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  • Things to do in Monaco
  • Attractions: churches, cathedrals, chapels
  • Attractions for lovers of entertainment
  • Attractions Monaco Architecture

The Principality of Monaco is located in Southern Europe, on the border of Italy and France. This is one of the smallest states in the world. At the mention of Monaco comes to mind immediately the city of Monaco (capital of the country), the port and business center of La Condamine, Fontvieille industrial area. But, of course, first and foremost associates Monaco with all the rest, and the abode of the Monte Carlo casino.

Come here tourists from around the world seeking a memorable and enjoyable stay.

Indeed, the entertainment industry in Monaco is developed at the highest level. Everything here is done for the pleasure of tourists. Also, each tourist traveling just need to see the sights of Monaco.

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Things to do in Monaco

As a rule, any acquaintance with the new country begins with its capital. The capital of Monaco is the city of the same name. It is small: its population of just 3000 inhabitants. Most of the population lives in the Principality of La Condamine. Monaco - a very picturesque town, which is located on the site of the rock. It is considered the oldest city, and not without reason, because in general, preserved its medieval appearance. In Monaco there are many attractions: the prince's palace complex, the Oceanographic Museum, the Museum of primitive anthropology Cathedral.

If you come to try their luck in the game of roulette, Monaco - the best place for this. Gambling halls world-famous Monte Carlo casino attracts players from all over the world. A total of five Monte Carlo casino, luxury, meeting even the most refined and demanding taste. They are considered to be landmark principality.

Beautiful ladies tend to visit the chic lounges to relax and beauty sessions in the famous spas, which is famous Monaco.

In Monaco, work and classical theater, and a casino, and it is quite usual nightclubs where you can dance to modern music, and the most ordinary pubs. The variety lets you choose vacation to your liking.

If you are a lover of art in all its forms, in Monaco, and it will be interesting. The world-famous opera, ballet troupe, orchestra, Drama Theatre Princess Grace - all the sights at your service. Art lovers will be impressed by the art exhibitions that are held at the Grimaldi Forum and galleries, of which there are a great many.

History lovers must visit the Oceanographic Museum. Here you will learn about the history and various aspects of life in the Principality of Monaco.

Despite the fact that the hotel has a swimming pool, you can go to the public beach and Plage du Larvotto, where you can not only swim and sunbathe, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Mediterranean.

Whatever type of holiday you are either attracted time in Monaco flying fun, varied and discreetly!

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Attractions: churches, cathedrals, chapels

For those impressive majestic temples and the old chapel, who likes to see the decoration of the cathedrals, in Monaco will see that.

  • The Church of Saint Devote

Saint Devote - patroness of Monaco. The church was built in the XI century. It is located near Vallon de Gaumates. The place was not chosen by chance. In the IV century Christian from Corsica was executed on the skiff, and the skiff sank in that place, near which later built a church. In 1870, the church was restored and expanded. Every year on January 26 is celebrated the feast of St. Devote. At dusk on the square before the church takes place a symbolic burning of the ship layout, which was executed by a saint.

  • Cathedral of Monaco

This is the main Cathedral of the principality. It was erected on the site of the old church of the XIII century. The cathedral is built of white stone, which gives the building a special beauty and sophistication. Be sure to see pictures of Louis Brera, the pulpit and the altar. This is where the tomb of Princess Grace, who are very fond of Monaco and the Grimaldi family tomb. If you have the opportunity to visit the Cathedral on the day of a religious holiday, or 19 November, when Monaco celebrate the National Day, you're lucky twice, because you will hear the sound of an organ, which is installed in the cathedral in 1976.

  • Chapel of Mercy

The chapel is located at the City Hall Square, in the old town. They built it in 1635. Initially it was built as a meeting place of the Brotherhood of penitents, the abbot of which was Prince Honore II. For tourists this place is interesting because the chapel is carved in wood sculpture of Jesus Christ. He created this masterpiece of François-José Bosio, official sculptor of Napoleon.

  • Church of St. Charles

Church appeared in 1883. It is characterized by elegance and refinement, as built in the Renaissance style. You certainly hit the 30-meter bell tower, the 19 stained glass windows and a chandelier from the Throne Hall of the Prince's Palace, which illuminates the inside of the church. All this gives the church interior luxury and chic.

 Palace of Justice
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Attractions for lovers of entertainment

Perhaps no man on earth who has not associated to Monaco with Monte Carlo and gambling establishments. And for good reason, because the Monte Carlo casino is the oldest institution in Europe and the most respectable and luxurious. Casino was opened in 1862, but soon burned almost to the ground. There was only one of the gambling halls, which was later converted into a vestibule. New construction Casino restored the architect Charles Garnier, who was specially invited from Paris. And now a new casino was ready, and in 1878 he made his discovery. This building has become even more luxurious than the first one.

The casino is located a few gambling halls, each of which is designed for a particular game. Rooms are decorated with magnificent sculptures, paintings, lamps made of bronze.

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Attractions Monaco Architecture

Taking a walk through the city, be sure to pay attention to the architecture. It is so diverse and beautiful, that the impressions of a long time will accompany you when traveling.

  • Prince's Palace

The palace is the residence of the Grimaldi royal family principality. It is situated on a cliff that drops off to the sea. Earlier, in 1215, this place was built a fortress. Tour operators in the program include not only inspection tours of the palace from the outside, but inside. Truly it is a journey through time! You will learn the history, from the era of Guelph and gibbelinov and until the reign of Napoleon. You will walk through the most amazing magnificent rooms of the palace: the Italian gallery, salon of Louis XV, Mazarin interior in the Moorish style, the Blue salon, the throne hall, chapel stoles, St. Mary's Tower.

  • Palace Square

No less striking, and the area in front of the palace. It surrounds the battery of guns that cast even when Louis XIV. Be sure to visit the observation deck: You expect an impressive view of Monte Carlo, Port Fontvieille. And if you come here at 11.55 am, you will see the spectacular changing of the guard ceremony in front of the main entrance to the palace. This ritual has not changed for more than a century.

  • Monte-Carlo Opera

Opera, as well as Monte Carlo casino was built by the architect Charles Garnier. He is known for his opera in Paris, which was built according to his designs and is named in his honor. Opera Monte Carlo casino located in a building.

  • Fort Antoine

Now the fort is an outdoor theater for up to 350 people. At the beginning of the XVIII century Prince Antoine I built it as a fortress in the north-eastern tip of the rock of Monaco. In 1944, the fort was destroyed in 1953 but restored again. Since then, tourists are flocking here to look at the theater, because there is something to see! The theater is in a military style. Some of the surviving walls of the fort, the pyramid of cannonballs on stage, observation tower - all this gives the theater a special charm and unusual.

  • Market

The market is located on the Place d'Armes, and has been since 1880. Today it is a modern building, and, more likely, a huge shopping center with elevators, escalators and parking than the market in its classical sense. In addition, it is incredibly beautiful: trading rooms are decorated with hanging gardens, fountains and attractive stalls. Next to the market is a pedestrian shopping street, Princess Caroline.

  • Louis II Stadium

In the district of Fontvieille in 1985 it was built a huge sports complex, which was designed for the competition at the highest level in various sports. The complex is the famous stadium. It is designed for 20 thousand people. Interestingly it that it was here that play the UEFA Super Cup Football.

  • Palace of Justice

Start of construction of the Palace was laid in 1924 on the orders of Prince Louis II. The palace was opened 6 years later, in 1930. The building is constructed of gray porous stone interspersed with shells and small pebbles, it is called sea tuff. On the facade of the building installed a bust of Prince Honoré II.

  • Road Sculpture

The Principality of Monaco is a lot of works of world-famous sculptors. From around the world, thanks to the Prince of Monaco, have flocked here to work. As a result, in Monaco put about a hundred sculptures made by modern masters. Most of the sculptures is located in Fontvieille. Be sure to organize a walk around the area, during which you will be able to witness this beauty.

 Monaco gives an unforgettable experience