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  • Orthopedic mattress or orthopedic effect?
  • Hard, medium or soft?
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Approximately one-third of his life every man holds in his sleep. Just think of this impressive figure! Good sleep is very important for your health and performance. Why then do you pay so little attention to the conditions in which sleep? You buy a car to get to work faster or villa. You are buying more and more appliances to make it easier to cook and keep the house in order. You meticulously pick in the store soft or cabinet furniture - a comfortable, high-quality, durable, ergonomic. But do you remember about the mattress in the last instance, in the best case after the find in his mailbox a flyer with catchy words "How to choose a mattress."

Below we answer this question and tell you which features a mattress you need to take into account when buying. Strictly speaking, this article is about how to choose what in the world does not exist. Yes, we were not mistaken: the term "mattress" is not entirely correct, it would be more correct to speak about the "orthopedic effect" or "anatomic effect." Why is that?

 how to choose a good mattress

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Orthopedic mattress or orthopedic effect?

About half a century ago in the wake of revolutionary medical discoveries and developments, many furniture manufacturers are thinking about how to improve their products and gain a competitive advantage. Thus was born the idea of ​​the mattress, which would be different from others from a medical standpoint. The result of research made in this direction, was the so-called mattress. However, until now there are no national standards, which would officially qualify as a particular type of mattress orthopedic. Hence, there is confusion in terms of when the normal buyer, choosing a mattress, forced to rely solely on advertising vendors who claim that only their products, "the best orthopedic."

These mattresses are made by order podiatrist as their purpose - the treatment of diseases of the joints and spine. They are made based on medical indications, features of a constitution and the parametric data of the future owner. So what's in store, you get a hard mattress mass production, even if it is a label and «orthopedic». He can not, for example, to cure sore back or save you from pain in the joints. Therefore, speaking about the merits of the so-called "orthopedic devices", it would be more correct to use the expression "orthopedic effect" and the "anatomical effect."

Pillow effect means the hardness of the mattress, and the "anatomical effect" refers to the ability of the mattress follow the contours of the body of a sleeping man. These products help to relieve fatigue and stress of the spine, providing optimum support throughout the night and reducing the load on the problem areas of the back. The spine thus is in a position as close to reality as possible. Pillow or dissecting effect may be more or less pronounced depending on the correct or not you will choose mattress.
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Hard, medium or soft?

It is logical that when choosing a mattress, you should consider the weight of the person who will sleep on it. If you sleep - a man slender, excessively hard mattress under his weight will not cave in, and spine will be in the arched state. If sleep is different solid physique, too soft mattress just sag. It turns out that, in order to allow the mattress to be the spine in its natural state, and repeats the shape of the body, the load should be distributed evenly across the surface.

Therefore, fat people is better to choose mattresses with high rigidity either spring (with reinforced springs) or springless, which are made of solid materials. Skinny fit spring mattresses without coir (ie compressed coconut fibers) or latex springless models. People of average build sweeter than all sleep on mattresses that use a combination of latex and coir. In addition, we recommend choosing products with different hardness zones, because it is their highest anatomical effect.

 how to choose the perfect mattress

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Different types of mattresses

Below we'll tell you what, there are mattresses, and briefly describe the advantages and disadvantages of each. If you want to buy a really good product, then you have to take into account several features: the elastic material of the filler and upholstery. These characteristics affect the quality and, of course, the price of the product. The main criterion that helps to carry the mattress to a particular mind - this is the material from which made its elastic part. On this basis allocate springless (water, air and latex) and spring mattresses.

Springless mattresses: air and water

It is these types of mattresses have the highest anatomical effect. Air Products, as the name implies, are filled with air. Sheath air mattress made of rubber materials. They support the body perfectly and optimally distribute the load. Moreover, the double air mattresses have two compartments to allow each spouse to pump up his side as it would be convenient for a better sleep to him. For special product includes the compressor to fill it with air, and the swap if necessary.

Inside water mattress is a special liquid made on the basis of ordinary water. Water products allows the spine to take the natural anatomical position that relaxes muscles. They are equipped with a special heating system and a reliable protection against punctures, so do not fear that the dream can be frozen or flooded neighbors below, if the fluid will pour out. On the water mattress very comfortable sleep for pregnant women: the producers claim that expectant mothers may even sleep on their stomach.

As you can see, air and water mattresses have undeniable advantages. Why they did not manage to win the market? Probably, they prevented their specific features. Thus, the noise from the compressor working at air mattresses will not fall asleep, and rubber base membranes does not absorb moisture, when the sleeping person sweats. Price double quality products "bite" - about a hundred thousand. As for the water mattress, you may experience problems with the stagnation and subsequent replacement fluid. And since the power supply of the heating system, good water mattress would facilitate not only the load on your back, but also on your wallet.

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Springless mattresses: Latex

Latex - a material which is obtained by special treatment of the rubber tree sap. Its structure is similar to a comb with a plurality of air cells. These cells allow the latex to "breathe" and give it elasticity and durability. Nonuniform perforation unit made of latex, to vary the degree of hardness in various zones of the mattress for different body parts. Latex mattresses are not deformed, so sleep on them very comfortable. They are hypoallergenic, because the latex can not live and breed dust mites.

Mattresses made of natural latex with non-uniform perforations are quite expensive (an average of 50 thousand rubles), but they are the best you can buy. Uniform perforation cheaper. Can serve as an alternative to products from foam rubber (synthetic latex), but over time it will begin to crumble. There are mattresses in which latex is combined with other materials used, such as coir or horsehair, which somewhat reduces their price.

Spring mattresses

This is the most affordable and therefore the most popular models of mattresses. A spring mattress should be selected based on the number of springs per unit area. Having more springs affects one of the main characteristics of orthopedic products - point elasticity, i.e. the ability to bend the mattress only in the field of load. If the product is low point elasticity, it formed the depression and it can not effectively support the body. Even better, if the product is made of springs with different degrees of hardness: it strengthens the anatomic effect.

The spring assembly may be integral or may be made from separate (independent) springs. In the first type of mattress springs fixed to each other. Typically, the solid blocks used Dvuhkonusnye spring "Bonnel" 4-5 turns, the number of up to 150 pieces per m 2 . These products are of low orthopedic and anatomic effect. They do not have zones with different degrees of hardness, so choose a dependent spring block should be only in accordance with your weight. Over time, the spring can start to creak (the effect of "fatigue" of the springs). Price with one-piece mattress spring block is low - this is their main advantage.

The independent spring block used spring cylindrical shape; important, that with each of these springs is in a separate bag (the bag), which are interconnected. Such blocks can be used up to 600 springs per m 2 That improves their orthopedic and anatomic properties and inevitably raises the price. These mattresses are more durable than "bonnelnye."

If you stop your choice on the product of the spring type, we recommend to keep in mind that its internal space available for cleaning. Therefore, over time they accumulate a lot of dust and micro-organisms, and the mattress need to be replaced. Approximate life every spring products - seven to ten years.

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Fillers for mattresses

Filler - this is the material located between the wheel and the box spring. It is intended to redistribute the load and give the article an additional hardness or softness. High-quality filler can be up to half the cost of the product. When choosing a mattress, be sure to ask what the filler has been used in its manufacture.

The most substandard filler batting believe - because of its low elasticity and tendency to pilling. Another filler - foam - characterized by a relatively high elastic. However, if the manufacturer used the foam with a low density, such a product will last a long time, he very quickly "prosyadet." The best fillers provide maximum anatomical and orthopedic effect, are considered to latex and coir. There fillers horsehair, also characterized by high strength and elasticity, but they are not suitable for people with allergies. Some manufacturers of luxury mattresses as a filler used seaweed. Their feature - a combination of high anatomical effects and aromatherapy.
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The most durable and wear-resistant upholstery - a jacquard fabric. They have a very high density of the weave, and that's what makes them durable. Fabrics can be natural (cotton), synthetic and mixed (the most optimal combination of cotton and synthetic fibers - 60% to 40%). We do not recommend choosing a mattress with upholstery is completely artificial, since you will be uncomfortable to sleep: he will not "breathe".

When choosing a cover you may have one more question: what cover - removable or non - better? Removable cover more practical, since it can be removed to give back to the laundry or dry-cleaned, but close fitting to the product of such a cover is low, which ultimately will affect the service life of the mattress. It happens that after washing removable cover sets, and it would be impossible to put it back on the base. With regard to non-removable cover, it tightly ligated and uniformly stretched on the entire surface of the mattress. This increases the wear resistance, but clean such "fixed" cases extremely difficult.

So, buying a mattress, remember that you get comfort, support and space. This means that a really good mattress should be as convenient as possible, keep your spine in a natural position and give you enough space to sleep. All these properties of the product affects its price. How much are you willing to spend on something that you slept sweeter? The choice is yours.

 Mattresses: how to secure a healthy sleep