how to get the grease stain from clothing


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  • Grease stains on leather products

We all have favorite clothes - a summer dress, skirt office, strict pants and more. They were very sorry mess, dirty, torn, because exactly the same article of clothing is unlikely to buy and fix the damage caused is sometimes almost impossible. Of course, one of the main problems - spots. Even the most accurate of us are not immune from these annoying little things. The greatest difficulty is greasy marks. They remain even after washing, sometimes the most effective laundry detergent is powerless to combat them. Fortunately, over the years of women's struggle for the purity it was calculated many ways how to get grease stain from clothes.

 bring grease stain from clothing

As no trace output greasy spot

Firstly, it is now easy to purchase special equipment that bind fat molecules. Second, if the stain is old and you have not had time to wash the thing great help dishwashing detergent, was originally designed to fight fat. Such means should be put on the spot itself and faded thing. However, please note that the sensitive tissue in a similar way to spoil definitively easier than save, and chronic spots he simply will not work. Other ways to take a closer look.

Fresh stains are also output using chalk powder, they have to fill up the soiled place, leaving the chalk for a couple of hours. Then you need to gently shake it. If traces of grease left, repeat the procedure. Even against fresh stains work perfectly ordinary soft cloths. Take a few napkins, place them in two or three layers under the spot and the same number of layers of fabric on top of the stain, then not too hot iron progladte this place. Since tissues absorb fat may have to change them. Continue to change the towels, until the fat is completely removed.

Fresh stains can be removed with acetone or turpentine; To do this, apply a small amount of liquid called on the spot to soften it. Then, wipe the stain with gasoline until it disappears. If you are struggling with old stain, use the heated turpentine and instead of gasoline - a solution of normal soda.

Generally, the old spots to fight a little harder, usually multi-step process. But anyway, even they can withdraw without a trace. The easiest way - to use absorbent. The absorber can act as talc, corn starch, or soda. Liberally sprinkle powder available on the spot, push it, condensed, and leave overnight. In the morning, remove the dust with a vacuum cleaner or a whisk. Then use a shampoo for oily hair, ammonia, a paste of powder detergent and water or a solution of water and vinegar - Apply one of the means in place of pollution, rubbed them well in the spot and leave on time from fifteen minutes to half an hour. Soak in water, then the thing and wash it as usual.

If the measures adopted by the old stain persists, repeat these steps. Or try the following method: take an ordinary soap, otschipnite him slice and add to it a small amount of water to make a soft porridge. Rub it in place of pollution, let it sit for a few hours, until the fabric is completely dry. Wash as usual.

Perhaps, this method will not help you. Then it makes sense to try a grease stain from clothing with the help of regular table salt. Soak rotten thing in the sink or in a basin of hot water, of course, if the fabric allows it, add half a cup of salt banal. Leave the item in the solution for half an hour, then wash as usual. I must say that this method is especially effective for removing stains from wine, blood and grass.

You can try to use to combat spots glycerol. It must be applied to the contaminated area. After 20-30 minutes, wipe it with a soft cloth. Glycerol, moreover, helps in controlling rust stains, inks and wine.

Of course, the above methods are suitable for normal dense fabric with silk spot as you want to display accurately. Ideally, things should carry silk to the cleaners, because at home you can spoil them, trying to get grease stains. Of course, even the cleaners have a chance to ruin the thing, but it is much less. If, nevertheless, you want to handle yourself, try to soak in the solution contaminated glycerin (tablespoon), ammonia (half tablespoon) and water (tablespoon). Leave it there for five or ten minutes. Once done, rinse the cloth with warm water and soap.

 how to get the old grease stain from clothing

Grease stains on leather products

Another material that can not fail to mention - it is, of course, leather. On a smooth natural skin grease stains look particularly depressing. Fortunately, there are many ways to clean them and return the product to the previous form.

Fresh stains can be removed from the skin with the help of well-whipped egg white. It needs to be put on the dirty portion, leave for ten to twenty minutes and remove. Old stains can be removed from the skin, and using the good old vinegar. Apply it to the place of contamination with a cotton pad, wash it off after half an hour. It is possible to use a mixture of potato starch and gasoline, taken in equal parts. It is necessary to impose on the stain and leave to dry. Gasoline evaporates, and the meal will be a shake.

Speaking about the skin, we can not remember and suede. Since it is very difficult to work with because it leaves stains on even water. To remove grease stains from the surface of suede, it is necessary to fill them with talcum powder, chalk or starch, wait a few hours and remove. In no case do not use to remove stains from suede liquid funds!

Several important points on which to focus:

  1. Working with turpentine, gasoline or smelling salts, whenever possible, use gloves.
  2. In no case do not smear the stain on the fabric, it will be harder to remove. If you can, as quickly as possible dab it with a soft cloth, that removes excess fat.
  3. If any of the above methods did not help you, do not despair, try the other; besides you have always the opportunity to take the thing into a specialized dry-cleaner.

If the stain is still turned Undelete, you can alter the thing: sew applique, do embroidery, paint or alter. Of course, it will not be exactly what you like the dress, skirt or jeans, but with a little effort, you can breathe new life into a thing. Do not be afraid to experiment, to make it easy appliqué. Having bought in a specialty store crayons or paints for fabric, you can show your imagination to the full. Even the usual spots may be an occasion for creativity!

 Effective ways to deal with oily stains on clothing

 How to iron a shirt


  • Preparation Process
  • The process
  • Useful tips

Nobody from birth does not have any skill - everything in this life is to learn. And households are no exception. Few of the newly hostesses able to here and so, on the fly, and take a weld or borscht perfectly ironed men's shirts. By the way, on how to iron a shirt, often do not know themselves men. Because some of them in his whole life in the hands of the iron do not take. And the majority of bachelors shirt provisevshaya night on a chair, shall be automatically ironed.

However, such a primitive method is not for women! And in general, we are not looking for easy ways! Any experienced hostess can say with certainty: "I stroked the shirt as it should, by all the rules! ". And how to iron a shirt? Incidentally, it is not so easy - pet shirt, do not be crumpled in the course of the previous ironed. However, as we have already said everything in this life can be learned. That's what we with you and try to do - learn how to iron a shirt.

Preparation Process

Any process (especially such an important!) Requires preparation. Therefore, first, try to dry the shirt, hang them on a hanger in a vertical position. It is at times easier for you to follow the entire process of ironing. In addition, do not over-dry thing - in this case to iron it will be much harder. Avoid automatic drying shirts in the washing machine, if you do not want to have a nice and easy ironing became a torment.

Iron ... Of course, you can iron a shirt, even prehistoric Rubel, because they also know how to use our predecessors. But we have a modern, light and reliable helpers - irons. Oh, how they make our lives easier! Time - and you're done! And all the wrinkles straightened, and the tissue becomes the pristine smoothness. That's only iron you need to choose wisely! It is important that the assistant had this modern non-stick coating, the steam generator and several temperature modes. What do you want? After all, we have to iron and weightless silk, cotton and austere, moody and stubborn flax.

The surface for ironing. You can lay a table cloth or ordinary sheet. It can be ironed shirt on a chair or on the couch. But if you have the ironing board, then you are the hostess superclass! All you pass without a hitch because the iron in a special device which is more convenient, faster and more enjoyable.

But even using the usual (without any frills), an electric iron and a spray with boiled water and spread out on a table shirt, you're sure to be able to return to her flawless look, if you follow the basic rules.

 how to iron a shirt

The process

The main rule - iron a shirt in a certain sequence. That is otglazhivat turn the different parts of the shirt. It is very important that the order not to disturb! You should begin with small parts, and then move on to bigger. However, let us all in order.

  • Neck

You need to start it with the collar. This is one of the smallest detail that a subsequent ironing is not izomnetsya. But if you leave it for later, be sure to pomnetsya all that was ironed before. Therefore we decompose shirt on the table and begin to gently and carefully otglazhivat collar from the inside. And if we iron the collar inside out as it is convenient, then the front side it has to be ironed from the corners to the center. But in the crook of the part of the shirt should be ironed at all - the collar will bend as it is convenient, and therefore to you.

  • Cuffs

Following the need to iron the collar cuffs - a second small piece of his shirt. Here we act still algorithm: first the wrong side, and then the front. Try to keep the creases on the cuffs was not! This part of the sleeves are always in sight, and therefore, must look perfect. By the way, during the operation of the cuff shirts do not crumple! And if you ironed them casually, then everything will be clear that the wrinkles on the cuffs - the result of unfair ironing.

  • Sleeves

Naturally, after the cuffs should be ironed sleeves - larger parts shirts. If you use an ironing board, it does not neglect the special shelf designed specifically for sleeves. Start stroking the sleeve from the center, gradually moving to the edges of the iron. The seams are smoothed very carefully, but the arrows do not do! Arrows on the sleeves, among other things, are considered in bad taste.

  • The back

Yes, after a sleeveless shirt otglazhivayte it back. And not because the back of lower shelves. Just imagine that in an unbuttoned and laid out on the table face back and shelves are considered as one piece. And so we begin to stroke her from the middle (and arms). This stage can rightly be called the easiest! Stroked back from one side seam to the other. The only difficulty - yoke seam and tucks underneath. If the shirt you pet, just such a style, first otgladte flirt. Then walk around the iron over the fabric in place tucks. Only in smoothing it into the fold! Already then iron the rest of the back.

  • Shelves

The final stage of work - shirt shelves. Here, everything is much more complicated: the pockets, buttons, loops, straps, and all the same yoke. Getting otglazhivat small details - pockets, yoke and straps with buttons and eyelets. Particular care is pat them. But then it remains relatively trouble-free part of the shelves, which is already very easy to handle.

In fact, many mistresses with particular zeal trying to smoothen the bar with the buttons. This, of course, correct. But the main thing here - to stretch the tissue between the buttons, so that this bar does not be shorter than the strips with loops. But planochka the loop just be on view in the buttoned shirt. And that she should look perfect - it needs to be ironed carefully, trying not to make creases and wrinkles smoothed.

That, indeed, is all! Take a shirt for shoulders and lift slightly shaking. The truth, pleasure to see? Now ironed shirt can be hung on a hanger and put away in the closet. It is done!

 How to iron a shirt

Useful tips

If the process of ironing shirts and preparing for it all is clear, it remains an open question some of the nuances of this process.

  1. No matter how you dried shirt before ironing it is necessary to moisten. Even if your iron is equipped with a steam generator, sprinkle shirt from the sprinkler.
  2. Do not use this technique for silk and viscose shirts (and other things too). This fabric is enough steam humidification.
  3. Shirts made of natural or artificial silk is possible to iron only from the inside and only in the appropriate temperature range.
  4. On the wrong side and dark shirts should be ironed out any tissue.
  5. Ironed shirt sure to immediately hang on a hanger to the fabric cool in an upright position.
  6. The steam iron and pour into a spray bottle should be only boiled water that was left on the fabric stains and streaks.
  7. Valid other techniques ironing shirts, but they require a certain skill.

These are the simple rules and secrets, knowledge of which will help you easily cope with complicated at first glance, the work. Do not worry if at first you do not everything goes smoothly. Over time, this process will not annoy you, and even on the contrary - will allow to calm down and relax. After all, you already know how to iron a shirt. So to translate their knowledge into practice. Good luck!

 How to stroke men's shirt?