How to understand that the guy wants to leave


  • Your guy stopped responding to calls
  • Gone was the warmth in relations
  • The lack of sex
  • Reluctance to take you out?
  • It provokes you to scandal
  • You notice that the guy ever look at other women

Perhaps the most serious and difficult situation for women - is a break with the person you love. Until recently, you are bathed in its tenderness and affection, your eyes alight with joy and delight, and there were no signs woes. And even if sometimes you notice the nuances, saying that his attitude toward you has changed, then just do not want to believe that your fairy tale is over. And to continue to wait and hope for a miracle - it is much easier to do than to make a difficult decision about the separation. But there comes a moment when he disappears from your sight completely, or declares that it's over between you. Surviving is not easy, because to be abandoned - the worst thing for any of us. How to understand in advance that the guy wants to leave, it does not remain one with nothing?

Your guy stopped responding to calls

Not every man is able to honestly and openly admit to his girlfriend in the fact that more does not love her .  Guys for quite some time decide to leave, especially if the relationship has been long - break them is not easy .  So the first thing they start to do in this situation - to slowly move away from its passion .  The earliest signs that your boyfriend wants to "do his feet" - this is his eternal amusement and the inability to contact him by phone .  You immediately realize that something is wrong: first, he does not call himself, then stops responding and your calls .  About love sms-Kah and wishes of good morning, you can even forget! As a rule, a man explains that he does not have any free minute on personal phone calls: Abraham at work, in the evening relatives overcome and require immediate assistance from it .  And twist it, poor thing, like a squirrel in a wheel, and can not talk to you on mobile .  What to do in such a situation and how to understand the truth if he says? It is possible that your man is indeed a problem at work, but at home was a nuisance requiring his presence without fail .  But if he still loved you, you would have found in his busy schedule at least one minute, just to talk to you and hear your voice .  After all, he knows that you are worried and worried that you feel bad without him .  And again he avoids calls and conversations with you, most of all, lost interest in you and is afraid to admit it .  Of course, there are situations where compulsive or jealous girl call her boyfriend every five minutes, requiring regular reports about where he is and what the .  Here too the most loving man will try to come up with a hundred reasons for not taking up the phone .  If you do not suffer a similar delusions and call the man a couple of times a day, then think about it: not because he again "temporarily unavailable" that his heart no longer belongs to you?

Gone was the warmth in relations

Previously, you could not stop talking for hours together, sharing all the mysteries, we solved problems together .  And now he suddenly became like a stranger looking at you with cold eyes and almost never speaks to you .  It is possible that your relationship is completely innocent, that he has some unresolved issues about which he does not want to talk to you .  But this is unlikely .  If the old warmth in relations has evaporated, then it disappeared and love (or at least on his part) .  Maybe for him it was only love that melted away like snow vernal .  In any case, if you notice these signs joyless, that they do not close your eyes .  Try to talk to the young man, call him on the frankness .  If his head is really packed with something not related to your relationship, then just try to help him, if not the case, the word .  If he starts to avoid a direct answer, or it is recognized that it is not interesting to you - expect trouble .  Rather, he wants you to split . 

The lack of sex

That's really on something which, while having sex with my girlfriend a normal guy can hardly refuse .  Previously, he was a regular initiators of your sexual adventures, and suddenly fell silent and ceased to perceive you as a woman - it is bad .  This is another argument in favor of what he wants you to leave .  Maybe he just got bored with the relationship with you, and maybe he had another woman .  In any case, you need to discuss this fact with her man and demand from him an explanation .  If you do not occur for a long time, the absence of sexual relations - a bad sign .  You do not couple with ten years' experience of living together, who are already enough of intimate relationships with each other .  If your young person does not have health problems, most of all, he just lost interest in you .  And if you do not want to hear from him the fateful phrase, they say, let us part, either urgently looking for an opportunity to improve relations, or be prepared to strike first . 

Reluctance to take you out?

If you've always a great time in the company of his friends, and now he does not take you with me, then you have a serious reason to think about .  Picnic with friends, going to night clubs, cinemas, corporate parties - and all this without you? Perhaps his entourage for a long time know the true cause of your absence, and this causes pretty face and long legs? Although the presence of a rival in this case, is not necessarily all be much more trivial: he was bored with your relationship .  Whatever it was, but the reluctance to appear to you in the society of his friends and acquaintances can speak volumes .  Perhaps you will not stand in his eyes too much and he does not consider it necessary to introduce you to a circle of people close to him .  Once you feel that he is no longer "takes you into the light", immediately analyze the situation and make the right conclusions .  But it should be done without fanaticism: what if he has good reason to be alone at such events?

It provokes you to scandal

Until recently you lived in love and harmony, and now you have it constantly provokes quarrels and cries? This is what happens when a man does not love a woman and irritated from normal, seemingly things .  All of it is not so and commercials: dinner is not delicious, you can not dress in football in general know nothing about .  And he growls, like a wound, constantly pointing out your shortcomings - both real and imaginary .  Who knows, maybe he is special to spoil relations with you, in order to facilitate the coming separation .  It can provoke you into an argument in order to convince myself that you're nervous and scandalous person .  He then with a clear conscience and without any regrets break relations with you .  Sometimes a guy who wants to end the relationship, burdened by the fact that throws you - such a loving and tender .  So he gives you a chance to understand that he is not your hero and get away from him first, so that you can "save face" .  Do not miss the hint - the relationship with the grumpy, angry man ever yet did not make anyone happy .  As soon as you notice that he always provokes you to scandals - run away without looking back . 

You notice that the guy ever look at other women

You go with the guy down the street, and he shamelessly staring at other girls ... .  You will agree that the situation is a stalemate .  Unless he wants to rekindle the fire of jealousy in you, then it is a serious warning bell to wonder whether it is time to run away from him? As much as you may love him, no matter how hurt you - go away from him first, because this final story, alas, is not far off .  It's just the top of disrespect to your partner - do everything that she suffered from jealousy and humiliation .  Only someone who does not see prospects in communion with you, can not afford to unabashedly admire other women, and even flirt with them .  Yet no man valued friend who, having lost their dignity, forgave him with other women .  Such disrespect can hardly withstand at least one normal girl, so think about it twice before continuing relationship with him .  Let him loose, probably your present happiness somewhere nearby - you deserve much more reverent attitude to themselves .  For any woman it is very important time to understand what the man no longer loves her and wants to leave .  Be abandoned and alone - it is a heavy blow to self-esteem, which may engender a lot of psychological complexes .  And do not pretend that everything is all right, if you notice his gradual alienation .  Where better to do this first and difficult step "to disperse, like ships at sea" .  At least you will not unhappy woman, treacherously left a loved one, and femme fatale, me, a man like a glove .  And it's much more pleasant prospect, is not it?

 How do you know that the guy wants to leave

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 how to promote a man on gifts

  • Is it ethical to breed men's gifts
  • Why men do not hurry to make gifts
  • How to promote a man on gifts

A conversation between two blondes:
- You know, I have been able to breed at her new mink coat, presented today!
- Amazing !!!
- And yesterday presented dorogushchee diamond necklace!
- Amazing !!!
- And that week - a new sports car!
- Amazing !!!
- And you what's new?
- Why, just finished attending courses courtesy. There I was taught instead of "good pour! "Talking" Amazing !!! "

Remember when your favorite man the last time you gave a valuable gift? For a birthday? On March 8? Or maybe on the last New Year's Eve? Certainly there are those among you who in these holidays perepalo nothing special. And all because some men are either not aware of the fact that we need to focus in a nice gift, or simply do not want to spend money. That has as one of the blonde joke, invent generous we launched from the beloved and puzzle over, how to dissolve it on a terrific buy. But both want to feel loved, surrounded by attention, care and get good gifts. What to do, how to push the man to the necessary action and unleash the really need is a valuable gift?

Is it ethical to breed men's gifts

I'm sure many women and especially men, reading the article title, dissatisfied pomorschatsya and say, they say, Fu is not nice, is it possible to "divorce" of the person you love, to some it presents? Indeed, if the concept of clean compatible, mutual love with the requirement to confirm the material senses partner? Or the idea of ​​"dissolve" the man on the gifts come to mind minded, selfish woman who lives alone and that it is necessary that the proxy rake up the fire?

Let's just say if you're with your man for a long time together and reciprocity of feelings beyond doubt, even little tricks, which would produce a long-awaited gift, nothing negative in your relationship will not do. We all loved since childhood, when we adored and pampered and wonderful we launched from the hands of men just make us even a little bit happier. And if their husbands or guys for some reason not in a hurry to please us with gifts, why not push them slightly to the right decision for us not to unleash a good Present?

Of course, around a lot of these girls, and that the plant dating men with the sole purpose to acquire at their expense for something very necessary and valuable. As a rule, their relationship does not last very long, and they flit from man to man, slowly acquire all the necessary for a comfortable life. Such ladies often referred to as "bitch" - and that's not the most offensive definition. Their goal - not mutual, deep love, and the ability to dissolve in the tangible assets, as a sticky tear. For them, such articles, in principle, do not need: the ability to draw money from the men in their blood.

We're talking about a completely different relationship between man and woman. Mutual understanding, respect, dedication - these are the principles that allow couples to be truly happy. Living with a beloved man, we often direct his thoughts and actions in the right direction - whether it's career, maintaining a healthy lifestyle or behavior in everyday life. No wonder they say that a man - a head, and the woman - neck. And what else is unethical, wrong to suggest the idea of ​​a partner that you finally time to please a good gift? He himself will be happy to see how burning your eyes from happiness.

But, unfortunately, there is a type of men, in which light and soft hints wishes do not act. Or are they all understand perfectly, but for some personal reasons are not willing to give anything, either before or even after the wedding. Why is this the reason for such a "zazhimistosti" seems to be positive on all sides by a young man? And most importantly, how to fight it?

 how to promote gifts to man

Why men do not hurry to make gifts

The main reason that a man in no hurry to shell out for an expensive gift - confidence mercenary desires his woman. And he thinks like this: they say, buy ring today, tomorrow, boots, and then she will get used and will require from me the car-apartment-minute almost every day! And to think how he could, even in those cases, if during cohabitation (or just meeting) You never once mentioned to something more tangible than flowers and Christmas cards. Men are scared to death that they will sit on the neck, with the result that they will be a laughingstock among his friends and relatives (they certainly and examples of such situations among friends there).

Sometimes the reluctance to give something of value to its second half to blame the mother of men. As soon as her favorite child began dating the opposite sex, it is day and night inspired him with "gold" idea: do not go on about her, do not let the twist of the rope! So he does not allow: suspicious of each request to buy something, and only real way a present for the woman he loved - and all the taboos (he is not henpecked some, thankfully, my mother explained everything!). Advertisement of such a man is not easy, because the opinion of the mother for him more important than your argument.

Yet it often happens that men do not give gifts of more prosaic reasons. Sometimes they just do not realize that we need something in addition to hugs and declarations of eternal love. Many so generally believe that life with them - this is the height of happiness for any woman, and everyone there we launched quite useless. In any case, such men are much easier to negotiate and to make clear that there is an evening dress oh how needed for the next holiday!

And then, man's mind quite different from women's. The fact that he again gave you nothing, may not be a sign that he does not love you and do not appreciate. Just guys often are not able to delve into the various subtleties and nuances, noticing what you love and what you need. I do not say directly, saying, cute, urgently need a coat - were left without a gift. And they go shopping, as a rule, not very fond of. Unlike us, the women, they go there with a clear goal to buy a specific item. Here and there are three to four times a year. And where else can come a wonderful idea to make a gift to his wife, not in the shop?

That is why we, the women, and you have to take the initiative in their own hands in order to accustom man do standing gifts. Call it what you want: to unleash, to persuade, to demand a divorce. The main thing that he did not notice how fulfilled your desire and gave what you've been dreaming of!

 how to breed a man on gifts

How to promote a man on gifts

All men are different, each of which requires a different approach. For example, if your loved one a romantic, and, moreover, does not mean, it is enough to hint to him a couple of times out, any little thing you expect to receive as a present in the near future. Perfect for those men and the following tactics: you how to extol their loved ones or friends who just gave something valuable. "Oh, how wonderful she is wearing! And Sergei something, her husband, a fellow, loved her pets: knows that she is worthy of such gifts. As I'm glad for them! "- Something like that. On the one hand, you do not ask the other - given installation partner that a man, pampering his girlfriend gifts, worthy of admiration. At least from your side - for sure!

And it happens that a man quite near, and so easy to part with money do not like. In this case, forget the word "want", it should be replaced by a more weighty "must"! Convince a guy in need another pair of expensive winter boots, explain that this is not a whim - but a vital necessity: the girl of your status may not all winter walk in the same shoes you feel are just not used!

Generally, such a man to ask money for pleasant things - it is rotten, it is better to buy them yourself. But it was he, the man, to count every penny, it able to please you really expensive, and most importantly, the necessary gift! This can be a dishwasher, a new computer or even a car. For him the main thing - to see the perfect result of their work. What might be better than the thing that you are happy to use every day, and without the existence of which is no longer his life? So we evaluate the type of his men and proceed without a miss!

But there are women who, wanting to get an expensive gift, terribly embarrassed to accept it: blush, embarrassed refused. If you fall into this category prudes, immediately throw out such a model of behavior of the head. A man may decide that you do not love, when you give something, and decide to no longer "bathe", looking for a surprise for you. If you are asking for a gift, or taking it feel strange sense of guilt, that never feel on yourself what it means to men's generosity. Why you should not blame yourself for that divorce a man for a gift, if they themselves happy to do it for all possible and impossible? Mutual return - completely normal in any relationship!

Another good opportunity to gift your favorite breed - to show by example what it means to the generosity not only spiritual, but also material. Give him really necessary, valuable thing - that show you how nice to receive gifts. But if he decides to respond to present you worthless trinket, try to hide his disappointment and "rejoice" presents, or desire to give you anything disappear by itself. It did not work this time - will turn into another.

On the other hand, ostentatious joy of cheap, unwanted gifts can be a "double-edged sword": a man can get used to the fact that you are satisfied and such trifles. Having a trifle, you can sadly sigh and say, they say, are you rich enough to give money for such low quality? Hint that you deserve much more than cheap Chinese fake and shoddy gizmos, which after the first washing is no longer wear.

Another problem women left without presents, that they never talk to men that are waiting for a present. Most of us grew up in a time when decent girl did not dare ask for anything material, it is considered shameful, and even vulgar. Now, however, about the possible moral and we forget: what's wrong with what you expect from a pleasant beloved of gifts? You yourself gladly giving him great gifts, so what are ashamed of requests of this kind? In the end, the man does not psychic (usually), and guess what you need now, can not. Tell him about it, and everything! That's just it should be done with the mind, not beg favorite thing, in tears.

In general, never put pressure on the pity, not to persuade and not pray for presents: a recipe for failure. This is not a gift to the unwinding and humiliation. You must make it clear that they themselves are able to acquire the right thing, just from the hands of a loved one such purchase will be much nicer. Do not let him know that you have financial difficulties, you extinguish a huge loan and are unable to afford to buy something. Perhaps it really will feel sorry for you, that's only a valuable gift count, alas, is not necessary. All he wants to do for you in this situation - is to present small trinkets, which should lead (in his opinion) you puppy dog ​​enthusiasm. You're nothing sweeter than carrots for hundreds of years tried, remember?

Note: small handouts for the poor things and nischenok, luxury - for the self-sufficient, self-confident women. So even if you are not rich, never complain and not Retrieve your lost - advantages you do not add. Better to let him see you more often in prestigious stores and decent schools (yes, occasionally can afford!) - Then give you a ball-point pens and toy mice, purchased in the underpass will somehow not with his hands. Try to put yourself in such a way that he considered it an honor to present to you expensive gifts. And believe me, this behavior will do you good in all spheres of life - learning to love yourself.

Once you learn to feel self-sufficient, you will develop a sense of inner prosperity - all immediately fall into place. Men will give expensive gifts, the work will bring more revenue, and the attitude of those around you will change for the better. So you value yourself and the man in the diluted material proof of his love will be easy. Good luck!

 How to promote man in the gifts: Women's Tricks

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