkoy too. The main thing is that it - not the familiar length and breadth of his wife.

Of course, it happens that the other woman her husband is the most that neither is love. If so, we had no choice but to let him go. And forgive. Because of the love of man has no control. It is capricious and stamp in the passport are not considered to be something substantial. This is certainly not reassuring, but let the wife in this case is necessary.

First, even the most ardent feelings subside once. And it happens so fast, faster than all the desires are realized. Second, keep seriously in love with another young lady a man can be forced. But is it possible to control his thoughts and emotions? Do not embodied in life, they will be more painful and more twice. So let him go. It is likely that in the time he returns. And we just need to understand and accept.

But this is really enamored men. But what if the husband became interested in another woman, with her regularly called back and found, but it is not going to go away from the family because it is so convenient? To him it is convenient, and we what? To know that a spouse is someone still and quietly look at it can not each of us. Pretending that everything is in order at night crying into the pillow - the unenviable prospect. What to do? Packed up and put the faithful over the threshold? The prospect of being alone is not better. So how do you do?

 return of her husband from his mistress

How to behave, if you found out about her husband's mistress

I must say that in the vast majority of married men passion for someone on the side sooner or later passes. Especially when a marriage for several years and it is quite well-being. Therefore, learning about the change, do not need to hurry to pack things together with her husband a toothbrush. After all, so you can really lose it - and suddenly, even realizing his mistake, he simply afraid to go home? And razluchnitse pleasure is not worth. Not for that we have spent so much time and effort on this grasshopper Jumping to at least for some time to give it entirely strange woman. At the same time, the husband is not a thing, not property, and pick it up from the autocratic use of this strange fail.

Therefore it is necessary to go the other way. Namely - to hide away suitcase bellow secret, a little calm down and think about how to conduct yourself is now. That's just no ugly scenes, trying to force the conscience of the faithful writhe in agony of conscience and so on! More Women's tantrums one of the men spodvigli to complete self-denial in order to preserve the family.

And in comparison with that other, sobbing loudly on his wife with swollen eyes and red nose clearly lose. As for conscience, then there are two options: either it is there or not. If there is, then, and so suffer. Therefore, in addition to her husband balamutit soul to anything - and mad rush to his passion. If not, meaning something which her cry? It does not matter that the head of a stone wall to fight ...

In a word, we must try to do without the scenes. Incidentally, this is a wonderful way to shock the husband and get him to think about what did. Usually men have mistresses iota suggest that adultery can learn about the wife. And whether consciously or subconsciously there, but ready for her tantrums, reproaches scenes icy silence and attempted to put his half of the door. But to the indulgent, even where a benevolent understanding of the wife is not ready to have almost none. This behavior women unsettling, hurt pride and makes all the time to think about the reasons for its serenity. Meditate at home and at work, and in the arms of his mistress. But this is exactly what we need!

So we try to pick yourself up and pretend that we care about what is happening a little. They say, well, you started the, my dear, for another, so what? Just think ... not erased. Enough for everyone. And this view is not only desirable to keep in communication with her husband, but in the presence of friends, colleagues, friends. There is no one "benevolence" psevdopodruzhki than a curiosity, which often still are good friends and mistresses. About how they will work together with her to gloat, seeing our despair, we are not talking.

Yes, and pour oil on the fire would be hard. So the call for help all his strength of will, and let no one sees our pain. Except that the very close people - mothers, real friends. In short, someone who is willing to listen and understand. That is utter them, crying, call the spouse and his passion, and the last words out loud present as tearing all her hair. And anywhere else and with anyone. To nothing.

It's hard to do at first. It is extremely difficult. Hurt, pain, insulted the dignity of the soul torn apart. Let's try to calm the emotions of the idea that this happens in almost all families. And that cheating husband even good, because it allows you to look at the ratio of new to us and to him. Men need to understand that his wife is indispensable, and the marriage must be protected. And he will understand if you do not compare it to another? Here are just a comparison should be in our favor. How is that done?

 return of her husband

How do I get my husband to forget his mistress

Of course, to make a comparison with his mistress turned in our favor, we must at least partially aware of her habits, hobbies, manner of dress and so on. The best option for receiving such information - to get acquainted with "that bitch" closer. It would be nice to do it at all, and almost a friend. Double, even triple benefit - and often in the eyes of doves will, and to understand that the husband of the woman found in the other, it is possible, and arrange so that it bored him quickly, out.

Suffice it to regularly invite the young lady to visit, take it with you on any measures to stick to blagovernomu to allow "the poor thing alone" to go with your family on the nature and so on. Surely sooner or later the day will come when he is troubled her ever-present in the house. After all, at home I want to relax and be yourself. But is this possible if the rooms shastaet mistress, in whose eyes have to look your best?

But such a feat - as much as possible to get close to the second woman to her husband - is capable of not every one of us. Just try to smile all the time of this "snake in the grass" when I feel like zvezdanut her on the head with something heavier! And the passion of a man is not so easy to observe his conversations with his wife. So in most cases the option of close relations between the two women is unacceptable. If they are not old friends. Therefore, to learn about the habits and hobbies husband have a mistress in a roundabout way.

You can inquire about this from friends in common when they are. And you can make at least some idea on the basis of changes in the behavior of her husband. He began to speak often about the painting or to learn horse riding? It turns out that she is interested in the fine arts or rides. He suddenly began to run in the mornings or go swimming? Rather, it is - athletic woman swimming pool ... Well, and so on.

Such information does not make us immediately run into an art gallery or climbing into the saddle. It is - just an occasion for reflection and a boost to self-development. If the woman sticks out in the gym and we have not toned figure, then we correct the mistake and write down in a fitness club. If it differs from modern impressionism - learn to understand the literary trends. And so on. In short, do not sit still and not waiting for the sea cleared up. To discover the world and throws open a window in it as widely as possible.

Do not forget at the same time that the stomach, like it or not, one of the leading agencies that control the behavior of men. Therefore, it is necessary to feed the husband delicious, surprising every time their toques abilities. No experience in this matter - shtudiruem cookbooks or online. Taps exquisite dishes on the table should not be second place. Sometimes, as it is banal, it is delicious food becomes the true cause permanent escape on the side of the faithful.

We should not, of course, and restrict her husband in the intima. Otherwise, he is sure to go to make up for his lack of one another, are always ready to close. It is desirable to be in bed miracles of diversity, but so as not to scandalize the faithful his unexpected promiscuity. I not think that we practice somewhere else. And the experiment is possible only in the case where the husband wants it. If not, do not have to be imposed. All in good time. It is enough to make him understand that his wife not against the stunning sex. One spouse is certainly set his face to take advantage of it. And then it is necessary to shake off completely.

In no case can not show my husband my discouragement. And get depressed too, can not - it can not be hidden. And suffering facial expression rarely any woman colors. And sympathy missus is not likely to cause. Rather boring, because it is like a constant reminder of his guilt. Therefore it is better not to sit, feeling sorry for myself and nyanchitsya own flour, and find a pleasant experience, surrounded passing a whole host of old friends and new acquaintances. This approach to the situation, not only help to forget, but will open up new horizons that we never knew.

With regard to relations with her husband, then they should be as friendly. We should try to be him or girlfriend, or almost native mother. It is advisable to take an interest in everything that happens in the life of the faithful, after informing him that the relationship with another woman - already it is no secret. Talking about the mistress should be as calm as possible, but do not go too far, depicting indifference. A man can take such deliberateness at face value and decide that he is indifferent to his wife. Who knows what it will turn.

It is possible that uyazvlёnnoe vanity will push him to rash actions. And the husband will do what, and did not think - he will go to live with his passions. How to return her husband's mistress then unknown. It happens that the correct position is extremely difficult, if not impossible. After all, it will make every effort to keep it forever. Therefore, we try to expose the wife of the most impartial, but let him know that we are suffering.

In general, if the husband had a mistress, it's not the end of the world. Mistresses, in some way, are even beneficial for marriage. It is thanks to them pretty tired of each other spouses are able to shake. That often leads to feelings of resuscitation and strengthening families.

 How to return her husband's mistress

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