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Subject adultery already stuffed mouth. However, this does not make it less important. Treason was, is and will be, and nowhere on it does not get. One may say that this is the essence of human nature, and try to teach the couple to treat his infidelity half quietly. I must say that today there are many couples who do so. They tell each other about their adventures, tips, and even look for a suitable partner for the other. Such husband and wife consider themselves free and advanced. Probably the way it is. Yet the bulk of the families of such "advanced" not very much welcomed. That is not welcome explicit links with other partners. But if you surreptitiously - for a sweet soul! And, to be honest, they are able to not only married men and married women. True, these women change - has its own specifics. That's about it now and we'll talk.

Why change the married women

Why do married woman decided to commit adultery? Well, everything is clear with men. Then you and the imperative of the sexual instinct and the desire for novelty and the desire to assert themselves, and falling in love, finally. And in general - men usually physical contact is not considered cheating. Just think, with someone slept! Home is back? Returned. So, okay, I belong to you, my dear little wife and a mistress - so, for bliziru and diversity. In short, the conscience of hussars usually almost hurts. They just do not combine family relationships and relationships with other young ladies, as a man does not unite with the work of the morning exercises.

As for women, their situation is somewhat different. The sexual instinct is not raging at the sight of every attractive male (notorious whores and nymphomaniacs not take into account), novelty rather frightening than attractive. About self-affirmation through treason and we are not talking. Has earned itself a reputation - enemy does not want! Well, falling in love, of course, may be present. From the flash of feeling no one is immune. So, every married woman reshivshayasya for treason, certainly at first falls in love with someone, and then goes to bed with him? Not every. So why, then, unmarried ladies communicate with another man, and at the risk of marriage, and his good name, and even often health? After their husbands are different. One learns - a scandal or a divorce suit to give, other otmutuzit so that his own mother and then do not know.

The reason that married woman gets a lover, usually:

  1. Bad relationship with her husband

    If the husband is rude to his wife, family environment constantly tense, there is nothing surprising in the fact that the woman will seek solace and affection side. It is not especially hesitate to become the mistress of the person who will be able to evaluate, understand and give affection. Even if the offended husband wife still does not allow thoughts of treason, it is psychologically ready for it. And subconsciously looking for a relationship in which will feel psychological comfort;

  2. Lack of attention from her husband

    This lack of attention may be due to the fact that the man is too keen on some business, his car, gatherings with friends, the other girls. In the end, it just might treat his wife's cold due to years of habit. All this provokes a decrease in self-esteem of women, and she wants to prove to myself that something else is. It should be noted that the decision to accept the status of "mistress" in this case - a desperate step. But if you are sorely lacking intimacy and attention from her husband, a woman does it, is to appear next to the ability to give it all that man;

  3. Revenge for the betrayal of her husband

    Frankly, such places usually gives a woman a little fun. In addition, more and usually aggravates relations in the family. Own adultery, men usually find something fun or physiological discharge. A wife's infidelity - apocalypse. Actually, in this case as it is. After the betrayal of a spouse woman unconsciously begins to look for another mate. To overcome the pain caused to the betrayal of a loved one is almost impossible. Not every woman is able to forgive and to accept the fact that her husband gave (and gives still) their affection another;

  4. Sexual dissatisfaction

    It is usually expressed either rare or too fresh in physical intimacy with her husband, who absolutely refuses to understand what his wife in bed. Three minutes fast sex - and on the side. No foreplay, no surprises, and attempts to deliver the maximum pleasure to his wife. And her efforts - romantic dinners, erotic lingerie and so on - do not give any result. Male or simply do not notice or consider all this whim. And women have no choice but to seek a partner who will take into account all of its needs;

  5. Desire burst of emotions

    In many families, after a long period of marriage men are stingy on the expression of emotions, and are indifferent to the fact that his wife needs it. The husband may genuinely love your soul mate. But if he does not speak and does not want to hear anything about her emotional state, she begins to doubt that her experience some feelings. She withdraws into himself and sees marriage not as happy coexistence of the two, but as a series of obligations. As a result of growing demand in an emotional realization, expressed in the search for another man, relations with whom will be full of unforgettable romantic moments;

  6. Finding a new love

    There are lots of women idealistok, almost all his life dreaming of heavenly love. Naturally, the relations in marriage simply can not be always at the height of sensual delight. And when these relationships go into a stage of rest, these women think that love is gone, and in general was unreal. They start looking for her prince, which can be any ladies' man who knows how to masterfully hang on the ears ladies lyrical noodles. Ladies willingly walk into a trap, believing: that's it, now heavenly feeling! Disappointment is not usually late. However, after a period of tears and regret the situation repeats itself.

A married woman may change due to excessive jealousy of her husband, so that his accusations were not unfounded, because of the lack of respect with his hand in the psychological pressure on her husband. Yes, finally, due to the fact that it is too much sought after! And so, oddly enough, it is very common. Well, it would seem, a married woman, why the stronger sex to pay attention to it? However, draws, and if the young lady is also a charming, yet how to handle! And the obvious signs of sympathy expressed mostly married men. What is the reason? Is it not enough pretty girls available, from which will come a good lover?

 the relationship between a married man and a married woman

Why do married men prefer married mistresses

Actually, the fact that a married man prefers love affair on the side is not with the free and with a married woman, there is nothing surprising. Many of these eternal pleyboychikov thoughts and do not allow for a divorce with his wife. A connection to one in which there is a stamp in your passport, it is unknown what will turn. To lose even a lover's head with passion, and begin to work miracles, telling the right and left, which between them ardent love. Rumors, of course, reach the better half, and then just hold on! At best, you will lose half the hair on your head, or you find out that pan - not only dishes, but also strike weapons. In the worst - Departure from home with things, and a certificate of divorce in the teeth. The likelihood of such a situation, when communicating with a young lady, not having a spouse, is quite high. And it's not pleasant.

Another thing - a married woman. It is unlikely to be all in a row to talk about his adventures, because she is afraid of publicity oh! So, I try to do everything to make the relationship was a secret that had a significant plus. Another positive aspect of such a relationship - a married woman will not demand divorce his wife and marry her. No, it happens, and require, but still much less than the unmarried person. Those only know whining - kogdaaaa go away from my wife? And that - "when" if not ever going to? That has to lie and get out. If the mistress has a family, everything is fair. I - a married man, you - a married woman, ah, how late we met, but nothing can be done about it, the fate ... And a point. Sensual, romantic, sexy. Between us - sublime feelings.

Another reason for the desire ringed walkers left to the mistress was married - her less than the free girls, insistence. Well, not prepodnёs gift on March 8 or birthday, but it does not even greeted and well! Even special justification is not necessary - did not want to arouse suspicion at the husband and all. You see what I'm sensitive and delicate man! Most do not call for the same reason. What if your spouse is around, what then? The great thing about all this is that it is often call with or without cause, too, can not. So worry about every phone trills in the presence of his wife did not have to.

The next reason that married ladies' man more eager to communicate with the non-free woman - material considerations. In this case, the relationship between a man and his mistress will not require excessive expense. She did not need to pay for the purchase of new belongings, she calls to and from work, sobbing, do not ask for money to repair the broken machine just. With such a woman not necessarily every time unsteady on expensive restaurants and pretend that you are - tycoon. It is not as ambitious as a young beauty, and even if ambitious - a husband, let him with these ambitions and potters.

Finally, each fan to run to the left, as a married man, to colic in the liver afraid to pick up some shameful disease. With a woman who has a family, the risk of contracting this disease is minimized. It will not change partners three times a week, will not go to bed with the first comer. Firstly, once, and secondly, it is dangerous. After all, a husband still ...

In general, why do men prefer to enter into a loving relationship with a married woman, we understand a little. And what family is chosen lady lovers married rather than single men? It would seem that it is unnecessary problems. After all, find out everything his wife, will rise this hullabaloo - Mama Do not Cry! My husband would certainly aware of all cases. There could just hold on! And then, the relationship with a married require much more care. He will not call at a convenient, do not go to his home, does not declare the service. Each time have to look for a place to meet, and it also does not add optimism. So what makes a lady having a spouse to choose exactly married lover?

 there is a relationship between a married man and a married woman

Why do married women give preference to married lover

In the case where a married woman has a connection on the side of a single man, the relationship between them can be folded not very favorable for her. Mistress married a little worried that it will begin to be jealous of her husband. In the case of a bachelor, this situation may occur. Men do not really like to share his woman with someone, even if it's legal spouse. And who knows, one day take into your head not connected family lover, fall in love he is your passion? More will begin to swing right and organize proceedings with her husband! The relationship with a married man this form are unlikely to accept. Even if he will experience some feelings, destroy the family mistress hardly dare. After all, it is necessary first to destroy and his.

Another negative due to a single man - the inability to consistently satisfy him sexually. Do married women - family, work, the mass of any duties. Throw everything and come running at the first call of the lover she just can not. If this happens all the time, bachelor nothing left to do but to look for the Lady, which is always at hand. Or regularly change of partner. And then, and more aware of even being married, not very nice. And then, this situation is dangerous for health. Promiscuity boyfriend - it's not a sheep sneeze! More to pick up some French's disease and her husband prinesёsh. Well, when you meet with a married man, it's much easier. Most likely, he will not wander on to the partner's partner. There is time for a meeting with one woman hardly choose, so why make yourself more and more problems? Outbreaks of desire can be extinguished and the intima with his wife.

Plus married lover is the fact that he is responsible, than a bachelor, is a method of communication. Do not have married a spontaneous idea to meet with the work, to call after hours, make an appointment in a public place. He would not insist on trips together and will not reproach when it did not congratulate the anniversary. If, going somewhere with her husband, suddenly meet with a married man, he will always behave appropriately circumstances. And from no lover of all you can expect. Banging his head boasts a close relationship with such a great woman and will make our best to do a secret revealed to all indiscriminately. Ogrebёsh then issue on its head!

Yes, and leave with a married man easier. He will not hold a major scandal or ringing every minute and watch for the street to find out the relationship. Even if a married lover gap will be very strong blow, he will try to go through it without showing their desperation to anyone. Unless, of course, not a wimp and not a psychopath. Well, with such tipchiki generally better not to have affairs.

In short, the relationship of a married woman and a married man - it seems to be equivalent tandem with the general rules of conduct. An equivalent, but not quite. Because men - a pragmatic people, and therefore less than women who are at risk of a crush on her passion. With ladies else. Strongly attracted to a married lover, a married lady - time to sneeze, especially when she married for the first year. And then the woman's behavior changes dramatically. She gives himself away, at the risk of losing family. What then can be expected from the relation with a married man? Most likely, it will disappear from her life. Well, if not disappear, it will be frightened and will try to bring the meeting to a minimum. Because, as we have said, a divorce usually even very passionate lovers family is planned.

No, there are examples of the fact that the relationship of a married woman with a married man eventually ended their marriage. However, examples of these quite a bit. Yes, it happens that breaks out between lovers a great feeling. But it is usually burns as long as there is a need to hide. In addition, rare clandestine meetings bring to the relationship and romance do not allow people how to know each other. It is only natural that in this case they do not show the drawbacks that are beginning to occur if travelers are becoming too frequent. Will the feeling afterwards - is unknown.

Of course, this can happen not only between married and special married man. However, in our case, a woman too many risks. Be a lover free, to him, because if it is incorrect or for some other reasons, the family will fall apart, you can leave. And how to be with a married in this case? Require a divorce? Surely escape. Leave everything as it is? Melancholy. The emergence of such a situation to married ladies, dared to communicate with the family lover, should imply. And think twice before you take the first step.

 A married mistress of a married man

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