How to understand that the guy in love with you


  • How can I love that guy, when he was not yet meet
  • Signs of love guy who has already met

When a guy in love with you, it's always nice. And when more and love the one to whom she uneven breathing, a double pleasure. But after some bad luck - sometimes quite difficult to determine what the young man feels really. Someone sometimes skillfully portrays feelings, while others, on the contrary, they carefully hides. How do you know that the guy fell in love? After all, having no experience in such matters, can either fall into the trap of an experienced seducer, or miss the one who fascinated seriously. So on what grounds can also recognize this infatuation?

How can I love that guy, when he was not yet meet

In fact, every man in love, behaves differently. Someone has written on his face, that he lost his head from you. And someone so well disguises feelings - for anything you do not understand, have them or not. One young man in a relationship with a pretty girl he cares about her, and the other sarcastically joking, teasing silly, bully, trying to offend. So Gad here, where there is falling in love, and where it is not in sight. You can easily take the usual flirting for serious feeling, and then be disappointed. In such a rake really do not want to advance. Sometimes lumps them all his life do not pass.

Well, in general, things are not so bad. Signs that the man you love is really there. Only for each stage of the relationship they own. Here for example, how to understand what the guy is not indifferent to you, as long as it is not yet meet?

  1. He will lead a little strange. Usually lively, sociable, self-confident young man can suddenly become shy and timid. A shy and timid lad suddenly starts to behave casually, defiantly someone put out, rude, loud laugh. And such changes occur only in the presence of the object sighs. Should a girl disappearing as everything returns to normal.
  2. The man and then found you look and then turned his eyes to the side. In principle, it can not take them, on the contrary, stare and defiant. But this is more characteristic of seducing able than boys experiencing sincere feelings. Those who love usually hesitate when she looks him in the eye.
  3. Man is always in your way, turns in those places where you come in, is a total company. At the same time he tries to pretend that all these coincidences are random and that just passed. When a young man falls in love, he will find a Woman anywhere, sometimes spending a lot of time and effort. And it will be waiting for the appearance of the clock. So, if someone constantly comes across on the path, in the store, on the way home, near the entrance, it is worth paying attention to it. It is not for nothing that flickers before his eyes.

In a word, when men fall in love, their behavior noticeable changes occur, which can be called symptoms of the disease called "romantic obsession." The longer it lasts, the more man becomes like a hit from the corner bag eccentric. But if he is watching the object from the heart affection. When the beloved becomes a friend, a young man after a while rebounding. This is not to say that the feelings disappear. They just becomes another form. How to understand that the guy with whom you meet for a long time, you still in love?

 How to understand that you fell in love with the guy

Signs of love guy who has already met

Often it happens that after a period of relationship the man starts to behave somewhat differently than in the early days of courtship. He becomes more restrained, rarely says compliments, often recalls the works. It seems as if there is no already in love, disappointed man, cool, and does not want to see you as often as before. How is it possible in this case to determine whether or not a young man any feelings?

  1. He cares about you. That is what tends to help, trying to solve any problem, interested business, brings home the heavy bag, trying to rest when tired, and so on. Only the man in love would be to take such an active part in the life of the girl, showing thus indifferent to its fate. Those who care about the girl, help her certainly also not fail. But do it consistently is unlikely to be
  2. Man remembers different little things related to your life. This can be the date of the birth mother, nicknamed the puppy, favorite perfume, food, books and movies, residence grandmother .... In a word, everything that outsiders are not interested in, and what remains in the memory only indifferent to the girl Man.
  3. A young man may abandon their plans, if you need his presence. Lover man sometimes even changing life priorities and interests, wanting to be with her passion as much as possible in common. For example, before he was convinced that money is more important than anything else. And now the most important finds sincerity and reciprocity of feelings. Or first fond of motor racing, and now began to prefer hiking, which is so like the favorite.
  4. Talking about future plans, the guy says "we." If a person does not feel deep feelings for you, discussing such plans, he usually says "I" or "you."
  5. Man hiding to nothing. He candidly answers questions about his past and present, not uvilivaya the answers and trying to keep silent or laugh it off. This means that the guy is coming to a serious relationship and understands that without them it is impossible to build trust.
  6. The young man willingly takes you to his home and invite friends. If he is not going to meet the girl for a long time, it is unlikely to be specifically acquaint her with a circle of friends and loved ones.
  7. The guy says even small changes in your appearance or mood. He who does not love, and details of appearance, especially mood and girls have little interest.
  8. The man is not afraid of discussions on the topic of family and children, and even the plant itself such conversations. Such behavior is usual with a serious-minded men who want to see the girl as a life partner.
  9. Man suffers your whims, easy on the not very nice deeds and forgiving. This excerpt is only true love with a young man.

Here, perhaps, and all of the major signs that a man sees you not only as a temporary fad. Determine his attitude is easy, to be careful and judicious. The guy looks more on the legs than in the eyes, says mostly about himself and does not try to discuss some general plans? Then, most likely, it is led by the passion and lust, not romantic feelings. It is possible that there will be a sense then, but is a fact of their absence should alert. Otherwise there is a risk of an unrequited love with inveterate womanizer, able to confuse the head so that you will forget your own name.

And in general, to avoid stepping on a rake these, it is advisable to delve into virtually everything that a man pronounced. Psychologists say that their true attitude is manifested in reservations. The phrase, thrown by chance, often gives a guy with his head, because it is not thought out in advance. Of course, not every spontaneous remark has some special meaning. But it's better to notice them than turn a deaf ear, highlighting what is especially important, and making the correct conclusions.

 How do you know that guy in love with you

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 How to return her husband after divorce


  • How divorce affects men
  • How to behave in relation to the woman her ex-husband after the divorce
  • What to do to return her husband to the family after divorce

Divorce in our time - it is almost commonplace. That is until recently husband was beside him could swear because of the nonsense to argue, whose turn it is to wash the dishes, to discuss any problem. And now he has become a stranger. In a new passport, it is not pleasing the heart of the stamp, seal fatal loneliness and longing. I want to vomit, throw and howl. And what do we do now? How to return her husband after a divorce back in the family, how to make him regret what happened? A friend advised to do some spell. They say that helps. Maybe it really helps, but do not want to deal with such things. Somehow not quite honest work. And the faithful need a sincere loving and not become stupid by love spell. So how can that be?

How divorce affects men

When a man leaves the family periodically, and after a week or two back, to make peace with him is not so difficult. Just call, talk quietly or cry, and if you need to ask for forgiveness. In this case, the husband just playing in divorce and parted to come back. But when the divorce has indeed occurred, it's much more serious. There is already one-up you will not manage. Even if now former spouse also very worried because of the gap, to persuade him to return to the family is not easy. He was officially relieved of such obligation, and that, anyway, but the effect on the ratio of men to themselves and to the world. His position in the world before defines marriage. And now there is freedom of choice. How could she not take advantage?

I must say that the use of such freedom of ex-husbands differently. Somebody starts to drink someone's head goes in favorite business, someone does not do anything, lounging in front of the TV during off-hours, someone starts to finger girlfriends. And someone, and converges with another woman, trying as quickly as possible to create a new family. Whatever it was, but the husband after the divorce becomes a different person.

And techniques so effective in the first issue of his return, now unlikely to work. Of course, when the ex-spouse is not a rag. Well, spineless wimps we not take into account. Those will be walking on his heels and whining, begging him to let the back. Shish get off. We are talking about men with well-developed sense of self-worth.

Many of them after the dissolution of marriage feel offended. Uyazvlёnnoe pride does not allow to admit they were wrong, if it is the cause of divorce, and quick to forgive his ex-wife, when she was to blame for the break. Therefore, arrangements and weeping women are useless. All her attempts to evoke pity or remorse will break on a blank wall of rejection. This protective wall, often hiding the true feelings of a man. He hardly anyone, and especially his former half, will allow them to learn. It will demonstrate the strength of character and determination to break with the past struggles.

Since then, should come to her husband agreed that divorce was a mistake and willingly went to reconciliation?

 How to return her husband to the family after divorce

How to behave in relation to the woman her ex-husband after the divorce

First of all, after the divorce, women have come to himself, waiting for the storm calms down emotions. Anger and desperation - a bad assistant in solving problems. Under their action can do this, then what ever is not correct. All our panic calls and text messages with threats, reproaches, plaintive requests will not help. Not only that men can not tolerate this. They also cease to respect the lady to do so.

Needless to run for the sympathy and support to her friends and common friends, complaining of the faithful and telling everyone about what a scoundrel he is. Surely the former knows about it and is unlikely to accept quietly unflattering about his person. Rather, even more angry. Try then dostuchishsya to it! So revёm and swear husband's last words quietly. And preferably alone. Because even selected as the vest very close trusted people may inadvertently harm, once in the heart express where this should not be done. And why set them against whom so want to make peace?

In general, we try to calm down without assistance. You need as much time to give some lessons - work, hobbies, education of children. If we are drowning in tears zaprёmsya within the four walls, or, God forbid, become more haunt former spouse, will only aggravate the situation. Muzzy grief, disheveled, with a swollen face of a woman, lying in wait for a man at every turn - what could be worse? From it wants to keep as far as possible. What kind of desire to return to the family then can we talk?

So we call for help all the guts, take yourself in hand and go out to the people. Have kids? Excellent. We leave them to walk in the circus, the theater. No children - Plant a dog, cat, hamster, fish, birds, after all. If someone's home will be waiting, that's good. Planned corporate party? Great! We give himself up, put on a beautiful dress, shoes with heels and go have fun. There is no corporate? We are looking for a hobby that makes constantly with someone to chat. Are recorded on the driving course or learning languages, buy a subscription to the pool or fitness club, learn horse riding or running through the woods with a compass. There are no attractive options? Then Masta shop and buy that much. Not enough money? Well, just do admire the clothes and trinkets, wondering how they make money.

Act, act, act! Ability to act, feeling emotional pain - the main weapon in the fight against women this pain. Let us not ignore it! May we not be able to completely relax, and longing for the ex-husband left. But the feelings will not be as hot. And the internal state will allow to act judiciously. It is on the issue of return to the family and the wife need. What to take after we have gained the ability to think clearly?

 return of her husband after divorce

What to do to return her husband to the family after divorce

Well, we finally calmed down a bit. What should happen next? First of all, it is necessary to carefully analyze what happened. What is the real reason for divorce? Perhaps the marriage was really unfortunate, and her husband is now want to return simply to the principle of? Yes, whether you want to do it then? Well, there will be reconciliation, and the man again take its rightful place in the house. But in a relationship, nothing will change! Again will arise all the same conflicts will be former unwillingness to meet each other, and sooner or later have to leave again. Only this time forever. So what's the point of such a reconciliation? Is not it better to be alone and look around? Surely somewhere nearby there is the one with whom you can create a harmonious and quite a happy family.

Well, if you want to see next husband because he still love more, that's another matter. After he married, then I had a reciprocal feeling. Perhaps now it is somewhat dim, but not completely disappeared, that's for sure. Although some drop him even to remain. So try this drop to turn first to the creek and then into the river.

Let's begin with a precise definition as to why there was a divorce. We need to understand what we made mistake that overlooked, and what was done wrong. Yes, to seek the cause of the gap should be in your own behavior, rather than the actions of men. Because the regulation of family relations - the problem of his wife. Women are able to intuitively capture the slightest change in the mood of its halves and as intuitive to find a way to change the mood for the benefit of the family. That's when we often do not consider it necessary to strain. And instead of subtly and gently act on her husband, scandals, rough and trying to command. Or we do not notice what happens to him. They say, and so will descend. Once married, then, it is not going anywhere.

And he disappears. Please go himself. And then, if you do not take urgent measures, at all leaves the house. So we think hard to think why the relationship cracked and missing understanding. The reason for this could be increased demands, whims, petty chicanery, constant grumbling, excessive suspiciousness, inability and unwillingness to listen to disparaging statements, unfounded accusations ... In short, everything that could hurt her husband for a living, or get bored, so that wanted him get rid of.

If we are willing to admit their mistakes and correct them, looking for a way to talk to her husband. This takes into account the fact that he will start for something to reproach and something to blame. And the reproaches and accusations are often unfair. Well, nothing can be done, you will have to listen to, swallow, and even apologize. After all, the former missus says Injured pride and resentment. Let favors. This is necessary to release steam. Otherwise, a quiet conversation with him will fail.

During a conversation in any case we do not blame her ex-husband is absolutely in anything. Even if he changed and went to another woman, around this theme party. Of course, you do want to arrange a grand stage. But it will only exacerbate tensions, and most likely will make a man absolutely refused to meet. Do we need such an outcome? No. So, we try to demonstrate that it does not claim to freedom and recognize the right to do what you want. And what is the purpose of conversation - understand why the marriage broke up, and not persistent attempts to return her husband's family.

Directly to offer him to come together again do not be. Indirectly, you can hint at the fact that the doors are open. May is coming as a friend. This will be the best behavior, and allows you to maintain a relationship with her ex-husband, and choose a way to keep it in the family. It should be remembered that in this way there can be an attempt to have sex or a delicious dinner. Lie in bed, eat dinner, and then go back home in the belief that can get something, and another at will. Men need to fall in love again. This means that we must become independent, charming, very interesting woman he did not know before. And you want to win.

To do this, we revise the manner of behavior, eliminating from it what could be a cause of divorce. Teach yourself to always smile and look great. Slightly flirt with the pious, as if in a matter of letting him know that the use of attention from men. Hoisted in a prominent place a bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates and let's start to appear in the company of friends in common with an impressive partner. If flowers and candy no one gives, buy them yourself. A gentleman, when he is not, to borrow from a friend. Well, or asked to perform such a role of someone from colleagues or distant acquaintances. In short, we do everything possible to realize her husband - ex-wife can exist without it.

Usually in such cases the men wakes up the instinct of the owner. They begin to wonder who and how spends time former wife, she regularly call and ask for a visit. Show your willingness to always take the ex-husband should not be. Sometimes you need to refer to time and offer to meet at another time. Let a little nervous, this is useful. In any case, this behavior will make him think more about his former family, and that's good. When we invite the faithful back home, get a joint album with photographs and remember a time when both were happy. And then ask what something to help - to hang a shelf, fix the valve, moving furniture. He must once again feel the owner of property.

This will make the faithful feel the need for the presence near the former wife. And its more and more will pull back and start all over again. But even if all these tricks will not give result and ex-husband will continue to live separate lives, we will win. Because it will make its existence the most valuable and promising.

 How to return her husband after divorce

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