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A married man - the object, seemingly lost for females .  There is a stamp in the passport, the ring on his right hand, and the point! Well, anyway, it should ideally be .  But in reality it is not so .  Today zhenatiki cause a weak half of humanity is no less interesting than the bachelors .  And they themselves, with rare exceptions, do not mind to have an affair on the side .  Romance are there all the time, and society have their special even discusses .  The man in this case is generally quite satisfied with the status quo .  Unless, of course, about the adventures of the faithful on the side does not know the wife and mistress behavior meets all his expectations .  In this case, relations with it can last for years .  But what to do in such a situation, the young lady who seems to be not married, and at the same time does not belong? How to behave with a married man, if he promises for a ride, without taking any decisive steps?

Features of relations with a married man

They say that a man, they say, even being happy ringed always not mind playing in intimate love with some attractive the lady .  But, to be honest, these days, many young women themselves are not against relations with married men .  It used to be such links were considered too immoral, and women with a family lover, instantly fell into the ranks of the ladies of easy virtue .  Even though he was her sole .  Now, in some cases, even lovers are an element of prestige .  However, all the arguments about the moral aspect of this relationship is actually empty chatter .  Forgive us moralists, but the fact remains - a man with a stamp in the passport does not cease to be a man .  This means that he may like other women .  And they have it too .  And when the same sympathy, few people think about morality .  The two rush into the arms of each other, are not particularly bothered consequences of his action .

Sometimes this relationship is short-lived, leaving behind only a pleasant or annoying memories. And sometimes it is delayed, turning almost into a kind of family relationships. That is edakogo surrogate family relationships where the man plays the role of a husband coming. A woman - the role of temporary wives. And what happens? And it turns out that the "coming man" this situation is often satisfied. But the "temporary wife" - not usually. And let it swaggers, saying that anything he says, more and not have a lover, except for sex, money, attention and so on. Nonsense. At heart she still dreams that he belonged only to her. Except for options when a young girl contain any Rich nasty bloke. But that is another topic.

So, what do we have in a relationship with a married man? And we do not have anything except endless expectations, short-term meetings in secret, weekends and holidays alone. No, but sometimes the nail vobёt lover, crane repairs, move the cabinet. Kind of like the man in the house now present! But it is sometimes. And more and more the most have to do it or cause someone else. In general, neveselenkie circumstances. More precisely, it is not veselёnkie. But sadly there is not sad, but you're all waiting for, when there will be changes for the better, and tell yourself that a loved one is sure to divorce and settle near forever. Well, that is just can not! Wife is sick, children need a father, and in general all of them without such a reliable man's shoulder disappear. He says so.

In fact, all these rantings of a helpless wife and children - a banal excuse of married men who have nothing in their lives do not want to change. Well, no, in fact, that they still have to talk about? What is the relationship with his wife, it is so personal that it regularly receives his bed that family home has become a familiar and habits do not want to change? Of course not! Otherwise narveshsya the scandal with his mistress, and it's useless. Conflicts have enough at home and at work. And then you need to rest.

In short, the relationship with a married man - not honey. The woman usually looks forward to the prospect of a good, and if nothing changes for a long time, starts to rush. She just did not know what to do. To break off relations with her lover? It's not that it's easy. Share everything to his wife? As a kind of ugly. Let it be as it is? But life goes on, it gets old ... How can that be? How to behave so that he finally made the plunge?

Indeed, how to conduct yourself better in this case?

 how to behave properly with a married man

How best to deal with a married man

Frankly, what we think it does not, and how would not romanticize your relationship with married men, on their mistresses need primarily sex. Well, who, with his wife, will voluntarily look at his head more trouble settling on a life of another woman or pleasure will undertake to solve her problem, not hoping for sex? Is that finished altruist or over a noble man, and such unit worldwide. So let's look at things realistically. Of course, a man can be in love, but cool all the same sex it is necessary. Otherwise, infatuation will pass quickly, and zhenatik forget about our existence.

Therefore, leaving aside the phrase: "Today I do not want to" meet a lover, and always armed with blazing desire (or pretending Burning). "Fully armed" means to look sexy, well-groomed and effectively. An old comfortable jeans, faded robes, careless hairstyle, make-up and no other attributes of inner freedom - it later, when the man leave. It is like home and see enough. We must contrive every meeting, even if it happened suddenly be stunning. Moreover, it is desirable that stunning changed its elements, or get used to stop and pay attention. That is, change the hair style, clothes, fashion make-up and so on. We must always be different and exciting. How? Fantasize, fantasize! Just be careful not to scare the man is too aggressive and lustful views. Shish then appear!

Certainly one crazy sex bind to a human is not easy. Today, available women, masterly owning intimate art - more than enough. Select - I do not. Satiate one went to another. No, of course, there are men who prefer to deal with a constant partner. But still sexual attraction is too small to be sure that the lover is not going anywhere. Talk about if her husband abandoned the family just because others were in bed cooler - is nonsense. Would that he had no children and his wife absolutely useless. Well, in this case, and divorce is never a problem. If the situation is different, because of the cool sex with a man I'll never come down. Sex can be prepared a couple of times a week and the rest of the time to devote to his wife and children.

So, we need to give her lover something else. What? The first is understanding. No, not really understanding when we sigh sympathetically when he complains about the quarrelsome demanding wife and fool-chief. Let uttered, it is useful, however, to turn into a vest is not worth it. Otherwise, instead of the beloved woman he once saw in our mom. To understand a man is to share his interests at least in part. Then there are the general topics of conversation and some common goals. He is interested in diving? Stating that would love to ever go down under water diving. He likes to drive a car? Asked to teach controlled cars. She loves to photograph? Reported that the collection of unique photographs - our long-cherished dream. Saying all this should be with indescribable enthusiasm. Say, I finally found a like-minded person and a person who is able to teach, what had long dreamed of!

Do not ignore such things. If we seriously want zahomutat lover, find a spiritual point of contact is necessary. Firstly, it will provide an opportunity to create not only sopostelnost, but also community. Second, allow to communicate with him as often as possible, somewhere to walk together somewhere to go, something to discuss. In relationships that are formed mainly on the basis of sex, there is little chance of development. Sooner or later they will be fresh and damped. People need to have more and joint business. The relationship is not only reliable, but also more interesting.

At the same time, sharing the interests of the lover, it is advisable to adhere to certain boundaries of communication. If doing this or that thing, spend time with him too long, the man calmed down and let things take their course. And why should he exert? And the wife and the mistress there and not going anywhere. To admit this can not be. Otherwise, we will stay until the end of time his second wife in a small harem. We must not forget about their own interests, regularly go somewhere, leave, disappearing without devoting lover in detail and not allowing him to control himself. We have to have a private space where the entrance is a man that is prohibited! Let no one think that we belong to him entirely. He leaves his wife? Exit. Hence, the lover has the right to walk wherever they like. And who want, among other things.

No, if the intention is to build a reliable relationship with a married man, serious novels with other plants is not necessary. Is that one of those "other" cause with serious feelings. Well, the problem of relations with zhenatikom will disappear. And when I feel no better than just flirt a little, in order to have fun and get away. Double benefit. And the nerves calm down, and the lover alarmed. Very much not like our men rivals in sexual matters. So indifferent to the fact that his girls have fans, he just will not. And ponder over how easy it is to lose it.

Well, that's probably the basic advice on how to behave with a married friend. Now look, which is not desirable to make the woman in this case.

 how to behave with a married man's mistress

As it is not necessary to deal with married lover

It seems to be that, as we said above, is not at all something too abstruse. Everything is obvious and does not require deep reflection. However, most of the women associated with married men, for some reason, behaves differently. The result of such erroneous behavior are usually conflicts, suffering, separation and other troubles. The reason - things that if such a relationship can not make a lady. What kind of actions?

  1. You can not expect from a man that he is divorced, and constantly interfere with his family relations. The theme of this relationship is generally better not to touch. If he starts to tell something about his wife, wise to listen in silence, without showing their opinions;
  2. You can not strive to openly boasting its connection, causing the lover to appear together in public. If he wants to bond remained a mystery, as it should be. The tab on the lock, otherwise it may happen a big scandal, the consequences of which would be disastrous;
  3. You can not be too intrusive, ringing lover, if he does not ask, and constantly try him somewhere to meet. Better to let calls himself when he could, and he also appoints the meeting;
  4. You can not solicit gifts and pulling out of the money men. If deems necessary, make a gift and give money. Open to ask about this is not necessary - decide that it is used, and will cease to be trusted;
  5. You can not blame a man that he did not appear for a long time, and put on his tantrums. It does not go to his mistress for the next conflict. And if that is repeated, they are left;
  6. You can not go into a relationship with his head, forgetting about yourself. We must always remember that he is not free, and therefore, the meaning of life can not be long;
  7. Do not attempt to bind the man repeated requests in something to help with questions about where he was and what he was doing and so on. It is an attempt on his freedom, which is probably forever, and so is practicing his wife;
  8. We can not always harping about his great love and that life without a lover is not possible. It will not add to his determination to change things for the better.

Of course, all the things we talked about, does not guarantee a happy future with a married man. To our great regret the stronger sex refers to the connection on the side rather lightly. While satisfied with the behavior of his mistress, with her willingly meet, sleep, communicate. And if you no longer hold - disappeared, leaving a farewell: "You know that I have a family, have a claim? ". No, not everything is so terrible, of course. Sometimes they marry his mistress. But who can know whether it will happen? So is not it better not to put your happiness dependent on a married man? Even if it turned out that he was the favorite, let everything was okay. And we will try to treat it as calmly as possible. Time will put everything in its place.

 How to behave with a married man

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