what to say to the guy, he fell in love


  • What should be the conversation, makes a guy fall in love
  • Topics and phrases to help you fall in love with a Man

Once all fall in love. It is time this occurs in boys and girls. He lived himself a man lived and rrraz - and fell in love. Well, if he immediately reciprocated. But this does not always happen. What should I do? Well, you need to attract attention when the object of his love interest she may not know, this is understandable. And if you meet and make friends? Or even occur, but understands that just like a young man? Do not declare the same to him directly about his infatuation, in actual fact! Somehow it is not very worthy looks. Yes, and you can push a pushy. So it is better to try to make him love me in conversation.

But what to say to the guy, so that he fell in love? Maybe there is some magic words? In fact, all men are different, and the universal key to it is impossible to pick up. The same phrase someone alerted, someone indifferent to, someone to excite, and someone and really make love. So there is no magic words. But there are tricks of conversation that can arouse strong emotions in the young man. However, you need to use them skillfully.

 what to say to the guy, he fell in love

What should be the conversation, makes a guy fall in love

What do you need a guy to fall in love with a girl? She needs to be a little mysterious, charming, witty, interesting ... Well, and so on. In general, people fall in love with an image that corresponds to their notion of the ideal. And this ideal can be anything. It all depends on individual taste. This is what we are? That we to the fact that before you think you need to tell the boy that he fell in love with, you have little idea of ​​what the girl he likes.

Suppose a young man is breathing unevenly to the "bad" girls, and we begin to present itself as a good girl. Or vice versa. And what happens? Never mind. It will simply lose interest in us. The same puff out, if only to the guy pulls independent young ladies, and she begins to rant about his helplessness. Either he loves to be the patron saint, and she vengeance insists that copes with everything myself. In short, the same as the phrase may cause infatuation and aversion. So first we try to learn more about the person, and then develop a strategy to talk with him.

To get started you just need to talk Man. And then to give him as much opportunity to introduce ourselves. To interest a man easily if to tell him that we have similar hobbies. Well, who would refuse to discuss their interests with like-minded, tell her something or learn something new! Even inveterate Silent surely quicken and begin to ask questions about your favorite business, to explain, to argue. It's enough. We have been interested in him more than just a friend. Then it will be easier. But for a lot of communication. Just let him speak is mainly young people. And we listen more and sometimes inserting the desired replica.

At the same time, to eventually become not just a guy pal, you should follow a few rules.

  1. If a guy confesses and shares some experiences do not feel sorry for him out loud. Otherwise, you may qualify for a mom, a vest, a friend in a skirt - anyone. Not on his girlfriend. Few of the men able to fall in love with that which they openly regrets. With such a young lady guys feel weak nesmyshlёnyshami that the stronger sex like death. No sympathy for a show can be. But always trying to passing something to advise, encourage, and express confidence in the ability of a young man overcome everything.
  2. If the young person uses some crude slang, do not try to imitate him. Not that very soon he will no longer perceive us as a woman at all. And then what phrases do not choose, what kind of love or do not have to dream.
  3. When a young person begins to show off too (and he certainly will do), do not cringe before him, choking with delight. But do not try to besiege sharply. It is better to gently with warm irony to point out that he moved a little border.

Finally, if we want to see a guy in love, it is necessary to tightly remember - you need to talk to the youth friendly, calm, low voice. Arrogance and shouting it either repelled or angry. We in fact need the love with a man, not an enemy, right?

Well, how to talk with the young man to a fall in love, we have already dealt with. We now turn to what the public have to deal with, and what better phrase to pronounce.

 a guy in love

Topics and phrases to help you fall in love with a Man

Assuming that the majority of men conquerors by nature, we can conclude - the smaller guy knows about our feelings, the better. Therefore, phrases such as "You are my only and best" in this case should not be heard. No hint to the young man that he likes, can and should be. However, this should be done as if casually, letting him know that there are other suitors. Just talking about it directly, they say, for me there are a herd of suitors runs, is not necessary. It is better to say something distracted. For example, something like "here today an interesting acquaintance invited to the cinema. But the film did not seem very interesting. You did not look? ".

Sometimes, as if in passing, it is worth mention of the fact that we need a man's help or advice. For boys there is nothing nicer than to look in the eyes of the girl strong and authoritative. Of course, the one that needs a friend to them is particularly attractive target. That's just too much to do it is not necessary. Young people will decide that we are none of the strong half of humanity uninteresting. Otherwise, why would we ever complain about the lack of help? It is advisable to inform you that there are guys who always come to the rescue, but in some respects, they are ignorant. And you, well, you know this. A good way to tell a guy and a compliment, and select it from a number of others.

By the way, about compliments. Men incredibly greedy for praise. It raises their self-esteem and helps to feel important and powerful. That it is imperative to take advantage of, and be sure to take into account the conversation. That is, from time to time to insert the phrase approval. But they should always be in place and do not like flattery. Let's say the guy talked about something interesting or did something qualitatively. And we answer: "Listen, you know so much, and so clever! I would to this would never have guessed! "And" You know how it is so good! I would never have been able to. " And so on. Do not praise the young man at every turn for everything. He will take it for flattery and hypocrisy. Nothing is more irritating to men as hypocritical ladies who can not be trusted.

Incidentally, trust - one of the proven ways to the hearts of men. The guy has to see the sincerity of the girl and her openness to them. To do this, sometimes to talk about intimate and disclose to the young men some of his secrets. It might sound like this: "You know, I did not say that to anyone. But you can. You do not tell anyone! ". I must say that in the most intimate secrets to devote Man is not necessary. It is not known how it will develop further relations. Yes and no reason to him to be in the know of everything that was happening to us is happening.

To a man in love, it is sometimes necessary to demonstrate their dissatisfaction with this or that his actions. This is not to moralize or to reprimand. The stronger sex on the spirit can not stand when trying to teach him or reproach in something. It would be better simply to show grief and say something like, "You know, I do not like it. So it can do only a narrow-minded, ill-mannered and rude lout. I think you're not. If I am wrong, then, no longer have to meet. " If such a phrase to add a little bit of tears - the effect is stunning. First, the guy realizes that we have strong principles. Secondly, he noticed indifferent to him. Finally, thirdly, the young man will see a real woman, in which it is impossible not to fall in love.

Of course, one calls for that to happen, is not enough. In matters of love and falling in love a lot of nuances. Here the role played by all - and appearance and inner world, and the diversity of interests, and the charisma of the girl. The ability to say something - just one of the factors influencing the men's feelings. But one of the most important factors! And you need to use it skillfully and subtly place.

 What to tell the guy that he fell in love

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