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  • Why do men not call after the first date
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You agree that each of us have been in life happens when we spend days and nights waiting for a phone call from the man she loved .  When the heart is compressed into a frenzied anxiety and we jump from any mobile phone call, hoping to hear a native voice .  But men - strange creatures, though they do not realize that we are waiting for their phone calls and look forward to reciprocal feelings .  Sometimes a guy does not call back after the first date, and despite the fact that the whole evening looking at her companion with adoring eyes and gently holding her hand .  Sometimes a man ceases to call and chat in full swing candy buketnogo period, although there were no signs of trouble .  And who knows what the situation is more difficult: first, when the feelings do not have time to go too far, but it is very disappointing to know that you ignore .  Or second when his silence cuts the heart like a knife, and you do not know what your wine .  Why not call a man, what is the reason?

Perhaps two hundred years ago, when the phones did not exist, everything was much easier. People just either make an appointment or not - everything is simple and clear, no empty hopes. Now that you have the opportunity to contact each other by phone at any time, a long silence a man perceived as a blow below the belt. After all, if he liked, he would not be forced to suffer you, sitting by the phone day and night? A cell is silent as bewitched, and in the brain beats one and the same thought: Well, call, well ... call.

A man who does not call after the first date, and one that has ceased to dial a woman in the midst of the relationship - the situation seems to be different, but the reasons are often the same. Let us try to analyze these situations individually and look at them as if from outside. It is also possible that, in both cases you will find something that will clarify exactly your case.

 why a man does not call

Why do men not call after the first date

Our imagination paints a colorful hundred reasons why a man day after day does not dial the desired phone, but after the meeting has passed a lot of time. But not all of these brilliant ideas a little closer to the reality. So why does not he call after a successful, like, a date?

Reasons fantastic, but everything explaining

You do not want to think that he does not call because you did not like him. How can that be, if on a date, he made it clear that just crazy about you! And do not you have a little - a man in love Do you hear a mile away. So composing a hundred excuses his telephone silence. This is the most unusual of them:

  1. Force mazhorK example, died one of the relatives or friends, and he had to leave

    From the city, from the region of the country. Where there is no phone towers and cell phone does not catch the signal. Of course, he thinks of you, is going through, but the circumstances stronger than him. Is this possible? Why no. All the time someone dies, so can have your chosen such a case? That's only if you're hooked on it for real, if he really fell in love with you into oblivion, the ability to call and warn he will always find.

  2. It is hard to zabolelNevazhno, what happened to him - bronchitis or inflammation of the joints of the fingers

    The main thing is that he can not dial numbers in your phone, or to stick a love sms. You convince yourself that this is a very serious version of what happens all the time. But what prevents him to ask someone to contact you and explain the reason for his silence? And to be perfectly honest with you, you believe that the disease can be an obstacle to the phone call, it is very difficult.

  3. His ubiliVesma logical version, which dismisses the possibility of your boyfriend to pick up the goddamn phone and dial your number

    Crime in our country does not become smaller, and that was under the hand guy. It remains only to brush away a tear and unsolicited bid farewell to the failed love. Or just because this reason it is absolutely incredible, do not you think?

Reasons unlikely, but still possible

After going through in my head all worthy reasons why he does not call you to discard the version associated with global cataclysms and memory loss a loved one. Exercise your brain and start thinking in a different direction: it can happen so real that could prevent it to dial your phone number? So, the following versions:

  1. He had absolutely no time

    Oh, this XXI century, only to keep up with the frantic pace of life! Every day, well, just a moment of rest or have your man. Judge for yourself: Study-home-work, and then another strict parents make repairs in the apartment to do (it's just something like telling a date). Friends flooded again, and at the neighbor's girl kitten climbed on a tree. All work, all the saves. In short, a dream, not a guy. The only pity is that he did not have enough time for a mere trifle - to call his girlfriend, without which it can not live .... And what can be, and therefore does not call?

  2. He already has a girlfriend

    But it really is the real version! Maybe he already has some kind of light or Natasha, and he loved her for a long time (it is possible that both). And you went on a date because they quarreled with his passion to the nines, and maybe with both at once. In this case, and his affection and attention are easily explained. Probably he is trying to prove himself, and along with his friends that he will not stand against any one beauty. Here you also fallen for the bait. If this version is true (sooner or later you'll find out for sure), then you'd better cross your fingers, relieved and happy that it did not call you a liar. Why do you have such a Don Juan?

The reasons for real, because little sad

Well, move on to the more rational reasons, more precisely, to those that are most likely to be true. Perhaps something in your date still was not, otherwise why would he not call? We strain your brain and remember that the gentleman could push failed.

  1. You managed to bring the case to sex after the first date

    And that, everything was perfect! After a romantic meeting you went to his house and gave themselves unbridled passion to the fullest. You obviously he was able to prove that it is you - sverhseksualnaya, relaxed, resourceful, tireless - in short, every man's dream. Already after such a crazy sex night and day, he should hang on the phone, begging you to give him one more a night of love. Well, or at least an hour. But it does not ring, the infection! Or maybe he still can not move away from the physical and emotional sensations obtained during sex with an incomparable you?

    What can I say ... Any man in essence - the conqueror. Even if he has an intelligent look and thin-rimmed glasses on his nose. Few of the guys after having sex on the first date wants to invite the girl to the next meeting. What for? Judge for yourself: all you need, it has got something to strive for? Maybe he was filled with all my heart to you, if you give him a little time - but that is not, gave him the night immediately after sex dating! What most men have to first of all from the girls? Give them Sex, is sex! Do you like this immediately, not allowing to assess the quality of your beautiful soul, and know you really, settled into bed with him. That means that it is no longer calling you blame except himself nobody.

  2. Both were drunk on a date to chertikovByt maybe you're very nervous and quite forgot that alcohol - a piece insidious

    It seems to be only a couple of missed kokteylchik acquaintance, and his head was spinning already. Oh, and it was fun! What do you then are mixed? Cognac with sambuca and then poured on top of a bottle of champagne? It is not surprising that the meeting took place in a big way - yes so that the next day was ashamed to remember. Although, as they say, "if after the party is not a shame - it means, the party failed." The only pity is that it was not a party, but a date with a guy, in which you do not chaesh soul. Otherwise, there would now be sitting with sadness in my heart and not hypnotized gaze phone.

In a drunken stupor, everything is possible - and declarations of love and sentimental stories about the difficult childhood and even hasty marriage proposal. If you believe every word and waiting-not wait to continue your novel - maybe you're still in a state of hangover. Because sober every girl understands that drunk in the trash lady is unlikely to seriously interested in a man. Even if he has abused this evening much more than you. If on the first date a woman drinks, like a real man, the desire to make her his girlfriend, the guy is unlikely to emerge (and suddenly he decided that you live a day without a degree can not ?!). That's right, blame yourself!

The reason most often, but that is hard to believe

Let's talk about the most common reason that a guy does not call after the meeting. All previous versions are possible in one case out of a hundred, while the remaining 99% takes quite banal reason: you're just not his type. And you kept yourself rightly, and look your best, and your rich inner world he saw and appreciated. Just do not hooked it, and that's it. I do not load in the brain of some mechanism that is responsible for love. And it does not mean you're a loser or a bad thing for it - these things happen all the time. Override movie stars, centerfold, monarchs - is nothing surprising in this. Perhaps the fact that he has ceased to have your attentions and called back after the meeting - a great blessing, not sadness. Just is not your man ...

 why men do not call

Why do men stop ringing in the middle of the novel

But what if your first date back a long time ago, when for weeks, months or even years, you meet regularly and be happy together? Yes, but one day he suddenly stops calling himself and receive calls in your mobile. And then I stopped on the Huskies put your pictures and write messages on a social network, but it appears not so rare. Is this the end of the relationship, or there is some reasonable cause to explain this behavior?

The reason is simple, but it explains a lot

  1. We women, attach great importance to telephone conversations

    For us it is perfectly normal to talk with friends for 2-3 hours in a row without a break, we can recall an important event and call someone at night to immediately share the news. Men, unlike us, do not attach particular importance to the phone calls. Where have you seen a guy who is willing to talk for hours on the phone? This is only possible if at the other end hangs a woman, which reduces its already mad its endless chatter.

    Waiting call men, we just do not understand that that may not come to mind to hurry gain the coveted number and delight us with his voice. "Do not call - so there is no time" - so think most men do not attach particular importance to some other phone calls. Moreover, all the people there are those moments in life when they just do not want to talk on the phone. Generally, anyone. Though rare, these situations happen, and you're in this situation can be quite innocent. If all this is so, there is no reason to worry: we need only to calm down and stop to wait for his phone call, he immediately declared, as if nothing had happened.

  2. Perhaps you've become too rush things

    Yes, you are good to spend time together, you already had a few dating and everything went great. But if you become tighten the screws, take it as their own and wildly jealous, then expect trouble. Men are not very willing to say goodbye to their freedom, especially in the beginning of a relationship. Of course, we, the girls, after a first date can fantasize about what the kids will souped married to a knight of how we will live happily and die in one day. Men do not suffer such sentimentality.

What if he had not decided until the end, whether you call your girlfriend, and you have to think seriously about wedding bells! If everything is indeed the case in reality, there is nothing surprising in the fact that man is no longer ringing. He's just taken away a good distance to make it clear that it is not ready for such a major change in their lives. At least, not so soon. Hopefully, he withdrew into the shadows is not forever, just until the time that you realize that you should not rush things.

Causes serious but do not depend on you

Here we will talk about the reasons why the guy decided to just quietly withdrew from your relationship. Maybe he was worth it was not enough to express your face that it's time to leave, or perhaps wanted to give you a chance to throw it first. Well, he stopped to call a week, the other, you're offended, and sent him a message saying that it is of no need. And you better, and he was a mountain with arms .... That's what he thinks you're still shudder from any phone call and hope for a miracle. What drives men to do so?

  1. Maybe he thought you were too good for him

    Too smart, beautiful, educated. You can continue for long. If there with you it feels homely simpleton with a bunch of complexes that maintain a relationship on equal terms it is becoming increasingly difficult. Perhaps you are too clever on dates, and guys, as you know, did not approve. "I do not like it when we ship, we do not hire movers" - that's the whole story. And if you can calmly shine his erudition, education and knowledge of the political situation on the world stage, then it may be a completely different perspective on what should be the ideal woman. Ninny, always laughing, gazing adoringly into his mouth - to many people for such behavior from a girl to feel like a real macho.

    Perhaps the same flirtatious no stupider than you in terms of education and general knowledge, but they were smart enough not to put your keen mind to the fore. What is love, as they say, evil and has to get out somehow. But think for yourself: why do you so insecure type and a weakling who can not reach your level? Very rarely, these relationships are successful. Is not it better look for someone with whom to be really fun to go through life?

  2. He fills his worth

    Oh, it's very often the case with young people. If a guy feels like a star from the sky, if you believe that you sob day and night on the phone, waiting for his call, he will keep icy silence. "The less we love a woman, the more she likes us." The familiar expression? These guys can behave like the most real heroes of romantic film about love, and then stop ringing and disappear from sight for an indefinite period. Well, to provoke you, to bring it to the desired condition and after you take a "lukewarm." Just do not take into account such thoughtful guys that during this time you may see five new guys. And even more. And on the hapless "star" you can and do forget. And believe me, this is the best option if you're "lucky" just stumble on such a narcissistic type.

It does not matter when it does not call a man, after the first date on or after the tenth - in any case this is a very difficult situation for any woman. Do not despair as long as you just do not find out the cause of his long silence. There are many cases where a man disappeared from sight for very important reasons, and appearing immediately contact their loved women. But if in your case the guy just did not want to continue the relationship, then try and find a positive side of the situation.

First, it may not be the prince on a white horse, about which you dreamed of since childhood. Then you have a free hand, and you will find the opportunity to continue his quest for true happiness. Secondly, he did even noble, determined not to take your head and not encouraging vain. Send him a kiss, splyun three times over his shoulder and forget. Somewhere next runs, your happiness wandering, wondering, where are you zapropastilas. Worthless make her true love to suffer for too long, it's time to go to meet him. And if you're lucky enough to find it, then the question of why a man does not call, does not in principle: your significant other will never disappoint you long wait.

 Why not call a man: true answers

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