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Oh, these men of treason ... Today, they have become so commonplace that even has a special condemnation can not be .  They say that they are all males, because the nature of such .  The sexual instinct is stronger than common sense .  Instinct there is not an instinct, and when her husband will change, it is always very painful .  You give birth to his children, wash, cook, clean, and trust me, considering almost the most native person in the world .  And suddenly, like an ax temechku - faithful to someone slept .  Well I would even if slept, and then the name of the temporary mistress forgotten .  Then as if here and there - blood leaped, mind fell into a stupor, and - forward, my playful horse! Then, perhaps, regret what he had done, begin to repent, tail sweep the floor .  In short, in which case you can porevet, blow, poorat Finally, and forgive .  But often it is different! Zavedet yourself precious husband some fresh one run hither and beauty to it periodically, twisting and recalling the meeting, business trip, too busy at work .  How to be in this case? As revenge for the betrayal of her husband so that its getting through to the most pechёnok? And whether it is necessary to take revenge at all?

What not to do to otmostit husband for treason

What comes immediately to mind is usually a woman who learns about her husband's infidelity?

  1. Expel scoundrel immediately with slippers, shirts and favorite mug. Let rolls perekatipolem to his bitch and miluetsya with her until vomit! Let it, reptile, understand, what kind of fruit, and a hundred times regret the fact that it involves. And he, this rubbish, then let every moment recalls his lovely wife, who lost and suffering, repenting their deeds.
  2. Immediately cuckold blagovernomu, with those in the airplane hangar that he could barely move. It does not matter with whom and how, as long as these Rozhysche quickly grew.
  3. Meet the mistress of a spouse, to deprive her eyes and hairstyles or ruin the existence of some other way. The main thing - to spoil, to know how to go to bed with a family man. Look, the fashion took zhenatikov seduce, feminine dog!

And in some cases, despair and resentment wants to throw himself under the train, to jump from the ninth floor, to drink poison and so on. All of the above as revenge worthless. First, expel never too late. But not the fact that the "villain" will regret it. But then we may well bite elbows - infidelity infidelity, but prone to adultery, a man does not always have a lot of additional shortcomings. Change can all, including a good family man. If such a person is a good idea to their home, he earns a decent and tries to do everything for comfortable life of his wife and children, it is necessary to think twice before you put him out the door. Replacement found to be very difficult, and even when there exists, where is the guarantee that the new spouse is one too will not change?

And then, it is likely that the strong half dearest one day become very uncomfortable at his passions, or alone. And then he trailers as a sheet of bath broom and start whining, crying for mercy and forgiveness. We'll have to take back, because I did not get off - will put pressure on the most powerful levers of sympathy. This is not good. Once conceded in this case, necessarily becomes an object that can be manipulated. Then again, you can ever go to the left. Cast out then the wife? Nothing wrong. Sooner or later let back again.

Secondly, prisobachit horns on the top of the faithful easy. Hunters jump into bed there always. That's just what then? What if one of these "hunters" like, but do not reciprocate? Again suffer? Or a fleeting sexual partner begins to gossip, complementing their invented juicy details. Launderers then poured on you from the slop buckets ...

Third, to spoil the face and pull your hair girlfriend husband - this is not revenge. This hard-hitting action uncultured woman lost her head. Why put yourself in such a bad light? It is better, if I really want to talk to her, to establish friendly relations with the insidious razluchnitsa. Such a stand is not easy, of course, but to pull himself together, if desired, can still be. And talking to her as casually mention the most painful flaws spouse. Allegedly, he did not the prince, next to a similar type of live oh as unsweetened ... Dirty, rude, liar. Yes, and the weaker sex is extremely indifferent. Here at work Lyudochka he is, so the ladies' man does not depart from it! A neighbor Tanya do not give passage. And let Lyudochka and Tanya do not exist - it does not matter. Idyll in relations lovers evaporate forever. Now that would be the place!

And finally, in chёtvertyh swallow poison, jumping under a train and do something like that to get back at her husband for adultery - the highest stupidity. Giving life is due to the fact that a man got himself another - a real nonsense. The men in the world a dime a dozen. Find on our head groom. Oh, it - beloved husband? Yes, the dog with him! Porevёm couple of months and calm down. In the end, "dearly loved" may be a few, but one life. And to sacrifice her for adultery husband, using his own death as revenge - idiocy. Especially since the pangs of conscience until the end of his days he just will not suffer. After a time to calm down and begin to taste the delights of existence to its fullest. So train the ninth floor, poisons, and all that is attached to them, are strictly prohibited.

Good. Expels gulnuvshego Believing is not necessary, the most indulge in all serious and not too impossible, mistress beat windows and something else in addition to him ugly, apply the hand and think of nothing. So while avenge the betrayal of her husband that he was a kind of immoral, regretted his deed?

 as a revenge for the betrayal

Options revenge on her husband for treason

In general, the most effective revenge on the men who changed his wife - a cheerful and calm detachment that same wife after discovery of infidelity Blessed. When she instead of tantrums and scandals friendly jokes and continues to do their own thing - if it's not a knockout, then a significant blow to the gut. To be more precise, powerful clout to the ego. Such clout from which brains melted, and the thought of another woman completely blocked. They are replaced by one, painful and ineradicable - why his wife is not hysteria, and chuckles ?! Apparently, she still? So either do not like or got himself someone! This thought will haunt our hussar everywhere - at work, at dinner, fishing, and even in his sleep in bed with his mistress, if he is still to climb. As a result, the poor man could not eat or sleep, lost in conjecture, what is going on and trying to woo his beloved little wife. The best option for revenge and think hard.

However, not every one of us is able to behave in hands and smiling serenely, learning of treason favorite. Usually the emotions raging like a tornado and control lacks any power. Revenge seems the most acceptable way out. Otherwise, the explosion happens indescribable force. In principle, this is acceptable. Here are just better try first to listen to the faint voice of reason, which is trying to get through a storm of emotions. I can not hear anything? Pobёm couple of plates, porvёm shirt rascal-traitor, kicked his shoes, beat them good pillow ... In a word, let off steam, get the chance to talk more or less sober, and think about how to avenge the betrayal.

The most affordable and simple option for revenge - for the faithful to stop doing something, what he first count on us. That is, it does not erase the things that are not preparing for a spouse for breakfast, lunch and dinner, do not follow this wardrobe Lovelace, do not pay his bills, does not solve the problems of everyday life for him. They run out of clean socks? Not our problem. Let the dirty folds in kulёk and drags her to the subst ... sorry, sweetheart. In order not felt that picked up the angel in the flesh. I came home from work hungry? Nothing supper elsewhere. Oh, I tired? A run to his mistress did not get tired? (Aloud utter this phrase is not necessary). Will buy on the way to work shop dumplings, cook and eat. And he will wash the dishes. We must get used to independence.

This variant is quite good, but only if the spouse before himself is not erased and are not ready. If washed and prepared, ignoring its domestic needs will not be revenge. Then we can choose another way to annoy revelers. For example, spread the rumor about what he was incompetent and messy, laxative pour the soup constantly salt tea and coffee, hide the TV remote when there is a football ... In short, constantly adjust any tricks. A trifle, but it acts on the nerves. If they have not a man of steel, of course.

Finally, another option for revenge. Most probably, nice. Do yourself. To build a career, buy a couple of cool veshchichek, visit the hairdresser and make a new hairstyle, find very fascinating hobby. That is, to make the eyes bright, his gait became light and flying, and men stumbled in the street when they met with us. Hide away the pain - she was an old woman and makes them ugly and pathetic. We can! We - the weaker sex! So we have great endurance, patience and willpower. And let the rake is torn, knowing that does not know that his wife and did not appreciate its true value.

In general, I want to mention again - before considering how to avenge the betrayal, it should calm down a little. Otherwise, you can do this - not for a millennium razgrebёsh! Calm down and try to understand - why is it that this kotyara there suffered? Boredom, spontaneous desire, lust, attempted to assert itself, hateful house, tiresome husband? Perhaps in his treason there is a significant proportion of our guilt? If so, you need to review their own behavior in the family, and not to set a goal to take revenge on someone on adultery pushed. Review and forgive. In the end, the family is always more expensive adventures left.

 How to avenge her husband for treason

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