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  • Can a married man in love with another woman
  • The attractive affair with a married man
  • The negative side of an affair with a married man
  • When and how it can be solved on an affair with a married man

Almost all the girls planning their life dream to meet a free man and give him a heart with the ring finger of his right hand. For a wedding ring. But sometimes it happens that the young lady begins to care for already has a family man. And to look nice and hard, claiming that feels for her ardent feelings. On the one hand, it is not very hard to believe, because a stamp in the passport worth it! On the other hand, I want to believe, because a man like that. So what to do? Can a married man to really fall in love with the girl and whether it is necessary to respond to him in return?

Can a married man in love with another woman

Marriages, they say, are made in heaven. And if so, then the hearts of the spouses must belong to each other and no one else. This is the ideal. But the reality is quite different. Marriages are made in the registry office, and they are not always based on a true deep feelings. Sometimes people create a family of necessity, joined for reasons of calculation, because so want the relatives, this person is comfortable and so on. And it happens that the man and woman enter into a formal alliance under the influence of love, which eventually disappears without a trace. But a married man is not married, he remains subservient to human senses. And as a special attraction to his wife there, like a faithful husband before easily falls in love with another woman.

Whether it is subject to condemnation, is another question. The fact remains - if the heart is free, it can be attached to any lady. And he will not order. And love a married man may suddenly find themselves in their employee, the first counter girl and even a friend of his wife. Each carries a similar standing in its own way. Some suffer in silence, realizing that is not free and moral rights on the side of love does not seem to matter. And someone flies from the coils and forget about everything, trying by all means to achieve reciprocity love object.

This is especially true of boys who get married at a very early age for marriage. The young man, barely crossed the threshold of twenty years, his wife saw the mother rather than the woman you have to take care of and protect. Initially, this situation suits him. But then, grown up, he wants to have to be independent. To prove his independence, already mature man, consciously or unconsciously begins to look for one that will help to strengthen this independence. And, of course, is seriously interested in and, without thinking about the consequences.

Crush their ears in another woman is capable and who lived with his wife a couple of decades. The reason that the men, the years of youth are long passed, fall in love as a boy, Mass. Then you and the boredom and predictability in relations within the family, and the lack of attention on the part of the wife, and the desire for novelty and the desire dogulyat that not dogulyal in his youth, and finding a kindred spirit, and piercing in the ribs devil ... In this age especially true zhenatiki often addicted lady after by chance one day visit to her bedside. New sensory impressions that have arisen due to the possession of an unknown body, deprived of their ability to think clearly. Sometimes, this condition does not last long. And sometimes it makes a man lose his head completely.

In short, having a family and children, even a man could fall in love with some girl. And fall in love seriously. And what do you do in this case is the girl? No, if he does not like and does not fit, and so the question does not arise. Strongly rejecting the courtship, and that's that. But often it likes and fit! How to be in this case?

 if you fell in love with a married man

The attractive affair with a married man

In fact, the novels free women with family men today are found all the time. There's even a not very moralizing person, hunting is dedicated to the wife of successful men. Why successful, I think, no need to explain. And why devotees? Because faithful husbands are no different sophistication in dealing with the opposite sex. They are easier to seduce. The request for assistance, the admiration of the mind and actions, some recruiting, delicate, pretty outspoken views - and zhenatik in your hands. And there have been both. Some of lovers is trying to break up a family and someone is content to perepadet.

This applies to women who are ready to communication with a married man, and advance idea what such a relationship threatens. However, often caught in such a trap inexperienced in these matters ladies experiencing your cavalier is not mercantile interests! It and no wonder - it is usually attentive, caring, romantic, not rude, always looks good. In addition, more and not get bored every day, not imposed, does not show its shortcomings, trying to show itself only with the best hand. The tale, not a man! A woman's heart more and more to it stretches the mind and resist it less and less. As a result, it begins a rapid and sometimes quite a long novel.

If this judge, it's even great. Well, who among us does not dream about relationships, not turbid any domestic problems? Met, we admire each other, and went namilovalis. He does not know how wrinkled we sometimes look in the morning, does not require a hearty lunch and dinner, is not criticized for not just sewn button. We, in turn, have no idea about how much the gentleman sitting on the toilet, he snores loudly like at night and where manages to thrust his dirty laundry. Anyway, if it happens, it's his dirty laundry.

Romancing the man who has a family, it is attractive for its unpredictability, significantly affect the depth of feeling. Surprise encounters and the inability to enjoy them fully, without regard to the fact that a loved one has a wife, give the relationship (if they are not based on benefit) certain aura of a hill. What an incredibly captivating romantic young ladies. And if we take it to this, we can rush into the arms of a married man, forgetting about everything. But this is just what you should not do. As in similar ways - plenty of sad nuances, without which do not usually succeed.

The negative side of an affair with a married man

No matter how noble character does not differ a woman, if she meets with a married man, in most cases, it nurtures dreams take him away from the family. However, it rarely succeeds. Even if the mistress is much younger, prettier, fresher already rather annoying wife. Because even on the ears in love with some lady zhenatiki afraid of radical changes, breaking the habitual way of life. They may suffer, writhe in doubt, rushing from one woman to another. But as a result did not make a selection.

Under the influence of love a family man will deceive his wife and mistress to lie by promising to marry her. No, its a lie - it's not deliberate meanness egoist who thinks only of himself. It is, rather, self-delusion that obscure the voice of conscience. Say, I fell in love again, I will definitely divorce. But after. After all, his wife - a close person and hurt her too abrupt rupture of relations is impossible. "Then," as a rule, never comes.

Of course, there are exceptions. It happens that a man really leaves the family with the intention to create an alliance with another woman. And this alliance even turns, it turns bad. But who can guarantee that it will not pull at least from time to time to the same family, especially if there are children? And it will not be long for your favorite chair, adorable dog, comfortable slippers, finally? Whatever the marriage, it does not pass without a trace. And the second wife will never be the first. However, to really love these people can survive the vicissitudes of relationships. If a man and a woman really can not imagine life without each other, and for this he goes to extremes and leaves the family.

But the point is that decided on such an act of unity! Most prefer to leave everything as is. Because accustomed to quarrel with his wife and tolerate, be silent or to discuss delicate topics, go to visit and attend any event or lying on the couch. Next to it, you can relax, spit on the need to be always in shape and careful communication. Wife takes a lot more open minded and forgive or not even notice. And whatever happens with another woman, is unknown. Falling in love in love, but such things should look real.

If a man is able to think rationally, the way it comes out. He did not dare let him leave with a bit boring, but to detail the familiar family life for the sake of a dubious future with his mistress. Mistress - it is for the body and soul. That is to vent. With her exceptionally good time. And because this time is a double pleasure. And why it is necessary to be ready in case a lady who on his head fell in love with a married?

  1. In addition, it can appear at any time of day or night and will aggressively to break even at the door at six o'clock in the morning. How else, after all a family man is not able to watch the meetings planned with another woman! Therefore, it should always be glad of his appearance, and in any case not to express displeasure at least something. Problems zhenatiki enough and at home.
  2. In addition, it is necessary to speak the truth friends, explaining to them why the gentleman there with her in public very rarely and did not make an offer. If you tell everything frankly, there is a risk to cause false pity or even provoke ridicule and gossip. It is likely that there will be those who deems it his duty to report on what was happening to his wife lover. And how then will develop the circumstances, God knows. Rather, the relationship will end.
  3. In addition, the life will turn into endless expectations. Days without appointments will be long, gray and sad, and most nights - alone. Favorite same will continue to spend weekends, holidays and vacation with family. And happily have sex with his wife, saying that for a long time it sleeps. That's a lie, you can not even doubt. Intimacy with his wife at least once a week is inevitable. Otherwise, her suspicions arise that create additional complications. Why spoil your life, if you can just go to bed? Moreover, it is legally allowed.
  4. Moreover, the desire to take away a man's wife would be very strong and will become the main purpose of life. I must say that this happens very often. A woman possessed by one thought - to break a family lover - starts to behave normally, to put it mildly, not very nice. For this it is usually ready for any deeds and not shrink from any means. Calls to his wife demands a divorce, threats, speculation imaginary illness or pregnancy - all of these Mexican passion does not paint any young lady in the eyes of others, nor in the eyes of the lover. As a result, a relationship with him deteriorate and gradually destroyed. But even if the lady will be able to make their own, it is unlikely to be able to be happy with a man, which gave a sense of the crack.

In a word, an affair with a married man promises a heap of trouble. Can the occurrence of such trouble to minimize and how to do it?

 Can a married man to fall in love

When and how it can be solved on an affair with a married man

In general, with married men generally bind undesirable. But sometimes it happens that we learn about the marital status cavalier already after a relationship with him overstep friendly stage. If you think clearly, the relationship would have to immediately break. But to do so is not always obtained. There exists a lot of reasons for that. Then you and the feelings, and common interests, and even some inexorable circumstances ...

If it really happened, that the novel was the least painful, girl, it is desirable to pull myself together and adjust your attitude to her lover. The first thing out of my mind the thought of his divorce. Just throw and everything. This will allow safer to treat lack of attention from the beloved and easier to survive the separation from him, if it becomes inevitable.

Well, and secondly to try to live a full life - be independent, keen on something woman not to abandon dating and flirting with other men. Of course, to behave in this way can not each. But if we do not have a pretty strong character, impatient and unable to control their emotions, it is better to bypass tenth expensive zhenatikov! Otherwise, we will be suffering WHO ugotovlena.

The idea is that a person with a family relationship can be maintained, if it is correct to approach them. That is beginning to take the gentleman as easy rendering any services to a friend. Let it be, for example, the other helps to solve everyday problems, a sexual partner, sponsor, "Daddy patron" - anything but just do not object to the marriage union. As there will continue to decide the fate. And while setting yourself up for utility man. But only.

Frankly, it is somewhat cynical approach to communication with someone else's husband. But if such a relationship is difficult to eliminate, then he - the only way to protect against pain and frustration. After all, only give vent to emotions - and all down the drain! Drown in tears and hopeless dreams, which in most cases were not destined to come true. Yes, self-control, when in love, very difficult. But let's look at the situation from a different angle.

What a woman needs from a man? Reliable support and protection. And what a reliable support can come from ringed man who the lion's share of time and effort is dedicated to his wife and children? He did not come running on the first call, do not rush to solve the problems of his mistress, forgetting about her, will not ring every minute, if she is in trouble, do not spend all the money on her needs. In the first place will always be a family. And it is unlikely that something will be done to the detriment of her.

In general, women binding with married men, divided into two categories. The first includes those who want to marry married lover. They can be persistent and patient to develop such a relationship, intending to give them the status of marriage. The ladies of the second category to create a captive knight of the family did not seek. In some cases, they decide to have his child, but in place of his wife still can not claim. These young ladies are usually specifically looking for a good family man, considering them more interesting, informative and reliable. Pretty much they are able to bind to only self-sufficient in the realized something men, which, according to persons of a similar type, bachelors do not apply.

Focused exclusively on the relationship with married ladies are ready for all the inconveniences of such a relationship. They do not really get upset if admirer long calls or when meeting all the time glancing at the clock, in order to get home to the position of time. But those who live with the idea to marry his lover, are in trouble. Not only do you need to carefully weigh every word and deed, so as not to offend or frighten loved his perseverance. It should be still and to adapt to the rules of his life - only to call at a certain time, to forgive broken promises, suffer shortness of infrequent meetings. In addition, there is a danger always tough showdown with the better half gentleman. And this is also not very happy.

Of course, there is a chance that a married man is one appreciate the patience, understand that losing such a faithful and loving woman like death, divorce and present yourself mistress with all the giblets. But the chance of this is small. If we are taking this fact into consideration, still willing to wait years, sometimes falling into despair and depression - we give freedom of development of relations. But bearing in mind that the time inevitably leaves its mark on the appearance of a woman. It is quite possible that in five years the beloved wants someone younger and fresher. And what if we stay? Heartbroken and unfulfilled hopes. And well, if we can recover from the shock and to find a man for life. And if not? So is not it better to try to pull myself together and abandon questionable relationship? After all, the family - do not bump on the road, through it easily without crossing.

Men by nature is designed so that no matter how loyal wife husbands may seem, they all share an interest in other women. Undoubtedly, this interest can develop into something more, and if a man seriously in love with and fascinated the young lady, lead, eventually, to a stunning novel. Therefore, to claim that a married man starts a mistress just for entertainment purposes, impossible. Often, in such actions there are feelings.