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If a young woman extremely interested in some man, she loses the ability to soberly assess their behavior in relation to itself. The girls head spinning all the time thoughts - like whether it is this man? The desire to get an affirmative answer to this question is so strong that the lovers could not help the girls start to falsify the facts, think out some details and inventing motives of men. His every action, every look is seen in terms of feelings. He filed a man's hand, and when you exit the tram? So indifferent. Long looks toward the ladies? Surely I love. I invited to lunch or pay for the coffee? Clearly wants to get to know!

However, in reality it can not be otherwise. Hand man filed because well educated, took a long look at the girl because he was just thinking, and invited to dine out of boredom. If the young lady was breathing evenly in his direction, she would never give this value. But through the prism of feelings, such actions are perceived in a different way! She believes that she have a hard tokens, more convincing themselves that loved. She spends a lot of effort, time and energy on the arrangement sometimes completely hopeless relationships. And the dreams that may be empty. And in the end? But in the end the frustration, tears, suffering unrequited love, a drop of self-esteem. But the strike could have been mitigated, the poor girl know, what is expressed by the fact that a man in love.

 a man in love

Both men fall in love

Whatever did not talk about the cynicism of the stronger sex, that the peasants felt, they say, need only sex, that's not true. Our dear gentlemen are able to fall in love seriously. Here are often considered the appearance and the more the expression of feelings and hide behind the weakness of the way the seeker a bed girlfriend. Or inaccessible idol.

How did men start falling in love? First of many women reflexively choose any one. Looking Man clings to it, in his head immediately if something explodes in an increased amount of blood ejected testosterone. Just a fraction of a second young man time to introduce yourself to the lady in the restaurant, and a walk in the park, and in bed, and even in the registry office. Someone goes further and imagines children together and happy old age together with the young lady. But this man can consciously did not intend to marry the person of vending. Just his mentality is such that instantly scans all possible options for the development of relations with the one that seems more attractive others.

Once a woman is selected, it automatically becomes the center of the interests of their potential fans. No, he still does not feel the object of special attention or affection, or desire to protect, help and care. Thoughts Man is engaged mainly in urgent cases. But the process of falling in love is already running. Stop it impossible. First it is not very conspicuous. Already caught hooligan-Venus on the hook, the young man behaves almost the same as before. He devotes a lot of time to work, hobbies, friends. And then…

Then, suddenly, many actions such seemingly purposeful collected, serious and not prone to the lyrics of men begin to resemble the behavior shalogo teenager. He can forget about an important matter, bear cheerful nonsense conversation with the business, rude boss, said in his office in biker outfit and even sometimes throws such Fortelle, just you wonder. For example, until now reserved intellectual suddenly trying to fight someone climbs or swim in the fountain. A boorish, not giving anyone descent type of jumps in an elegant suit hangs on a neck tie and begins to recite verses.

In other words, if a man is not seriously in love with the king in his head sent home. Reason loses control, thinking shlyayutsya disunited, the soul walks anarchy. As a result, the most important for the crazed from the influx of the human senses becomes a desire to see the subject of love as often as possible. Everything else - work, hobbies, meeting with friends - pales into insignificance. The main thing - to be closer to their passion, make eye contact, to hear her voice, smell the perfume, to touch.

If a young person is a young lady in love with you, in the same company, he tries to show his best side. And the concept of the "best side" at all different. Someone convinced that women like a financial movers and shakers, and puffed up like a turkey, emphasizing its importance in the business world. Someone thinks that the ladies have to conquer wit, and releases to the place and out of place all kinds of jokes and puns. Someone is trying to buy a Woman flattery and did lavish with his compliments. There are those that show the ferocity and waving his fists on any occasion in the belief that the weaker sex loves only the strong.

The behavior of a man in love can be compared with the behavior of a peacock spreads its tail when a female. He is trying to show off the mind, pulling out from distant corners of the memory once read quotations and aphorisms, talks about his exploits and victories, flexing its muscles, puts on airs ... In short, trying to look like the best of the best. In general, when young people are in love and want to please the crazy girl, to present themselves, they usually choose three typical image.

  1. The image of the jovial

    Such tipchik trying to spot a woman combat inexhaustible wit. He tells jokes endlessly and constantly joking. And in everyday life that a person can be sullen surly, from which it is very hard to squeeze out even the semblance of a smile. And the role he played hard during courtship, giving him a hard time. All his wit is based on many hours memorizing jokes and anecdotes that now our merry way cheerfully flaunts. And it turns out it is so easy thanks gormonchikam, podstegnuvshim receptors in the brain.

  2. The image of romance

    Ooooh, it's a thin man with a kind, able to appreciate beauty. He admires the nature, the scenery, the rain, the sunset ... And he does it casually, as if to himself. In fact, such phrases are, of course, the one whose heart wants to win. For greater effect, romantic when it admires some theatrical productions, paintings, sculptures, works of literature. In fact, it is likely that in the theater, he has never been, and a good painting never seen, and no books other than textbooks, technical manuals, do not read. All this is fiction, but it is, for her, sweetheart! It is necessary because the young lady with something to draw.

  3. Image cynic

    A cynic cold, pragmatic and everything related with sarcasm. It seems to be. In fact, this may well be ohalnik shy, very insecure person. A haughty cheeky kind he himself let loose in order to motivate the young lady. Like, I do not care in the world and no one ever breaks through the wall of indifference. It's like a challenge is sympathetic person, which, in understanding the man, must necessarily accept it.

I must say that among the stronger sex many good psychologists, unerring sense of what type of women they are dealing with, and automatically adjusts to the type. Therefore, the role played by some in love, is often effective. An interested woman is ready for the invitation to a meeting, agrees to give your phone number, waiting for what he spends it home ... and nothing happens. The man, feeling that burns with a bright flame, does not offer to meet, do not ask the phone number and escorts. What's the matter?! Yes, in fact, he simply afraid! And the more afraid, the more serious his intentions.

It would seem that something scared? The woman - no fire-breathing dragon and a tiger. It's okay not to call it a restaurant or club. It turns out there is. This fact can deny, and this - a blow below the belt. More precisely, the blow to the ego, which for men is one of the most painful. Therefore, even from the burning of love, they will rush to doubt, to suffer, before you take the step to get closer to the young lady. And the more falling in love, the more difficult given the move.

How, then, to be a girl, is not seriously interested in such a representative of a higher-timid? Wait? And if it will delay for years? So in fact it is possible and nothing to wait for! So, we need to take the initiative itself. However, activity in the affairs of the heart is suitable only when there is confidence in the men in love. Otherwise, surely you will get trapped, or being labeled intrusive, completely devoid of self-esteem person.

Cynicism, romance, shine wit Man can not be the basis for the emergence of such confidence. Man is by nature and a cynic, merry or romantic. From a woman to know it is a natural behavior or to play it for her role? Draw conclusions, focusing only on the manner of human behavior, of course, impossible. And how then to understand that those who want to be together, really indifferent? There are several signs of love for man.

 When a man in love

Signs that a man in love

Frankly, if the young man like a girl, his mind is always one of the first there is the thought of having sex with her. There is nothing in this terrible there. Sex - a way of self-affirmation of the stronger sex, which is a testament to his masculinity. The sexual instinct awakens the instinct of a hunter, and a guy starts to lure prey into a trap, using all available methods. He can pretend to be anyone, to invent a lot of techniques, spending a lot of time in the society ladies, just to get things done. But sometimes, to get the desired, immediately loses interest in the subjugated person. It turns out that the desire of owning a girl can not be evidence of being in love with her. And then what can?

  1. A young man tends to the spiritual rapprochement

    Fell in love, he will surely be in need of such a contact, which is not observed in the banal sexual attraction. A man will seek to communicate with the young lady, calling her, send messages, hang at the entrance, her interest in the problems and talk about themselves. And someone starts to sing serenades, and someone - expressed tongue-tied and cramped. What can we do, we are all different. But the degree of bombastic in this case does not matter! The main thing - people eager to not only touch the bodies, but the souls of contact. So he's really in love.

  2. The man willingly admits girlfriend in your life

    It is to share their problems, takes with him to meetings with friends, she brings home, offers to go with him on a trip and so on. Typically, the constant presence of women in their personal space male perceives as an attack on his priceless freedom. And if a man to her not only admits, but even calling - is a clear sign of love. But not when the lady was invited to the house, asked to put things in order, prepare dinner, wash the shirt, and then disappear for a few days. In this case, a bachelor just too lazy or no time to engage in a life for himself.

  3. The guy is ready for any sacrifice

    That is, it adjusts the relations in the name of savings plans, the girl goes to make concessions, spends her free time, refuses to hiking with friends in a bar or on a fishing trip, the deferred spending on hobbies the money does not sleep at night over her abstracts and more. Only lovers men may renounce their habits, time, facilities and amenities for a friend. If the girl does not cause any feelings, to go to meet her young man is only rarely, and then only when you do not need to self-denial.

  4. A man taking care of a woman

    We are not talking about the satisfaction of its material needs - not everyone has that opportunity. Care is to adjust to the desired mood, diligence soothe, protect, deliver pleasure. It means a lot, because the material can provide anyone. Especially if it is difficult. But interest in the inner world and the physical condition of the girl is just in love with her man.

  5. Young man in dealing tactful, considerate and try not to offend or hurt

    No, he is able to inadvertently do or say something unpleasant, but deliberately'd never do it. In love with a man will not use a woman to betray her, to humiliate constantly deceive, to try to put pressure psychologically. If he is indifferent to her suffering and tears, then there is no sense at all. From this tyrant had to run without looking back, as if it has not attracted.

This - the main signs of love for man, the presence of which does not allow to doubt the feelings of the gentleman. However, you can see them only on condition that the relationship lasted for a while. What is expressed infatuation Man, if she has never met him? Well, firstly, it will throw an object of sympathy towards the frequent views. Second, in the presence of ladies will take poses, allowing constantly to keep it in your field of view. A man try to be closer to the woman to be able to touch the object of his adoration.

Love, man will crop up as the devil-the-box in those places where it is often the girl, on her way to meet, to appear in her company. He clearly starts to get nervous, if you notice that the young lady takes care of the other, and it can break seemingly without reason, arranging someone (and not the "other") scandal.

How else to define a man's infatuation? It certainly is, if the appearance of the girls at the young man abruptly changed the mood, and he suddenly becomes too vigorous and cheerful or sullen withdraws into himself. Often lovers men suddenly change the usual image, surprising about all this. Finally, the man in love can offer assistance in the solution of urgent problems, although this one did not ask.

And in general - is that the man is not indifferent, the woman usually feels intuitively. Another thing is that it can be deceived, assessing the situation through the prism of their own feelings. Therefore still many signs of love for man is to attach considerable importance. And in order not to be left disappointed, and in order not to pass their own destiny.

 If a man is in love, as defined

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