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  • What you need to do in order to fall in love with a Man
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There is, perhaps, not a single young ladies who, though once but not tormented by the question - how to make this nice guy in love with me? Well, that happens - you think about the young man, day and night, and he or did not pay attention to you, or applies to a good friend. Anguish in such cases - even that hard labor! The problem, as fall in love with guy torturing young girls at all times. Until now, single answer to him there and to be honest, can not be.

Each person has an individual character and their own preferences in the choice of heart sighs. And he falls in love not understanding, and at the behest of the soul. How then can make some general scheme, which allows to make to you is certainly in love with the one whom you ask for? You can not, after all right? Right. But, fortunately, it is not so hopeless. There are some time-tested secrets and mysteries, the use of which makes it possible to interest the guy. What is this mystery?

 how to do so in love with you boy

What you need to do in order to fall in love with a Man

We are not going to talk about what needs to be done to persuade the guy to easy flirtation. Momentary affair is not particularly difficult. Simply grasp at least the basics of elementary art of seduction, and the trick is done. We will be talk about the methods to help achieve in love guy who wants a serious relationship. No, of course, they fit in when she thinks: "The main thing that this guy saw me now and I wanted to flirt a little." But these methods require her more effort than common methods of seduction. However, each girl chooses that interesting. And then, even those who just want to play as long as, in the future may need to do so that man began to feel romantic affection. In short, all the useful tips. Well, how much to use, private issue.

So, what to do to a guy is really in love, and not just become a fool our heads in order to supplement their collection of girls conquered hearts? To begin with, that will gather about him as much as possible information. Someone is troubled: "Collect information ?! Yes, ever !!! For me, such actions - indecent. " No, watch out for the young man and deeply pry into his personal life or in the case of whom do not. We need to know what a guy is interested in what his priorities in life, to aspire, prefers to talk about anything, and so on. Otherwise, an exciting communication can not get out, and without it is impossible to solve our problem.

Once the idea of ​​the lifestyle of the young man and his aspirations will be obtained, proceed to draw up a plan for further action. Of course, without such a plan, and you can do if the gentleman needs for a day or overnight. Why strain something? Well, when you need to, he fell in love with a little effort and define the stages, and specifically, how to behave on. Nothing complicated about it. Take a pen and a piece of paper or open a text file on your computer and write in large letters at the top of page: "How to fall in love with the guy. Plan ". It is better that he was in three parts. About this looks like this:

  • Part one: how to make me charming in the eyes Man

      This is necessary because the charming girl noticed any man. Moreover, anyone wants to continue her acquaintance! So how do you achieve this? Learn how to apply the appropriate make-up, keep in the proper form the shape, effectively and tastefully dressed? Not certainly in that way. Not to be confused with the charm of a beautiful appearance. Charm - a friendship, softness, mystery, wit, looseness. Of course, beauty is in the conquest of men's issues is of considerable importance. But without charm, it becomes dead. Therefore, qualities, if you want a guy to you really in love, have a developed;

  • Part Two: what to do to the future of communication for the guy and for me it was interesting

      This is very important. If communication with the girl not interested in the young man, he will avoid it. And if it is not interested in a girl, wanting to love with a guy, she will begin to pretend keen business, which really care about. False such a young man, sooner or later feel. This may cause him to distrust of the young lady and alienate it. To sort happened, we must know more than interested in the guy, and choose from all of its interests that prefer. And then try to understand all the nuances of this activity as far as possible;

  • Part Three: what to do to the guy took me as a charming and very pleasant lady

      Over a third part of the plan will have to dream a little. It should include a detailed description of how and where to come across a young man in the eye, what to say in his presence, what ways to communicate with others in the moment of encounter preferred. The main thing in all these matters - not to look in society guy silly, cheeky, vulgar, obsessively. Consideration should be given a way to become the most charming. I find it is not so easy, but - nothing is impossible! Especially when you're feeling overwhelmed.

Well, the plan drawn up, the tactics and strategy of behavior with the young man developed. It remains all parts purposefully implemented. How will we do it?

 how to make a guy in love with you

What to do to a guy in love

To the guy you saw and fell in love, we have to act firmly, but gently. What, then, should such action be?

  1. Develop the ability to charm. It includes the friendliness, warmth, tact, relaxed behavior, good sense of humor. Charming woman sweet, forgiving, truthful, and has good erudition and broad-minded. If these character traits to add more elegance, good taste and grace, the girl will lose her head, not only men, but all the cats in the neighborhood. Someone will say, but what if these qualities I have?
    Work, work on yourself! When there is a strong desire to conquer the one who settled in the heart, and you will have no peace without it, you can achieve anything;
  2. Once we are at least in part we will feel charming, proceed to the next stage of their actions. It includes the systematic steps toward rapprochement with the guy. You can start, for example, a daily greeting, accompanied by the traditional "How are you? ". To do this, of course, need to find out where the young people most often. And appear in such places as if by chance, occasionally with him stalkivayas.Togda when greeting becomes habitual, we begin to tactfully ask guy about that, about this, trying to stick exciting for both of those. After all, we already know his interests! Then you can accidentally ask the young man for help on how to somewhere he took with him, accompanied on some event, and so on. The main thing - to be able to spend time together;
  3. If acquaintance became quite close, and we want to continue and strengthen relationships, begin to slowly bring a guy to participate in the general affairs. Of course, these lessons should not be indifferent to it, or even more unpleasant. Then he will sooner or later begin to feel an aversion to it, and will look for an excuse to get rid of such a pastime. Needless to say that this situation is not conducive to progress in the relationship? So choose something that gives pleasure to the young man, not forgetting at the same time and about himself. Not easy? But we have a plan in which everything is painted. And with regular communication with the guy for sure there will be some new ideas for frequent contact with him.

In the case where the guy for a long time only supports friendly relations, and you still run by strong feelings, not worth much upset, thinking, "He sees me only as a friend." It often happens that people fall in love seriously, but by all means try not to show it. So do not be in a hurry and naberёmsya patience. Suppose a young man accustomed, to learn and understand, it can count on reciprocity. It is likely that after this he will be more open, and in behavior, and in their words. And dare to make such a long-awaited recognition.

Honestly, even the recognition does not give a full guarantee that it comes to marriage. You never know when fell in love man and woman, met and then parted forever? Therefore, if we want to associate with a guy all my life, no need to settle down, staying in the serene confidence that now he is not going anywhere. Often girls lose a loved one because of such certainty. They become too demanding excessively capricious, sometimes even rude. If a guy - not a weakling, he will not accept this method of communication, and just break the relationship. So we will monitor their behavior, while remaining delicate, feminine, you know. And then we have all the chances to successfully marry this man.

 How do I get a guy in love with you

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