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  • How can I clean the soleplate?
  • How to clean iron at home?
  • Oh, this scum
  • The best prevention is still nothing came up

The sole of your iron has lost its former luster and do not slip, and he invariably mode stripping "spits" scum and spoils the appearance of things? Sooner or later, such a situation faced by each owner of the iron and, as a rule, expect trouble when you're in a hurry, and you just need to look perfect. In order not to regret the time spent, and spoiled the iron, you can periodically clean the surface of the iron as a preventive measure.

Yes, if we had followed the recommendations of the manufacturer, the question is how to clean iron at home, did not even have arisen. But, alas, few people adhere to temperature and uses only distilled water to the Gulf in the tank. And the use of hard water just leads to the fact that the scum collected in a tank and the soleplate starts to stick to all things. In the most severe cases may even burn on the fabric. Since soot soles getting bigger, until the burnt iron is not sent to landfill.

But if we have to clean the soleplate still able, then with scale it is more complicated. First, it blocks the steam holes, but they still somehow try to cope with its function. However, with the scale steam breaks out and sprinkle your clothes ugly crumbs. If at this stage you do not take any measures, the holes clogged completely and then the temperature sensors and the heating element immediately fail. It's death for your iron.

To prolong the life of the iron, and at the same time not worry about spoiled things, offer to clean iron at home. This can be done as the traditional methods, and with the help of special professional tools

 how to clean iron at home

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How can I clean the soleplate?

At any hardware store to your question, how to clean the iron sludge, offers special cleaning pen. With their help, you can easily clean the surface of the sole. To do this you need to turn the iron and let it warm up a little. Then you put the pencil to the entire contaminated surface, iron is not off.

As the sole will heat up, the applied layer of the pencil starts to melt and collect all the dirt and scum. When you are satisfied with the result of cleaning, turn off the iron and wipe it from the remnants of a pencil clean, dry cloth. You may need to repeat the procedure more than once before the soles of the surface is clean again.

Remember, cleaning with a pencil rather toxic and can poison vapors allocate funds during heating. In order to avoid contact of corrosive vapors into the lungs, is properly put on a protective bandage.
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How to clean iron at home?

In fact, the problem of cleaning irons quite new, and as soon as people began to stroke with the help of this device, the question of how to clean the iron sludge, does not sleep diligent housewives. Over the centuries, it has developed many ways in which you can properly clean the soleplate and ensure your home ironed things. We decided to voice the most popular methods.

  • Method №1 - salt to help

It takes newspaper (you can take today, I have not read and do not spoil your mood news) and salt finely ground. Unfold the paper and sprinkle salt on her hill. Sit in a way that was next to the socket - you need to include iron. Leave the iron briefly on and let it warm up well. Now start "iron" salt. Try to press on it hard enough, but do not overdo it and do not scratch the soleplate. After a short period of time you may notice that salt darkens. This means that the process is correct and cleaning takes place. At the end do not forget to wipe the sole with a dry cloth and remove any residual contaminants.

  • Method №2 - soda from scale

If the previous method the issue of cleaning the iron is still relevant, then proceed to clean the soda. This method does not require heating of the iron. Take a pinch of baking soda (about the amount, be guided by the degree of contamination of the iron), and diluted it in a small amount of any detergent for dishes. The resulting paste is applied to the soles of burnt iron and begin to scour little pollution. We do everything intensely, so that was not burning any chances. If you scour too difficult, leave the paste on the base of a short while, and then try again. At the end of the procedures required to clean soles clean, dry cloth.

  • Method №3 - you can use vinegar

Vinegar is exactly there in the bins at the practical housewives. In order to use it to clean the iron, we need the help of rough cloth. Take a piece of burlap or canvas just any fabric and thoroughly moisten it with vinegar. Wipe cloth the most polluted places on the sole, firmly pressing them. Rubbing will have as long as the purity of the foot you are not satisfied. You can warm up a little iron, then brush away dirt will be better, but the vinegar will evaporate rapidly, and it may be poisonous vapors. Once cleared the iron, it will need to be polished. It's easy to do, just a small piece of carefully ironed any tissue. The main thing correctly set the temperature, otherwise will again have to clean the soleplate.

 than clean iron at home
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Oh, this scum

Rust stains on the soleplate say that the water you pour into the tank for ironing, very tough. Ideally, you want to take distilled water, but if you prefer to use what is at hand, that is, water from the tap, then no special tools from scale is necessary. You can use the commercial embodiment as advised all producers, but you can try to remove the scum with citric acid.

One tablespoon of citric acid dissolve in warm water. Fill a cocktail resulting in iron and heat it to the maximum limit. Now take an unnecessary piece of cloth and iron it, allowing openings for steam cleared of scale. No need to iron until the water evaporates completely, - residues must be emptied and rinsed with clean water iron. But once again warn manufacturers of home appliances to the question of how to clean iron at home, it is recommended to contact the professionals and not to engage in independent action, otherwise you can not just remove the scum, but also damage the heating element.

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The best prevention is still nothing came up

In order to in the future you do not raise questions about cleaning the iron, it is better to pay attention to the sole of each immediately after ironing. Wipe it with a mixture of lemon juice and water and finally wipe clean with a dry cloth. A clean pair of holes for help cotton swabs soaked in hydrogen peroxide or vinegar. And most importantly, always observe the temperature regime during the ironing, while your iron will last a very long time!

 Prolongs the life of the iron: clean at home

 how to get rid of the food moth


  • Why does food moths?
  • The harmful food moths?
  • Prevents the appearance of the food moth
  • Ways to get rid of the pest

Surely every housewife faced with a problem like food moths, which usually appears in the kitchen, and causes considerable harm to food. How to get rid of food moths and prevent its further appearance in the apartment? This is what we will talk today. But first let's understand, because of what the house appears this pest.

Why does food moths?

The first is to say that the habitat of a moth - a kitchen: here it is, of course, most comfortable. Most often it "nests" are here. However, even if you get rid of moths and eliminated the "nest", very soon it may be that the problem is not solved - mole appears in the same amount, or whether it was even more.

If you throw an object or a product affected by moths, it does not mean that it does not exist elsewhere. Getting rid of moles - a process that can take a long time. It is very important to know exactly where it should be sought. In the kitchen, moles often lives in legumes and cereals, in baby food as well as cereals and flakes. Dried herbs, coffee, cocoa and tea - the perfect habitat for the food moths.

Why here? As a rule, all of the above products are stored in bags or cans, which penetrate for kitchen moths is not difficult. There she is warm and comfortable, it feels safe. And not the fact that there was a mole in the apartment itself - it is possible that you have brought it right out of the store, where moth larvae can stay a long time in bags or jars with their favorite "goodies".

This insect-like products that are stored in cabinets over a long period or shelf life which has long expired. Please note that the products spoil directly moth larvae - adult pest uses only water. Because if you put your kitchen an open water source, the entire adult moth probably will meet there and not in the products.

However, as a mole may appear in the package of flour or barley, if your home is found in a perfect cleanliness? As we have said, you can easily bring the package to the moth from the market or from a store - it can be in candy or bulk solids. The adult moth easily get out of the package and starts to spoil other products.

Kitchen mole, despite its name, not necessarily powered products - it can infect and clothing. Your main task - time to stop it from spreading, it was not possible to get rid of the pest throughout the apartment. And to act in this case, you must comprehensively. How to do it, we'll tell you later.

 how to get rid of moles in the kitchen

The harmful food moths?

Before we tell you how to get rid of the food moth, we considered it important to inform you what exactly it is harmful and can cause much damage if dwell in your apartment. Kitchen mole harmful primarily to the fact that it spoils the food. Themselves moths moths do not cause significant damage to things or products. Of the eggs laid by the female eventually appear larvae; they are the main pests.

The problem is not only that they eat cereals, nuts, sugar and the like. They also left in the dry products that we handle for cooking cereals, beverages, baking and so on, the traces of its vital functions: feces, skin peel or discharged in the process of degeneration of the larvae in the mole; the bodies of larvae or adult moths; eggs laid by these pests. If traces of moths are packaged with any product, you have to throw all of the packaging, and this is a financial loss, and you will agree!

Subsequently, the larvae become harmless moths whose main purpose - procreation. As a rule, it is the male moths are active: they often can be found in the apartment. Male, one female fertilize immediately flies off in search of a second. So there are more and more harmful moth larvae.

Prevents the appearance of the food moth

Of course, it is easier to prevent the emergence of moths at home, rather than get rid of it later. We need to take care of to prevent its appearance in your kitchen. First of all, remember the cardinal rule: as soon as buying pour cereals, sugar and flour in glass, plastic or metal containers - the probability of getting into them is minimal moth. But about the package or packages on fasteners is better to forget.

Note that in a transparent container to easily observe that it has a mole or not, which is impossible in the case of packages or other packages. Try to maintain order in the apartment: daily clean up the kitchen, do not allow to remain on the table crumbs, leftovers or food without packing. Immediately after the meal, remove everything from the table, leaving the kitchen clean.

 mol food to get rid

Ways to get rid of the pest

It's time to talk about what methods are best suited to get rid of moles in the kitchen. As soon as you notice the affected products are eaten, just throw them away. Those that managed to survive, to shift to other clean containers. All shelves, cupboards and utensils should be thoroughly cleaned using a soap solution.

Then gently wipe it all vinegar, and after cleaning ventilate the room. Please note that after such a cleaning you need to watch out for its food for three days. It is important that the larvae do not appear again. Maybe in the process of cleaning you have not noticed yet another center or not notice any cracks in furniture, where they could hide pests.

Of course, in the fight against food moths have shown their effectiveness and folk remedies. One embodiment - is garlic. It must be clean and, dividing into cloves, put them in a container with cereals. Each pack of clove. Garlic smell disappears very quickly, because you can not worry about what products will gain a sharp flavor. A good alternative to garlic - lavender. Get rid of the moles by simply putting a sprig of the plant in the kitchen cupboard.

You can also place traps all over the kitchen, the smell of pheromones that will attract moths. You need to arrange them in all kitchen cabinets, many set traps throughout the apartment. It now remains to wait. One larva can live a maximum of sixty days; We will have to wait until the insect is transformed into an adult, and fall into the trap. However, any chemistry - it is the potential harm, and your health, so try to use such a technique rarely, only if it is really necessary.

To combat the moth good fit various dried plants such as clover or geranium. By the way, you can just put a geranium in a pot in the kitchen. However, this method can not be used if the family there are people with allergies. The plant has a pungent smell, which can cause a variety of allergic reactions.

It is known that the mole is very afraid of the cold weather. That is why the persecution of cold can be a great assistant in your difficult struggle with this pest. If you have time to fix all the container with solids and cereals in the refrigerator, the larvae "asleep." However, this is a controversial method, as with the onset of heat larvae wake up and begin more active life. So, again, contaminated food is better throw.

Much more complicated is the deliverance of moths in the country. It is recommended that each time with the onset of autumn to spend big spring cleaning - at this time of year mol significantly reduces their activity and get rid of it a lot easier. In order to prevent contamination, leave in a holiday home (in the dining room or kitchen) a couple of branches clover - it will be an excellent prevention of pests, and when you return to the country in the spring, pray on it you will not see.

In concluding our story about how to get rid of the food moth is said about different drugs and pills against moths, which are now sold everywhere. It is important to know that such products are suitable only for the room moths, but not for cooking or food - eating these tools in the kitchen, you can get poisoned. Use effective folk remedies, follow cleanliness in the kitchen, do not forget about prevention, and defeated then-eaten foods in your kitchen does not threaten!

 Getting rid of the food moth: Effective methods and tools