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  • If the husband left her for another
  • If the husband affair

There is an old saying, "All my life I loved, and on Thursday out of love." In fact, since the case, and quite frequently. Maybe externally you - are perfectly happy family where a husband and a loving and caring, the envy of all her friends. But one day he just pack your bags and go to another woman. Wife wept, confused children, spiteful neighbors with their eternal "I told you! "... And still possible that the husband is with you, but you do know that he has someone on the side, and your head explodes uncontrollable fountain of emotions and feelings: resentment, anger, resentment, self-pity. And only one thought knocks on the head like a hammer, beating wild rhythm of the nerves: what to do, how to get a husband?

If the husband left her for another

The Earth is round, at the four corners of the square, after summer comes autumn, and then winter. ... All this is an axiom that is not necessary to prove, as the fact that her husband loves you and will always be there. So you thought before. But now, without meeting with you eyes, it collects suitcases to the door to breathe free breast and all the wings to fly to the other, your razluchnitse. This usually occurs suddenly. It does not matter, you suspected him of treason before or not, but the real care of her husband's family is impossible to prepare mentally. It seems that the whole world collapsed and there is no reason to live on. But, of course, it is not. If you have experienced caring dear, beloved of the family, the first thing you need to do - is to find the strength to live on.

Look around you - surely you are surrounded by loving people who are willing to support you in this difficult time. It is especially important not to forget those moments in the children, because they are more likely to suffer from the fact that the pope is no longer there. Overcome your own weaknesses and become a real support and support for their children, but in any case, do not set them against her husband. The children really need a father, losing his presence, and love and respect for him - it's too difficult test for the child's mind. Let them see and dad, do not let them communicate, because in addition to taking care of children is also one point of our plan to return home to her husband.

Since you are reading this article, then, is not set for a quick and decisive divorce, and your head spins persistent thought: I want to return to her husband! Right? In this case, let's start with what not to do when trying to reason with your man.

The main mistake women after the departure of her husband

  • Let's start with the most difficult: do not yell at him, went into hysterics and did not blame the fact that he broke your life. Aggression - is not the best companion in building relations. All that you will achieve this behavior - said the husband, that he made the right choice in favor of one who does not shout and shakes the nerves (and only your opponent certainly tries to be with him very affectionate and tender). Of course, cope with their feelings is not so easy, but if you want to achieve the desired - to return to her husband - then gain strength and courage to behave in this situation with dignity.
  • Do not beg him to come back, smearing the face angry tears, not to humiliate him in front. Surely he would be very sorry for you, but because of pity - it is not love, right? In the end, it's not your fault, and he, so do not lose self-esteem. Make it clear that you are not one of those who break easily, that you are strong and wise woman. This, at least, will cause her husband's respect.
  • Do not blackmail his children, apartment or other common values. Men hate when they are forced to do something by force. Even if you could, for some of these reasons compel him to return, then the normal life you would not be, believe me.
  • Do not ask him about your opponent, do not try to find out that it's better than you. He now lives in a different dimension, his state of love, and he would vehemently defend their passion and remember all your flaws. Do not torture yourself, that you still will not get anywhere.
  • Do not try to take revenge on her husband by going "left". Firstly, it is unlikely you yourself feel better by this, because sex without mutual affection brings moral satisfaction. Second, if the husband finds out about this, it is unlikely to want to have you back. Unfortunately, the psychology of men: to their own betrayals they are much easier, rather than to women. It may annoy and porevnuet, but at the thought that you belonged to another man, he hardly will have a desire to share with you life and bed.

As a rule, after the departure of her husband woman led by the emotions, because it really is a lot of stress - of losing a loved one. But you just need to pull myself together and not make all the mistakes described above. Nobody forbids you cry enough, but make sure that the husband did not see these tears. Of course, your man is dear to you, but he - not the only creature in the world worth living for. Instead of days and nights feeling sorry for myself, unfortunate, and curse the cruel fate, try to become what you were before meeting with him. It is in the woman he was once in love with no memory.

Guide to the steps for abandoned women

  • In order to return to her husband, you need to love yourself again. Take care of yourself, devote more time to the care of appearance. Go to visit a friend, fitness center, buy yourself something fashionable clothes. And do not forget that everything you do is not for him, but for themselves. Your husband is not dead, but simply left the life of your family, at least not yet. So you have a lot of free time to regain the glamor and glitter around you before you are mired in family life.
  • Try to understand yourself and understand that her husband did not like in your relationship. Drop the first thought that you were the perfect wife and your husband - a dishonest man. Looking honestly at the events taking place in your overall family life, you will surely realize that they themselves have something wrong. These findings wrap themselves into their heads, promising that in the future this will not happen again.
  • Be confident in yourself. In meetings with her husband behave so that he knew very offended you, but in any case do not take the form of the victim. Smiling, talking quietly, but slightly aloof. Now he certainly wants you to do an inadequate response - accusations, shouts and tears. So surprise him and show that you have pride and you do not die because of his absence. Otherwise, you just flatter his vanity, and it is already impossibly inflated (he has two women, and both crazy about him go!).
  • During a joint family life certainly have formed a common circle of friends and acquaintances. After her husband leaves the family, the circle is usually splits into two camps: one on your side, the other - on the side of her husband. Try not to recruit friends in common on their side, they did not elicit the details of his new love life - all of it immediately becomes known to her husband and take away it from you. Communicate with all matter-of-factly, avoid slippery theme of your separation - surely you have something to talk about, other than your husband!

In your case, the best tactic - the waiting. The fact that he started a conscientious life with another woman does not mean that there he would be sweeter than you. After the first romantic feelings poutihnut soon, and there will come harsh reality: dirty socks, tasteless dinner, unpleasant habits of each other. You have lived with him a long time and probably learned to make his life comfortable. You know exactly what he likes for breakfast, how many costumes to put him on a business trip, what medicine to give at a cold. Have your opponent is no such benefits.

Believe me, there is a great likelihood that he will soon begin to see clearly and understand who lost. On some flowers and a kiss does not go far; He was accustomed to the adjusted life, and build a new family - so get used to the new rules. Not every man can survive such stress when the first tender and affectionate lover suddenly begins to require him to clean up scattered around the apartment, and things do not drink beer on the weekends with friends. So in most cases, husbands abandon their wives for mistresses, are returning home.

How to return her husband? Do not lose hope and continue to live with dignity, it is from these women to give up the most difficult.

 I want to return to her husband

If you have a special occasion, you feel that they themselves can no longer cope with the situation, and you absolutely need support to return a loved-you are sure to find the answers to many questions on the site dedicated to the theme of the return of family relations. Here are collected as the vast experience of those women who like themselves perezhilm and her husband were able to return, and the advice of experts, who for many years engaged in helping people in difficult situations, if there was a rupture of relations. To immediately get real help and find a way to return her husband to apply to those who are aware of this issue better than anyone.

If the husband affair

Sometimes in life, and so that your husband left you, and returns home every night, but you know that he has another woman. He is deceiving you, invents a hundred excuses to stay on the side, and you feel that you are losing your man. What to do in such a situation, how to return his love? It would be great if you read this article before it made a major mistake to tell her husband about what you know about his mistress. Otherwise, you will either swallowing offense, continue to live with him more, or proudly shaking his head, to demand a divorce. But you want to return to her husband's family, right?

First of all you must understand that you are not a failure, from which "walks" husband. You are not terrible, not stupid and thick. Husbands have mistresses, even the most beautiful women, so stop watching and humiliation. Upon learning that her husband's affair, better under false pretext to go somewhere far away, to give vent to emotions and naplakal enough. Sob out her grief, you can go home and act adequately.

In no case do not try to follow him, to read his SMSes, asking friends about who your opponent - for good it will not. In any case, he finds out about your behavior, and it will cause him or pity, or disgust, but did not wish to leave his passion for you. After all, he is now a happy, enjoyable period in my life - candy buketny from your opponent. And if the matter comes to a showdown, and he would have to confess to you, then you will be able to hold back the emotions and not to fall into hysterics? It will be another pebble in your garden: you nervous hysterical, and she - a gentle, wise woman. And then, if after all these events, you will stay with him, he will understand that you live without it can not, and will change, almost openly!

All you need to do now - it fundamentally change their normal behavior and make him pay attention to you. If your habit of pestering his interrogation, where he lost in the evening, try to ignore his eternal delay. If you are from morning till night were engaged in that settled in life and cleaned, washed, scrubbed the apartment, then you should take a little time out to devote more time to myself personally. Do not focus on thoughts about how her husband to return to his former life, Live a just for its own sake.

Term loans with their appearance: a haircut, color, buy yourself something new to wear. And do not forget the sexy underwear, not this, which used to your husband. If you are used to select sets of black satin, get something red or pink with cute kruzhavchikami and push-apom. Let him see you by accident in the bathroom in the new underwear in front of your access to the street. This, at least, make him think that you are interested in anyone but him. Jealousy - it is a serious reason to leave on time and so successfully on the side of folding relations and seriously address the "escaping" from the hands of his wife. After all, how hard it is to you or cooled, and a sense of ownership has not been canceled!

Just do not really start a lover only in order to take revenge and to instruct his horn! Maybe someone from the men and shake it, was forced to return to the bosom of the family, but most males never forgive betrayal. This may be the perfect excuse to leave with you formally, and prove who started the first, it will be useless.

Think about your mistakes that you make a living with it. Perhaps you are one of those who likes to dominate in the family and forced her husband to dance to their tune. Or, on the contrary, seems to him so helpless and inept, that nothing but irritation does not cause. You know very well, and my husband will be able to understand that you did not. Instead of stubbornly stick to their line, try changing internally - it will not go unnoticed.

But if he will not go to his mistress for all the time that you will restore order in his head? Hardly, because men take a very long time such decisions. Unless you push him, he drove home. At present time - this is your ally. Let him remember that you - the woman he fell in love with many years ago, that you are interested in other men. This should be a strong incentive to look at you in a new way - especially if you change internally for the better. It will take some time, and you're not in the heat, and a fresh mind ready: and if you need that person, or you can safely let him go to a new attachment? Maybe you deserve the best life partner?

So it does not matter whether your husband has left her for another woman, or just a cool affair. The main rules in order to bring back her husband - calm and restraint. No aggression, no tears, no sense of self-pity - all this kills the desire to be close to you. Play a game called "I have not lost without you" and win, to spend rest of my life with those you love.

 How to return her husband, without losing self-esteem

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