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  • We are looking for a change
  • We say goodbye to illusions
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Around the talk about how to make love with a guy like draw attention to men like to marry. What if you've been married, and he is your husband, the guy is quite decent - and gives flowers and diligently wash dishes, and even a new coat is not stingy? It seems to be the dream of every woman! Yes, that's the thing: you do not like it, that's all. It seems to have been used to sense when only get married, but all melted like snow vernal. And you do not please any joint trips, no new clothes, no other signs of attention. Just because you are missing something more: love tremulous, present. When the heart stops at the sight of the man she loved, when I want to be with him every moment of life, in sorrow and in joy. What to do, how to fall in love with her husband again and find harmony in family life?

We are looking for a change

Since you once chose this guy for a husband, it means that something in it you hooked. It is possible that during the time of marriage in it, much has changed, and it happened unnoticed somehow by itself. Look carefully to his betrothed, paying special attention to its shortcomings. What if you try to fix them? Maybe then you will be able to look at him the same way again, full of love and affection?

Monotonous sex

Before the wedding, you think you are hot stuff that can make her lover with a half-turn, and now he has turned your intimacy in a boring, monotonous process? There is much to ponder. The period of the conquest of you as a woman for a long time has passed, and now you're not romantic girlfriend, you want to conquer and surprise, and the wife, wash clothes, and raising a child. If sexual relations are very important for you and incomprehensible coldness just infuriates you, then try to take the initiative and take the "bull by the horns."

Remind him that you are a sensual woman, beautiful and sexy. Put on your beautiful clothes, the station striptease, offer a couple of role-playing games. If a man is impenetrable, it remains one chance: to call it jealousy, showing that the other guys find you and sexy and exciting. For example, let it "accidentally" find you the stretching of elegant stockings before going to the bakery. Surely the rational in his head will come very sobering thought: someone is willing to offer you much more fun in bed than he.

Outside degradation

Women are often blamed for the fact that when she married, they immediately turn into a kind of "broody" in the old dressing gown and curlers on the head. I must say, that this strict observation true for men. Until recently, your husband played biceps and Raziel your mind with its beauty and irresistible, but now it is every evening sitting near the TV in the stretched sweat pants and drinking beer. Sound familiar?

Do not hesitate to remind him of that, she married James Bond does not expect every day to watch in the apartment untidy orangutan. If you do not take your comments seriously, try "to gaze" at a nice macho from neighboring apartments - maybe this will force him to raise his ass off the couch and put himself in order?

Groundless jealousy

Sometimes, after the wedding, the man begins to be jealous of his woman as if she daily gives reason to doubt his loyalty. He begins to forbid her to be painted, to wear short skirts, to meet with friends. In this manner of life all the other positive qualities of man become secondary, the woman moving further away from it, slowly starting to hate.

Ladies, do not tolerate such behavior on the part of her husband. If you let him lock you in the narrow confines of the very beginning of the relationship, then spend a lifetime in a cage. Immediately begin to cultivate her husband respect to your freedom: if you like, will change for you. When this irritant will disappear, and the feelings for him again will be felt.

Bad parents

Maybe you lost interest in him after the birth of the child? Many young mums think that men are completely unable to estimate the happiness when the house finally appears kid. And walk with him, they do not find the time, change diapers and disdain, and the cries of them all the time at night annoying.

Open you a little secret: the percentage of men who like to tinker with babies critically low. Most of them are beginning to deal with the kids only when the little ones grow up and cease to resemble "a helpless puppet." It does not characterize their bad side, in the future they may well become exemplary father. So give your men some time to realize his paternity, be indulgent towards them.

Whatever disadvantage you may have found, do not rush to give up on her husband. All of them you can either fix or easy to understand and accept. Be tolerant to his weaknesses, in the end, you are not perfect. If you are wondering how to fall in love with her husband again, then, for your senses all is not lost. You just need to work on relationships in your family.

 how to love my husband again

We say goodbye to illusions

Some ladies who married at a tremendous love, it seems that their candy buketny between a man will never end. What will they ever experience a burning passion for each other, feeling the heavenly happiness of life together. Unfortunately, the joint life and habits of each other very quickly spoil the idyllic picture, and once-beloved man becomes a source of constant irritation. And then these girls with longing and envy looking at her friends who have a romantic relationship with a partner is just beginning: first dates, quivering call waiting, mad passion in bed. Everything that was once theirs, but completely gone.

There is nothing to be done, the first passion really quickly. But this does not mean that love goes. Simply, it becomes a very different, more mature. What you do not go crazy with his words and views, it does not mean that it is time to leave. Happy marriage involves a permanent job on the relationship and their feelings. Bad habits can be a husband to change, or to take them with him, "the load" as a necessary evil. After all, if you decide to break off relations with the aim to look for a new happiness, then why did you get that next husband will be better?

 how to love my husband again for a long time

Relax together

Sometimes, in order to once again feel the erstwhile feelings for her husband, it is enough to leave together somewhere far away and how to relax. Away from the native land, from domestic troubles and eternal bustle, where you will be for a long time provided only to each other. Above you will not dominate any domestic responsibilities, lack of time or eternal. Only you, the sun and the sea (as an option). Although, you can not only relax in hot countries: to be alone with each other anywhere, at any time of the year you will only benefit.

Typically, during a joint recreation romantic feeling aggravated. Around full of loving couples strolling hand in hand and faithfully staring into each others eyes. Willy-nilly, and you inspired with the atmosphere of universal love and begin to behave like a husband - and a hero of your novel. Try at least to love her husband, "fun", pretending to be mad about it. Maybe it inspire your behavior and you will have hundreds of reasons to love him truly.

Sometimes we often do not appreciate someone who is close to us. Our husbands - it is our elected representatives, the people we have chosen his life partner. And they have their own advantages and disadvantages, but if we love them, if they value us and love our children, it is necessary to gain the wisdom and patience to ensure that marriage remains strong and happy. You should not constantly compare their husband with other men, after all, those full of their "cockroaches" in the head, which seem invisible at first glance. Where better to try to understand how to love her husband, who every day gives you the love and tenderness. Perhaps many years later, you will be thankful for the fact that she gave you the life of the satellites in this particular man.

 How to fall in love with her husband again

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 parting with a guy you love


  • Step one: the decision
  • Step two: the very separation
  • Step three: after parting

Sometimes it happens that a loving woman feels her relationship with her boyfriend is about to come to an end. It almost does not ring, does not appoint new meetings, he does not invite to visit and walks to parties alone. All attempts to improve relations do not work, and fear creeps into the heart: he will announce soon that the love is gone and he no longer wants to see you. How to survive this double blow, because experience the break with a loved one, and be unceremoniously thrown - not the easiest test for the psyche of every woman? Perhaps it is worth to gain strength and to make a "horse course", walking away from him first? But to part with a guy whom you love, and do not break my heart to pieces?

Step one: the decision

The most difficult thing for a girl who loves with all his heart - to take the decision itself about parting with a guy. The severance of relations, the full and irreversible - it is a deep emotional trauma, which is not easy to survive. And that is why women tend to cling to the last hope of a happy future together, like a straw, which have to pull them out of the abyss of despair and loneliness. The girl, who felt that the guy is moving away from it, come up with a hundred reasons to justify his behavior. No more calls? He's just very busy at work. I forgot a birthday? Poor thing, it came over so much lately! I do not want to have sex with you? Well, that all men are such times in life .... And so on to infinity.

But if you look at the situation soberly, you can ask yourself one question: If he loves you, why not make suffer so? Is it really good if the recent spat and your feelings, and your relationships? Perhaps in his life, and indeed there have been developments that prevented him to see you as often as before. But loving guy always find a little time for it to stay close to the beloved, to feel her warmth and give it in return. Perhaps he no longer needs your love, or is fascinated by someone else?

Sometimes, the man continued to see the girl, but his whole appearance shows that he no longer loves her. He can be rude, to provoke you into an argument, criticizing small things. As a result, you feel that you are very bad without him but with him too hard times. In any case, try to analyze the situation and come to the conclusion that you should continue the relationship, both tormenting, or not? Perhaps it is time to cut this "Gordian knot" and free themselves from oppressive and soul relations?

Of course, decide to break is not easy. But if you feel that a man distanced himself so much that soon he will ask you to leave, you throw it first! So you not only save face, but also to avoid the mass complexes about the fact that you left the man. It is much easier to survive the loss if you yourself have made the first step towards separation, than to feel the pain of betrayal and the fact that you just left.

 parting with a guy you love forever

Step two: the very separation

So, you have decided to part with her boyfriend, but do not know exactly how to do it. First of all, think about the strength you say about his decision in the face. If yes, then you need to choose the moment when you will be absolutely quiet. Calmly, without hysterics cause her to his claims about your relationship and the desire to leave, speak clearly and without emotion. The main thing - do not go to the shouts and insults, otherwise you will not be able to get out of the situation with dignity. Even if the guy is in response to your words begin to behave rudely, accusing you of all mortal sins, try to keep calm, and certainly not in any case do not pour tears.

Another common mistake girls, who decided to part with a guy - is an attempt to remind him of how good they were together before. Believe me, your nostalgic memories or to no good result: the guy just thinks you mad at him go and talk about the separation - pure bluff. You lose the main trump cards and the security question "so you no longer love me? "Probably mumbled:" I love, of course, but still want to leave. " Such statements perceive Man as an attempt to restore the relationship back on track, and serious reproaches to your guy does not react.

The best option for breaking up - to appear before him femme fatale and firmly declare its intention. Even if you are hesitant to make the decision in his face, you still have a chance to make things very well: write a letter to him by e-mail that you want to leave. Details, deployed describe what you do not like it to you with respect and "wave your pen." Avoid profanity and indecent expressions for beautiful ladies - behave with dignity. This, at least, cause respect.

 parting with a guy like that right

Step three: after parting

Once you declare your boyfriend about the decision to leave, the next option is possible: he will try all possible ways to get you back. Man knows the rules, to be thrown to them, too, oh, how you do not want! And here it is up to you: go into the same two or ford to ignore his attempts. Perhaps his feelings really break out with new force: men tend to realize what they have lost, after all the bridges burned. But think about it: if he starts to behave as before (or worse) when you pass the position and will take it back?

And now about how to survive a breakup with a guy whom you love. No one is forcing you to stay strong woman and experience this moment, without shedding a single tear. It is unlikely that such a thing is possible. You can leave a nice guy, so he did not see a single tear on your eyes. But then, alone, can and must give vent to his feelings. Give yourself time to cry and grieve. Do not tighten with the experiences: assign a deadline after which the stop moping. Otherwise, you can fall in a depression, and this is something we do not need it. After all, your life is entering a new period, when your heart becomes free from the old love and ready to find true happiness. But it is, happiness, somewhere nearby, is only to throw off the shackles of previous painful relationships.

To win his spleen, try to create a portrait of a real person with whom left. Write on a piece of paper all the negative and positive qualities, consider this: it is ideal? Experiencing the moments of love, we often idealize a partner character, attributing to him the qualities that only want to see it. Now you have left, so you can quite soberly to judge whether what the man was beside you. And even if the heart still hurts, and a piece of paper on your long list of its positive qualities, proving that he is "the most-most", understand that what he made you suffer, already cancels most of the pros from the list. Unfortunately, he has not turned out to be a prince on a white horse that will take away you in a long distance, so you need to forget about it and build their lives on.

Do not turn in on themselves, do not spend days and nights alone, tormenting his soul wound. The sooner you begin to connect with others, more easily survive this period of his life. You can leave a man, but do not part with loved ones who are ready to support you in difficult times. Engage in work, school, dive headlong into a new hobby - so you will not have neither the strength nor the time to feel sorry for myself, unfortunate. Take care of their appearance, arrange a terrific shopping - in short, do everything that will help you unwind and boost self-esteem.

And only when you become a little easier when the thought of an abandoned man in front of you will not be a tear, try to look at a failed relationship with different eyes. Why man estranged from you why you had to leave? If he just stopped loving you, there is nothing you can do about it. You should not blame yourself and engage in soul-searching, because men cool and the most beautiful, the most successful woman in the world. So do not underestimate self-esteem, you have nothing to do with it. If as a result of much thought, you realize that the reason for his alienation lies in your behavior, then wrap yourself these findings into their heads. Urgent change in itself something that can push you to the next partner, do not step on the same rake twice.

There is no specified period during which subsides the pain of parting with her beloved boyfriend. For someone quite a week, someone suffers a month, and someone suffers a year. After we parted not only with a certain person, and with the whole period of our lives. In order not to reopen the soul unnecessary memories, freed from all things, reminiscent of your guy. His gifts, photographs, clothing - even if it's all in the past and will not reopen your soul. There will come a time when you will remember your loved one with a small smile, feeling gratitude for all the good moments that you have experienced together.

 As part with the guy you love

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