meat baked in foil

From time to time we all have to accept guests. Of course, you can not particularly bother and book a table at a restaurant, but sometimes still want to sit in the comfort of your home with nice people for the dinner table, where delicious homemade food cooked with love.

Agree, it's worth it. And if you think about the menu so that the hostess did not fall down, but the table was delicious and beautiful, then with full confidence we can say that the holiday was a success. The best option for a main course, does not require much time and effort, - meat, baked in foil or in a sleeve.

So, if you decide, for example, bake the meat in foil, then for that you need, at a minimum, foil and meat. But seriously speaking, then the choice of suitable baking of a pork carcass depends on the quality of the final product. Often this is done using the back. A matter of taste, of course, we believe that the blade fits best. Very good low-fat neck of pork after cooking it becomes very tender and soft. However, here one has to be guided by their own preferences.

We assume that we chose the meat and now we have to prepare him for the heat treatment process.

Baked meat

The meat should be washed, cleaned of excess fat, films, dry and rub with spice mixtures, so that it is well marinated.

Spice mixture for marinating:

  • ½ teaspoon salt,
  • freshly ground black pepper - to the eye,
  • ½ clove minced garlic,
  • Chopped 1 bay leaf,
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil.

All mix thoroughly and rub the meat. A long, narrow knife to make incisions into which to put the spices and leave in a cool place for several hours (overnight).

Meat wrapped in foil and put in the oven, preheated to 200 degrees. After half an hour the temperature was decreased to 180 degrees and bring the product until it is ready. The time depends on the weight of meat, usually, the alignment is as follows: for every kilogram takes an hour of time. In other words, if we dvuhkilogrammovy piece of meat, that we are preparing for about two hours.

As you can see, concerns with a little dish. On the meat to wash and rub with spice mixtures, you will need no more than 15 minutes. It remains only to put it in the oven and then removed from it. Dish uniquely delicious, looks great, and it is possible to feed the people of the abyss. And if we take care of a decent side dishes, the guests will be satisfied for sure.

Similarly, you can bake the meat in the sleeve, just on a sheet in the oven or in a baking dish. If the meat is cooked without a lid, a foil, or sleeve, then it should from time to time to pour juice, which appears in the cooking process.

You can (and should) be experimenting with the mixture to marinate. There is not any hard and fast rules, so that the imagination has to work at full capacity. It is acceptable to use soy sauce, mustard, a wide variety of herbs and spices.

Cherry meat

A perfect complement to such meat can be cherries, fried in caramel sauce.

Cooking method:

On a slightly heated pan, put a spoonful of honey, washed obsushennye cherries, sprinkle with lemon juice and fry quickly. Pour the sauce, which was formed when baking meat, berries and boil for some minutes 5. Garnish ready. In winter you can use frozen berries.

The same principle can be cooked apples, they are also very well with roasted meat. And another dish of grilled meat, which also does not require too much effort and always work perfectly.

 meat baked in a sleeve

Meat with onion, cheese and mayonnaise


  • 400 gram steak or tenderloin,
  • one head of onions.
  • 100 grams of cheese,
  • 20 g of mayonnaise,
  • salt and pepper - to taste.

Cooking method:

Meat wash, free from all the excess and cut into portions. Gently discourage, salt and pepper. Grate the cheese, onion finely chopped. The meat lay on a baking sheet, sprinkle with onions, sprinkle with mayonnaise, top with grated cheese. Cooking in the oven, preheated to 180 degrees for 30-40 minutes.

All products are required (except the bow) can be prepared in advance. Onions best cut immediately before cooking. The meat in this case, you can add pepper and salt not previously necessary. And in general, we need a little salt as mayonnaise and cheese already contain a certain amount of seasoning.

To all the listed ingredients, you can also add the mushrooms. Cheese is best to choose one that is well melted, for example, Russia.

You can always cook meat, baked in a sleeve, foil or any other method, without undue time and effort. A genuine additions to this simple dish will make it a real delicacy.

 How to cook meat baked in foil?

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 how to roast potatoes

Potatoes for residents of Russia - the second bread. No family is complete without this wonderful vegetable. An uncountable number of dishes can be prepared from potatoes, and all of them are tasty and appetizing. We are pleased to add it to soups, cook mashed potatoes, meatballs, casseroles, dumplings, bake cheesecake, pies. Yes, it is impossible to list all!

But the favorite was, is and probably will remain chips. His crisp Armat and can not leave anyone indifferent. But so appetizing it turns out far not at all. In addition, there are many recipes for this simple but very tasty and wholesome food. Therefore, we consider the question of how to roast potatoes correctly that it is rosy, but retains all the nutrients.

Starting the process

Before frying, potato tubers should be washed thoroughly and peel. If potatoes are young, it is better to wash well and a thin knife to scrape the top film, it touched the ground.

Slice the potatoes can be a variety of ways: cubes, strips or large disks. Their size depends on how you intend to fry potatoes person who wants to cook it. It should take into account that the larger the cutting is done, the longer it is roasted. And if, moreover, it would be enough, the potatoes can be obtained without an appetizing crust, soft and crumbly. The pan for this case is better to take heavy: cast iron or heavy-bottomed.

At some oil to fry?

Equally important is oil, which is fried potatoes. For this purpose often used vegetable oil, and sometimes margarine. But this dish tastes best obtained when the preparation is used for its mixture of butter and vegetable oil. Special foodies instead of vegetable oil take the mustard because they believe that it alone can give the dish a stronger flavor, taste and color. Some fans love the fried potatoes to cook it on lard.

To potatoes bought savory flavor can be flavored oil, on which it will be fried. To do this during his warm-up it adds a bit of nutmeg or cayenne pepper or a few cloves of crushed garlic normal that after roasting to remove.

The classic recipe for frying potatoes

Now consider the main question: how to roast potatoes? Before proceeding with this action, it is desirable to cut into slices potatoes combine in any capacity and rinsed in water, releasing the excess starch. Then drain the water, and the potatoes dry with a paper towel, removing all moisture.

Next to the pan with the hot oil well laid obsushenny potatoes. It is necessary to begin to fry over high heat, turning occasionally to avoid burnt. When the slices will get a beautiful color and covered with ruddy crisp, you can turn down the fire, cover the pan and cover. It is necessary to ensure that the potatoes turned out dry and roasted. At the same time do not forget to stir it occasionally.

Cover for a frying pan in which the fried potatoes, must be dome shaped. Below it will be enough space for the circulation of water vapor, which promotes uniform roasting product. Whereas, the use of the cover plate, can lead to the fact that the potatoes will be too wet and not crispy.

Salted fried potatoes is recommended at the end of cooking, five minutes before turning off the fire. This is done to taste, followed by a one-time mixing. The duration of cooking is determined individually, as it depends on the number and the size of the potato slicing it. To do this is to take a slice from the pan and try it. If the degree of roasting is large enough, the potato is ready for use.

 how to roast potatoes with mushrooms

Roasted potatoes with onion and bacon

Cook the potatoes with different fillings can be, for example - with a bow. To do this, roasted potatoes on the classic recipe. When it is almost ready, pushing it closer to the edges of the pan, releasing a small space at the center, which put finely chopped onion and fry it. After that, mixed with onions and potatoes all add some salt.

Roasted potatoes - a great side dish, but at the same time, it can become a separate dish. To this end, many are wondering how to fry bacon and potatoes that was delicious and satisfying. We recommend to prepare it for the following recipe:


  • 1 kg of potatoes,
  • 200 g fat,
  • 2 bulbs of onions,
  • salt - to taste.


Take fat. Remove it with sandpaper to make it later did not spoil the taste of food and became stiff. Cut it into cubes 2 cm thick. Potatoes are washed and cleaned. Fold it into a container, cover with cold water, to avoid darkening. Dry frying pan to put on a big fire, and put in it the pieces of bacon that it melted.

Potatoes cut into cubes, wash and dry cloth. When heated with part of the fat, put the prepared potatoes. Cover the pan until the cover and let the potatoes are well browned and crisp purchase. After 20 minutes, stir it gently, turn down the flame to medium. After 5min put finely chopped onion. Then the pan cover and cook until tender, stirring occasionally.

Potatoes fried with mushrooms

How to fry the potatoes with mushrooms? This now will be discussed.


  • 2 kg of potatoes,
  • 400 g of any fungi
  • 2 bulbs of onions,
  • vegetable oil for frying
  • salt - to taste.


Potatoes Wash, peel, cut into cubes. Slice the mushrooms chopped. Onions finely chop. Vegetable oil for 8 minutes to fry the mushrooms, add them to the onions and potatoes, salt. Broil 25-20 minutes until tender, stirring occasionally. Pan with a lid not to run.

Note: for the preparation of the recipe using any fungi. Those who do not like onions, you can well do without it.

After preparing the potatoes for this recipe, you once again make sure that there is nothing easier and tastier than fried potatoes. Therefore, none of the modern kitchen is complete without this vegetable, which is undemanding in cultivation, well kept and gives people a lot of delicious fun!

 How to fry the potatoes? Classic recipes

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