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  • Where does infatuation
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Well, here, in our environment there was a man, one glance at which made the heart tremble. This guy wants to think, I want to dream of meeting with him, I want to hear his voice ... But we are well aware that the young man - not the hero of our novel! I do not get him serious and long-term relationship. Why is that? But you never know ... It is, for example, too great lover of women, irresponsible selfish, frivolous flyer or just someone cavalier or even a husband.

Naturally, to get involved in such unreliable tipchiki lover or even a stranger can not be! If we allow ourselves to dive blindly into the maelstrom of the senses, and can drown. Is it worth it to do so, if you know what's ahead - some suffering? Of course not! But emotions, how to manage? As they contain and do not fall in love with a man so attractive? It is better to try to prevent the disease than later, when it goes into an acute stage, suffer and look for ways to cure. And for this we need a little bit to understand why it occurs and is subject to whether the management and control.

Where does infatuation

Why do people fall in love? It's completely irrational. You forget about everything, glupeesh, you can not focus on something useful, and sometimes start to get up so that a person of sound mind and not come to mind! That's who this sudden obsession need? Yes anyone. Know how we control their own emotions, have allowed themselves to fall in love wisely and only on who is suitable in all respects.

And yet it would be a noble cause-and fell in love to any girl just on their own. But they do not curb the wayward emotions! Jerk forward, biting at the bit, go right. How can that be, if is well aware that fell in love with a man, not created for you? And in general, why did you choose it, rather than the right guy?

I must say a clear and unequivocal answer to this question does not exist. Experts, scholars assert that this is due to the oversupply in the body of a chemical called phenylethylamine. Say, when a lot, we can fall in love almost at first that fell man. Scientists, of course, know better. Just like I can not believe that the feeling of love is explained by banal chemical reactions. Still, the true reason for its occurrence lies somewhere in the depths of the subconscious.

It is - like a bomb, a detonator that is activated when we receive the appropriate sign. It can be a smile Man, his gestures, his voice, even the smell of cologne ... I feel the girl saw and heard - trrrah! The bomb exploded, the dose of the blood ejected phenylethylamine zashkalil and girl in love.

Then, when the brain wakes up after an explosion so powerful, it can more or less soberly assess the situation. And to understand how it fits the object of love. If fit, no questions. You can be given a sense, come what may. Well, when the lady realized that managed to fall in love with a man who is not suitable for this, here it is necessary to think about why it happened and what to do now.

The answer is obvious one. It is necessary to put out just feelings flare up, it is too late. Otherwise, deal with them will be difficult. Of course, not easy to manage emotions. But if it is good to try to ...

 they do not fall in love with a man

How to stop the development of love

In general, people in love with anyone when it is ready for this mentality. And she do not care whether the object drag any specific demands of reason, whether. The main thing - to cling to anything and do the implementation emotional potential. Can be hooked over the item of clothing, a mysterious phrase, attractive appearance, interesting conversation, trivial act ... Yes, even hairstyle Man! The psyche is the anchor of this kind, and is beginning to create an image around it. As a result, we begin to look at the sometimes ordinary man quite different eyes, attributing to him non-existent merits and embellishing existing.

What does this mean? This suggests that it is sufficient to eliminate the anchor, and the fog of love begins to gradually subside. But where do we start this elimination?

  1. It is necessary to determine that a person, we do not really need. To do this, without emotions, calmly and rationally explain to myself that there is not good enough. It is advisable to write down everything on paper. But not with platitudes like "we are totally different," or "we will not work." It is necessary to fix the root of the problem. For example, to write that the guy severe, it can not be true that he was busy, and so on. Making a list, trying to find the most serious cause of inappropriate feelings for the man. Once it find dotting, leaf hang on the wall in front of you, and read it as often as possible.
  2. It is necessary to prohibit myself to love this man. How? We put it on par with some relative - father, brother, uncle. We did not occur to them to fall in love? No, because it is a taboo, to gain a foothold in the subconscious since childhood. So we try to put it in the framework of the one who seemed to us too attractive. Tell yourself that a relationship with a man impossible and persecuted away all thoughts about the likelihood of the novel. In short, Man associate with their relatives in order to enable a mechanism within its perception as a brother.
  3. It is desirable to maximize every effort to raise self-esteem and look at the man as if from above. At the same time remember the feeling of action, then we can not think he is like a queen, which in general no one is worthy. It's bad enough that we will regularly praise themselves and their actions, not forgetting to repeat that the men deserve better. If within a few days to send thoughts in this direction, soon dull the sharpness of senses, and the object of love begins to seem not quite so stunning.
  4. We must maximize its efforts to ensure that the distraction. We leave with his head in work, having fun with friends, pay a lot of time hobby or a sport. In short, we do everything possible to think less about their feelings. Boot anything, but would not leave his head in the window for the heavy thinking over the situation. Just throw the young man out of my head, of course, did not happen. But it is possible to organize the flow of related thoughts, if they take a certain time - in the morning, at lunch hour, an hour before bedtime. I must say that such memories inevitably engender dreams. Do not allow to spread their wings, deliberately driving into a dead end.
  5. It is necessary to get rid of the desire to idealize the image of Man. In general, the idealization of the male image - the most pressing women's issue. Here we draw a mental portrait of the elect, fall in love and then rally in the one in whom see at least some resemblance to this portrait. And did not perceiving the obvious differences, and not listening to reason. This, they say, my fate, period. With such a position can not cope any reason, or trying to reason with the senses ochumevshuyu lady friends and family. Emotions are completely deprived of its opportunity to soberly assess what is happening and perfectly disguise the negative features of the beloved.

However, this is not the case. We are well aware that that fell badly and that should get rid of the feeling. So you want to destroy the image of the made-up and try to look at the young man differently. That is, in terms of its unattractive. I must say that it is not so easy - emotional outburst creates a wall that can not be seen through the actions and unsightly features. But we want to get rid of love! So open your eyes wider, and include brain Dispelling man using proven techniques.

 how not to fall in love

Receptions, allowing not fall in love with the image of a Man

As we have learned not to fall in love with a guy's ears, we must first overthrow it from its pedestal ideal for which we do it, and erected. That is, to understand that he - not the crown of creation and realization of a dream. What to do to achieve this goal? Sly This is nothing. You just have to change the view of the fact that we believe that it is a man advantage, and pay more attention to the flaws in his appearance and behavior. That is, you need to change your attitude to the person. It will have to act roughly like this:

  1. The guy seemed to us extraordinary

    We ascribe this unusual behavior of inadequacy and the desire to show off;

  2. Young people attracted by its mystery

    We explained the quality of secrecy and a penchant for deception;

  3. Man is interesting for its charisma and intelligence

    We start to talk like that. Charisma - just a charm, not indicating the nobility of soul. A high intelligence is often a companion of terry selfishness and inability to love truly. With such a man, he become a partner in life, obviously have hard times;

  4. The guy looks amazing

    Beauty generally lengthy and subjective concept, and only men-and even more so. It is likely that we found a beautiful young man has already arisen under the influence of love. And it may very well be that he really has an outstanding appearance - excellent physique, tall, masculine facial features. But, first, like many girls! It turns out, the man will always have a lot of fans, and is unlikely to be all the time to resist temptation. In the second, a brilliant exterior - not a proof of fortitude. It may well be that this "hero" is actually a cowardly petty nature. And at the critical moment, he did not hesitate to betray anyone.

That's about so we need to change the impression of the man. To expedite this process, it is necessary to look at the shortcomings of every persuasion. The guy unshaven armpits? What a shame, because it most certainly one of the strong smell will start then! For a young man wearing a shirt stale? It seems that in the same condition and socks ... He, on the contrary, too much attention to hygiene and clothes? Ooooh, it generally makes a man suspected of excessive tediousness and narcissism. And even in some interesting, yet not clearly defined, inclinations.

In the treasury of the shortcomings of the object add up all hobbies - neglect or ignorance of the rules of etiquette, lack of taste, ignorance in elementary matters, and even the inability to control the aircraft. Oh, he can? Then, then, bad dancing. Or whatever draws. Or write errors. But you never know! It would be the desire. Something repellent can be found in any person at all times.

Does not work? In this case, resort to the help of girlfriends or mothers. We describe them Man without bias, intentionally speaking about it in a negative way. I do not think that it is somewhat immoral - we need to drum it into his head that men are more bad than good. And if you do not manage to cope with it on their own, have to make it well scolded by others. Sometimes the opinion of loved ones is sobering.

Destroy a good infatuation comparison helps a young man with his previous enthusiasm. But only when the comparison is in favor of the former cavalry and when that gentleman recall without revulsion. Otherwise, we run the risk of even more attached to the one want to forget. It is understandable - antipathy to still another automatically trigger the growth of sympathy for the other current. We is not absolutely necessary.

In general, you do not lose your head because of one person, you need not give up flirting with other men, and graciously accept tokens. At such time, we firstly dispel its attention, and secondly, we have choices. Even if mnitsya that better than the current chosen in the world. It's just emotions focus on a particular object. Focus at any time can be changed. Not suitable for the man next - will focus on some akterё, singer, yes even a footballer or a political commentator! The main thing that he called sympathy. Priobretёm celebrity photos, trailers it in a prominent place, and say to ourselves - this man is really super! Our young man before him very far!

Frankly, in the fight against the senses and the mind often winning feeling. No, as long loved one is not there, the mind more sports. But as soon as it appears on the horizon - Amba! All rationalism completely evaporates, the cycle starts in the head, the stomach creates a vacuum in the soul ulepёtyvaet heel ... So is it worth to make so much effort to get rid of the feeling? Dear ladies, but fall for your health! After all, it is not that it matters - fit man, is not suitable. It is important to stay alive, capable of sorrow, delight, unreasonable actions woman. The only way to experience the beauty of being and to reserve the right to happiness.

 How not to fall in love with a guy too much

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