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  • What is the essence of the teachings of Feng Shui?
  • How to define your own zone
  • Consider each of the zones in detail
  • Select the main

Areas of Feng Shui in the apartment - it is an amazing way to transform their lives. About a thousand years ago it was born the ancient Chinese teachings of "feng shui", which means "fan" - "wind" and "shui" - "water". The Chinese understand that the elements and the world generate energy, from which our lives depend.

Living in different places, the ancient Chinese began to notice that nature itself creates landscapes with different energy levels: low and high. Therefore, studying the "laws of nature", they began to use their acquired knowledge in everyday life, settling in the most favorable and secure places. Ideally, learning involves not only beneficial arrangement of sectors in an apartment or room, but also correct the original choice of residence.
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What is the essence of the teachings of Feng Shui?

Nowadays, of course, we are far from those of landscape features, home to ancient people. Few people can afford to have a country house near the sea and the mountains, surrounded by gardens and shrubs. In the context of global urbanization, many seek to harmonize their private dwelling in accordance with the oriental knowledge of the pure life energy Qi. Unfortunately, in large cities this is incredibly difficult, because a house or apartment should not be located near noisy places, old buildings, etc. With regard to the internal space, it is possible to harmonize the need.

 Furniture for Feng Shui
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How to define your own zone

According to the teachings of "feng shui", our home is a soulful living substance, which circulates energy that affects our lives.

So, let's try to share our home in the area of ​​influence of the vital energy that our life has become more comfortable and harmonious.

First you need to know which areas there. Their nine, according to the grid Bagua. Bagua grid - this is one of the fundamental concepts of the ancient Chinese teaching, which is a regular octagon with center in the middle. This "sacred octagon" is divided into nine sectors, including central, responsible for Health. In order to understand which of the sectors (zones) is one or another part of your home, you need to know the compass with respect to your apartment. It is possible that you will need a compass to determine more accurately.

 correct location area for Feng Shui
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Consider each of the zones in detail

  1. The northern zone is responsible for career success in business and the general dynamics of the room

    It corresponds to the color from blue to black. Element - water which takes the form of geometrically encasing. To activate this area is recommended to have in this part of the room everything connected with water: paintings of seascapes, fish tanks, nenagrevatelnye appliances.

    Since, according to the "feng shui", electricity and magnetic field are also relevant to the water. Metal supports water, can be reflected in any metal decorations (such as coins, related red ribbon, or metal tubes - "the music of the wind"). The good will be the mascot of aquariums with turtles and fish, all kinds of fountains, mirrors and metal horseshoe.

  2. South zone is responsible for the fame, prestige and social status

    It represents the element of fire, which is characterized by shades of red. Working on the activation of this sector, you'll get much faster the desired results, glory and success. In order to strengthen this sector, it is important to use a triangular or pointed shape, wood and fire. There are suitable as the various elements of the decor paintings of powerful animals, blooming sunflowers and poppies, the sun rises.

    Bring good luck pictures of famous and successful people next to yours, a quaint gabled form lights, scented candles, peacock feather, and so on. D. To give effect to this sector and will help to read the special affirmations that allow you to quickly achieve universal respect for and acquire a solid credibility.

  3. Zone creativity of children and their relationship with their parents is represented by the western sector

    Element - air. Undoubtedly, children - the best expression of creativity! When you visit another thought to acquire offspring, you should definitely pay more attention to this sector. To activate this area suitable metal ornaments related to the air ("Music of wind," which necessarily consists of 7 tubes, bells), whites interior room, ceramics, crystals, horseshoe to attract good luck.

    In this part of the apartment is well placed image with children and pets, figurines, netsuke kids. It would be a positive influence in this zone to work creative people, if it arrange the workplace.

  4. One of the most important places in our life are family relationships. For this area meets the east

    The symbol of this area is considered to be a tree. Therefore it is very favorable to arrange in the part of the dwelling that any plant origin. And it would satisfy the basic and the green of this zone. Well here is the tree in the tub, fresh flowers with leaves up, bamboo shoots, symbolizing eternal love, loyalty, reliability and the well-being of the family. To harmony reigned in your home, it is very useful to put on the wall frame with family photos where all look happy and smiling.

    The positive effect will and high rectangular interior, made of wood. To gain here have items related to water. Extremely unfavorable sharp and pointed objects that bring to your family discord and misunderstanding.

  5. Northeast is responsible for the area of ​​education and wisdom. Element - earth

    Favorable beige, orange and yellow colors. Successful form of a triangle and a square. Very positive here is to place a computer, globe, textbooks, a crystal ball or a pyramid, in which the concentrated knowledge. Since this area is responsible for the study, it will be good on the wall to hang their diplomas, medals and other achievements in this field.

  6. South-east - a zone of prosperity and wealth

    In today's world, it plays an important role welfare. This zone corresponds to the element of wood. Favorable colors and shades of green, purple and gold. In this sector, it is best to "work" relevant talismans that bring wealth and good luck. Have a positive impact Chinese coins, statues, depicting a turtle or a three-legged toad sits on coins, a large amethyst, various Chinese gods of wealth (smiling Hott, Fuk with a large gold coin in the hands). Just put them in the south-east zone, and soon you will see the result. Do not forget that the true abundance is necessary to begin to formulate in my head. No wonder that it is considered that thoughts are material.

  7. For area teachers, patrons and travel is considered to be the north-western region

    The predominant element - metal. Favorable square, round or oval shapes, and all the shades of white and yellow. Very good location influences in these places images of distant and exotic landscapes, photos of authoritative people, bell metal, crystals. It is not necessary in this part of the house to use brighter lighting and candles, as the fire harms metal. Advantageously, this sector contributes to the support and protection of the heavenly powers. Therefore, in the case of proper activation of the sector, their protection will always accompany you on the path of life.

    It is important to set the talismans in the form of figurines god Ganesha and Kuan Kung (Dee Kuan). These talismans will bring success in business and oberegut from the negative influence. The positive impact of the image in this sector of the mountains. By the way, placing a picture of mountain scenery in the office behind him, you will always be under the protection of their greatness, even in the most difficult situations. But to fear the image of mountains near water, otherwise there is a risk of financial loss.

  8. South-west - the zone of marriage and love relationships

    Element - earth. Typical color: from pink to red, shades of beige. Geometric shapes - triangular and square. In our life, love and happy relationships are the most important and popular. After all, when a person has "soul singing", any business disputes. The need "to love and be loved" is inherent in each of us by nature.

    Therefore, to improve the situation in this area is necessary to properly harmonize the energy in your home and is responsible for this area of ​​the sector. If you are looking for a new relationship, you should not hang on the wall in this zone pictures of their former partners or single people. Better use of hearts in the form of jewelry, or a picture, bouquets of fresh flowers, interchangeable paired objects (a pair of doves, pads, image pairs of swans, flamingos). For added effect, you can buy a pair of bright red candles in candlesticks and crystal stone.

  9. Central zone in a classical "feng shui" has traditionally been the sphere of health

    It is an incredible way affects and influences all other areas in which we make sure each time that abide not in the best state of health. The dominant element is the earth. Favorable colors - beige to terracotta. The characteristic shape of a square and a triangle. Enough is not rich in terms of objects area. Very good here it looks carpet in brown, sand colors and beautiful chandelier. Very powerful protection will acquire a mascot Fu dogs. They are believed to protect the house from various evil spirits and negative energies. It will be a favorable image to decorate the wall of peaches, which are the guardians of old successful marriage.

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Select the main

If the sectors "feng shui" is not well placed in your home, it does not matter. They can be defined in any separate room. But it is worth remembering that the greatest effect can be achieved, if you choose a few (2-3) most relevant to your areas of life, as it is believed that the simultaneous increase in all sectors will make some confusion in your life.

The harmonious combination of knowledge of "feng shui" and the activation of the most important areas for you, your life will get new paint.

 Harmony of life of "feng shui"