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Oh, how I wonder what becomes a full and colorful life, when we fall in love! The world seems a fairy tale in which miracles happen everywhere. Love fills it with light and joyful promises much happiness ahead. When it is reciprocal. If reciprocity is doubtful, instead of joy we experience anxiety, accompanied by uncertainty and painful reflections on what to do to a guy in love. And can we do anything at all?

How come the guy noticed

When we do not yet have experience in matters of the heart, I fell in love with someone able to immerse oneself in a new experience. And in the end run into the underwater reefs of gender relations. Uncertainty that a young man in love, too, makes suffer and constantly thinking about how to proceed. What you need to do to a guy in love, too? Of course, to do this he must have noticed. That is the highlight of many other young ladies and interested. For this we must have an idea of ​​who the young people like and who is not.

How to get this representation? We must look to the guy and pay attention, with some girls he willingly talks, and any of the parties. To collect the necessary information to help talk with people who know good our subject of love. There are no such? Well, then podoshlёm him spy - a girlfriend or a trusted friend. Let get acquainted and know more about the tastes and habits of the young man.

From such espionage double benefit. Firstly, we have identified with the methods by which it is necessary to win his heart. Second, though some will understand that the less there is a guy, and can they be reconciled. It's likely he is not a man dreams, and we fell in love with a fictional image. Then upset because it is not worth it. Quietly forget about the failure of love, and go look for another prince.

If we are willing to accept the disadvantages of a young man, then proceed to fight for his heart. Of course, not every girl is ready for a fight. Features of education, modesty, shyness, self-esteem often do not allow to be active with respect to the stronger sex. For centuries we were taught that men should be selected and win a woman, and not vice versa. But time passes and customs are changing! Today we have no fewer rights. Consequently, and to choose an object of attention, and to achieve it we can also reciprocity. If humbly stand by, hoping that the guy suddenly come up and a declaration of love, you can even lose it. Entice some more adventurous special, and down the drain!

No, it does not mean that she has to cling to the boy as a sacrifice Bull Terrier, and keep up with him on a step. It is unlikely that this behavior will cause the young man reciprocal feeling. Rather, annoy or scare. We must act subtly, gently, gently, but persistently. But as? Is there any common ways to ensure the emergence of sympathy for the guy?

In general, the methods involve men female half of humanity invented since time immemorial. I must say that is not particularly in that it succeeded. We are still trying to slay the beloved stunning looks, spend a lot of time and money on fancy clothes and beauty salons, torture yourself diets and drove seven pots in fitness clubs. Or, considering that the man's heart controls the stomach sticks out at the plate by inventing culinary masterpieces. No, sometimes such Herculean efforts yield any result. Young people may be tempted by the beauty of the girl, and with great pleasure to eat cooked food. Then take and crush deep in some capacity almost devoid cooks lady did not model looks.

What's the matter? We're all out climb, tried, and she is not making much fuss, I went and stole guy right from under the nose! The point, in all probability, that falls in love with long legs and a small waist is usually more inexperienced in these matters boy. And through the stomach can love a follower of the cult of food. And that this lady has a homely charm, which we are lacking. Let's try to take advantage of some of its techniques and we are. What kind of tricks?

 what to do to a guy in love

How to behave, to a guy in love

So, we already have some idea of ​​what type of girls like our handpicked more than others. Focusing on this information, adjust your image. Of course, it is not necessary in this case to try to completely remake themselves. You can not drastically change the identity of the person, without prejudice to her. And yet originality does not harm anyone. Correction way is to change the appearance and some habits. For example, a young person does not like too flashy ladies. So, we try to look more modest, but no less attractive. Or the guy does not like too freely communicating persons. Then we will behave in his presence restrained.

In order to attract the attention of Man, to become his company and his friends like a young man. However, if the public loved us is not suitable, it is better not to do so. Change their life principles and positions can not even please the most rasprekrasno Prince. For a girl it would end in tears. The first lady will lose the location of those who had been good to her. Secondly, certainly cause scornful attitude on the part of the beloved. Few of the men able to respect a woman, ready for him to refuse itself. Therefore Man poured into society only when there will be relatively comfortable. And if not, just try as often as possible to meet with him one on one.

It is a great service to the young man in love, we will have at least partial separation of his hobbies and interests. No, it is not necessary for it to become a football fan, a connoisseur of cars or device avid fisherwoman. It is enough to get an idea about the game of football clubs, car brands and varieties of fishing tackle. And at ease talking to insert the phrase relating to these topics. This will make the conversation more lively and call the guy of her desire to continue. But his desire to communicate - a victory!

To the guy wanted to be next to a girl as much as possible, it should not constantly demonstrate its independence and ability to independently solve any problem. Still, men dream of being patrons and protectors of the beloved, but not her henpecked husbands. Therefore, it is fragile, in need of protection establishment, which we must take care. It does not go too far. If we would be whining all the time, in the end, instead of sympathy favorite breed in anger and hostility.

A wonderful way to bribe any man - interested in his opinion. Whatever issue we do not decide - what to buy, how to rearrange the furniture, where to go or to go, and so on - should definitely find out what he thinks about it. Let us even then proceed on its own. The main thing is to understand the guy - listen to it and appreciate.

Excellent effect on the stronger sex praise women. How to make a man fall in love? Yes is chosen wisely to admire his golden hands, the ability to find a way out, strength, courage - he will want to please even more. And then, will seek meetings and try to look in the eyes of the girls better than ever. But the effect is the cause only sincere, said from the heart compliment. Otherwise, the guy will suspect us of a deliberate flattery, and this has a negative impact on his confidence.

Can destroy confidence and gross interference in the private life of a young man. Trying to find the girl of his ex-girlfriends, inquiries about where he was, who called, which is going to go, and so on will perceive as an attempt to "zahomutat." Of course, man is concerned about the preservation of their freedom and begin to avoid frequent contact with the woman. Or will become isolated in itself, allowing no (sometimes necessary) Straight Talk. Therefore, do not climb into the soul of his Prince, if he does not open it.

Man infatuation is largely dependent on the attitude of the girl of others. Our dear strong half extremely suggestible. If the girl sociable, friendly, quickly find a common language with people, and they are drawn to it - is a big plus in its favor. So just appreciate it more, hence, she is worthy of attention. That's just when communicating with other men need to be careful. You can cause a flurry of jealousy, the consequences of which are unpredictable.

Finally, a guy in love with, you have to hit it with his eccentricity. No matter what it is - the ability to knit or well skydive in collecting badges, or homeless animals. If only there was a real passion and sets us apart from the crowd.

In general, smart and stubborn young lady's decision on how to make the young man fell in love should not be too difficult. The main thing - do not become too intrusive, capricious and demanding. Many young women, is the man several times to call and invite to a meeting, just so themselves and lead. Say, if he is looking for meetings, then lost his head for love. Nothing like this. Males have a very strong instinct of self-preservation, which is able to silence the voice of the voice of the heart. And if they feel a threat to their identity from the woman, they begin to defend or Retiro. Neither one nor the other does not suit us. We shall therefore softer, kind and tender.

 What to do to a guy in love

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